Angry about ads on Rogers Yahoo email

November 20 2008 by Ellen Roseman

People are angry. They say Rogers has no right to add advertising to their email. It’s another cash grab, one that is most unwelcome.

Rogers says it’s similar to what you find on Hotmail or Gmail. But these are free services, unlike the Rogers email that costs about $50 a month.

Have your say on this issue here. Also feel free to comment on the CRTC’s decision today not to stop Bell from throttling Web traffic for its wholesale customers.


  1. Netcruiser

    Mar 8 2009

    Ernie Bardocz

    A prime reason for using Rogers Yahoo is that they offered anti-spam (and other services) in this plan. I can only assume that this was so they could corner this market for themselves.

    Good Comment!

  2. Jon

    Mar 8 2009

    I’ve been using computers long before the term “internet” began…. and my answer to all this is to do as i do… no matter how many “flashy” the adds are on the screen in front of me, I have learned to “zone” them out… I don’t even notice Tv advertising any more 🙂 The crappy ads are here to stay… if we all ignore them, they will have to try other ideas (as the ads cost money).

  3. Netcruiser

    Mar 9 2009

    “I have learned to “zone” them out…”

    That attitude is precisely why Canadians get the service, the prices and the government they have.

    No. You do not “zone” out. You must take a stand. Unfortunately, as is the Canadian way, the majority will whine about it and do nothing.

  4. Suzanne

    Apr 8 2009

    As stated before, I will never purchase anything from any company advertising with Rogers in this intrusive manner.

    I am going to switch to a gmail account to be completely ad free. I had considered switching my blackberry account to Rogers, but that will never happen now.

  5. Molly – Laptop Tests

    May 26 2009

    I’m not a client of Rogers, but if I were one I would also be not satisfied with such a service. People do not pay money to get spammy advertisements, but for high quality of service and do not get what they want. It’s not fair…

  6. kevin

    Oct 16 2009

    What is it with the R rated advertisment for an R rated movie beside my email? Great for my 7 year old to watch while I get the pics from Thanksgiving opened from Grandma.

    Your company is a real class act—-NOT.

  7. Harry Beast

    Oct 30 2009

    Echoing and adding to what Netcruiser said above, if you use Firefox and install the Adblock Plus add-on, you can enjoy an ad-free web experience on Rogers, Facebook and most other sites.

    Or for a few dollars, you can use AdMuncher with any browser, and it has some excellent additional features – trial is available.

    Also, you can configure your Gmail to receive your mail from other POP mail addresses i.e. your Rogers mail, and have a much better time.

    I think I will start doing that because, ads aside, the Rogers Yahoo web mail interface is painfully sluggish at times. Was looking for a way to help that, but think it is of no avail…

  8. Suzanne

    Nov 6 2009

    Rogers, you have reached new heights of arrogance and total disregard for your cutomers.

    Do you really think by creating a permanent sidebar interfering that I will read or support the ads/advertisers. NEVER!! I will never ever support or read the ads.

    Thanks for Harry’s info. I will definitely follow up.

  9. Dan

    Jan 23 2010

    still dumb

  10. Tom

    Jan 27 2010

    If you are using Internet Explorer, The Simple Adblock ( program works almost as well as AdBlock Plus does on Firefox.

  11. Leighsa

    Jun 16 2010

    I was furious with the ads in Rogers, followed by the cancellation of the free Flickr account for Rogers subscribers, AFTER we got hooked on the freebie.

    I had my case escalated and heard from them numerous times, but nothing changed.

    Now is the time to make my move. I’m canceling my Rogers home phone, cable and internet.

    I saw a bus ad for Teksavvy yesterday. I’ve done some research and they offer both phone and high speed internet.

    For TV, I’m going to buy a TV antenna and go over the air (OTA), and stream the rest via my new Teksavvy internet connection.

    Goodbye, Rogers. I won’t miss you.

  12. daria

    Jul 26 2011

    it’s july 2011 and the ads are still there – as many have said earlier – rogers is totally oblivious to customer concerns.

    Just wondering how many people have installed and if it interferes with any other programs? (Many of my pictures in emails are already hidden for some strange reason)

  13. Cathy

    Oct 15 2011

    Rogers doesn’t care. I was told that I would be hard pressed to find a website without advertising.

    I don’t mind ads on a page I don’t pay for, but this is intrusive. I am writing to the advertisers advising them that I will never again purchase their products.

    I now have to scroll sideways to read my email! How disgusting of Rogers/Yahoo mail!
    If we all write to the advertisers, it should do some good.

    Crest toothpaste and Olay have been advised of my displeasure. I will never purchase their products again.

  14. Angela

    Mar 4 2012

    I am frustrated and angry that every time I require to use my email, I’m bombarded with adverts!

    Not only is the constant changing and dazzling colours distracting, the downloads of the emails, which should provide me download my emails first, but I’m finding that until the adverts don’t stop flashing around, my emails are sitting there waiting to be viewed!

    There should be a class action to stop this intrusive and blatant disregard for the rights of consumers. We pay for Rogers Service, this is an add-on I never signed on for, nor should they be allowed to intrude on what is after all a personally paid for service which should be completely private.

    Moreover, one should be able to concentrate and read one’s mail without having to rush to get away from the annoying adverts.

    BTW, there’s a way to bounce the darned things off your email screen, just scrunch it until only your email shows!!! So glad when I do the GOTCHA!

    One more thing, I’m 74, the last thing I need is to have flashing ridiculous things scrambling my eyes…. they do that really well all on their own.


  15. Nona

    Oct 12 2012

    Stupid and irritating. I hate the ads showing up in my private email at Rogers.

    I pay for the service as well as the rest of my bundle. If I can’t find a way to block ads in my email, I am considering changing providers.

    Even the crappiest junk is now being branded. Every year, the internet is more annoying and ridiculous.

    I feel a knot in my stomach when ads keep popping up in my email. No matter how many times I click, “hide ad,” within seconds it is back. Y

    ou take people’s control away by forcing ads down their throats and they shut down.

    I’ll go back to snail mail and dump the whole stupid time-wasting system.

  16. Charles

    Mar 15 2013

    Since the latest “upgrade” they have increased the default “small” font size (I guess they think we’re all seniors) and added an extemely annoying “feature” – an auto draft save which leaves your partially completed emails in the draft folder after they’ve been sent.

    Answers to the question, how do I turn this “feature” off online include instructions on how to alter draft saving in “Settings” – BUT the current Yahoo email no longer has a “Settings” it has been replaced by “Mail Options” which has very few options indeed – nothing about saving drafts.

    Even more annoying – I posted the problem on the Yahoo “Staff are here to Help! website and after 1 incorrect answer and 2 days the problem was “resolved” with 67% (of WHAT I might ask!) “voting” YES to the wrong answer. Following that I received a shiny happy email from Yahoo with a grinning waving young couple bragging about how fantastic their Help site is! Bloody nervy I’d say.

    I belong to quite a few technical forums and I’ve never ever seen a forum where the moderator decides what the correct answer is – and then arbitrarily closes the question with a trumped up percentage of people who agree with their assessment!

    I want out! I need to find a replacement for Yahoo mail ASAP.


  17. E scardaoni

    Feb 20 2015

    Rogers, don’t you have enough ads without having to read them on my emails? Please get them the h—ll off. Thank you.

  18. Dee

    Feb 22 2015

    I am so sick of the ads already. I don’t mind the ones on the right, but the dating ones and such directly about my emails I am really sick of!! Take them off!!!!!! Dee.

  19. Tracey

    Feb 25 2015

    I agree! The ones to the right… fine, I’ll deal with them.

    However, the new ‘sponsored’ one at the VERY top of my emails… ANNOYING!

    Really thinking about cancelling and going with a local provider that offers unlimited gigabytes.

    In fact, I’ve already taken a gmail acct as a back up…. although I shouldn’t have to.