Her cruise wasn’t smooth sailing

A cruise line loses your luggage. You get it back only when you’re ready to go home. You have almost nothing to wear and can’t find a bathing suit in your size.

Your Caribbean cruise is ruined. It’s not relaxing, as you hoped. You spend the week shopping and fuming.

When you complain, the cruise line gives you $500 to buy new clothes. Do you deserve any more compensation?

This week, the Star ran an excerpt from my new book about Debbie Boukydis’ lost luggage.

There was a lively debate in the comments section. Some people felt more compensation was warranted. Others said her $500 clothing coupon was enough.

Boukydis was successful in fighting back. When offered a small discount on a future trip, she won a voucher for two free cruises.

But her voucher has a one-year expiry date and runs out soon. She hopes to get an extension. Is it fair to give such a short window for travel?

I heard from many people who love cruises and sent suggestions for thriving on a giant ship in the ocean. I’m posting a few of their comments below.

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

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