Kevin O’Leary promotes his book on video… and I promote mine

It’s not enough to write a book. You also have to promote it on video, even if you’re not a trained TV performer.

Kobo Books invited me to its Toronto head office to interview Kevin O’Leary about his new book, The Cold Hard Truth about Men, Women and Money.

Our chat is now up on YouTube.

Here’s a photo from the Kobo blog and a description of O’Leary’s tough love approach to personal finance topics.

I recently did a couple of short videos for my book, which are posted at Wiley’s channel on YouTube.

In the first, I talk about why I wrote the book and how customers can fight back.

In the second, I talk about how to save money on your telecom services.

You can see the Toronto Star newsroom behind me. And you can find an excerpt in the Moneyville section.

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

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  1. Kevin O’Leary: Is that the bald character with ape brains who’s paid by taxpayers to spread his stupidity on CBC?

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