Protesting works

Last weekend, we went to see the The Lives of Others, which won the Oscar for best foreign film. My husband and I noticed several vertical lines on the screen, so we decided to complain. We and a few others who complained got free passes to another film. Those who didn’t got nothing. The theatre (Canada Square) knew the print was scratched, but couldn’t find a replacement.

Readers often tell me they decided to protest something after reading one of my columns.

I am sure you have already written about gift certificates with expiry dates on them. I just wanted to share that I was so ticked off when I was told my Blockbuster gift certificate was no longer valid that I sent a firm, not rude, e-mail of complaint – not really expecting much. They quickly e-mailed me back to say a new card was in the mail and, sure enough, I received it a few weeks later. Buoyed by my success, I tried the same thing with Dairy Queen, which also sent me a replacement gift certificate. Protesting works.