Good news for a change

I’m inspired by the spirit of optimism in the United States after the Obama inauguration. Maybe life will be better for ordinary citizens with a leader who really cares about their welfare.

For example, the new U.S. president specicially thanked the waitstaff at yesterday’s luncheon and said he was aware how difficult it must be to serve a room full of politicians.

Here are a few stories of large companies coming through for customers — with a little prodding from outside agitators.

The Home Depot case is about unreliable advice given by store staff. I wasn’t sure HD would agree to pay for the damage, but it eventually decided in favour of the customer.

The Miele case is about high-end kitchen appliances that failed to endure. I went to bat for the parents of a personal finance blogger, who expressed his gratitude here.

9 thoughts on “Good news for a change”

  1. Hi Ellen,

    I want to add Roots to the list of companies you should know about who take care of dissatisfied customers very effectively.

    After many trials and tribulations with a Roots watch, I had returned it to the customer service department with a note suggesting they keep it, as it was and never had worked well. I mentioned using the story as an example for my business students hahahaha. I received a letter from Robert Sarner at Roots expressing deep concern, and with a $100 gift card enclosed.

    While I take his comment suggesting that mine was apparently the only Roots watch to ever have had a problem with a grain of salt, I do appreciate the postive response.

    Take care,
    John Vermeer

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