Brush up your investing skills

My course, Investing for Beginners, starts next month. Click the link to register.

This will be my 10th year teaching at University of Toronto’s school of continuing studies. I usually get a large group taking the course (about 50 to 80 students).

The information is aimed at those who want to know more about how to invest in stocks, mutual funds or exchange-traded funds. Whether you invest on your own or work with a representative, you need to know the lingo and what questions to ask.

When: Thursday evenings, 7 to 9 p.m.

Where: Downtown campus. No room location yet.

Dates: Sept. 11 to Nov. 13, 2014.

Cost: $370 for nine sessions.

Starting in January 2015, I’ll be doing a second investing course, called How to Value Stocks and Pick the Right Companies. It is open to those who haven’t taken the earlier course. The cost is $250 for six sessions.

Hope to see you there. Please pass this along to anyone who may be interested.

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

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