Welcome to Moneyville

October 5 2010 by Ellen Roseman

The Toronto Star’s new personal finance website, called Moneyville, launched this week. I hope you visit our new gathering place soon and stay awhile.

I’ll be doing a new blog there a few times a week.

Check out the information I posted about my new financial literacy workshop at Ryerson University on Wed., Oct. 20, from 5.30 to 9.30 pm. It’s at the Rogers Communication Centre, 80 Gould St., Toronto, Room 204, second floor.

An article I wrote for Moneyville, 10 things you need to know about credit cards, is the best-read piece today. And I wrote another article, called 10 things you need to know about borrowing.

My existing blog at EllenRoseman.com has an active community of readers. with more than 400,000 hits a month and 7,300 comments. I’ll still be maintaining and moderating it, but most of my new posts will show up at Moneyville.


  1. Clare

    Oct 5 2010

    Sounds good, I’m checking it out. Thanks!

  2. Lior

    Oct 7 2010

    Lovely! I really like the new moneyville website. Looks like a very good resource for all things personal finance. I’ll link in my blog.

  3. Echo

    Oct 7 2010

    The new website looks like an amazing one stop resource for personal finance. It’s going to put us all out of business 🙂

  4. JSLEE

    Oct 9 2010

    Ellen, you are the only good thing about Moneyville! Besides sounding something like a Facebook page, the site is full of pretty basic and irrelevant information, not to mention a few bloggers who clearly in over their heads. I’ll look for your articles there, but I hope the Star comes to its senses soon and gets rid of Moneyville…

  5. JimE

    Oct 10 2010

    Have to agree with JSLEE so far, Ellen. The other bloggers seem to be re-hashing old news. And, Moneyville has way more billboard ads than meaningful content for my liking. If this new site is going to be successful, content must improve.

  6. Frances

    Oct 11 2010

    Ellen, I hope you re-consider putting most of your blogs on Moneyville. Moving around one of the Star’s pages, any of their pages, is a pain. They constantly re-load and re-load and re-load and it drives me nuts. Your site is much easier to use and I really enjoy the comments. The Star will probably make you sign in to comment and then they will leave all the inane, sometimes irrelevant, comments on the page and THEN they will cut off comment after too sort a time leaving you unable to talk back to any of the idiots.

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