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Thanks to Kerry Taylor, aka Squawkfox, I’m nominated for the best personal finance blog in the Globe and Mail’s annual contest. It’s the first time and I’m very excited.

I need your support, so vote here. I’m far behind, since I haven’t tried to solicit votes.

Very few bloggers tackle consumer issues in a sustained way. They don’t give you the resources to fight battles with large corporations on your own. That’s what I try to do.

Maria, for example, wanted help with Home Depot. I told her to read this post first. The next day, she wrote back to say she didn’t need my help after all.

“Thank you, I called the number (customer support) you have on your blog, and the issue was resolved instantly!” she said.

Another reader was happy with my advice about dealing with air travel complaints. He was frustrated with Air India, which had cancelled three flights in error and refused to compensate the passengers.

You pointed me to the Canadian Transportation Agency. I have now settled with Air India. They gave me a full refund for the 3 airline tickets in question.

Once the CTA was involved, Air India went from being a belligerent bully to someone dripping with kindless and milk! I have no doubt that this settlement would not have been possible without the intervention of the CTA.

The CTA jumped in very quickly, worked out a timeline with Air India, and then kept on top of them. When Air India started to say all the right things, the CTA offered to remove themselves from the process, with the thought that the end was near.

I, however, was able to convince them to stay in till the end, till the refund was actually delivered.

I thank you again for responding to my email, and for pointing me in the right direction. Please know that your help and hard work made a (huge and wonderful) difference!

Readers continue to respond to topics I address, which they find on Google. Popular gathering places include the post about group RESPs, accident victims vs. insurance companies and mortgage penalty shockers (and here too).

Finally, there’s the telecom industry, a never-ending source of amusement and annoyance. Bell Canada is still the most complained about company, as it struggles to fix its customer service and never quite manages to do so.

Jeffrey has a complaint about Bell’s relentless telemarketing, which he asked me to post. You’ll find it below as a comment.

9 thoughts on “Vote for my blog in Globe’s contest”

  1. I voted for Ellen. (Actually, sssshhh, I voted for Ellen TWICE!)

    Come on folks, it takes 3 seconds to vote.

  2. First of all, I do appreciate the useful information and assistance you have provided through this blog.

    However, I find that there has been too little activity on this blog lately to warrant my vote. Since January, there have been only 8 postings – counting this one asking for votes. It seems that this blog is dying off as your interests and efforts are focused elsewhere.

  3. I just voted for Ellen but looking at the numbers so far; it seems to me that a lot of people she has helped either don’t know about this vote or are simply too lazy to bother voting for her (despite her having tackled their assorted issues/complaints). What’s up with that?

  4. Hi Ellen, thanks for mentioning our blog. We were honoured to be nominated and reach the top 3 in the Globe and Mail contest.

    A common mistake that people first make about our site is that Boomer is my dad. We are actually a Mother and son team.

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