Insuring your insurance

Can you go overboard buying insurance? Check out this humour piece in the Walrus about a fellow who wanted to prepare for everything.

Here’s a place to talk about your experiences with buying insurance, comparing products, reading the fine print and making claims. How do you deal with insurance agents and brokers? Have you had any run-ins with claims adjusters?

Insurance is often pushed by people who aren’t in the insurance business, such as bankers, travel agents, realtors and car dealers. Do they know enough about what they’re selling to give you a proper overview?

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

3 thoughts on “Insuring your insurance”

  1. A lot has been said about Bell and the kind of service one has come to expect as the norm. What of the people who supply our natural gas? There is a real problem here that needs to be aired. Customers are being charged for 5 year contracts that they did not agree to. How can these things happen, especially to our senior citizens who already have a hard time making ends meet? I think it’s time someone looked into the goings on at Direct Energy/Enbridge.

  2. A public inquiry would be a good idea. They do them for a lot of things, so why not a gas supplier and such?

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