Here’s news on my upcoming book

Fight Back will be published in mid-December and will land in the stores by January. If you go to the Amazon listing you can order it now.

In other news, I’m moderating a panel discussion on middle-income access to justice at the University of Toronto on Thursday, Nov. 21, at 4.30 p.m. Here’s a link. (It’s not Nov. 22, as I said in error here before.)

Don’t forget the free Financial Basics workshop at Ryerson’s Chang School on Tuesday, Nov. 20. I promise to make it lively, as Riscario said in his blog after the workshop last June (on a blisteringly hot day).

Check out The Book of Business Awesome, by Scott Stratten. It’s designed as two short books put together, one read from the front and the other read from the back when flipped over.

It was the reverse side — the UnAwesome — that resonated with me. Let me quote a few paragraphs from Stratten’s introduction.

I have to call my bank a lot. Now they always say their mission is customer satisfaction. In fact, my bank’s number one core value is to “deliver legendary customer experiences.”

The problem is, when I call, I get this message while I wait for my legendary customer experience: “We are experiencing unusually high call volumes.” For the past five years, every single time I call, I hear this message.

And I got to wondering, when exactly do unusually high call volumes become the usual high call volumes? There is no such thing as a 24-hour-long peak time for calls.

They say that the customer is most important, that service is number one, but they act differently. You are treated as though you aren’t important at all.

If I were really number one, they would staff their phone line properly. There would be no hoops, or at least very few, for me to jump through.

Aimed at marketers, the book has great examples of social media campaigns done properly and poorly. As one Amazon review said, “it will stand up to repeated references… Just make sure that your phone message does not proclaim your unusually high call volume 24/7”

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

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  1. Thanks, Big Cajun Man. Lots of arguments you can use in there.

    Liked your recent blog post about help with “bruised” credit. My mail suggests that borrower s may do nothing wrong, but get a black mark on their credit record after a dispute with a telecom firm or a gym. Then, they can’t get a mortgage or renew one at the last minute because of the reduced credit score.

    If you click the cover of my book, you can see the whole thing.

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