Got a complaint? Set up a Facebook group

My two sons have been on Facebook for ages, but they said parents weren’t welcome there. So I stayed away. But now I have a Facebook profile and 23 friends.

“Welcome to Facebook where our generation is still rather thin on the ground,” Ottawa mystery writer Barbara Fradkin, a high school friend, wrote on my wall.

So, why do I need to be there? It’s hard enough keeping my blog updated, let alone writing daily status reports on Facebook, as some people do. But since I’m teaching a financial basics course at George Brown College for young people age 20 to 35, I thought I’d set up a Facebook group.

Still haven’t set up my own group yet (I’m waiting for my son to show me how), but I’ve been exploring other groups and noticing how many were trashing big corporations. I’ve already joined Air Canada Blows at the request of a reader who sent the following request:

Right now there are several groups on Facebook dedicated to issues with Air Canada.

1. Air Canada Blows (Hamilton / Toronto based) – 72 members;
2. Air Canada Blows (Calgary based) – 232 members;
3. I Hate Air Canada – 70 members;
4. I would rather walk than fly Air Canada – 1,720 members; and
5. Air Canada screws me – 1,004 members

If I can get them to consolidate, the total membership would be 3,000+. Could that be a story? Or is there a story in the fact there are so many groups & people who are frustrated with Air Canada?

Do other companies also have enemies congregating behind a wall on Facebook, safe from Google searches? I started checking and found groups of dissatisfied customers of the usual suspects — Bell, Rogers, Premier Fitness, Bloomex, ICICI Bank and Indian call centres in general.

Some anti-corporate groups are set up by former employees with their own beefs. That makes sense because Facebook kids often work in customer service jobs while going to college or university. I look forward to reading what they have to say.

But there are fan groups, too. Starbucks Addicts, Toronto, has 967 members. The Tim Hortons Coffee is Like Crack to Me Group in Toronto has 284 members. Lululemon Lovers, a global group, has 4,689 members. And there’s also I Love Girls Who Wear Lululemon (2,814 members).

Calling all Facebook members. Tell me about your favourite groups, especially those where you trade horror stories about corporate arrogance. Will these forums become a force of change? Are companies listening to the conversations? If you bitch about a firm and later apply for a job there, could your Facebook rantings come back to haunt you?

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  1. The complaints against Bloomex continue to grow. Even though my screwed up order was back in May (Mother’s Day), I am still watching this blog and hoping to see what can be done to put this company out of business.

  2. I’ve made a comment on discussions about conspiracies on wrestler. All i said was I keep losing on wrestler and I think there is some kind of conspiracy on wrestler on Facebook.

    They took me off Facebook and I don’t think that’s fair. I also get people hacking into my web page.

  3. Yes, I’ve had the SAME experience with BLOOMEX. I paid extra for morning delivery and it wasn’t delivered until after 4 pm.

    Someone was home, but the delivery person dropped it on the doorstep. The flowers were wilted. It was the wrong arrangement. It didn’t even look decent.

    There was no card, so my mother (it was her birthday) didn’t even know it was from me. When I asked her to describe it, she didn’t even know what to say.


    1) How can I cancel an order if I didn’t know it was going to be this horrible?

    2) Why is your company shipping out wilted/dead flowers to customers? What kind of HUMAN ERROR does it take for a normal living person to not see that flowers are dead?

    3) Why doesn’t anyone ever answer the phone? Your CSRs on Skype are no help at all. They tell you the same thing over and over again.

    Do you think cutting costs outweighs losing hundreds of customers, and possibly thousands, once more people catch on to your dirty practices?

    4) Why on earth do you think it is permissible to charge customers $9.99 to return something that is an utter piece of crap?

    I think you are digging through 1-800-Flowers’ garbage at the end of the day, taking their dead flowers, sending them to customers, and when they return them, you get $9.99.

    Congratulations, you just made $100,000, according to your “10,000 orders shipped,” for doing nothing at all. Plus you get back the dead flowers to send to someone else.

    Your days are limited, people are catching on and it’s the same story over and over again.

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  5. I ordered flowers for my friend’s birthday. She called me to thank me for them, but said they were frozen.

    I asked her to send me pictures. She did and I was disgusted at how they arrived.

    How exactly does a product end up delivered like this? Now I know why.

    I will be contacting the local media outlet for Edmonton and I sure hope they let Edmonton and surrounding areas know about this crap company!

  6. On Feb. 12, I ordered a Savoury Seafood Basket from Bloomex to be delivered to my daughter in Maple Ridge, B.C. I live in Ontario.

    She did not call me for a long while to say she had received a basket and I wondered why. So, I called her 4 days later and the first thing she said was, “Mom, why did you have to send me Wagon Wheels, Nestle’s Hot Chololate and Kraft Single cheese? Did you think we were so poor we cannot afford to buy them?”

    Well, Bloomex did not deliver the exact contents of “Savoury Seafood Basket” as advertised online!!! Every item was substituted with a lesser value of what they advertised online.

    This basket was supposed to contain: French gourmet cheese, gourmet seafood, private brand pretzels, private label escargots, venus crackers, Italian crackers, smoked mussels, English biscuits, premium cookies, French truffles and premium chocolate.

    What my daughter received: Wagon Wheels, Nestle’s hot chocolate, Kraft Singles cheese, Quaker Oatmeal to Go, Dare Collection NOIX DE COCO, Alokozay tea, Tillamook Country Smoker, Quaker Crispy Minis butter popcorn, Jerky Chew, Grapeseed oil.

    Can you imagine sending this Savoury Seafood basket to your very important business associates?? They will never tell you what they received and will never talk to you again.

    We sent emails with pictures and made phone calls. I was soooo upset when Michelle Robitalle, PR Manager, told me that the policy allows them to substitute at their discretion; I ended up screeming at her. Of course, she hung up on me.

    I stopped communicating with Bloomex. It was just a waste of time.

    On Feb. 25, I filed a complaint with the BBB. A month later, it closed my case since Bloomex had never responded to the BBB.

    Bloomex will not refund me the $105.88 they charged me. They never delivered French truffles and a premium chocolate. They delivered a 5″ teddy bear instead of 8″. Some of the packages had a name of the dollar shop and a price tag of $1.97. They charged me unexplained taxes and delivery fees.


    Regular delivery (12 p.m.-5 p.m.) $9.99
    1 Balloon $2.99
    1 Full size greeting card $2.99
    1 Teddy Bear, approx 8″ tall $9.99
    1 Savoury Seafood Basket $59.99

    SubTotal : $75.96
    Delivery Fee : $14.98
    12%Tax Total : $11.63
    Total: $108.55

    As I stand now:

    1) I cannot return the basket because Bloomex will not pick it up. Michelle told the courier, CANPAR, not to pick up the basket… “Products not returned, therefore no refund.”

    2) I don’t know where to return the basket in B.C.

    3) VISA will not give me a chargeback because I still have the product.

    What a scam! Only thing I can do is to let others know not to order anything from Bloomex.


  8. I’m commenting on this, hoping that Dimitri from Bloomex will read my comment.

    I have called customer service 10 times. I have left 2 messages. I have sent 5 emails – all of which the ‘customer service rep’ has evaded.

    I had flowers that were delivered a week late without ANY apology whatsoever.

    I want to get to the bottom of this. Oh, and since you think people are too scared, here’s the order # 1030985.

    I ordered the flowers on June 22nd. They were to be delivered on July 5th. After numerous emails without taking any fault, they were delivered on July 9th — 4 days after I ordered the flowers for a colleague who was getting out of surgery.

    I will also be complaining to Recol.CA!

  9. Hi there!

    I had a similar problem with Bloomex as Suzan did. I graduated college, and my boyfriend and I decided to pick out a special treat. As I am diabetic and cannot eat chocolate/processed sugar, we decided upon the Savoury Seafood Basket. It sounded so good. I was really looking forward to the yummy treats (albeit it would have to be in small doses).

    What arrived was way smaller than the product we ordered (and paid quite a bit for, I might add!)… and nothing seafood or savoury about it!

    The only thing from the actual advertised basket that was in it, was the water crackers. Everything else — and I do mean EVERYTHING else — had been replaced with chocolate!

    How is chocolate a “savoury seafood” basket?? The site policy even states that substitutions may occur of SIMILAR product… how is chocolate even close to similar to seafood?? I cannot eat chocolate!

    Where was the seafood? The water crackers weren’t even seafood flavoured! There was no cheese, no seafood and only the one box of crackers.

    What else that came were some chocolate-filled sticks, some sort of assorted chocolates, some chocolate truffles, a box/bag of chocolate chip cookies, chocolate wafers of some sort and other chocolate biscuits.

    “Seavoury Seafood Basket”? YEAH RIGHT.

    My boyfriend refused to give me the order number and info as he knew I would go on an epic crusade and be endlessly wound up about this. It’s been more than a year… I am STILL massively pissed off about this.

    I did get on with their “live chat operator” who apologized for me having diabetes (big help, thanks) and then disconnected me. Attempts to contact via phone, skype, email, have gone unanswered.

    I am SO frustrated with this company. I still feel I am owed a SAVOURY SEAFOOD BASKET that actually CONTAINS SEAFOOD… and NO CHOCOLATE.

    By accident, we have used Bloomex, or Bloomex affiliate (1-800-flowers), and the results have always been horrible. This was but one experience with them.

    My boyfriend ended up getting me some jewellery as an apology for using such a terrible company, after he tried to no avail to get any satisfaction from Bloomex. A nice necklace does not replace the seafood experience I wanted for my graduation!

    I tell everyone I know on all the social networks I have, before and around any of the major holidays celebrated by them, to NOT USE BLOOMEX, NOT USE 1-800-FLOWERS (Bloomex affiliate), and now NOT USE BLOOMEX AFFILIATED WITH WAL-MART!

    The customer service is a joke, the products arrive damaged or missing or COMPLETELY WRONG and are horribly overpriced.

    Dimitri, if you are reading this, your company owes me a savoury seafood basket! One that doesn’t have everything replaced with chocolate!

    Your company destroyed the happy occasion of my college graduation!

  10. Hi Dimitri, I don’t know if you are still following this feed, but if you are, here is my direct complaint to you the owner.

    Your business is a total SCAM. I ordered flowers for my mom for Mother’s day as she just lost her parents and was alone in another city. My sister and I couldn’t be there with her because of our work schedule.

    We wanted to send her a bouquet for the Saturday, so she could look at her beautiful flowers all day on Mother’s day.

    Not only did they not arrive on the Saturday, they also didn’t arrive on the Sunday. My mom didn’t even receive her flowers!

    I spent about 5 hours in total on the phone, well, more accurately, sitting on hold, trying to figure out where the flowers were. You guys couldn’t even answer WHERE they were.

    It’s now Monday and still no flowers. Getting my money back isn’t enough. You ruined Mother’s day and wasted hours of my time.

    I will be telling many people about what a ripoff your company is and I will be posting about it on as many forums as possible. You have a horrible business ethic and I hope you go bankrupt.

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