Another contest to win my book

You can get my new book, Fight Back, for free if you leave a comment about what annoys you as a consumer and your comment is the 10,000th at my blog. All irritants, large or small, will qualify.

JR was upset with Air Canada when a seat didn’t recline into a bed, as promised, on a flight to Australia. He paid extra for the seat feature, but couldn’t get the money back when he complained.

Air Canada refused to sweeten its offer of a future discount or Aeroplan points, even after I asked media contact Peter Fitzpatrick to help. So I’m posting the correspondence here for all to see.

Group buying coupons are also an issue. Dealfind used to be flexible about giving refunds when a merchant refused to supply a service.

But Dealfind has a new owner, Team Buy, which restricts refunds to a very short period. And after one year, it won’t even issue a credit.

TeamBuy will generally only refund the purchase price of a TeamBuy gift card if received within seven calendar days from the date of purchase. Exceptional circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

If refunds are granted after 7 days, they will be in the form of a credit to be used exclusively at

I’ll post a few Dealfind/Team Buy complaints as well. That should get me close to my 10,000 target by the end of this weekend.

Please write reviews of my book at or You can find four there already.

CONTEST WINNERS BELOW: Two people have won a free copy of my book (#9,999 and #10,000). The contest is now closed.

New milestone: 10,000 comments at my blog

When I started this blog, I hoped to write new posts at least once a week. This is post #382 in 310 weeks (about six years), showing I surpassed my admittedly modest goal.

I also have 9,950 comments posted here. The 10,000 milestone approaches this month.

Of course, that’s a fraction of the feedback at other sites, such as the Smitten Kitchen blog, where Deb Perelman answers readers’ cooking questions and has 150,000 comments.

Your comments add great value to my website. You share your experiences and tips. You guide each other on how to resolve problems and reach key executives. It’s self-help to the 10,000th degree.

Employees of the companies I write about leave comments too, apologizing for poor service and decrying the constraints within which they operate. See what Gary says, for example, at the end of this Home Depot post (comment #106, Feb. 26, 2013).

Thanks to everyone for sending me your questions, opinions and stories. Your input helps me stay on top of the trends.

I’m doing lots of publicity for my book, Fight Back. Here are some recent highlights.

On Feb. 22, I was interviewed by Amanda Lang and Rudyard Griffiths on the Lang and O’Leary Exchange on CBC TV. Co-host Kevin O’Leary was off that day.

On Feb. 23, I appeared on Fresh Air, a CBC radio weekend show, hosted by Mary Ito.

On Feb. 28, I answered readers’ questions on Ontario Today, a CBC Radio noontime show. One caller talked about how I’d helped get Enbridge Gas to compensate him after ruining his front porch stairs.

On March 2, I spoke at the Revue Cinema, which is operated by a non-profit community group. My PowerPoint presentation looked great on a movie screen.

On March 5, Globe and Mail columnist Rob Carrick and I will talk to the Credit Association of Greater Toronto, an industry group, about the use of credit scores to set rates for credit cards and lines of credit.

And on March 11, I’ll speak to the Toronto Dollar Supper Club about fighting back. The dinner ($30) is open to anyone who wants to attend.

I also want to mention FAIR Canada, the investor advocacy group that wrote a great report on putting clients’ interests first. Check out their Investor Resources section here. I’m on the board and recently became the chair.

Since RRSP sales season just ended on March 1, I’m posting a few comments from readers about their investing experiences below.