After a long break, I’m back

February 11 2014 by Ellen Roseman

I gave a speech last September to a group of personal finance bloggers. I said having a blog was like feeding a hungry bear that never got satiated. Then, I took a rest from feeding the bear.

Though I stopped posting new material, I never stopped moderating comments at my blog. I want to let readers know they’re not alone with their complaints.

I’ll try to keep the momentum going in the future. Meanwhile, you can always send messages through my website and get a response.

February is a busy time. I’ll be speaking at four Toronto libraries this month, so please drop by if you can.

There’s the Barbara Frum branch on Feb. 19 (at 2 pm), Richview on Feb. 20 (7 pm), Don Mills on Feb. 26 (6.30 pm) and St. Lawrence on March 1 (2 pm).


  1. Andrew

    Feb 16 2014

    Your speaking engagements at Toronto libraries. What are the topics?

  2. Ellen Roseman

    Feb 23 2014

    Talking about how to save money and protect yourself from corporate trickery (the subtitle of my book). Trying to encourage people to be smarter, savvier consumers and fight back against big companies.