I’m back!

I haven’t written anything here for a couple of years. I thought my blogging days were behind me.

But now that I’m no longer writing for the Toronto Star, I want to continue trying to resolve your consumer disputes and addressing your questions and concerns.

Here are complaints I like to handle:

  • Problems with large well-known Canadian companies.

These include telecom and technology providers, financial institutions, airlines, travel agencies, appliance manufacturers and retail chains.

  • Problems that affect a large group of people, not one person.

I’m looking for systemic issues with large companies. That’s where a consumer advocacy journalist can get traction.

Here are complaints I don’t like to handle:

  • Landlord-tenant issues.
  • Workplace issues.
  • Health care issues.
  • Complaints about the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Home builder and home renovation problems.
  • Car dealer sales and car repairs.

You can write to me through my website and I’ll do my best to write back, even if I can’t help you.

I plan to update this blog at least once a week and share the posts on my social media channels.

So, let’s get started!

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

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