Readers seeing red with Rogers

In my column on May 12, I talked about Rogers as a company that’s growing so fast it can’t always take care of customers. That drew a sympathetic response from readers (check out some comments below).

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

150 thoughts on “Readers seeing red with Rogers”

  1. I’ve been with Rogers for a few years now, and I recentlt started getting crank calls from a guy I don’t even know, leaving me voicemails with songs and trying to talk to me, trying to get me to meet up with him, and I was so annoyed, I ended up changing my phone number. About 3 days after changing my phone number with Rogers, he started calling my new number. I never gave him my new number, but to only family and really close friends, and now I have a feeling he has a friend working at Rogers, and that friend is giving out my information. I’m so upset and they pulled out a investigation on it, and won’t get back to me or try to resolve the issue with me, but say they don’t mind changing my number again. I’m so frustrated, because my point is, he has my new number but not only that, he mentioned my address. If something happens to me at all, it’s because of Rogers. Simple as that! I’m so mad!

  2. I have been a Rogers customer for 5 years now. I’ve had 2 phone lines (Business and Personal), Internet High Speed and Cable service.

    I called to have my services transferred prior to my move on July 30th. I called one month in advance to ensure that everything was prepared for when I moved into my new home.

    The technician was to arrive between 5 to 8 PM on the day of the move. I had 3 movers, a cleaning lady ( plus myself) on site during those 3 hours and no technician showed for the appointment. I called at 8 PM asking where the tech was and was told he came by the house and found no one home. They tried calling a number, which was my emergency contact (a friend), not the number (my cell phone) that I gave them to call. First error.

    Rogers said a technician would be dispatched that evening to hook up the services, but no one showed. I called the next day expressing my frustration and was told that dispatch would call me that afternoon to reschedule a technician to show up that evening. No one called.

    I called again to express my frustration and was told that all they could do was reschedule my appointment for Friday, August 8th between 5 to 8 PM. (This conversation was with a so-called supervisor.)

    I waited at the house from 4:30 to 7:30 PM and thought I should call to see where the technician was. Apparently, he had showed up for an appointment between 2 to 5 PM and tried calling my cell phone and said it wasn’t working (this was the same cell phone that I was using to talk to the customer service representative).

    I said I did not believe that he had attempted to call. Again, I was told my only option was to book another appointment for Saturday, Aug. 16th, between 5 to 8 PM.

    Finally, a technician showed for the appointment. I told him how frustrated I was. He said that certain technicians will look at renovation properties as difficult and come up with an excuse not to complete the installation.

    After he was done, he told me that all services except the phone were working and that there was a technical problem with the phone. He opened a ticket number for that to be resolved in 24-48 hours.

    I called back today (2.5 weeks since my initial services were to be installed) and was told that a more experienced technician was required to complete the installation. Technical support would get back to me in 24 to 48 hours to schedule another appointment.

    I have a feeling I will just call and have all services cancelled and go with another provider. But since I have weathered the storm this far, I would be disappointed to give up and not get something back from Rogers for the inconvenience. There must be a way for these stories to get to more senior management levels to address.

    What has happened to Communication! Service Level! And putting the customer first!

    Knowing now that they outsource their customer service department allows me to understand why they have issues. Having customer service as a silo to your core business is not a model that would work in any organization.

    As a communications giant, perhaps Ted Rogers should communicate with the people he provides service to and learn that his current model doesn’t work.

    Kind Regards,
    A Frustrated Rogers Customer…Dave

  3. My husband and I have been customers of Rogers since 1990. After the experience I have had in the last few days, I am cancelling all the services I have with Rogers.

    It’s been one nightmare after another dealing with Rogers customer service, Rogers Plus store as well as Rogers’ customer cancellation department.

    If I account for my time spent on the phone, I would say easily 8-10 hours. That’s not counting the distance, gas and travel time for a return trip of 96 kilometres that I was forced to make.

  4. Im’ a Rogers tech in Ontario Canada. Here are the reasons why you get the run around from an installer point of view..

    – We (the rogers installers) are paid 100% in piece work

    – For the last 5 years, the installers have been FORCED to take pay cut after pay cut. I personally have been with them for 3 years and have had 4 pay cuts!

    – When i started 3 yrs ago, we had about 35 installers who were all VERY UPSET with how Rogers was constantly cutting their pay. Long story short, im’ now one of the most senior techs today! Most of them moved out west to work for Shaw Cable who still actually pays their techs good.

    – Rogers is a VERY demanding company and loves to push their techs to the limit to work faster and faster. The more work orders the tech does, the more $$$ he makes. Only problem is that there are are TON of little things that the technician simply won’t do for you (the customer) because it’s simply not worth his time….because Rogers doesn’t compensate for it. Here are some examples..

    a) A tech gets about $8.00 to simply hook up your Digital Box to your TV. Do you really think the tech is going to take 5-10 minutes out of his day to teach the customer how to actually use it? I don’t think so….i just drop it and tell the customer to read the manual.

    b) The Hi-Speed line should be a DIRECT home run like right out to that grey plastic box on the outside of your house. Rogers only pays the tech about $10 to run that line. Do you really think the tech is going to clip a cable around your house in the middle of January for 45 minutes to make this $10? Or is he going to simply say ‘Fuck it’, im’ just going to split his TV.

    c) Night calls (5pm-8pm). Customers should simply NOT book night calls if they want to get decent services. Why? 95% of techs out there just want to go home by 5pm. So they will come up with EVERY SINGLE excuse in the book to bail on the call. Here are just SOME of the things that techs will do to get out of a night call…
    – Show up at your house during the day (when the customer is not home), disconnect your phone service, then when 5pm rolls around he calls his dispatch to confirm no one home.
    – Change the phone number on the work order to a bogus number. So when dispatcher calls, he gets wrong number.
    – The list goes on lol

    You the customers have NO IDEA how bad the technicians are treated by Rogers. The facts about of 100% true and are coming from an active rogers tech in the field.

  5. My issue with Rogers started the beginning of the month (August 6th to be exact) when all of my Rogers services were disconnected.

    I hadn’t been keeping up on my bills, fell a bit behind, but was still giving Rogers something each month. Once my services were disconnected, I immediately called Accounts Receivable to sort everything out. The lady who I spoke to assured me that upon payment, we’d have our services restored. Boy, was that a crock!!

    My husband went to a Rogers store, paid the bill in full and was told to call Customer Service from their phone to inquire about restoration of services, as the person working there had no idea. My husband was told it would be 24-48 hours. And this is where it gets good!

    When we asked why we were initially told that our service would be restored immediately upon payment, the CS man was extremely rude to my husband, who by this time had grown increasingly frustrated. Words were said and we left it at that… 24-48 hours without any service at home with 3 babies. And no cell phone because my husband uses it for work.

    So now I have to pray that nothing horrible happens that may require me phoning 911. I call customer service one more time just to make sure when I should be expecting service and I was told that it’d be 24-48 hours AFTER ROGERS PROCESSES MY PAYMENT. And apparently it takes at least 24 hours to process the payment, EVEN THOUGH payment was made in cash at a Rogers store.

    So payment was made on the 6th, isn’t processed until the 7th, so we should expect service no later than 4 pm on the 9th (a Saturday coincidentally).

    When 4 pm came and went without restoration of services, I called Rogers again and spoke to someone who I am sure has no idea what customer service even means. After being on hold for more than an hour, and being REFUSED to speak with his supervisor, he came back to tell me that it’s actually 24-48 BUSINESS HOURS and although Rogers does business on Saturdays, it is technically NOT a business day and now we should expect service Monday OR Tuesday!!!

    I was literally in shock…I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and immediately asked for them to close my account. OF COURSE, I have to give them 30 days notice, blah blah blah. And the strange thing was, NO ONE SEEMED TO CARE AT ALL. I didn’t hear any apologies or anything. I was so disgusted with the level of service I received.

    So fast forward to Monday…..service is restored in the morning, everything is fine and dandy. Tuesday at noon, I see a tech van drive off just as I was feeding my baby and realised we had our services disconnected AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In utter disbelief, I ran upstairs to use my neighbour’s phone and waited over an hour on hold, only to be told they have absolutely no idea why or how this happened, I am told that the earliest someone can come out is around 5 pm.

    I am in tears by this point. Imagine being at home with 3 small children without a phone. Sure my neighbour is upstairs, but what if he wasn’t home?? What then??? The tech I spoke to was the most genuine I had dealt with thus far, and he seemed to empathise with my situation, and said he’d try to get someone here ASAP. So service is restored later in the day. Fine.

    Fast forward to last night, 8 pm. Both our cable and internet go out. It’s not just a glitch, so we call, tell them what is going on, give them our history (even though it’s right in front of them on their computer screen) and wait for some kind of explanation that service is down in the area (fingers crossed). NOPE! They disconnected us AGAIN, except this time, they left our phone on (how kind of them).

    After being bounced around from CS to Accounts to Tech support to Customer Relations, back to CS and so on, no one has ANY IDEA why this happened and offers no explanation other than some CS agent made a mistake and they apologise. SURE.

    So we’re on the phone for 1.5 hours dealing with a multitude of people and the best they could do was restore our cable, but internet could take until the morning. The agent assured us that we would not be billed, that we’d get a credit for the days lost, but we would have to pay a cancellation fee of $100!!

    Even though I gave them my 30 days notice, they’ve told me it now has to be 30 days from last night, because they restored my services last night. I absolutely refused to budge and the agent said he’d get flack for doing what he did, but he waived the $100. Unbelievable!!

    This morning I wake up, no internet, and I’m sure you know the drill by now. Over an hour on the phone again, to be told (get this) that they cancelled my services yesterday and not on Sept. 7th as I requested, because it was the end of their billing cycle and it was probably “done out of convenience.” Yay. And again I was bounced between every SINGLE department because no one knew what to do or why this was happening!! Can you even believe that???

    I asked the lady in customer relations if she could make an appointment for me to speak to someone in person about my ordeal, but apparently that is not an option. She told me to go to a Rogers store!!! Unreal!!!

    So my husband made an attempt to go to head office this afternoon, but couldn’t wait in line the minimum 40 minutes just to ASK to speak to someone!! Is there anything I can do or we as customers can do when situations like this arise?

    Lame apologies just don’t cut it, Mr. Rogers. And the customer service I received left much to be desired. Unfortunately, I have a feeling this won’t be my last tryst with Rogers before my account is closed for good. Good luck to all the Rogers customers out there…I really feel for you…

    Julie C.

  6. I recently moved into a new condo and was given a promotional flyer entitling me to three months of free internet, tv and phone.

    Having said that, I recently received a bill in the mail for $332. I was put through to eight different departments today and my problem was not resolved.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor, but the person on the line told me that it could take up to 25 minutes. Well, all I can say it that I really just want to get to the right department so that this my bill reads $0.

    Thanks for your help.

  7. Hi Ellen,

    I enjoy reading your stories about people with receive very poor customer service from big companies.

    This is an issue with wireless service.

    I am a Telus customer and very happy with their service!!! They are the best of the worst!!!

    I would like to share my experience with Fido.

    In early August this year, I called Fido to inquire about the 6GB/$30 data promo they were offering. I spoke to an agent (sorry did not get his name and employee ID) who advised me I could sign up for 6GB data plan, I would pay system access fee and 911 service. This was perfect, exactly what I needed for a 2nd Windows Mobile Smartphone I had that I use for data only.

    A few days later, I went to a Fido retailer, started the process of signing up. The retailer told me I needed a voice plan and had me speak to someone at Fido, who told me I needed to sign up for minimum $25 voice plan (on Fido’s own website, they offer a cheaper voice plan).

    After reviewing my options, I decided to go to the Fido Store and sign up (the $30 data plan is good value and I’d get the cheapest voice plan). This was on Aug 7/08. I got signed up later in the evening and was told by Fido Store I needed to call customer service to get their data settings, I was on hold for 1 hour, tried to call back and their customer service was closed.

    I called the following day to get their settings. That was 1 hour of torture, their customer support people place you on hold and call data specialists. I received conflicting information since I needed to call 2 times with 2 different agents.

    Once I was able to get settings complete, I sometimes use the Smartphone as a modem. I called to clarify that I could tether the phone as a modem.

    Over the last week, I have received different answers from different agents. When I requested to speak to a supervisor, I was told a supervisor would call back in 48 hours. This was another 1 hour speaking to agents, being hung up on and calling back 2 times

    I have been told by some Fido agents, tethering is included, but others have said no. In all cases, this is after agents place me on hold and call their technical support department. One Retention agent advised me on phone that tethering was included, but wrote in a note that it wasn’t. He told me the conversation would be proof, but when I asked a supervisor for a copy of the conversation, I was denied.

    I was able to cancel service today (within their 14 days cancellation period). I am guessing this will be screwed up as well.

    How can a company run like this?

    I have emailed (he’s VP customer service). It looks like this email works, I received an out of office reply. You may want to post his email for your readers who have complaints about Fido.

    About 5 days later, I received an email from Gaetano Di Falco [], he is with Office of the Executive. He regrets that their company could not meet my wireless needs. What goofs! Sending a form email after I write to their General Manager and VP Customer Service.

    No resolution, no offer.

    I have signed for 2nd cell line with Rogers. I hope this does not end the same way. They include tethering!!

    Jim Prentice, get some competition in Canada.

    Simple Equation:

    No Competition = Crappy Customer Service

    I hope Globalive, Quebecor and others who won spectrum read this blog.

    Just a hint for them, don’t outsource customer service, make it a point of differentiation as well as price.


  8. Dear Ellen:

    Thank you so much for your help. I now have a Quad Band World phone and a credit on my Rogers wireless account.

    For any remaining cell phone neophytes, like myself, a little advice. If you are taken in by Rogers’ advertisement of worldwide access on your phone and are tempted to sign up for same please ensure you ask for a quad band world phone when you go to purchase.

    My story: My husband was so happy to get me a phone with world wide access, given our travel schedule. We could keep in touch but even more important our family and friends could reach us in case of emergency. I got rid of the ‘pay as you go phone’ which was used for emergency too here at home.

    Before leaving for Chile for over four months, I called Rogers and double checked with a customer service representative about using my phone in Chile. After checking and getting the details of my phone I was told it would work with ‘no problem whatsoever’. I was even told how much the local and long distance charges would be in Santiago. Not true. The phone did not work. I checked with every wireless provider who had welcomed me as I flew over Ecuador and Chile to no avail.

    When I contacted Rogers from Chile I was told Rogers did not suspend service and I was responsible to adhere to my contract by paying my fees monthly.

    That got me upset. It seemed that I was to keep a contract but Rogers did not have to keep their side of it, which was to give me service.

    It is a long story. Rogers tried every delaying tactic imaginable to get me to give up on the issue but I thought it was so unfair to ask me to pay for more than four months without any service after I was told that service would be provided that I decided to stick to my guns.

    During the protracted emails Rogers had at one time told me they could not help me as I had the wrong birth date. True, my husband’s date of birth was on the contract as he had bought the phone for me. So too his credit card number was on the bill of sale which meant that neither could I use my card for identification! Logical? Yes, except both my husband and I are registered with Rogers and all bills and correspondence come in both our names and we also subscribe to Rogers Cable, Rogers Internet and Rogers Home phone. Go figure! After finding myself by calling another Rogers number I was sent many unwanted emails about sim cards, other wireless companies’ lack of updates or maintenance, on not putting any other sim card in my phone. These in reply to my reiterating my original complaint and asking for some resolution. Instead I got a long smelly red herring trail and information which I did not need or want. As I said I just wanted a phone that worked as advertised.

    Finally in desperation and utter frustration I contacted Ellen Roseman and sent her the trail of emails and letters to Rogers. That brought a response. I finally got to speak with someone, and one individual instead of the steady stream of first names and alphabet surmanes.

    I am happy with the result so far. My next trip will let me know if this Quad Band world phone does work.

    My gratitude to Ms. Roseman and kudos to all those advocates who work on our behalf with companies who do not know the meaning of customer service or as Rogers say customer care.

  9. I want to complain about The Pay As You Go service, which I find deceptive and overpriced. To date, I have paid $178 for a phone, which I have used a total of 5 minutes for 1 phone call.

    I bought the phone at a retail store. It was advertised at about $70, but I was shocked to find that by the time I had activated it the bill was about $148. There was supposed to be a $50 credit included, so I consoled myself with thinking I could use that to compensate.

    I had bought the phone to use in the country in a zone that they showed had service, though it was not the highest rated. I was never able to use the phone over a period of two months and when I came back to the city and tried to use it, I got a message that the time had “expired”.

    I was not pleased to thnk that time I had paid for had “expired” as if it were old food. Just why the time had expired I couldn’t understand, as it seems they are able to keep the cards, which cost $100, active for 1 year. But I found, in visiting the stores and reading the fine print, that all cards under $100 would expire in 30 days.

    Since I need the phone only ccasionally, I bought three $10 cards that I could use as necessary (without expiry too quickly). Lo and behold, when I tried to call and validate them, getting though the whole process and finally succeeding on the 5th try, I heard a message from the automated system: “$10. I can only accept cards from $20 to $40 on this phone.”

    Yes I’m sure they would love it if I paid $40 and let the card expire, getting perhaps another 5 minutes of use in a month.

    I am annoyed with the rules allowing a company to sell cards with minutes that expire. If I pay for something, I don’t expect it to melt away in a short time. How is it that this retail practice is allowed?

    If I buy a sweater and it disintegrates, I think I could get my money back.

    Most other cards don’t have expiry dates or have much longer periods to use them. The fact that they sell $10 cards and then don’t allow you to use them is also annoying. They shouldn’t be selling things without stating right on the cards the limits of use.

  10. I am so frustrated with Rogers right now because they are trying to force me to add text messaging to my plan by sending me text messages that they charge me for!

    I do not have text messages in my plan, so therefore I get charged not only for text messages I send out, but also text messages I receive.

    I recently started getting messages directing me to a website, then sending me weekly questions that I could answer online for a prize. However, I get charged for each of these messages.

    It said that if you wanted to stop the messages, you should respond with a text message in all caps stating STOP ALL.

    So, I called Rogers… and the messages are from them! I will be charged for each one received and the only way to make it stop is by texting a response, which I also get charged for. They will not let me cancel it over the phone.

    So I asked the customer service representative: “You are saying you just send me text messages I haven’t even asked for, which I get charged for, and the only way to stop them is if I reply with another text message I will also get charged for?”

    He said “Yes, but you can add text messaging to your plan for just $11 a month.”

    He also said that texting will only stop one kind of message, but at any time at random they might start sending me another kind of message.

    How can these companies just get away with robbing us? It’s the principle of the thing!!!!

  11. A letter to Rogers:

    On Oct. 1, 2008 I moved out from my parent’s home and began life on my own. I have been a loyal customer of Rogers for over a decade with my wireless service and my father has bought services with you including wireless, home phone, PVR and digital boxes, for over two decades.

    My first task on my own was to get a PVR box. I went to your Rogers plus centre located at Creditview and Eglinton, only to be told that they were out of stock and to contact your 1-888-rogers1 number and they would be able to assist me.

    I became disappointed from that moment on. I have been on an extremely frustrating journey that has continued to this day.

    On Oct. 4, I scheduled an appointment for a technician. A gentleman from Dependable home service arrived and installed my digital box in my bedroom with ease. Upon installing the PVR box in my living room, it turned out the box was an outdated 3rd generation model that did not work. He put in a work order for Sunday, Oct. 5. I was told I would receive an updated model.

    The next day I waited for the technician to arrive and he had the SAME model that did not work the previous time. He told me that he would put another work order in and it would arrive on Monday, Oct. 6.

    I had a friend wait at my house for 4 hours and no one arrived. I contacted Rogers call centre to find that no work order was in place. The customer service representative contacted several Rogers plus Centres in my area to find that there was one HDPVR 3200 remaining. I picked it up and installed it myself.

    From Oct. 6, I have attempted several times to speak to a senior supervisor. I was not immediately transferred. Instead, I was offered 3 months of unlimited programming (a slap in the face). The Representative also made a note on my file to have a superior contact me within 48 hours.

    I waited till Thursday, Oct. 9, but did not receive a call, so I called back. I was told different things by many representatives. Up until this point I was patient, very patient, but I had a need and it was not being fulfilled.

    I got angry and was told they would finally patch me through to a supervisor. When I spoke to this gentleman and explained the story again, he apologized and told me that he would express mail me an updated PVR box that would arrive on Saturday, Oct. 11.

    I rescheduled my arrangements for Thanksgiving with my family to await the arrival of the box. To my surprise, another Technician arrived — without the upgraded box!

    I thought that the effort required to get a working PVR box would be simple. Instead, this became a nightmare that has shaken my confidence in Rogers’ ability to meet the needs of ALL their clients.

    I do not feel like a satisfied customer, I am not happy with the service I have received and I am strongly debating switching my services and acquiring my internet and home phone service through another company.

    I have also forwarded this letter directly to the CRTC and Ted Rogers.

    The amount of HOURS i have wasted does not seem worth it, but I am in this deep and plan on pressing it further!


  12. I called a Rogers wireless customer service agent more than one month before my cell phone contract expired on Oct.2 and told them about my decision to leave Rogers when it expired.

    The agent told me it was OK and also reminded me to tell my new cell phone supplier to pull out my phone number before the new billing circle started (Oct.2).Otherwise, a new monthly charge would apply.

    Then I ended my service with Rogers on Sept.30. But later I found I was still charged a new monthly fee (about $80).

    I called back to the agent (different person) to ask why. She said she could only credit $50 to me.

    Although I accepted that offer, it doesn’t mean I agree with that. I have no other choice. Otherwise I’ll pay the full amount. I don’t know why I’m still charged more, even if I have abided by all the terms with Rogers.

  13. One of the most annoying factors in dealing with companies like Rogers is what I like to call the Left Hand/Right Hand Syndrome, i.e. the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

    When we purchased a new home this past August, we crossed our fingers and signed up for a Rogers bundle (Home Phone, Internet, and Cable services). I should have realized the potential pitfalls when placing a simple order for new services at a new address was met with confusion and incompetence.

    One agent cheerfully took my order. Another left a cryptic voicemail message the following day, saying that there was a problem with our order and they had to cancel it. When I called back, after a lengthy wait on hold, a third agent informed me that yes, the order had been cancelled by an Anthony, but that he had not left detailed notes as to why. She needed to track him down and call me back within a couple of hours. No call came.

    When I called back, a fourth agent said there was no mention of an investigation in the computer, but that she would look into it. She put me on hold; finally, she came back on the line to inform me cheerfully that we could not set up Rogers services at our new home because “the previous tenants” (her words) were not moving out by the date we had requested.

    I informed her that her information was clearly faulty, as we had purchased the home and the closing date was several days in advance of the requested connection date. There were no “tenants.” She said, “Well, this just doesn’t add up to me, because they just ordered a new Rogers service a couple of months ago. Why would they do that if they were planning to move out?”

    I said I had no idea, but I was in possession of a purchase agreement for the home that clearly listed the closing date. She said, “I’m sorry, but we don’t get into landlord and tenant disputes.” I said there was no landlord and tenant dispute. This was a simple real estate transaction. The previous owners would be moving out before the closing date, and we would be moving in after the closing date. This surely happens all the time.

    She recommended that, in light of the “confusion” (of which there was none), I wait until we had taken possession of the house and then place the order for services. I pointed out that this would leave us without phone, Internet and cable services for several days. Surely, people buying a home were entitled to set up their orders in advance to coincide with their move-in dates. She sighed, said she would see what she could do, and call me back that day.

    Three days later, she called back to inform me that, yes, she had confirmed with the previous owners that they had sold the house and would be moving out. Why didn’t they simply take this step in the first place? However, as they had cancelled my order, I would need to place it again. So I spent another 40 minutes explaining clearly what we wanted.

    The installation of our new services went very smoothly, which I suppose lulled us into a false sense of security. The installation technician was due to arrive between 9 and 12, and he came at 9:30. All was well for about a month.

    Then one day, I came home from work to find my phone, Internet and cable all not working. It seems that Rogers (forgive me — a company CONTRACTED by Rogers) had come out that day to complete repairs to a neighbour’s line, and had evidently cut cleanly through our lines in the process.

    I called Rogers (on my cell phone) and was informed by a rather defensive, unhelpful agent that it would probably be a few days before they could send someone out to correct the situation. When I noted that the damage had clearly been done by those contracted by Rogers, she sounded skeptical and attempted to suggest the lines could have been cut by any number of persons or companies. Was there any construction going on? Had we been trying to tamper with the lines ourselves?

    No, I responded calmly, the only thing happening today was a repair to another Rogers customer’s line two houses down.

    I stated categorically that leaving us without phone services for several days was unacceptable. She said, “Well, you evidently have a cell phone, so you’re not really without phone service, are you?” When I noted that using a pay-and-talk phone as our primary phone would be cost-prohibitive, she grudgingly agreed to credit our account — for one day’s worth of Rogers services.

    She then informed me that there was absolutely no way to get a technician out sooner. “I’m looking at the service schedule on my computer right now, sir. And the earliest date is Monday morning. What would you have me do, sir?”

    She told me that the only way to get a technician out sooner was if several customers were affected by an outage. In other words, one customer inconvenienced by their error was not sufficient grounds to effect emergency repairs. When I said this, she was evasive and said she did not agree with that characterization of the situation. Finally, she agreed to put in an emergency repair order (something she had told me a few minutes before was completely impossible) for the next day.

    So the technician came out the next day and draped cables onto trees and lamp posts and our service was restored. He assured us that the crew from Barrie had been contacted and would be coming to bury all the cables within the month.

    The following week, the temporary cables all fell down and were draped across our next door neighbour’s driveway and lawn. I had to call again and have another technician put them back up. He, too, assured me that the crew from Barrie would be arriving within the next few weeks to finish the job.

    The allotted month came and went. This morning, I called Rogers again to inquire as to when these cables would be buried, as they were not stable and any stiff gust of wind would probably bring them down again.

    I reminded the agent that the crew from Barrie was past due to bury the cables. He asked me who had told me the cables would be buried within a month. I told him that two technicians and a phone agent had told me so. He said that was strange, because they never bury cables in October except in the case of an emergency, and we would probably have to wait until spring.

    Besides, he said, the repair technicians were only CONTRACTED by Rogers and were not authorized to speak on behalf of Rogers, so Rogers was not bound by anything the technicians may have promised (Left Hand disavows all knowledge of Right Hand). Moreover, his computer system was down and would I mind calling back in half an hour to determine the status of the repair order?

    I called back over an hour later, only to be informed that, unfortunately, the repair database was still down. But this second agent would be handling my case personally and would call back with a reference number for a work order once the system was back up. He told me he would have to put the request in as an “emergency repair” as cable burial was not normally treated as a priority in the fall.

    So, I asked, was it their normal practice to leave temporary wires draped on people’s trees and over their driveways for 7 to 8 months at a stretch? No response to that.

    Dear me. Any hope I once held that Rogers might be an improvement over Bell has long since evaporated.

  14. In August 2007, I went with my 15 year old daughter to get her a cell phone and plan.

    My daughter wanted to get the 3-year contract and I tried talking her out of it. Because she was working 4 days a week and would be paying the bill, I relented.

    In July 2008 my daughter decided to go live with her father (we split 16 years ago). Within weeks he served me with custody and child support papers. I agreed to the custody part because he swore in court they had a great relationship and because my daughter was telling me no different.

    When she called me at home, I noticed that her father’s name was coming up on the call display and asked my daughter why this was. She told me that her father had called Rogers and got them to take her off my plan. He did this before we even went to court on Oct 14/08.

    I went into Rogers and told them the story. They said to put my daughter back on my account, they would need my consent and the father’s to do so.

    I asked Rogers why I was not called to give my consent to have her removed in the first place. Rogers could not answer that question.

    In trying to get any information about my account, I keep getting asked for my postal code. I gave it to them and they said no, that is not it. I gave them my new postal code. No, that is not it either.

    My ex somehow managed to get his postal code, his address and his credit card on MY account. Rogers keep telling me they cannot give me information because I am not authorized on that account. How can that be? That is MY account to begin with.

    The store where I set up the account called their fraud department and was told my ex had called on Sept 3/08 (or the 5th) to have me removed from my own account.

    The rep at the store whispered under his breath to the person on the other end of the line (basic gist of what was said) “Are you going to call her back because this is a serious matter and we know how things tend to be forgotten around here.”

    I was finally able to get an invoice proving it was my account and finally got hold of head office that only SOLD Rogers phones. They got my original copy of the agreement with my signature on it and faxed/are faxing it to the store where this whole mess started. I need lots of ID to prove I am who I am yada yada.

    They say they MIGHT be able to get my ex’s passcode removed. NO! I want to know how he managed to do this.

    Calling the fraud department for the second time, the lady said that I must have given (my ex) authorization on my contract. No, I did not.

    It was also suggested that “I” called in and gave my consent over the phone for my ex to change MY account. No, I did not (the only times we are in the same room is when we are in court).

    I am frustrated and don’t know where to go next.

  15. Hi Ellen

    First let me say thanks for all the info you write and publish. I have found your column helpful more than once.

    A few months ago you helped me resolve and issue with my new CIBC credit card and I am coming to you for help again.

    Two days ago my husband had his one month old iPhone stolen in a Starbucks. We immediately called Rogers to suspend service. We spent two days looking for the phone just to make sure we didn’t misplace it in the house or the office or the car. Of course the phone has not turned up at all.

    Today I called to get his phone replaced thinking I would pay for a new phone and switch his contract to the new hardware.

    To my surprise Rogers does not allow customers to buy new hardware and and activate it to their existing contracts except for once per 12 month period.

    So our options presented to us from Rogers were:

    1. Buy an iPhone for $700 and use it without a contract

    2. Cancel the contract for $500 and sign up for a new one and get the iPhone for a discounted rate of $250 (total $750)

    3. Replace the iPhone with a blackberry for $300 and add it to the existing contract (a blackberry is not an iPhone)

    4. Get a regular flip phone as a replacement and add it to the existing contract (no data capabilities but still pay for the data service)

    5. or continue to pay the contract without any hardware until next year

    So my dilemma is this: why is the consumer being punished when their phone is stolen or lost: we paid $250 for the phone on a three year contract and as soon as we need help in replacing the hardware we get dinged any way we try to replace it.

    We are happy to pay for new hardware but not at an inflated price. We would pay $250 for a new phone and happily continue with the contract. We are so dependant on our iPhones because we both travel so much and use them for everything (no other phone even comes close to user ease) Brad (my husband) uses all the features of the phone including the iPod feature because he is a singer and uses the Ipod to rehearse in small spaces.

    At the prices Rogers is quoting it would be cheaper for us to make a claim on our house insurance and pay the deductible to get the phone replaced. I wouldn’t care so much except it is such a great tool and Brad is only one month into his three year contract with Rogers. I would buy a phone elsewhere but of course Rogers has the monopoly on the phone in Canada. The operator told me even if I bought an iPhone elsewhere (like a Mac store in the States) it would not be useable in Canada.

    We need your help to get Rogers to help us because my experience with Rogers is that supervisors never call back and I really don’t want to argue with a front line person on the phone (I know they have limited authority and they don’t set the policies.

    We don’t want something for free just what we had and at the same price we already paid.

    Simply: a replacement iPhone at the price we paid for the original ($250) and have the new phone attached to the existing contract.

    Part 2

    Thanks Ellen

    Since I emailed you this week I did find a solution.

    I consulted your web site and saw a blog post about contacting the client retention department who turned out to be very helpful.

    I guess I was just annoyed that as a long term customer (7 years with two cell phones, two internet services, home phone and long distance service) who had signed up for not one but two iPhone contracts in the last month (me and my partner) for a total of $800 in hardware and service upgrades and three years of service at almost $200 a month ($7200 over the life of the contracts) I thought there might be some flexibility in their policies. All said we will spend $8000 for being with ROGERS over the next 3 years. It seemed silly to me that they could not discount a phone for such a level of commitment on our part. I now realize contracts are not for service but for the hardware.

    The interesting thing is that the customer service department at ROGERS acknowledged that iPhones get stolen at an alarming rate, yet they have no recourse from a customer service point of view (you’d think with the amazing GPS capabilities of the phone they could start a program to locate stolen goods).

    I did learn a lesson though: I will never bill a hardware upgrade to my ROGERS (or other phone bill) again. I will pay directly with my VISA. Had I paid with my new VISA Infinite card for the phone outright I would have been covered for loss or theft under their insurance program (I would have had the phone replaced for free, basically).

    The solution we did find (offered by the retention department at ROGERS) was to switch to FIDO and sign up as a new client. We ported in Brad’s cell number, got a new iPhone for $200, a slightly different service contract (but almost identical) and because we switched from ROGERS to FIDO the cancellation fee at ROGERS was reduced to $100 (instead of $500).

    All in all it cost us $300, many hours on the phone with both companies and one trip to the FIDO store to get the problem fixed.

    My lesson: Use my credit card to buy hardware to make sure I am insured.

    Thanks for all your help.

    And please keep writing your articles!

  16. Hi Ellen, I am so frustrated right now. I have nothing but problems with Rogers Wireless.

    We have 4 phones with them, all on 3 year contracts. I will spare you details of the 20 or 30 calls wasted in the past, and tell you about the latest.

    Two months ago, I switched to 1,000 long distance minutes per month. Yet, I keep getting bills with extra long distance charges on them. My last bill had a total of 359 calls (there were 109 long distance calls, according to the bill).

    I was told by ‘Customer Service’ that I had 269 long distance charges. I told them I have the bill in front of me and if we need to, we will go over them call by call. (My long distance is used when I am out of town on business.) They said their computer says 269, so there will be no credit. I asked if it is 269, why does it not have the other 162 calls on my bill? They did not have an answer for me, yet they maintained 269 long distance calls.

    I tried to go through the dates of each call. They said if we do that, we will have to go through each portion of the line — not just the date and whether it is long distance or not. I said I just want to go by the date and line # to see if we agree on whether it is long distance or not. I was told we will do it our way or we won’t do it at all. Like a fool, I got really angry, said some things, then hung up.

    I am willing to bet I have spent over 45 hours or more on the phone with them over the past year. My time is how I make my living. I can’t dump them or they will charge me for all 4 plans. I have had enough of this.

    How do I get out of my contracts for poor service or for lack of performance issues? Lord knows, there have been dozens. But, if you bail, they will slap an A-9 on your credit bureau and then you have bigger problems.

    Is there any way other than court? I will do that if that is what it takes, but I was hoping there was a more amicable, less time consuming way. Any advice you can give would be very welcome.

    Frustrated and in need of better counsel than my own,

    Glenn Murray

  17. My husband left me and the country 2.5 years ago. I called Rogers to tell them he had left and asked if I could take over the account, which was in his name. They told me I couldn’t, so I set up my own account with Fido.

    I recently requested a copy of my credit report and discovered that his Rogers bill has been reported to my credit report. When I called Rogers, they told me that they had my social insurance number on the account.

    They couldn’t explain to me how they could have a SIN number of one person on an account that is in the name of another person. They say that they won’t remove it from my credit report unless he contacts them and takes full responsibility for the account (he’s dropped off the face of the earth) or if I press criminal charges against him.

    I don’t have time for this. I’m a student with a disabled kid at home. I don’t even have time to fill out all the autism paperwork these days, let alone deal with this Rogers nonsense.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I’d sure love to hear them. My email is geo jane 42 at g mail dot com.

  18. I was told to fax this to the “office of the president” but of COURSE the phone number given to me was disconnected. Then I phoned Customer Service again to try and get the correct number and was told ALL computers were down and I could get it from your contacts page website. Still havent found this fax number.

    To: Office of the President
    Rogers Communications
    1 416 466 1513

    To whom it may concern:

    I have been a very happy Bell cell phone customer since 1995. Since moving to Rogers in August 2008 because you were the only carrier of the iPhone, it has been a nightmare. I have over 41 HOURS of logged calls with your various “customer service” agents. All I want now is my $100 deposit back, as I will never get the hours back for either my business or my life.

    I have been a Rogers customer since 1995 with digital cable and high speed internet and have never missed a payment. When I first tried to purchase the iPhone Aug 23, 2008, I waited over one hour for the Rogers Store to try and activate the phone. I had to leave after that time.

    On Monday Aug 25, 2008, I went to another Rogers store (the first one was now sold out) and waited as long as it took to get the phone activated (2 hours and 20 minutes). At that time I was told the ‘Rogers System” was down and they were unable to get the BAN number to bundle the cell phone and that I would have to pay a $100 deposit because of my ‘bad credit rating’.

    Since I knew there was nothing wrong with my credit, I proceeded with the purchase as I knew I could clear it up the next day when your “systems” were back on. This wasn’t the case as your business department confirmed this ‘bad credit’.

    At MY OWN EXPENSE, I paid for my credit report only to find it was incorrect information provided by ROGERS for a bill that wasn’t paid in June 2006 and had gone to your collection agency November 2007. I of course have receipts for ALL payments in FULL.

    Upon further investigation (with NO help from your various departments), I was able to determine this was for a different Robert Walker with a different address. The ‘customer service’ was nonexistent from Rogers, with each (uninformed and untrained) agent telling me a different contradictory story from the previous agent.

    I was able to get everything corrected (after 40 hours of phone calls to Rogers) and was told that there was NO reason to keep my $100 deposit, as (1) my credit report was excellent and (2) I had been a customer with outstanding payment record for over TEN YEARS. Accounts receivable told me THEY couldn’t do the credit but activation could. (There was a lot of back and forth between the departments for me.)

    Countless times though this process since August, I was told by each agent they would call me back. Even after I would tell each one that NO ONE had EVER done so in the past. To this day (January 21, 2009), NO ONE FROM ROGERS HAS EVER CALLED ME BACK.

    I have the names and employee numbers for all involved back in Toronto. I did not bring this large file with me as I winter in Florida and I was assured before I left that this was FINALLY taken care of by Veronica in Accounts Receivable. Several others in that department after Activation said they would waive the fee, with the last accounts receivable agent being Julie #660271 at the end of December who ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY ASSURED ME that THIS TIME she would call back within the next few days to confirm it was completed. AGAIN no call.

    Never in my 30 years of being a broadcaster in the media coast to coast in Canada have I ever been treated as poorly by any service provider. To be lied to, misled and given so many empty promises, all the while trying to run my business in these tough economic times. Why should I have to spend over 40 hours on the phone only to CORRECT YOUR MISTAKES?

    The past two months, I have been unable to even see my bill online for the cell phone. As recently as Jan. 19, no one in accounting can tell me how much I owe, how may minutes did I use in Florida (so I can adjust my roaming package if needed) or even when I should expect to be ABLE to see my bill. (Last month my entire online account was deleted, but that is another story all together.)

    The most recent “non information” was from your online support ref#40757499 (I thought I would see if THEY could do any better). The minutes recorded on the iPhone and YOUR minutes are very different.

    I am told that the “Office of the President” is the last and final place I can try and find some restitution. Let’s hope they are correct. If Bell was able to provide the iPhone, I would pay your penalty in full just to leave this nightmare behind.

    Robert W. Walker

  19. Do you have any advice for me?

    My mother recently moved into a building for retirees in the Bayview Village neighbourhood. Rogers has an exclusive contract for telephones in the building. She could not keep her Bell telephone number of 47 years, according to Rogers, because there was a gap between the date of the closing of my mother’s house sale and the move to her new residence.

    In order to retain the number, my sister had to transfer the phone service to her own home and then transfer it to my mother’s new home a week later. Rogers’ position? It was all the fault of Bell Canada.

    This afternoon I called my mother and a woman in Don Mills answered. I called a Rogers customer service representative to ask what they would do to fix the problem. Their answer: to fix the problem, a technician would have to travel to the site but they would not initiate that action until they received a call from my mother at the site.

    When I did speak to my mother, 90 years old and visually impaired, she told me that over a period of two days she had managed to speak to a technician. No, she said, he did not mention a need to travel to the site. She said the Rogers technician did offer this: “It might be Bell’s fault.”

    It seems to me that if you live in an area captured by Rogers, you have no options. When Bell had a monopoly, one could criticize their fees and their speed but they took responsibility. The principles guiding Rogers’ phone service seem to be “evade, avoid and blame”.

    I have emailed the CRTC, but I am wondering whether there are any quick strategies that you could recommend? I just want the current problem fixed.

  20. Hi – I have an issue with Rogers that I want to publicize, as I think they were being unfair to me. I could keep quiet as it’s not a huge deal, but I believe that would be irresponsible of me to just ignore this. Others may get treated the same way and cause a lot of frustration! You’ll find the string of emails below. Thanks,


    Dear Oz,
    You have reached our Online Management Support Team. Upon review of your account, I see the charges on your account were for cable services from January 25th to March 21st. This is called proration.

    When you subscribe to a service or make a change to your service, your next bill will include charges for the service for the remaining days in your current cycle in addition to your regular monthly fee, so the bill may have a different amount than you usually see.

    Don’t be concerned, this only occurs on the first bill after a change. For an explanation of your bill please visit Also there were no installation fees, therefore Rogers will be unable to offer any adjustments on your account.

    Thank you for contacting Rogers.

    Steven L.
    Rogers Online Management Support Team

    Original Message Follows: ————————

    I do not have an acccount PIN #. My DOB is XXXXX.

    Thank you,

    2009/2/10 Rogers Cable Customer Service

    Dear OZ,

    We apologize for the delay in responding to your email. We are currently receiving higher email volume than normal, and are attempting to answer all email as quickly as possible in the order they arrive.

    You have reached our Online Management Support Team. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

    In order to properly assist you with your recent inquiry regarding the charges on your Rogers account, we ask that you please reply to this email correspondence with the following information:

    * Date of Birth
    * Account Pin-Code (if applicable) Note: This is not your password.

    This information is necessary as per our security and verification procedures, as well as to ensure we are accessing the appropriate account.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    Steven L.
    Rogers Online Management Support Team

    Original Message Follows:
    *** Your Cable Billing Inquiry ***

    Account Number –> XXX

    Name –> XXXX

    Email –> XXXXXX

    Address 1 –> XXXX

    Address 2 –> Toronto

    Postal Code –> M4X XXX

    Subject –> Your Cable Billing Inquiry

    Comments –>

    I just moved at the end of January. A couple of weeks before the move-in date, I called Rogers to request my cable services be moved from XYZ ADDRESS to ABC ADDRESS (both in downtown Toronto). The agent gave me a time for Sunday, Feb 1st, for the cable guy to come in for setting up cable at the new place.

    During this phone call, I SPECIFICALLY asked if there would be ANY cost implications or anything like this because of the transfer, and I was assured there would be NOTHING unusual – just moving services.

    I just checked my bill last night and it is $123.80. I was rather surprised and called Rogers to inquire about the reason. I was told that because I had “cancelled” my service at the old place and ordered new cable at the new place, I was getting prorated charges for Jan. 25 to
    31, and then getting billed from February to end of March (2 months) because “new”
    customers usually pay 2 months at their first payment.

    I spoke to 4 people, lastly a manager. He said the same thing.

    I said I DID NOT ASK FOR CANCELLATION of services and I find it ridiculous that I’m being treated like a new customer, when I only wanted my services transferred and when I was requesting this service,

    I was told nothing would change. I was either lied to, or the person omitted certain facts, or just simply didnt know the process. Regardless, the manager I spoke to did not resolve the situation. He only explained how things were. I said I am NOT a NEW customer and I don’t want to be paying 2 months up front AND also getting tied into a 1 year agreement to get the discount on the VIP package.

    I was extremely annoyed and I told the manager to cancel my service. He said I need to give 30 days’ notice. I said consider it my 30 day notice. Therefore, I will be leaving Rogers Cable services as of March 3.

    I was told I only need to pay $84.36 and that will be it. My account will be cleared up and closed on March 3.

    I am writing this for 3 reasons:

    1- The agent I spoke to when I requested transfer of my services should have mentioned the implications.

    2. When I explained to the manager I did not expect this, he was NOT sympathetic to my situation and did not make any effort to accommodate me, given that there was obviously a communication gap. I decided right there and then to cancel my service. I think this should
    be investigated and I would like to know why this manager did not make an effort to accommodate my situation and just continue me on the same terms as the services I had at the previous address.

    3. I would like confirmation via email that upon my payment of $84.36, my account will be clear. I want this documented, as I do not have faith in phone conversations with Rogers reps at this point.

    I expect a reply to this message, to my satisfaction, regardless of whether I am leaving cable with Rogers or not. If the explanation is not satisfactory, I will ensure I put this on my blog – along with the response from Rogers (or lack of – in that case) and tell anyone and
    everyone who will listen about this mistreatment.

    Thank you,
    Oz J

  21. I have been dealing with a problems with my Rogers bill since last June, when I moved from Toronto to Oshawa.

    I was completely unaware, as are most of the CSR’s I have spoken with since, that when you move to another city, your account number changes.

    When several payments when missing, it took 2 months and numerous calls to finally discover that the payments had been credited to the old account, which was incorrectly still connected, and I was paying for services at the Toronto residence where I no longer lived. I believed I had canceled all the services.

    Several months later, in October 2008, after my services had finally been disconnected after 2 failed attempts (they were supposed to be disconnected at the end of June), I was told all of the money and returned equipment credits had finally been transferred over to the Oshawa account.

    So, I was very surprised, to say the least, when a collection agency called in February to ask me when I planned on paying the outrageous amount still owing on my account.

    After trying for 1 month, I finally got through to someone at Rogers who discovered that nothing had ever been transferred. The payments and equipment credits were still sitting on the old account with the balance on the newer account and, since it has gone to collections, there is nothing they can do, they cannot transfer my payments or credits.

    Like so many others, I have been referred to the Office of the President, but no one at Rogers can give me any contact information. If someone here knows how to contact this office, it would be wonderful if they could post that for me.

    When it all boils down, I never had any problems with Rogers’ product (for me, cable & internet). The service was of a good quality & reliable.

    Ultimately, I have decided to terminate my services with Rogers, probably forever, because of their unbelievably poor customer service.

    My average phone call was over 2 hours. I routinely got transferred to the wrong department and over half the time I was unexpectedly disconnected.

    Just yesterday I was on the phone for 3 hours before I was referred to the Office of the President, spoke to 6 different agents and got disconnected twice. That’s what’s wrong with Rogers.

  22. Hi Ellen

    I’ve been reading about the various Rogers complaints on here.

    Allow me to give your readers some tips when dealing with the call centre:

    1. Don’t threaten to cancel all your services if you don’t get what you want. That doesn’t work.

    2. Treat us with respect. No yelling, screaming, cursing, insults, or treating me like an idiot.

    3. You may have been transferred ten times, but its the first time you are talking to me. I understand you’re frustrated, but I’m there to help, not be a punching bag.

    4. Whenever you call Rogers, get a name, department, city, and call history number. Every single time someone opens your account, there is a call history number. This ensures accountability if your call isn’t resolved.

    5. Don’t threaten us with “I’m going to the office of the president” if we can’t help you. They will tell you the same thing that we are explaining.

    A lot of the reps at rogers are willing to help customers with problems. We may not get an answer on the spot in very rare cases, or may have to transfer you to another department, but when people are rude and demanding on the phone, they won’t get the customer service they deserve.

    Yes we have some bad apples, but every company does. I go out of my way to offer 110% customer service on every call, for every customer, and my results/comments from customers prove that.

    For those that say “Ultimately, I have decided to terminate my services with Rogers, probably forever, because of their unbelievably poor customer service”, like Tina, there is always another side to the story. If you’re being disconnected, it’s most likely because you were rude to the call centre rep and were warned. We don’t hang up on people for no reason. I’ve seen people get fired for that.

  23. Rogers Wireless makes me feel powerless. I hate being bullied. I hate being taken advantage of. And yet, for the past year, Rogers Wireless has done exactly that to me.

    After observing my cellphone usage over the last few months, I wanted to downgrade to a lower plan (which actually is a new and BETTER plan than the one I currently have and pay more for). I read on the FAQs online that there’s no charge to change monthly plans.

    When I called Customer Service, I was told I’d have to pay a change penalty. When I said that I read online that I don’t, she put me on hold, then told me I’m right – I don’t have to pay a change penalty or a fee.

    We changed the plan. I asked her if I should downgrade my $11 Communicate Value Pack, since with my new plan I had more text messaging capabilities, Pack add-on.

    SHE advised me not to cancel, because the cheapest current Communicate Value Pack started at $12. I thanked her for letting me know, and kept the $11 add-on.

    A couple weeks later, I checked my account online to see when my new service was to come into effect. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Rogers Wireless had cancelled my $11 Communicate Value Pack without informing me, along with changing my monthly plan.

    At first, I thought, maybe it was an accident. I’m used to Rogers Wireless screwing up on my Wireless account since the day I signed up (it is a LITANY, all of which have kept me for hours on the phone – either waiting on hold or talking with them).

    I was prepared to take a deep breath and get it sorted. (To stay calm, I like to think that Rogers is like my problem child. You tell them one thing, they do another. Just to piss you off.)

    I called Customer Service, reached the right department, and before I coud say hello, had the phone slammed down on me. I called back.

    Derek in Customer Service answered. I explained the situation. He told me it had to happen. It was a default cancellation. I lost my cool. I couldn’t understand why my plan should affect my add-on service — isn’t that why it’s an add-on service that I pay separately for?

    He spoke to me as if I was five years old, explaining that because my Communicate Value Pack texting features conflicted with my new cellphone plan, the Communicate Value Pack effectively got cancelled out.

    But that also meant I lose my voicemail and my caller ID. Derek said that I’d have to add them on separately (at $8 per service), or pay for the new Value Pack at $12 a month.

    Okay, so it’s one dollar more. But it’s not just about the dollar. (And it’s my dollar.) It’s the principle.

    The Customer Service Representative – a representative of the company – advised me to keep the Value Pack. She never once told me that it would be cancelled by default. If a Customer Service person tells me something regarding my account, I’m supposed to believe it, am I not?

    Should there be a need for me to find the error in my account and to call up, only to be told by another Customer Service person at the same company that the previous Customer Service person was wrong! And on top of that I have to pay for their error. How unprofessional is that?

    What if I hadn’t happened to check online and notice that my plan was scheduled for cancellation? What if I had just woken up on April 11 to find that I no longer had Voicemail or call-waiting or Caller ID and I was expecting an urgent call? What if someone was trying to reach me in an emergency and my phone was off and I didn’t know I no longer had Voicemail?

    If I call Rogers Wireless Customer Service, and Customer Service misinforms me, and I take her word and go with her advice, it is beyond my comprehension how the onus should fall upon ME to fix the error that she made. And it is my understanding that the Customer Service person represents company policy and company rules. So by that logic, her error is the company’s error.

    If any current or potential Rogers Wireless customers are reading this, I strongly caution you not to listen to anything their customer service people say. Do your own homework and make your own decisions. Best of all, don’t sign up with them at all. It will save you a heap of frustration.

    They have some of the most inept, poorly trained Customer Service staff I have ever had to deal with, and instead of making things simple, they have caused me more problems than I could imagine with a simple cellphone monthly plan.

    Eight out of 10 times I’ve been snapped at, spoken down to, kept on hold, redirected to incorrect departments after waiting an hour on the phone, only to be told I was at yet another incorrect department… A nightmare.

    I should not be made to feel as I currently feel: like a kid whose lunch money is stolen every day by the class bully. Like I’ve been pushed into a corner and prodded in the chest by the nubby, gnarly fingers of Rogers Wireless, forced to pay for something I did not agree to, just because their technical specifications don’t allow for two services to run concurrently.

    Feeling not only misinformed by Rogers, but uninformed, then misled, then made to pay for being misinformed and misled by ignoramuses who don’t even know how to do their own jobs.

    Rogers Wireless makes me feel powerless. That is not a feeling I am accustomed to as a human being.

    Worse than that is the added irony that I pay to be made to feel like this — totally bound and unable to do a thing because of my nebulous contractual obligations.

    Huh. Talk about zero power of consumption. For one year, I have paid them to treat me badly, and it has culminated in me staying up until 2 am to write this rant.

    I might be making a mountain out of a one-dollar molehill, but honestly, this is the last straw.

  24. In the last 2 yrears, me and my common law wife have had a host of problems with Rogers. Let’s start with my own.

    April 2007: I moved back to Oshawa from Peterborough and my roomates and I called up Rogers to set up internet, phone and digital cable services. That call went well and I was assured I would be paying no more than $95 per month for the services I wanted. I made sure to ask about it being a limited time offer, and asked multiple times about price as well. I needed 3 digital boxes, phone service and internet. All went well until the set-up.

    Due to unspecified problems at the time of set-up, all they could set up was the digital cable. I was told my internet and phone service would be set up within the week. After 3 weeks, I still had no internet, or phone service. And no reason for it. So began the litany of phone calls.

    In a nutshell, it took 25 calls to find out it was a riser problem. then another 3 weeks and more calls to get a technician to come out, then another 2 weeks and more calls before someone supposedly fixed it, but still no home phone service as the “signal strength was too low, and they needed a head technicain to fix that.” So after another month, and multiple phone calls, they finally fixed that.

    Two hours after all my services are finally in, and oh, btw, the bills for the months of interrupted service totalled almost $500, finally got that down to $250. After many more phone calls. Really big change from the $95 a month I was quoted. Finally it is all working, but after 2 hours I start losing my internet and phone services for hours at a time.

    After many, many, many more phone calls and weeks of waiting, I finally get that resolved. Total resolution to this point was 3 1/2 months and over 100 phone calls.

    So now I waited for the next bill, and when it came in they wanted over $550. So after more phone calls, I was literally told “It’s the right amount, pay it or we cancel your services.” I was told that, even after explaining all my problems I had before this bill and the previous huge bill problems. But no luck. So I finally gave up and cancelled the services. About a week later, I get a bill for over $700. I called and just told them I will deal with it in court.

    The next April, I moved in with my common-law wife. She had 2 cell phones from Rogers for herself and her daughter and paid about $60-80 a month for them. We decided I needed one, so we went to the local “Radio Shack” at a mall near where we live. She decided to upgrade her phone and I got a nice new v3T, we spent well over $300 that day on the phones and accessories.

    A month later, the bill comes in and it is $600. We called multiple times (at least 20) to be told the bill was right, pay it or else. So we refused and cancelled the service. A few weeks later, we get another bill this time for nearly $2,000.

    Let’s just say that we never got a contract, either with my orginal problem or with the cell phone, we were overcharged GREATLY, threatened, harassed, ignored. And just treated very poorly in general.

    To this day, we still have between us a rather large outstanding bill we both refuse to pay, and have filed in multiple class action lawsuits and a private one of our own against them.

    This is my personal horror story with them, so be warned.

  25. All these stories here about them can’t possibly be true.

    For you people saying you’ve have a phone slammed down, you probl’y deserved it. For the guy who called 100 times, I don’t think you did, nobody has that much time on their hands.

    If you want a service, you have to pay for it. Period. Nothing is free.

  26. Update on my situation: I didn’t hear back from a supervisor or a Customer care person by phone or email (having sent messages via both), despite having been told the night before that someone would respond to me in 24 hours.

    I finally called again this morning, and spoke to a Wireless Customer Service representative who said she was the Supervisor (but wouldn’t give me her name), and said she could do nothing to help me. I asked her who could, and she told me Customer Care were the only people who could help me but in order to speak with them, I would have to say that I wanted to cancel my service. I said, “Fine then, I want to cancel my service.”

    I was patched through to Customer Care, where a man with a soothing voice saw my file, and immediately offered me a $8 credit every month for the next three years. (I was startled, but politely accepted.) All I really wanted was to get the new value pack for the price of my old value pack, but this is $5 less than that. After the necessary changes were made, I informed him that I wanted to state for the record that I was extremely unhappy with the Customer Service care that I had been given, and that I felt bullied by Rogers. I told him that it wasn’t about the money, but the principle that I felt like I was being penalized for the company’s mistake. I also said that I found it shocking that I had to pay to be treated so shoddily, and I wanted him to be aware that I had written a letter to the Toronto Star about it.

    At this point the rep’s tone changed completely. He was snarky (I don’t think there’s any other word to describe it), and said that he wanted me to be aware that when I used words like “bullied” and other terms, or threatened to go to the newspapers, these conversations would be picked up and “escalated” to the seniormost level, and that I was talking about a different ballgame at that point. He also said that Customer Care had solved my problem, and Rogers had taken responsibility so he didn’t see what my problem was. At this point I wasn’t sure if he was threatening me or cautioning me. The only reason I told him what I did was because I wanted to state it for the record.

    I reassured him that I was not angry with him, and that my problem had been sorted out by him, but that I was frustrated and annoyed by the fact that I was misinformed, and the onus was mine to correct it, as well as the fact that I was told I would be contacted by a supervisor within 24 hours, and it never happened. I also said that as I had no other recourse to complain, and he was Customer Care, I felt that I should tell him what I thought. At this point, he calmed down again, and noted that I had indeed had a history of run-ins with Rogers, most recently last September, when they had apologized yet again for a snafu with my Wireless plan. I thanked him for helping me. I made it a point to say that I was thanking him specifically, and not the organization, for the assistance I had been given. I don’t think he was mollified (not that it was my responsibility to make him feel better about himself, after the way he spoke to me), but at least we disconnected civilly.

    The part I don’t understand is why I have to be told by a Customer Service representative that the only way for me to seek adequate redressal is to threaten to cancel. Ha! To think that’s actually advice I’m given by the company itself.

    I had also written a letter to Ellen Roseman, who forwarded my note to two different people in Customer Care at Rogers. That was 2.5 days ago. I haven’t yet heard from them.

    Rogers Lover: pleased to know that you have had no problems with Rogers, but I don’t think it reflects well on your character to cast aspersions on people by telling them that they must have deserved being treated shoddily by customer service.

    If I want a service, I do have to pay for it. Nothing is free. What I DO NOT ever want to pay for, however, is to be treated badly.

  27. TO those who doubt I called over 100 times, would you like to see the court documents of my phone bills to prove all the call times and dates I called into rogers?

    Would I bother to file a lawsuit against them if I did not have said evidence? Would I have ranted here if I did not have a real problem?

    This is a real problem, they refuse to address it and continue to harass us to this day. Just be warned rogers is as bad as I said it is. Period.

  28. Rogers’ recordkeeping problems appear to be systemic. They extend from billing to installation booking.

    We received 4 phone calls from Rogers: May 23rd, 25th (twice), 26th and today the 28th.

    Each call is associated with a supposed reminder for installation of a Rogers service – the first 4 from the business office and today from an installer, who is a day late, according to the information they keep giving me.

    The problem: the address they give (I Mapquested it) is in Brampton and they’re calling a Hamilton phone number we’ve had since 1969. I have been calling Rogers and advising them that they are not reaching the intended party.

    The response back is that (a) someone here contracted for the service here (before I found out the address was Brampton) – NO or (b) someone gave us a number to call and take a message – NO.

    We don’t know anyone in Brampton! And no, my spouse doesn’t have a playmate down the highway unless he’s turned into a flying superhero.

    The lady I reached on the 26th when I checked Mapquest did appear to be trying to resolve the issue. She didn’t more or less imply I was unfamiliar with what was going on in my own house. The installer today said this happens to him frequently and he’s fed up.

    Surely somewhere in that business they have a name to go with an order – they could use a reverse phone # lookup with name and address and get the correct phone number, maybe.

    With all the money they keep hanging onto with all the billing errors they make, you’d think they could hire more competent staff or get better, more user-friendly software.

    I sympathise with the rest of the people who posted comments. At least my experience is annoying but not personally costly. But given my example, I would never consider getting involved with Rogers.

  29. I have an example of why you should not put all your eggs in one basket…

    I ordered wireless internet on May 5 and received a text message a few weeks later stating my mail had been returned.

    Following up today (June 5), I ended up in the fraud department, where a zealous agent informs me she has blocked my service.

    During the discussion, my mobile account with sister company comes up and she informs that she will now block this account.

    Wonderful! I started by trying to pay my bill and now I have no services. And all because someone left out my apt # on my internet order.

    Feel free to call Ann Marie (416-764-8832) at the fraud department and thank her for doing a lovely job – giving customers another reason to find a competitor.

    If this isn’t resolved by end of the day, I’ll be shopping for another service provider.

    ~ Adam

  30. When I say boycott, I mean don’t take anything from them.

    I got into the same spat with Telus. I’m using Shaw high speed internet so I can game online. Telus were pretty adamant about keeping me as a customer, but they wanted $120 for terminating early. I’d only agreed to an extension in January and I tried canceling in March.

    I said I would pay the fee, and the CSR wasn’t very happy, even though I had the services contract until January 2010. That’s more money a month ($35 w/tax) than a $120 fee, which I mentioned to them was just for equipment.

    She said no, it’s because I’m breaking my contract. I said yeah, because you think you gave me a new modem — which, by they way, I had called in to get exchanged because the wireless didn’t work.

    I got to talk to three different people, who all said to put the connection to WPA and leave the password as 1234567890. I said no thanks, so I bought my own modem and I had an old Linksys from when Telus was good.

    She then says, well, it’s all set up, then you’ll get your access cut on the 21st of March. I said that gives me time to download my messages and clear out my account inbox.

    I called on the 11th and on the 13th I could no longer log into my client services, erase all my data and so forth.

    She finished off saying that I might be getting a charge of $5 month for the modem. I said I have two modems: One I bought when the service kit was $99 from Future Shop, and the second was free on a 2 year commitment I had just finished.

    She then asked if you’re not using our service any more, why do you need the modem (wireless one)? I said because you’re charging $120 for it, that’s why, and it’s mine anyway.

    That’s monopolies for you. You cannot win, so just do without their services.

  31. I’m forwarding you a copy of a complaint I have filed with the BBB about Rogers Wireless lying to consumers and charging them for it.


    Rogers advertises the HTC Dream through online campaigns, in-store advertising, and directly on their site. For example,

    One of the features presented as a base part of the package is the “android market”. In their advertising, they link directly to the android market page at

    On this page, they list top paid and top free apps. Rogers also publishes a glossy magazine style catalogue, describing their products and ships it to my home. They archive PDF copies here:

    On page 14 of the PDF (which is page 28 of the magazine), they describe an entirely fictitious situation as fact:

    “To download an app, double-tap it or press in on the trackball and choose Download (free items) or Buy (paid items).”

    I purchased this phone and signed a 3 year contract in good faith, based on applications that I expected to be able to purchase from the market, based on their small-print-free ads.

    The problem is that Rogers has modified the firmware of the phone (additionally placing their branding, etc.) and in the process they have removed the ability to download paid applications from the android market.

    Rogers’ tech support have been entirely unhelpful, to the point that one person said he’d never even seen the phone. Others told me that paid apps were there, and that *I* just couldn’t see them.

    My current favourite is “this technology is in its infancy, maybe you should just wait for paid Apps” – which would be fine, except that I PAY MONTHLY MINIMUMS. So “waiting” isn’t just doing nothing, it’s paying for the privilege.

    Finally, after more than 3.5 hours on hold one evening, I finally managed to get a tech to refer me to “the office of the president” after I spent half an hour giving him a keypress by keypress tutorial on how to use the phone. It should not be up to me to train their CSR/Techs.

    I was told on several occasions that “these phones are too new, we don’t know anything about them” – by tech support. Why is a product being launched with no support?

    The rep from the “office of the president” called me several times over the course of three days – on each occasion promising to call me before day’s end and failing to do so) and on each occasion I reiterated the following:

    1) I want to keep my phone number.

    2) I want access to the applications that I thought I was buying, or I want the contract nullified. I will happily go month to month, but a three year commitment to a broken piece of tech is ludicrous.

    I was informed that essentially, I have no recourse.

    1) they won’t let me out of the contract.

    2) they can’t tell me how to get access to any of the applications they advertise

    3) there is no one that I can escalate my case to.

    4) Rogers has the right to say anything they like in their ads, but do not guarantee any kind of service.

    5) they’re willing to “meet me halfway” if I want to get out of my contract and *only* make me pay a year and a half up front.

    I asked for contact information (from everyone I spoke to) for any kind of consumer affairs office, customer advocacy… In the end, I even asked for the legal department. All dead ends.

    Rogers offers no process for escalation beyond these tech support people who have flat out said they cannot do anything in this case.

    Rogers’ customer and tech support are inadequately trained. Had any of the three sales agents I spoke to *prior* to purchasing the phone made me aware of the limitations on the service they were offering me, I wouldn’t have signed anything, let alone shelled out for the handset.

    If Rogers is advertising “Google(tm) Android Market,” don’t they have a responsibility to at least have some small print somewhere saying that this service *is not* the full service (as it is referred to in any other context), and that much of the content will not be available?

    I did some rough calculations last night, just searching through the market looking for combinations of keywords:

    87 ahome themes (change the appearance of your phone), 110 openhomethemes, 28 dxtop themes, 351 “lite” apps, 88 “trial” apps, 540 “free” apps(free in this context is almost always a crippled demo version of a paid application).

    So that’s 1,204 applications in the market that I cannot use out of 3,000. And that’s just searching through the “free” apps – not counting the paid applications that that don’t contain any of my keywords, so they don’t even come up in my searches. I wonder what percentage of the remainder they account for.

    The only action I seem to have open to me is publicising this fiasco as widely as I can in hopes that others don’t get screwed as badly as I did.

    Complaint filed with the BBB, posted here. BBB of Mid-Western & Central Ontario (Kitchener, ON), 354 Charles Street, East Kitchener, ON N2G 4L5, Phone: (519)579-3080, Fax: (519)570-0072, Email:, Web:

  32. Rogers will say anything to get you to sign up, then deny they said everything.

    My cell phone bill has tripled in the last year, due to too many reasons to list here. One of the worst is that they keep charging my account for hundreds of text messages that they cannot verify: when I called to request a list of numbers where the messages were sent, they said they do not keep records. But they insist I still have to pay the bill!

    I COUNTED each text message and the total came nowhere near what they stated on the bill. How can you charge for a service without telling the customer what the service is? I am just supposed to take their word for it?!

    There is something very, very wrong with Rogers’ business practices.

  33. UPDATE regarding text messages: Wow, Rogers resolved my problems in less than the amount of time I usually spend on hold waiting for Customer Service. I had an e-mail from them within a day, and a phone call this morning — all without the usual rise in blood pressure. They were very helpful. Many, many thanks for your help, Ellen.

  34. Today I have had my limit with these people. 3 Months ago, I called their customer service line, and requested to be put on Quarterly Billing as I expense per Quarter.

    So, April comes around, I get a bill, followed by June and now July. The bill I have is $150. Not alot in the bucket here.

    My issues are that despite whatever services I have with Rogers, I continously have to provide my arguments to them and fax them if the billing is wrong, or repeatedly contact them to explain my issues.

    If they cannot do me the SIMPLE professional courtesy of doing a warm transfer from one department to another, which again & again & again they DO NOT DO. I have to repeat my issues and start my story over and over again.

    So today “against my better judgment”, I decided to get new service for Home Phone. I am told that my account is to be sent to collections for 3 months for $150.

    Now I could understand if it’s like 200 or 300 bucks, but time and again and again, I tell them I expense my bills and want to do this quarterly, as this is the best option for me…

    Now instead of being professional, I get some woman who won’t put a senior agent or manager on the phone and I have to wait 24-48 hours for their convenience to speak to me. NO WAY !!! OH NO !!! Not again, I’VE HAD IT !!!!

    I have been in the IT and CSR business for 12 years. I have heard all the excuses, I have done them myself, so when they tell you no one is available – CHEW THEM OUT and demand to talk to someone higher.

    Rogers. This is the last straw, I have had paging, internet, phone and TV with you over the years. Your customer service sucks, internet sucks, billing, and especially the mgmt.

    If someone there would talk to another person who is in the industry and provides the “WORLD CLASS” to my customers the way their service claims to have, believe me folks, I’d be running the whole CSR team…

    I would dare Rogers to let me handle 1 day of their worst cases for technical support, and I guarantee you I would rate higher in CSR quality than their most experienced tech’s & CSR agents.

    So people, HEED MY ADVICE:


  35. I called Rogers in March of this year and asked to have my home phone service disconnected. They told me that my next billing date was April 19th and agreed to disconnect the service as of that date.

    The CSR said that I would have to return the modem as close to the 19th as possible, or I would be charged for it. This was in agreement with Rogers Terms and Conditions, which state that the unit is to be returned upon termination of the service and that I would be charged the undiscounted retail cost if it was not returned.

    I waited all of the 19th for it to be disconnected, and when it still wasn’t disconnected the following day I called back. I was told that it must be some kind of glitch in the system and it would be disconnected immediately.

    I work for an accounting firm and it was tax season, so I really didn’t have time to chase Rogers down. When I called again on the 22nd, I was told that the service would not be disconnected until the modem was returned.

    I advised them that this was not legal – that they could not refuse my request to disconnect the service, simply because the modem hadn’t been returned (a modem that was only supposed to be returned, you’ll remember, upon termination of the service…which hadn’t been terminated).

    I said, “So if I never return it, you’ll just continue to charge me the full rate, including long distance package, until it runs into the thousands of dollars and more?” I was told that this was their practice.

    To this day, I am continuing to be charged the full cost of the service and Rogers is refusing to credit my account for the four months of fraudulent charges.

    I haven’t used my home phone service since the agreed-upon disconnection date. Phone calls to Rogers’ Customer Service get nowhere – when I ask to speak to a manager, I’m put on terminal hold.

    They come back on the line to tell me that it’s still going to be a little longer to speak to a manager, and when I *still* don’t hang up, they tell me a manager will call me back within the hour.

    To this date, no manager has ever returned my calls. They do, however, call me every month to demand payment of the bills and threaten disconnection of my other services.

    Now that tax season is over and I’m no longer working 80-hour weeks, I’ll be switching all of my services over to Bell and filing a CRTC complaint. And Rogers will never see any more money out of me.

  36. I cancelled my Rogers Cable subscription in late August and was told I would be billed up to late September. Fine.

    I paid the August bill and waited for the September bill. Nothing. Then in November I heard from a collection agency to whom Rogers had referred my outstanding bill – less than $30.

    I eventually discovered from Rogers Accounts Receivable that they had a new address on file and that my September bill had been sent there. But I had not moved and had not given them a new address – it was clear on the original cancellation call that I was changing companies.

    I believe a Rogers employee inserted this fictional address into my file, knowing exactly what would happen – as punishment for changing companies. Now I suspect I’ll have a problem on my credit rating.

  37. Here is my issue with Rogers and my letter to president Nadir Mohamed. After spending so many hours on the phone with person after person, this is my last resort.

    I have been a customer with Rogers for many years. Most recently, I decided to get a family plan (a cellphone for my son and husband). I did this to reduce my monthly bills, since 99% of my calls are to my husband.

    The bills came in and were slightly higher. I was concerned and called Rogers and spoke to customer retention, where I was asked how much I wanted to spend. I replied around $85. The girl on the phone with me made a couple of changes and assured me everything would be fine now.

    Imagine my surprise when I received a call from collections stating my $1,000 plus bill was overdue!!

    I spent over 1 hour and 45 minutes on the phone with customer service. It seems I had been charged for all calls to my other two phones on the “Family Plan”.

    After 1 hour and 10 minutes on the phone with the customer service rep trying to reverse all the charges, I asked if she could take care of it and call me back once she had figured it all out. I was told I must remain on the line.

    Once that was done, I was sent to customer retention to fix the issue and was told I was taken off the family plan, unbeknownst to me! I bought these phones for that specific reason and WOULD NEVER agree to have the family plan removed.

    However, the gentleman on the phone said it was done and there was nothing he could do about it. He actually argued with me about this. It makes no sense since 99% of my calls are to my husband. If this change was done, I did not authorize it nor did I want it.

    Yesterday once again, I received a call from your accounts payable department asking where my payment was. I have used your online system in excess of 3 times since April 1, 2009, when I moved, to update my address. Each time, I received a message that your payment method has been updated. This feature is clearly not working!

    I received my most recent bill a week ago and as you can imagine there are 18 pages for me to sift through. I was told yesterday that my next bill is AGAIN in excess of $500.

    Mr. Mohamed, I called to cancel service and was offered a LOWER rate. As you can see, my monthly bills are now ridiculous and not affordable for me.

    At this point, I would like my original family plan back. Ideally, I would have preferred to cancel all services but I now am told that I must pay a fee for each phone. Since all bills are paid by me and all phones are registered to me, I believe it is ONE contract.

    Your customer service staff seem to love to argue with your customers.

    I would like any changes that were made to give me a lower monthly bill reversed back to the date the changes were made.

    I have spent so many hours on the phone with customer service and customer retention, while trying to work full-time to maintain my home and raise 2 children. Clearly, all my time has been for nothing as the issue continues.

    Each time, I am also being put on a new contract and this does not seem fair.

    Mr. Mohamed, I need your assistance in resolving this issue. I just want my original Family plan back!

  38. I’ve just signed up with Fido which I believe is owned by Rogers. I haven’t even had my cell phone or contract for more than 6 months and I’ve already had to change the phone 3 times (would be 4 times but they don’t replace phones at stores any more, despite what customer service said).

    I’ve called customer service multiple times in order to just get a new phone that works, but apparently that’s too much to ask for. I pay my bills on time and I expect that with my bill payments my phone would work. Apparently, though, this isn’t Fido’s problem and thus it’s for me to work out on my own.

    I’ve been told to just go to “any Fido location and change your phone” but this is not the case. Which is quite annoying to say the least. They can’t give me another phone (not the broken model I have now, I’d just rather have an entirely new model).

    Needless to say, I’m looking for a way out of Fido/Rogers as clearly my situation isn’t worth more then 40$ worth of Fido dollars.

    Is customer service just a means to push a problem around and not resolve it? I’d expect more from a company like Rogers.

  39. I sympathize with Kim and Larena. Yesterday my husband was not able to make outbound calls through his cell phone and some of my TV channels were not working.

    I called Rogers only to find out that my services were blocked/downgraded (Rogers has yet to decide what exactly what they have done, blocked/downgraded) because mu bill hasn’t been paid. I spent from 4:30 PM to 7:53 PM without any proper resolution to this problem.

    Since my bills were up to date, I asked the customer service rep what bills were they talking about. I was told that I have outstanding balance of $900 from 2005 and $24.95 from 2001.

    I told the rep that in 2005, when they took over Sprint, there was a messup with my bills and Rogers was not able to resolve it. Nonetheless since then, Rogers have offered me services and now all of a sudden they decide to block my services. But it is their customer service that has not been able to resolve the earier issue.

    I asked customer service to retrieve my services until they investigate and I was told they can’t do that. I have now decided to give it a last chance and then switch my services elsewhere.

    One of Rogers’ reps even accused me of fraudulently creating a file on their system to obtain services. I don’t understand how I can create a fraudulent file on Rogers’ system (hope it’s not that weak that anybody can get into it and create/change files) and give exactly the same information as before.

    I was also told by the same representative that they have messed up my credit rating and I will not be able to get services from anybody else. Talk about bullying.

  40. Here’s one of many examples of Rogers screwing over the customer, in this case a mother of 3. Her contract states “FREE” text messages, but she was still charged for her kids’ text messages. Follow the CBC link.

    I had enough of Rogers customer service when my calls were getting dropped frequently and their technical department proved useless. I was compensated a few times in the two years, but the CSR managers failed to see how that would fix the longstanding issue and started yelling at me.

    Personnel from the office of the president were equally frustrating to deal with and were just as clumsy in handling my account.

    In the end, someone goofed big and I threatened to sue for it. As as a settlement, they let me out of the contract and paid the remaining bills. Never again.

  41. I have been dealing, unwillingly, with Rogers for a couple of years now.

    Every billing cycle, there would be some error, some overcharge on our bill, and I would have to call them and explain which plan we had for our home phone and internet and what the charge was supposed to be. After forever, they would say something along the lines of “Oh I see now!” and fix it and give us the appropriate credit.

    The next month, something else would happen and we would go through the same process.

    Now we are dealing with IQOR Canada, which is the shadiest company I have EVER read about, for a quenstionably inflated bill and a failure to process the box with the modem we returned upon cancelling our account. This collection agency calls my old roommate multiple times a day (illegal, by the way).

    Even after she and I both made the payments that should have covered the small amount we owed them, Rogers wouldn’t process them until we called to remind them they’d been paid a couple weeks ago by online banking.

    Rogers’ total incomptence and failure to update their own records are responsible for a month-long headache with a VERY shady collections agency. And this after MONTHS of terrible, completely moronic “service” during which we kept more accurate records than they did!

    This company is absolutely hopeless; I will not be dealing with them ever again and will warn others against doing so as well!

  42. I have been a Rogers customer for more than 6 years. However, lately I have had some experiences which have left me wondering whether these guys really care about customer service.

    I spent more than 30 minutes on Dec. 24th talking to a customer service rep to give me an update on internet service, home service, and to set up Rogers cable at home.

    The appointment was fixed for Dec. 26th, morning. On the said date, when no technician arrived, I called them and was informed that there was nothing in their system with reference to the conversation.

    Alright, after having waited for more than 4 hours (window given was 8 to 11 am) on boxing day, I spoke to two more representatives, spending another half hour and discussing the details. This time I was given a reference number, and 2 confirmation emails were sent by the customer service, with 2 order numbers.

    The appointment for the service technician was set up for Dec. 27th (8 to 11 am). Again, at 10.30 am, just to make sure, everything was in order, I called them. Imagine my shock when they informed me that for some reason their system had purged my entire order.

    They were, of course, being “helpful” by “suggesting” that I can again go through the order details (meaning to spend another half hour telling them what I want), and the first available date for the service technician is now Jan. 1.

    When I asked to speak to a supervisor or a senior representative, I was transferred to cancellation department. I was in the mood to, but refrained from cancelling all my services with them, advising that someone should resolve the issue.

    After having spent more than 9 hours for nothing (adding up 2 waiting windows of 4 hours each, and two sessions of about 30 minutes each) on long weekend holidays, I think I do not want to start my new year feeling frustrated and taken for granted once again by requesting technician appointment for Jan. 1.

    I have written to them, but have a feeling I am not likely to get any concrete response, judging from the way they have dealt with my concerns. They have been warned that I might take away all my services, including wireless, where they would be jumping all over to impose a penalty of $900 upon me.

    However, as a customer, why should I not give the same business to another company and enjoy bundle discount for the complete package?

  43. Have all you complainers (and there are many) ever considered a class action lawsuit against Rogers??? Just the publicity would straighten them out.

    I never had a problem with Rogers — got my services, paid my bill (on time every month) — until one day this little Smurf called me from one of these call centres trying to sell me something I didn’t want or need. Finally I took them to court (I won!). DO THE SAME!!!!

    All these call centres employ only commissioned part-timers who couldn’t care less about any customer good or bad, just their little commissions. Next time, just hang up the phone!!!

  44. I’ve had a few too many problems with Rogers to brush the problems off as “mistakes happen in big companies.” More than once, I’ve arranged matters with Rogers, only to have them mess up the paperwork.

    We signed up for Rogers for home phone, Internet, and cable TV services when we purchased our home in August of 2008. At that time, I signed up for a packaged they called My Home Advantage. I was locked into a 12-month contract. During those 12 months, I was led to believe, the monthly price for my services would be locked in.

    In August of 2009, I knew my 12 months would be coming to an end. I phoned Rogers to inquire about extending my existing bundle or signing up for a comparable one (again, with a locked-in price) for another 12 months. Imagine my surprise when the representative told me, “You don’t have a bundle.” After insisting very firmly that I did, he typed furiously, and placed me on hold. When he came back on, he said, “Yes, I’m sorry about that. I found it here. You have My Home Advantage.”

    I inquired about extending my existing bundle for another year. He gave me a lot of fast talk about that promotion no longer being available. He then attempted to steer me toward a more expensive bundle with more services. I told him very clearly that I wanted precisely the services I already had. No more, no less. When he told me the final price, it was much more than I was currently paying. When I told him this, he typed furiously again and realized that he had signed me up for additional services I had not requested. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and called it a mistake, hoping it wasn’t a scam. He gave me a new price that was much closer to what I was already paying.

    Flash forward to January 2010. I got a letter in the mail saying the cost of the home phone service would be going up $3 in March. I called to confirm that as I had a 12-month bundle contract, I would not be hit with the increase in March. The representative offered a lot of fast talk about the $3 not having anything to do with being in a bundle.

    I said that the reason I agreed to a 12-month contract was to lock in my price. If the price was increasing notwithstanding my 12-month contract, I wanted out. The representative said, “No problem” and cheerfully transferred me to the cancellation department.

    The representative to whom I was transferred offered more fast talk. She said the home phone was “still a great deal” even with the increase. I said I had agreed to a contract at a specific price for 12 months. She typed some more, and informed me (as had happened before) that I had no bundle.

    I told her I most certainly did have a bundle, as I had spend 45 minutes on the phone in August straightening it out. She typed some more. She put me on hold. She came back on and said, “Yes, I see here that you requested the My Home Advantage Bundle back in August of 2009.” I said that was correct. She said, “I don’t know what happened here, but the representative you spoke to apparently did not finalize the paperwork.”

    She apologized for the error and offered a small credit for the months going back to August in which I should have been bundled and wasn’t. When I expressed my dissatisfaction with these repeated oversights and threatened to take my business elsewhere, she offered me a significant discount for the next 12 months. I accepted.

    I was pleased with the resolution, but there have been at least three problems with orders I have placed with Rogers in the past 2 years. Why do these paperwork errors keep happening, and why don’t they catch them? Moreover, I feel that I need to call and be very assertive just to get them to realize the errors at all. If I agreed to all the fast talk they offered at the start, I might never know there was a problem.

  45. Oh where do I start! I can honestly say that we’ve been Rogers customers for YEARS, and have never had a bill that is correct.

    I must echo the previous complaint about the credit card. About six months ago, we had our credit card compromised so it was cancelled. We immediately called Rogers to change our card number.

    THREE months later, they still hadn’t got it right and had been threatening to do this and that… We had to give four different teenagers our credit card number including the security code. Finally it took, but then our account was in “bad standing”. This was infuriating!!!

    The next problem was with our cell phones. We bought these wonderful Blackberry’s that had WiFi access on them. That’s great, we can save on data usage. We also have “my five canada” which is 5 numbers unlimited anywhere in Canada.

    Every month since, we’ve been charged for our “free” calls. We figured out that our home router (which isn’t from Rogers) is connecting as a Rogers Talkspot and charging me for the long distance on my My 5 list.

    So, my personal computer equipment is connecting to my phone and billing me for free calls – clearly a problem with the Rogers Billing. So, I had to call every month for the last year to get $60-$100 credited to my account.

    I finally raised a stink and their response was that I now have to turn the “WiFi” off on my phone when making calls from home. So I lose one of the selling features of the phone that THEY sold me.

    On top of it all, they are telling me that any more long distance calls won’t be reversed (even though they are free on my plan). Their royal &*(%$% up system is now my fault.

    There has been no offer of help or solutions, nor any incentive to stay a customer. When my contract is over, I’M GONE!

  46. I just came across your blog at work after finding out that I was being charged 400+ $ cancellation fee after being told by 3 separate customer service reps and 2 of their managers that my 3 year contract was at an end and that I wouldn’t be charged any cancellation fee.

    Calling them back today, they told me that since I changed some options on my plan that it “reset it” and that I had signed for it. However, I changed it over the phone and again was reasured that it would not affect the length or terms of my contract.

    Researching further on my own, I have not seen anything saying that modifying your plan will result in renewal. Despite the fact I was not told or did not give my permission to renew my plan, I was also told I was available for an upgrade, which I know is only available after 24 months, and rogers states that they will charge you 100$ or 20$ a month, whichever is more up, to 400$ max.

    Well, seeing as i was able to upgrade… that means I was, if not done my contract, over 24 months… so the 400$ would still be an incorecct charge.

    I know my problem isn’t as big as some, but any help would be much appreciated.

  47. I came across your blog while searching for help with a problem with Rogers. I really hope you can help me.

    My mother in-law (Jan), has been a Rogers customer for over 10 years and had all their services. At the beginning of this year, due to losing the majority of her spousal support (her only source of income), she found herself unable to afford her apartment and was forced to find temporary housing with family for about 6 weeks.

    She was essentially homeless. The family had an existing Rogers account. Jan had purchased outright the prior year (and has the reciept in her name) an Explorer 8300HD PVR box. This was hooked up to her fully paid account before losing her home. She moved in with family and her digital box was activated under that family’s Rogers account.

    Unfortunately, the unthinkable happened, and we found out that she has a brain tumor. It was decided, due to her heath, that she relocate to our home in the middle of March.

    Since then, we have been trying to get her digital box to work with my account (which is fully paid always). But to no avail.

    After many hours and hours on the phone with multiple reps, supervisors, Customer Care Managers, we have been escalated to the Office of the President. But the turnaround time is 48 hours or more, and we are literally running out of time.

    The problem apparently is this. When she had her digital box authorized under the family’s Rogers account, that associated her box with their account. According to Rogers reps, the box is ‘locked’ under that account because that family didn’t pay their Rogers bill and were subject to disconnection.

    She was told that there is absolutely no way to unassociate her digital box with that account until the bill is paid.

    I work personally as the Team Lead for Escalation Management in a customer support centre. I was aghast at how we were treated by the various representatives, especially the Customer Care Manager at Rogers.

    My understanding of that job is that it is likely to be similar to my staff’s role. If my staff treated customers the way we were treated, I would have them in re-training and be making sure they understood that their job is to advocate for the customer. Not to pass the buck because there isn’t a neat and tidy process to follow. To own the problem and find a resolution. To gut check a situation and think on their feet. Is this right? Does this help my customer?

    The CCM told me flat out that she was going to do nothing further to help us. So we asked to be escalated to the next level.

    I even offered her an alternative solution that would solve both the inability to unassociate the box with the family’s Rogers account and remove the need for further escalation. Simply swap out her digital box.

    My mother-in-law even bought the 3 year extended warranty when she purchased the box and it’s still covered under warranty. The CCM said the warranty doesn’t cover this situation. She refused to even consider the matter further.

    My mother in-law is so upset over this. She can’t pay for someone else’s account, nor should she have to. This is just one more thing on her plate. She’s being punished because someone else didn’t pay their bill and we can’t get anyone at Rogers to lift a finger to help her.

    How is that anywhere close to being fair? She doesn’t understand how Rogers could treat her like this.

    The added stress of trying to fix this before next Wednesday is causing her physical harm. The stress makes the headaches from her tumor worse.

    She goes for brain surgery next Wednesday in Hamilton. All she wants is to be able to use the digital box that she purchased outright when she gets out of the hospital and watch her shows, since she won’t be able to do much but watch TV.

    If there is anything you can do to help, I’d be most grateful.

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