Welcome to my new website

Hope you like the changes. After three years, it was time to update and refresh the design. I’ve added a blog, which allows a true exchange of views between me and my readers and allows readers to talk to each other.

Feel free to post comments about my columns or about anything you think is newsworthy (within the mandate of straight talk on personal finance and consumer issues). But don’t break the libel laws or your comments will be removed.

While the old message board is gone, I still have copies of all the message board items. So, if you want to refer to something there, please let me know.

I’ve started off with postings about women and money, annoying mail-in rebates, Bell blues and bank service charges (including ATM fees). Check the readers’ comments for the last two topics. They’re interesting and heartfelt — and they keep rolling in.

Please enjoy reading and contributing your views. This should be great fun.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my new website”

  1. Readers, I had the pleasure of attending a course given by Ellen at U of T last year. She’s a very lively and friendly speaker and an astute interviewer. Now that she’s blogging, I encourage her to extend her site to include call-in podcasts. (She could even do TV). It would be a lot of fun. (Regards, Michael).

  2. I have just read Ellen’s article re. Readers are still singing Bell blues. Yes I am also one of those ex Bell customers who was hit with a $200.00 de-activation fee for 6 days of ExpressVu use. I’ve talked to so many representatives by telephone since July of 2006 and one actually gave me a confirmation number crediting me for the $200.00 because I had 10 days to cancel my agreement.
    Since then I have continually received phone calls from Bell’s credit department wanting money. I have provided everyone with dates and times but all is fallen on deaf ears. Not one letter has been received from Bell. It appears that they only do business over the telephone.
    For all this abuse, now it appears that my credit rating which has never in my 57 years been tarnished is now in jeapordy.
    It may take me some time but I will never be a Bell customer again!
    Thank you Ellen for letting me vent my gggrrrrr!!

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