Why I started an Air Miles petition

Many large companies treat consumers badly. I pick up new examples every day.

But LoyaltyOne, parent company of the Air Miles program, crossed the line. That’s why I started a petition campaign at Change.org.

Please read and sign, using the link above, and share with others. We have already reached more than 1,000 signatures. Momentum is building on social media.

I blame LoyaltyOne for creating a five-year expiry date for Air Miles points and failing to communicate to members as the deadline draws near (Dec. 31, 2016).

Why didn’t it keep in touch? The company said members should have known about and remembered the announcement of five years earlier. Bad faith!

I also blame LoyaltyOne for poor communication when introducing a cash rewards category in 2012. Members had to opt in to get get cash rewards. Many people said they knew nothing about it.

Finally, I blame LoyaltyOne for devaluing the existing dream rewards category. Members complain about lack of choice and inability to use their expiring points.

The company said Air Miles collectors can enter a sweepstakes. Is that the best it can do?

Please let me know what you think. Even this trade magazine blamed LoyaltyOne for poor communication. Here’s an excerpt:

One of the best and simplest ways to begin rebuilding trust would be through a public apology. Since the program changes were announced, Air Miles has been quiet, letting the customer complaints pile up.

By acknowledging and owning their customers’ dissatisfaction, Air Miles could help re-establish their brand as one that understands and appreciates their customers.

An obvious fix would be to ‘make things right’ and exceed customers’ expectations with some kind of corrective action. This could be removing the policy, extending it or something similar.