How to resolve your consumer issues

Here is a guest post from Annie Gelfand, a life coach who has has success in resolving her own consumer issues. I’m posting a summary here and her expanded tips in the comments below.

In today’s automated and web connected world, it is getting more challenging for consumers to resolve product and service-related issues.

Call centres are now the “go to” customer service solution. However, dealing with a call centre is time consuming and can leave you frustrated and ready to tear your head off. What is a consumer to do?

I have had some success in resolving my own problems. So, let me share my step-by-step consumer satisfaction process:

STEP ONE: ESCALATE. Move your complaint up to a supervisor or team leader.

STEP TWO: KNOW THE COMPETITION. Research other options.

STEP THREE: FIND OUT WHO THE MOVERS AND SHAKERS ARE. You have to be diligent to find the phone numbers and who’s who at corporate headquarters.

STEP FOUR: USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO SHAME THEM. If all else fails, find the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages and POLITELY post your comments.


Be polite at all times.

Know what you want.

Write everything down.

Get commitments in writing.

Make the company commit to a date.