Newegg improves offer after failed promotion

January 1 2013 by Ellen Roseman

Aftr waiting Friday to hear from Newegg, I got a reply Dec. 31 from the company’s headquarters in City of Industry, California.

The earlier $25 gift card offer has been sweetened, said Jenny Chai, senior PR manager at Newegg Inc.

“Hi Ellen,” she said. “I understand you reached out to us on Friday for comment regarding an issue we had with customers who placed an order for an LG 42” LED TV that we had on sale on the site.

“Below is our statement about the situation.”

This situation arose when Newegg was caught off guard by the unusually high volume of orders that this offer generated.

To compound the situation, due to holiday closures at our suppliers’ businesses, we were initially unable to secure sufficient inventory to fulfill orders for the LG 42″ LED TV.

Orders for the TV were subsequently voided and customers were refunded their original form of payment.

Since then, we have been diligently working to attempt to fulfill these original orders or provide customers with a reasonable accommodation.

As a result of our efforts, we were able to secure a very limited quantity of the LG 42″ LED TV. We are now contacting customers in order, based on the date and time that their order was placed, to offer them a chance to purchase the TV at the previously advertised sale price of $400.

Because we have procured a very limited supply of the TV, orders will be filled on a first come – first served basis until the supply has been exhausted.

We are also offering two additional options to the customers affected by this issue.

Customers can choose to purchase a comparable LG 42″ LCD TV for $349.99. This product does not have the 3D capability of the original product, but we’re offering it at a deeply discounted price to offset the difference.

Alternatively, if the customer prefers not to purchase either TV option, as a gesture of apology, we are offering a $100 Newegg Gift Card that may be used on any order in the future.

Newegg remains committed to offering a superior shopping experience and outstanding customer service to all of our customers.

We sincerely hope that all those customers who were affected by this issue will be satisfied with the steps we have taken to remedy the situation.

So, if you’re a customer, please let me know what you think of this improved offer. Now I have a media contact there, I can also transmit your comments and requests.

I know it’s frustrating to deal with a company that provides no easy access and deletes Facebook posts if they’re critical of corporate practices.


  1. MC

    Jan 1 2013

    What Jenny fails to add is that Newegg has not sent this offer to all customers impacted. Only email I received from Newegg on Friday (Dec 28), stating refunds on the cancelled order have been processed but my credit card has not been credited as of yet.

    When will Newegg reach out to the remaining customers who did not get their offer of compensation?? Will the offer be a non 3DTV or $100 gift card?? If this is correct I would be disappointed as we all should be offered a some comparable 3DTV.

  2. Magster

    Jan 5 2013

    Thanks again Ellen for drawing attention to this. I’ve now received my 3D TV and am pleased that Newegg decided to rectify the situation.

    I give them credit for finally offering a better resolution but I’m not sure they would done better than the $25 GC if they didn’t have the pressure from displeased consumers and media attention.

    I hope that they learn from this situation and have better policies in place going forward so that it doesn’t take a public outrcy for them to do the right thing.