My open letter to Bell’s CEO

August 6 2012 by Ellen Roseman

I don’t have a response yet from George Cope to my Saturday column, saying that Bell needs to make an Olympian effort to fix its customer service.

Do I expect Cope to respond? To quote Carly Rae Jepsen, “Call me maybe.”

My readers did respond all weekend, telling me about hurdles they had to jump to get through to Bell. Many never did get through, which is why they’re writing to me.

Some employees thought I was out of line. “What is your problem?” said one. “All your articles do is encourage people to call in with a belligerent acrimonious entitled attitude. I take calls every day from people who are mad as hell at Rogers customer service and desperately want to switch. Where is your article on that?”

Believe me, I know Rogers has service issues as well. I’ve written about them here and here, among other places.

But Rogers does have an ombudsman, an innovation that Bell has resisted. Rogers also has a policy of keeping customer service calls in Canada and not sending them overseas, as Bell does.

The problems pinpointed in Michael and Jessie Houseley’s Bell story — a sales culture gone wild, lack of follow-up service and speed in sending accounts to collection — are common to many large companies.

Publicly traded corporations are rewarded for acquiring customers, not for keeping them. They overcharge long-time loyal clients and save their best deals for newcomers and those who threaten to leave.

So, if you’re unhappy with Bell and Rogers, buy their stock. The worse they treat customers, the better their shares often perform. BCE investors enjoyed an 18 per cent return in the past 12 months. Rogers investors had an 11 per cent return in the same period.

I’m posting a few comments from readers below. I’m also reminding you of my course, Investing For Beginners, which starts this fall at the University of Toronto’s school of continuing studies.

If you invest your Thursday evenings for nine weeks, you’ll improve your skills at understanding the stock markets and handling your own money.


  1. Fred

    Jul 22 2013

    I had the worst experience with BELL mobility about the cancellation fees.

    The customer representative we spoke to gave us a wrong information regarding the fee that we need to pay.

    Then when we decided to transfer my husband’s service to another provider and another rep called the following day, saying that we have to pay more than double the amount of what the previous rep told us.

    It’s just so frustrating that NOBODY from the customer service from BELL MOBILITY knows what they’re doing and to top it off they’re NOT SO FRIENDLY AT ALL. They’re only pretending to listen to what you’re saying but they’re only BS-ing you.

    Well I’d rather pay that ridiculous amount of cancellation fee (though we only have 1 yr remaining) than to stay with them. They will continuously overbill you for unexplained and mysterious incoming calls.


  2. fred

    Aug 21 2013

    Just sent the following to Bell.

    Their customer service just keeps getting worse; maybe we do need someone like Verizon to shake things up.

    I discontinued phone service at my cottage last spring (450-226-xxxx acct 1549xxxxxxx).

    The last billing dated June 18 shows a credit balance of $21.34.

    I phoned July 3 to follow up on the refund. I was told it was in process but would take up to 5 weeks.

    I followed up again on Aug. 19, as there was still no refund. I was told they did not understand and had to investigate but would call me back. No call back!

    I phoned again today, Aug 21, to be told there was now a request for a refund processed on Aug 17???? and it would take — hold on — 5 to 6 weeks.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor, stayed on the line for a half hour but no one answered.

    Your customer service is worse than ever. Is there anyone at Bell still interested in serving the customer?

    Do I need to escalate this outside of Bell to get your attention and some action?


    (I used to be all Bell, Bell Mobility, Sympatico, but you lost one at a time, all due to poor service.)

  3. fred

    Aug 21 2013


    I got an email/form reply advising me to call customer service. I replied that I had already done this 3 times with no success.

    To their credit, an hour later I got another email that someone would contact me within 24 hours; two hours later, a “Customer Relations Associate – Bell Executive Office” did phone.

    He apologized and said the cheque was being issued now and should be in my hands within 5 to 10 days.

    He also indicated this would all be confirmed by email (was done) and he would follow up in two weeks to ensure I was satisfied.

    Maybe there is hope!

  4. Andrew

    Sep 24 2013

    The issues I’ve had with Bell started with a contract I had signed and was set up with phone, internet and satellite for $99 a month for 2 years.

    Satellite and phone/internet are paid on two different accounts so I had to split the $99 between two accounts ($70 for phone/internet and $40 for satellite).

    I did this for 4 months and didn’t check my bill cause that’s how I was told it would be. I finally checked my bill and it said I owed $140.

    I called Bell they told me I was paying $50 a month each for each service with no extra features on my phone. So I told them what I was supposed to be paying, I got the run around…”go back to the store” and the store told me to call Bell.

    I then gave up and just paid the same amount going forward as they fixed my bill but wouldn’t credit me back for their mistake.

    Fast forward to June. I come home one day and my internet and phone are not working.

    I call Bell they said I’ve been behind on payments for too long so they cut everything…

    I explained what happened. They back tracked through and said yes I see what happened.

    After about 4 hours of calling back and getting different people, explaining the situation and two days without my services, I was credited $140 to my account.

    I owed $38, still no service…called back…they said I had to pay. So, I paid the 38 bucks.

    They then tried to tag me with a reactivation fee of $40. I went off on the rep and she waived the fee. But in honesty, it was the worst customer support system I’ve ever heard of or dealt with…

    I’ll be switching to Rogers in April when my contract is completed.

  5. Razvan 1309

    Sep 25 2013


    So here I am again, 3 months in this never ending story.

    As you can see above, I cancelled my service less than 2 hours after it was installed. I received an email from them, that my balance will be zero and there will be no charges. That is only in one’s dream.

    Shortly after, they started emailing and calling me to set up a password for my account (which I cancelled, right?). Each time, I called them back and they told me that the account is cancelled and no payment is due.

    I returned their equipment and luckily I saved all tracking numbers thru Canada Post. At the begining of the month, they sent me a bill for $400 ?!?!?!.

    I called AGAIN, just to find out they did not receive the equipment. I also sent them an email to the Executive Office (which is a joke BTW).

    Another person assured me that there will be no charges, but somehow, in their system, they cannot see that I returned all the equipment.

    Now I’m asking Bell, I have the proof that the gear was received in their warehouse, the way they process their RMA’s after they receive them, it is not my problem.

    The agent at the Executive Office also sent me an email promising me that he put a note on the account while they are researching and nobody would call me.

    Well, they kept their promise alright, they did not call me, they just sent me a letter asking me again to pay the $400 for the equipment they received .

    So to everyone reading this. Save yourself a headache, and STAY AWAY from Bell. Looks to me that the only way out of this will be in the small claim court. So I’m looking at processing fees and another day of work missed for less than 2 hours worth of service.

    Hey, Mr George Cope, let me tell you something: If you are a CEO that cares about Canadians (based on your open letter), you might want to hear what Canadians have to say about how Bell is ripping them off, how your “Customer Care” agents are disrespectful to the Canadian customers.

    Stop hiding and act like a real CEO! Because just an FYI, Verizon has a CEO who is actually reading the emails and caring about his customers.

  6. Constance Barbeau

    Oct 22 2013

    Terrible, terrible service with Bell.

    I had a credit of $124.84 after I quit Bell. For 2 months on my final bill, they stated 0 balance and a credit of $127.84.

    Then a last bill said I owed $182.77 for 2 down converters I never had in the installation.

    They reversed my credit applied to the $182.77, which left a balance owing of $54.77.

    I got 2 nasty phone calls from Bell collection agency. I phone and I finally paid, even they owe me. I did not owe anything.

    We are being shafted by this unscrupulous company.

  7. Constance Barbeau

    Nov 27 2013

    November 2013: Good news I finally received my refund from Bell.

    This took 5 months and many, many phone calls.. I will never deal with Bell again.

    Here is a useful address and phone number:

    Bell Canada Executive Office, 5115 Creek Bank Rd. East, 2nd floor, Mississauga, Ont. L4W 5R1

    Number is 1-855-296-4699.

    I referred this matter to Consumer Services. They advised me to write a letter registered to Bell and they had 15 days to respond. If I did not get an answer, I should phone them at 1-800-889-9768.

    I hope this is useful.

  8. Rasta

    Jan 31 2014

    Bell has lost the playing field on Customer Service. There used to be a time that customers were so important that even if they were wrong, an effort would be made to resolve the difficulty for good public relations.

    I had a long-term plan, taken over by Bell from an underling they absorbed, Bell Aliant. I still pay my bills to Aliant, but during a simple phone ESN change, the company used that opportunity to change my plan features, without my knowledge or consent.

    I feel sorry for all the negative feedback I gave the manager of the store that did it. He didn’t cause the problem, Bell did. And when all normal Customer Service numbers were exhausted, I was referred to Executive Office (this was a major mistake).

    The arrogance of the Customer Relations manager was that I could change plans, but I could not have back my Call Display unless I changed plans. I could not even revert back to my CDMA phone and then the misleading stories started: Call display was not available on my Smartphone, it only worked on my CDMA phone, I would have to get a new plan. I didn’t want a new plan.

    I have one signed by Bell Mobility with Call Display, but I was denied that feature again, unless I switched plans. Major inconvenience during family emergency, when concerned friends and family could not have calls returned to an UNKNOWN number display.

    Went back to my Bell Aliant customer service and was denied any help, since it now belongs to the Executive Office, and only they could deal with it. But they wouldn’t.

    I still pay the same higher price of my older plan, but have no Call Display feature for over 47 days now. Purchased another phone to use with another telecom company so I can have some service.

    I simply pay Bell, because I will not give in to pressure tactics to bully me out of my long-term grandfathered plan. They answer to no one.

    Paying for lawsuits is the only way to get their attention over something that could have been resolved by responsible customer service.

    Obviously, no one in the shareholder base knows what Social Media nightmare that has caused them, or they would fire the current Customer Relations manager who is stonewalling my request to give me back what I pay for.

  9. Jay R

    Apr 28 2014

    Bell Mobility is a giant joke, as another user stated “an embarrassment to all Canadians.”

    Perhaps if enough of us leave and take our stories to social media, those idiots can be shamed into actually providing a quality service.

    –Lied to by Bell for the last time, counting down the end of my contract – no more business for them (forever).

  10. Minhaz

    May 8 2014

    Hello Ellen,

    Bell agents call people constantly about promotions and when people agree to a promotion, they give out half information and get customers to sign up.

    Once people join Bell, they gradually start to learn about monthly charges. This is exactly what happened to my family.

    A Bell agent called us and gave us a $75 package including Bell Fibe, telephone and internet. When we received our first bill, the charges were $100.

    When we confronted Bell, the representatives said there is no package that gives all this for $75.

    When we told them what happened and said they should check their records, all they had to say is, “We can’t trace the agent and we can’t do anything now.”

    I emailed CEO George Cope and he linked me to an executive officer named Tammy. I spoke to Tammy and she fixed the issue and promised me a bill of $80 for all services.

    However, the next month, we found billing was again same problem. We were charged $113 instead of $80 that was promised by Tammy.

    I spoke to Tammy again and she said I don’t know why the system didn’t update it. She fixed again and guess what, same problem happened again.

    Bell is useless. All their representatives make up things to cover themselves.

    Now if I try talking to their representative, this is exactly what they say to me, “TALK DIRECTLY TO TAMMY SINCE SHE DID CHANGES FOR YOU! WE CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT NOW!”

    Now Tammy doesn’t even respond to my calls or e-mails. This is making my credit limit look bad every month.

    What right does Bell have to do this injustice to us? Why do they treat us rudely and insult us?

    It’s been almost a year. I am trying to resolve the issue but there aren’t any changes done from Bell’s side.

    Bell signed us for a 2 year contract without our consent. Then, our monthly billing was way over what was promised in the package. Then, even the executive officers were unable to clear up the problems. Finally, the executive officer doesn’t respond to our phone calls or emails any more.

    This is disgusting behaviour from a company like Bell.



  11. Pamela

    Jun 1 2014

    Husband and I upgraded our bell cell phones in March 2014 online with an awesome bonus of keeping loyalty plan which is half the cost of the normal plans.

    Paid the cost of phones by credit card. His $112 and mine $260.

    Phones come mine’s broke.

    Promptly chat with a bell rep who says no problem send right back and you’ll get a new one in 3-5 days. No phone came back ever.

    Called a few times and found out sorry you don’t automatically get another phone. Told to sign up again online with a new more expensive plan to get new phone now. Apparently the deal to keep loyalty plan with upgrade expired even though I had a contract they sent me with the phone at my current plan rate.

    We did get a cheque refund for this phone that was originally charged to our credit card.

    Today I wish that never getting that upgrade was the worst bell had done.

    When the April bill came they had charged our bill for both upgraded phones, but marked a credit for my husbands phone $112 which remember he paid for already with his credit card. But they did not credit the bill for my $260 phone which I no longer had.

    20 plus phone calls and 2.5 months later the charge is still on there now with a $12 late fee and $15 hardware upgrade fee (for a phone I don’t have)

    Plus last week they shut both phones off for a day and it took my husband a few hours to get someone to turn them back on.

    We are being contacted several times a day by their collections department and when we tell them what is going on they tell us to call customer service. Which we explain we do so several times a week and are always told it’s being taken care of by the customer service reps.

    My last call with a rep was Thursday and he said this could take 6 weeks or so to resolve and he advised me to just pay the bill and collections will stop calling. WTF????

    So I need to loan almost $300 to bell while they fix a bill that they inputted wrong or get harassed daily and get phones shut off?

    Am I just FUBARRED?

  12. James S

    Jun 28 2014

    We are without telephone service, which is not unusual given the poor service we have received {up to date}.

    I have in my possession copies of repair sheets given to us by the customer relations department at Bell, going back over 4 years and the problem still hasn’t been corrected. We were informed by a supervisor at Bell that too much power was coming in on our personal phone line.

    I am employed with a major insurance company and work from home. This required 3 additional phone numbers, which were piggybacked on my already existing personal phone line.

    I have asked, along with my company, to have a separate phone line installed to handle my business. I never experienced this problem prior to the installation of the business lines.

    Why should my personal and business service be compromised by such an inferior hook up??? I need this matter resolved.

  13. Leon

    Jun 30 2014

    Worst customer resolution. Every month my bill comes with additional charges and every month I phone and complain.

    Service charges change randomly and every month I need to phone and argue for hours on end. Bell Canada have no idea what they are doing and are money grabbing.

    We all have to complain about Bell. The Government has to do something about this. Every month new charges. How is this possible?

    We have a contract and they can change their prices randomly and whenever they feel fit. Customer retention guy named Dylan says he is the highest authority and with no customer resolution, agreed to cancel our services after being a customer for 20 years.

    Look at the amount of unhappy customers on their Facebook page. They do not even try and resolve issues.

    Why are Canadians so complacent? If everyone cancelled their Bell services, perhaps they would offer a better service.

  14. James

    Jul 15 2014

    SKETCHY company. Don’t even know where to start without getting mad.

    They were overcharging me $36 a month for a plan that wasn’t even as good (40GB less per month DL) as their other plans, without publishing this information on their website.

    The website actually tried to mislead me by saying I was getting the best plan available because of a marginal difference in DL speed, and as a result wouldn’t show the options for cheaper, overall better plans.

  15. mark rolly

    Jul 15 2014



    I have been with Bell for 25 years. I was approached by BELL to switch some of my services over to BELL, with all sorts of promises. I had Rogers Internet. I had Rogers Cable TV. I had two Rogers (corporate) mobile accounts. I HAD a Bell Home Phone.

    Bell Offered me an awesome deal on SAT TV. I took the offer, not realizing that the offer was to good to be true. The sales rep lied to me about the length of contract and the length of my awesome deal. We got this squared away and I was somewhat happy with the cost/programs. HOWEVER, the receiver failed three times. Bell sent out TWO replacement SAT receivers and two techies to resolve.

    I spent way too many hours trying to resolve over the phone (I should be paid for my wasted time). We finally gave up and cancelled our BELL SAT TV.

    BELL Offered me an internet package better then ROGERS. I accepted this, not realizing that again the sales rep had lied, and that there was a one year promo, not continuous as promised.

    We got this squared away, spent way too much time on the phone for the troubles ( I should be paid for my wasted time on this) and we could not use the internet while on the phone. Bell sent Techies to resolve the issue.

    As it turned out, we were paying for service which was impossible to have in our area. As explained by BELL. there were too many “relays” and “sub stations” between us and the server. BUT we continued to pay and we continued to receive bad service.

    Bell promised to resolve and to refund us for our troubles. Problem was not resolved to our satisfaction. I threatened to cancel our Home Phone if the problem was not resolved.The problem was not resolved.


    BELL Offered an average home phone Package, see above. HOME PHONE IS CANCELLED…

    Bell offered me a “better” package then Rogers Mobile. I was happy with Rogers, we had two phones, but Bell offered me a good deal on two, so we switched over.

    Bell lied to me. I was paying a lot of money for unlimited LD and local calling as promised. Somewhere along the way, the billing changed, the contract changed, and I was charged $54 for local calls in last month’s bill.

    Nowhere on my bill does it specify my local calling allotment. I reviewed our bills. It was spelled out what the usage is for my other two lines, but not this number.

    We decided we can’t take the BS any more. Clearly, Bell does not care. I guess we don’t either.

    Customer service is appalling at Bell. Satisfaction is not paramount.

    We will not pay cancellation fees for this service and we will see Bell in court for this, if required.

    I will post this on Facebook and my company forum/email mailing lists, so that others can be aware of your dismal service. You should be ashamed of your failings.

    SAT TV CANCELLED, Bell did resolve our issues.
    HOME LINE CANCELLED, Bell did not solve our issues.
    THREE MOBILE ACCOUNTS CANCELLED, Bell did not resolve our billing concerns.
    INTERNET CANCELLED, Bell does not care about the customer.

    Two final points:

    Your customer service reps should not lie. Most recently, they tell me that plans offered before are no longer available and I don’t have other good options. Not true.

    Take a look at the NEWS, folks. There are big changes coming down the line, the doors are opening, more competition is on the way. Be careful what you say.

    We live in Brantford, Ont. Brantford is where Alexander Graham Bell ran the first telephone line out to Paris through Mt. Pleasant. We used to live in Mt. Pleasant. This telephone line ran across our yard.

    To have such terrible service and poor quality??? Mr. Bell would be shocked to see what you guys have become. You have one week to resolve these issues. Fix this or we will see you in court

    PS. If someone calls/emails me with new additional services, you will not resolve this issue.

  16. Nathan

    Jul 31 2014

    THERE IS A SCAM going on in BELL. The sales force from India call centres call you and tell you all about fancy deals, BUT BELL Canada rips you with heavy penalty for the service you didn’t buy. See below my email to BELL.

    Hello, I spoke to customer service several times and I repeated the scam that your sales agent Karan Patel did with me. He got my number from my friend and I didn’t want any of his service but he promised that he could skip all Bell protocol and provide all the service that my friend received.

    My friend received more than 160 channels (all movies, all news and all sports), Internet 25/10 and phone with 3 features for $90+ plan. Since he referred me, Karan told me that he could provide the service for $62.75 and there was no contract for Fibe TV.

    All should I do is say “YES” to all the questions asked by his first supervisor. I did it. He then called me and said there was another lady from dispatch who would call me and I should say “YES” to her as well. I did.

    The reason he asked me to say “YES” to all questions blindly was that Karan asked me to do so. If I said “YES” to all their questions, he could provide the service as he promised for cheaper rate – the same way my friend got it.

    I did not receive any confirmation email from him or any of the Bell agents. I was not clear what kind of package I was getting. Therefore, I decided NOT to proceed and I said very clearly, “DON’T COME TO MY HOME AND I DON’T WANT THIS SERVICE AS IT IS VERY SUSPICIOUS,” when the service technician called me to book an appointment.

    All your agents called me from an “unknown” number and I could not call back. Immediately Karan called me. I told him that I didn’t want to get involved in any scam. He said that “NO WORRIES and I will take care of all your issues and provide all kinds of service behind the scenes without Bell knowing and my price won’t change.”

    However, I didn’t want to proceed with his proposal. He did send me an email about the offer, but he sent the email to prove that I was talking to a legitimate person and provided his contact #.

    Next day, the technician came when I was at work. My wife knew I was talking to BELL, but she didn’t know my last conversation with Karan that I didn’t want to proceed with his approach/business. She let the technician to do the installation.

    In the evening, I tried to call Karan but could not get hold of him. So I sent an email with disappointment. He told me that he’d provide a list of channels that I wanted and he could enable for me.

    I didn’t have a list of channels that my friend had and I told him to provide exactly the service my friend had, since he made an effort to install and I didn’t want to put him in a difficult situation. He asked me to find out all the channels and call him.

    I called his extension a few times, but I could not reach him. I tried to reach him for the longest time. Finally, frustrated, I sent him another email saying he should either provide service (since he installed without my permission) or take all the Bell stuff from my home.

    I didn’t get any response, so I called Bell Fibe customer service. A gentleman told me that I needed to pay $150 as I was breaking the contract. I told him that I didn’t agree with Karan and it was installed without my permission.

    He agreed to escalate my complaint. It was around 9 PM, so my call was disconnected. However, I told him the entire story.

    I called the same number next day and I spoke to customer service agent Tina> she said she would cancel it and she didn’t mention any fee. The same day, I received an email from Bell about a cancellation order for about $150.

    It mentioned that someone would come to my home on August 1st, 8 AM, and be ready to return all Bell devices. I received an envelope this morning just to return only PVR. So I called FIBE and they told me to send only FIBE at this time and I will receive another envelope for Internet. Meanwhile I received another email – this email for my e-bill for $120.36.

    Your internet is really great and I’d like to come back, BUT NOT based on this order. I will return all your devices this time.

    My concern is about the scam going on in your sales force. Are you aware of it? I want to escalate this matter to your management. If I don’t receive a proper response, I will take this matter to either Media/Politician or CRTC.

    I have no problem paying if I agreed to your service and changed my mind. It was installed without my agreement and the sales person (Karan Patel) is asking new customers to say “YES” to all your second level and dispatch team’s questions when they are asking all kinds of legal agreement questions.

    I will co-operate with all your investigations but I need justice.

  17. Jason

    Aug 20 2014

    I don’t blame the technical support representatives from Bell mobility. I have heard they have to complete your call within just 10 minutes with slow non-working applications or they lose their bonus, calculated at the end of the month, and are also threatened to lose their jobs if they fail to do so.

    The balance of the bonus allocation is to be eaten by the highly paid underworked management, who want to eat more, so they continuously drop the time limit in which the rep speaks to the customer. They do not care about customer satisfaction.

  18. Shani Guerin

    Sep 5 2014

    Any help you can provide in dealing with Bell Canada would be greatly appreciated. Their customer service sucks! They did the ‘bait and switch’ with us even after we had 2 employees confirm our verbal commitment!

  19. Aaron

    Sep 18 2014

    I moved to Ottawa from Alberta a couple of months ago. We don’t really hear much about Bell in AB, but I decided to sign up for their internet service here in Ottawa. It was really convenient because I could do everything online and arrange for an installation date before arriving in Ottawa.

    They never showed up to install the internet connection. No phone calls, nothing. They just did not show up. I called their customer service and they promised another installation date. No show again. No phone calls either. They simply left me planted in my living room waiting the whole afternoon.

    Now I was two weeks in my new apartment with no internet. It was a huge hassle, because I had a bunch of things to do as part of my move to Ottawa that had to get delayed as a result.

    I went ahead and signed up with Videotron and I had no issues at all with them. However, Bell started sending me threatening letters saying they were going to disconnect the service.

    I called them again and I explained the service was never connected. Oddly, the lady could actually see in her computer that the service was never connected.

    She credited my account with the value that it showed as due to be paid and said the account was cancelled. But the threatening letters kept coming.

    At one point, I was receiving a letter threatening to disconnect the service and another one showing a positive balance in the account of a few dollars.

    Eventually, I got a notification saying that the service had been disconnected. Then I got a letter asking me to return a modem that I never received.

    Finally, now I got a letter saying that they are referring me to a collections agency. What a Mickey Mouse operation they are running in that place. How does this company make any money?

  20. wilhelmina

    Oct 2 2014

    I require the name and the address of a person in charge of comsumer relations, complaint department, so my elderly father, who is unable to use internet, or navigate the phone system, can write a letter……..

  21. Masud

    Oct 2 2014

    I have very similar experience with the BELL TV. I do not know why the Bell employees are stupid; very simple questions they cannot answer.

    Last few months, I am asking how to return back their equipment – I did not get the answer – because I did not receive any sticker with the return address or any store where they can take their equipment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. JB

    Oct 11 2014

    I do not have an account with Bell……Praise the Lord! But I do have a third party provider who buys from Bell.

    Recently, I moved into a room and upgraded my internet speed to accommodate the others living in the building, as they would pay me and I would pay the provider.

    What a bloody battle I’m having getting the speed increased. My internet company sent in the order for an increase from 5Meg Download to 15Meg and from 1Meg Upload to 10Meg. It took, three weeks, 5 Bell technicians, a dug-up lawn and hours on the phone with my internet company, just to get the download part increased.

    You’d think they would increase the other part of the order as well. The sixth technician that was supposed to complete the order never showed up at my house. And now my speeds are only 13Meg down and 0.5 Meg upload.

    The last technician here was the guy who went into the hole in my lawn and connected a new three pair wire. When I told him my story, he contacted Bell and within minutes over the phone, my speed on the download went from 5Meg to 13Meg.

    But for some reason that same guy he talked to won’t increase it to 15 or increase the upload to 10.

    Holy Crap!

  23. RP

    Oct 23 2014

    It’s 2014 and NOTHING has changed.

  24. Jason Williams

    Dec 8 2014

    Speaking of “sales culture gone wild,” here is my experience with Bell. Never been a customer, but this has been going on in Montreal for some months.

    Three times now, I have found salespeople from Bell in my apartment building going door to door and trying to get people to sign up for internet and phone service. They didn’t ask the owner’s permission to be on the property. They wear name tags around their necks with Bell logo and tell people they are working with the landlord, which is untrue.

    The front door to the building is always locked and in theory, should require a key or to get buzzed in by someone. But it looks like they are getting into buildings by waiting for someone to leave or simply following a resident into the building, rather than specifically requesting anyone’s permission to enter the property.

    When confronted they will leave, so I guess they understand they have no legal right to be on the property. But they just come back another day and do the same thing again. My neighbour and I have now had three separate unsolicited sales calls to our homes from Bell salespeople.

    This seems like trespassing. They shouldn’t be on the property without the owner’s permission unless they are there to provide specific services for a Bell customer, which is not the case.

    Bell has no right to be in the building for the purpose of conducting random door to door sales calls with non-Bell customers, any more than any other business. But these sales people act like they do.

    I’ve called Bell a few times, but no supervisor will talk to me about this. I sent an online complaint form a few times, plus wrote to an e-mail address they gave me over the phone for fraud complaints. I haven’t gotten an answer back and don’t expect to.

    I guess we have to just take all the abuse from Bell, which seems determined to follow the Rogers model of maximizing immediate profits with shady, borderline illegal, tactics.

  25. william germak

    Feb 24 2015

    I would like to see the Bell Centre change its name to the Beliveau Centre after the great Jean Beliveau.
    Sincerely yours,
    William Germak from Langley, BC

  26. Michael Batrincha

    Jul 1 2015

    If an ex-wife of 6 years uses my personal info to change my phone plan for her kids, without my consent, who pays the bill? Is it Bell her or me?