Readers seeing red with Rogers

In my column on May 12, I talked about Rogers as a company that’s growing so fast it can’t always take care of customers. That drew a sympathetic response from readers (check out some comments below).

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

150 thoughts on “Readers seeing red with Rogers”

  1. I switched to Rogers Wireless in Jan ’09 after many years with Telus because I wanted an iPhone.

    After 16 months with Rogers, they have screwed up my bill five times. In 9 years, Telus never screwed up my bill.

    I’d say I was happy with Telus, but this is only in retrospect, because I actually never even thought about it until I switched to Rogers. Apparently I was complacent – sorry, Telus, for not realizing that by not being a constant annoyance, you were being a good service provider.

    Unlike Telus, whose customer service I can’t remember ever calling, I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Rogers’ “customer service” department. The nicest thing I can say about them is… they’re hopeless, sometimes they’re even extremely rude.

    They’ll swear that they can’t understand why there’s been a problem (they never accept any responsibility for Rogers, vaguely implying that your “story” is improbable).

    They have a record of previous calls, but the notes left by the previous CSR never seem adequate to explain what was actually agreed to. This is unfortunate, because… their computer systems seem completely unreliable.

    I’ve set up automatic billing four times! Each time it doesn’t work, I phone them, pay my “overdue” bill and set it up again. Every time I’m assured this never happens, to which I reply that can’t be true because it’s happened to me 2, 3, now 4 times before.

    I’ve also changed my contact phone number, yet they mysteriously call me on the old number (why are they saving my old number in their system??), even though I’m assured that the new number is definitely registered as my new contact #…

    After another failed billing setup, I paid my “overdue” bill earlier today, only to receive a call this evening from the accounts payable department about my bill. The customer rep obviously phoned me before checking my file, only to realize as I’m talking to her that in fact I’ve already paid.

    I know it’s not that big a deal, but honestly the amount of time I’ve spent on the phone trying to sort out billing issues is ridiculous – the least they could do is check to see if you’ve made the payment before disturbing you.

    After realizing that I’ve paid the overdue amount, the rep asked me if “I had enough time to pay the current bill.” It was such weird phrasing I didn’t understand what she was talking about, but apparently she was asking if I’d like to pay my June bill early? Why the HELL would I want to do that? It’s not due for another 10 days AND IT’S ON AUTOMATIC PAYMENT (for the 5th time!).

    The rep. was taken aback that I was P.O.’d about being called and asked to pay my bill early and said, as she was calling anyway (too bad she didn’t check my file first), it was Rogers’ policy to ask if people would like to pay their current balance even if it wasn’t due.

    Again, it’s not that big a deal, but it epitomizes my experiences with Rogers’ sleazy attitude to their customers. Given the volume of their customer accounts, I’m sure if they can get customers to pay early then it saves them money. If it wasn’t for the $400 cancellation fee, I’d be happy to never pay Rogers again, let alone pay them early.

    My advice: get the CSR’s name (they’ll only give you their first name), get their employee # (some seem to offer this openly, but I had an extremely rude manager refuse to provide one once) and get the call reference ID. Take notes of the conversation if it has ANY financial implications.

    I’m not sure if any of this would help if you got into a serious dispute, but it does seem to help move things forward a little faster if you can list details of previous conversations.

    BEWARE: For those waiting to get out of their Rogers contract, make sure you check that changes you make to your plan don’t reset the start date BEFORE you make them.

    Roll on Jan 2011, going back to Telus.

  2. I have to say, after reading some of these posts, I at least don’t feel alone.

    I had a number added to my account in Oct. 2009 and shortly thereafter was contacted by Roger’s Fraud Department to notify me of the situation.

    Since the person also tried to change the account address within 30 days of adding the line, this activity was flagged, which is why the Fraud Department caught it.

    They indicated to prevent such activity, I should add a PIN to my account and I did. After a month and several hours on the phone with CSRs, I managed to get all the charges removed.

    Four months later, I get my bill and another phone number was added. Very angry this happened again, I called Rogers to deal with the extra charges. Of course, I had to give my PIN number and guess what? The PIN number they told me was wrong.

    After many more hours on the phone and going to a Rogers store to deal with this, I had enough. Not one person I dealt with at CSR or Fraud at Rogers could explain how, after adding a PIN to my account, I still had this activity occurring.

    Of course, logically it was easy to figure it had to be someone within the Rogers system, or the various franchise outlets, adding this hardware and phone line.

    Rogers would never admit to this, but I have dealt with the same retail outlet for several years and the store personnel agreed that anyone at a store can do this without the PIN number.

    They explained there have been problems with different retail outlets having problems of this type. Most likely, the employees are doing this for the big money in selling the hardware.

    No way after going through this twice — and who knows how much of my information was compromised– was I staying with Rogers. I feel they broke their contractual obligation of safeguarding my personal information, so I switched providers. Of course, Rogers is hassling me for the ECFs, $900+ tax for 3 phone lines.

    The only way for someone to add a line to my account after adding a PIN had to be a breach of my personal information; and section 29 of Roger’s T&Cs is supposed to protect disclosure of my information. As far as I’m concerned, they broke the contract and I should not be liable for ECFs.

    I’m not paying them and I will fight them till the bitter end.

  3. I too, have been taken for $28 by 1-866-257-4586.

    I bought material from Home Depot, and on the bottom of my receipt I went to their website, only to be sent to this scam site. I really think the police should be looking into this.

    What I want to know is if Home Depot and Rogers are getting kickbacks from this scam.

  4. Approximatly 6 weeks ago, I ordered an air card and a cell phone from Rogers and received the air card four days later from the post office.

    I called about the cell phone and was told it would be delivered by UPS. After a week went by, I phoned again and was told that UPS does not deliver to postal boxes and it was in Edmonton. I phoned UPS and was told it was returned to Rogers.

    I then went to a Rogers store in the city and was told they could not release a phone to me till the computer told them the original phone had been restocked.

    I contacted Rogers again a few days later on a Monday and was told they do not restock till Tuesday, so again I drove to Edmonton (55 miles one way) and was turned away once more.

    So in frustration, I cancelled everything and was told to repack the air card in a bag or envelope they would send me. To this date (July 23rd), I have not received anything after calling twice in three weeks.

    I am still waiting for information on how to return this air card. At this point, I am annoyed to the point of just putting it in the box it came in and returning it to the post office I picked it up at and be done with this massive head ache.

    In total, I spent a little over two hours waiting to speak to a representative and the only satisfaction I got was “WE’RE SORRY.” I would not consider going through this again.




  6. Guess what? For YEARS we all did ‘just fine’ WITHOUT ‘cell-hell’ / interNET ( it’s a ‘NET/(trap) all right) / digital TRASH-tv…

    I had one of the ‘first Cantel Rogers phones, computers, all kinds of tech stuff, ditched the Iphone, pagers, cells, CRAP-tops etc.

    Guess what? I got RID of it… ALL… and …Now: With the $ I save, I fly all over the place on wonderful vacations instead of making corporations rich…

    No more complaints like: ‘Why didn’t you pick up? blah blah..’ answer my email (cancelled it). My friends actually ‘pop by’ now to see me (IF I’m in town!)

    (Btw: I had to use my friend’s internet to look up some article on insurance- but seeing all these posts CONFIRM my choice.)

    No Facebook, no emails , no cell, no cable, no bills , no scams! 1 word; AWESOME

  7. (A little postscript ..! )

    Back in the early ’90s, my cell bill (used for an average amount of business – the brick phone) was close to 1K – every single month.

    Rogers probably wants those glory day$ back – Drooling for Dollar$.

    Boycott this nonsense! Be an example for your family.

    Your ‘Life’ called… and it wants you back!

  8. Hey.

    I got my first apartment 2 months ago. 2 1/2 half months ago I phoned Rogers and told them I want to set up an account with them for TV and Internet.

    I talked to the lady for 45 minutes, everything was good. I had a service technician coming on Aug 1 to set everything up.
    On Sept, 27 2010 I called Rogers to confirm that they were coming and they tried to pull my account up and they had lost it..

    Now after waiting on hold for 1 hour and 20 minutes I got some other guy trying to set me up with an account. 2 hours later he still got it all wrong. Also they said that there was no service technician aval. to come Aug 1st.
    So I said screw it, I’m switching to Bell! Within 20 seconds there was a service tech aval. to come at 11AM. Hmmm..

    Once the service tech left I tried my tv. I had about 30 channels and Ultra Lite internet. I had ordered VIP Cable and High Speed.

    After 4 more phone calls, getting disconnected 3 times and waiting on hold for a total of 4 and a half hours, I finally got another service tech to come out a week and take the cable filter off.

    By then I had enough, so I phoned back again saying I want to cancel and goto Bell. So they gave me 2 months free.. Wooptie-doo.

    So now a couple months go by, and I have to go out west for work so I wont be needing services for about a year.

    After waiting on hold for another 30 Minutes I got a nice lady who was helping me, and then, I get hung up on.

    So I called back, waited on hold again….. Got somebody that couldn’t speak a lick of English. Told them what was going on and how I was moving out of the service area and I would like to cancel.
    No problem, the disconnect has been made and I will NOT be penalized for early disconnecting. I made sure of this 4 times and made sure he had it on file that I would have to pay NOTHING!

    So yesterday I check the mail box, and I see a Rogers bill.
    Well it is for $352.07!
    You got to be kidding me! I got charged for the 2 months I got free and over $180 in disconnect fees!

    I phoned back last night and asked about it. The lady said well there is NOTHING on record about your last phone conversations! OF COURSE NOT!

    So as of today the problem is not resolved and I am not getting anywhere!

    But to say the least I am NOT paying this bill and when I get back I’m sure as hell not going with Rogers!

    Mike from Barrie…

  9. First of all, I am astounded by the sheer number of issues here… This is mine:

    I have never dealt with Roger’s before, and was an internet customer.

    When they came to connect the modem (you know, for that $50 set-up fee), the gentleman basically plugged it in, dropped off a manual for telephone service (not the service we got), and left.

    Lo and behold, it wasn’t working, and I had to spend 30 minutes on the phone with a CSR to figure it out. Still had to pay the $50 fee.

    Next is the disconnect. My roommate disconnected the service, and I never thought about returning the modem. A few months later a bunch of my mail was forwarded, and I had a bill for 250 dollars from Roger’s in COLLECTIONS (why didn’t they call?). I paid it immediately, in a panic…only then did I realize that it was mostly for unreturned equipment.

    I returned the equipment on September 3rd and was told to keep the receipt, and that it would be at the warehouse, etc. in 2 weeks time. Once there, it would be taken care of quickly.

    2 weeks pass… I call, am told to call back in a week. I call 1 week later, am told to call back in a week. I call again (4 weeks now), and am told that it has arrived, but the CSR would have to put in some sort of special request because of the amount to be refunded. She assured me that it would only take 24 – 48 hours to resolve.

    6 days later, I call AGAIN. And am told that the credit is on my account, but that I have to wait ANOTHER 30 days in order to get a refund.

    What the heck?? At this point I’m beyond frustrated, and just want MY money back!

  10. My trauma began a few years ago when I tried to get a mortgage but was denied because of a delinquent account showing up on my credit report. I paid for my credit report from both Equifax and TransUnion and discovered this ‘account’ listed.

    I contacted the collection agency immediately to find out what was going on. The collection agency was extremely rude and would not give me any information, just kept yelling at me to pay.

    I told them it was a mistake and I needed more information to sort it out, but they just told me to call Rogers Cable.

    I contacted Rogers Cable and they found no record of the alleged account in their system. I assumed it was a mistake and left it.

    Then about a year later, we again were thinking of a mortgage. When I checked my credit reports, it was still there BUT the credit agency (iQor) had changed the date of last activity to reflect when I had called them to say it was a mistake.

    This is an illegal practice, as the date of last activity is to reflect the last payment made on the account and/or the last date the debt was acknowledged in writing. I did neither!

    I contacted Rogers and again they found no account. I wouldn’t let it go with the CSR and spoke with a manager, who launched a week-long investigation to find the alleged account.

    She was to call back after a week, but after 2 weeks I called. Needless to say, each call took several hours as no one wanted to put me through.

    The woman said their search turned up nothing. I was like “great, now can you tell the collection agency this account doesn’t exist?” She said that account does exist because the collection agency says it does!

    So the collection agency says the account exists because Rogers says it does and Rogers says it exists because the collection agency says it does – what kind of circular logic is that?! Rogers would do nothing.

    I did some research and drafted a letter, asking the collection agency to remove this from my credit report. I quoted government acts and warned that I would contact the Consumer Protection Branch for their violations unless they removed it from my credit report. They needed to send detailed documentation outlining what the charges are for and the original dates on the alleged account. They did nothing.

    I contacted Rogers again, another 2++ hours, and eventually got to a manager in credit operations. He said he would do another search and call me back within a week. That was almost 2 weeks ago and again no call. What a surprise!

    I have a number the manager gave me and I have his first name, but apparently when you call the number you can get any one of the Rogers call centres across the country.

    Now I’ve contacted Stephanie Passmore at the office of the president to see if she can do anything. I did end up getting an account number on this alleged account, through a Fido agent, if you can believe it!

    Seems this account goes back to 2002, so if nothing else the statute of limitations has run out AND this has gone past the 6 years it would stay on a credit report.

    Unfortunately, the credit reporting agencies will do nothing except verify that they have the right person, not that the dates are correct or the money is actually owed! This leaves people with very little choice.

    I know you’re thinking I should just go ahead and pay it, but if I did that (even though I don’t owe it) it would reset the date of last activity and not come off my credit report for another 6 years.

    My credit is perfect otherwise. I have several other accounts with absolutely perfect history, not even late payments listed, yet the credit reporting agencies, in particular Equifax, continues to give me a very low score.

    I really don’t want to take this to court but it looks like it may be the only option. I just hope the collection agency and the credit reporting agencies will remove it from my credit reports.

    Any help would be great!

  11. Rogers is famous for the overbilling and “oops” billing. However, it’s obvious that such a big giant could not possibly have such mistakes or missteps. Everything is computerized. The “mistakes” are meant to be.

    They know most people will forget to dispute it and $3 here, $8 there, adds up to huge profits when they hit everyone at least once.

    The front end support staff are intentionally clueless. They have to take the calls and they know nothing.

    I left the Rogers cable service area and I’m glad. Now I’m transferring my phone since after 10 years, Rogers is offering me loyalty discounts no better than anyone off the street can get.

    Wasted half an hour of my time with their garbled sales pitch before I could get to the bottom of it – essentially, my “special price” is the same as the website list price. Why keep telling me I’m special then?

  12. It infuriates me that a company who makes overcharging its customers a standard operating practices.

    In October 2009, I got a new job which required I purchase a Smartphone. I was to expense my monthly statements to my employer.

    I purchased an iPhone and signed up for Rogers Canada One Plan with 200 anytime minutes along with the iPhone data package. Since that time I have been charged $0.35 a minute for every call I have made, even though I seldom went above the allotted 200 anytime minutes.

    The overcharges on my account totaled over $1,400 by the time I noticed. Shame on me for not noticing sooner.

    When I called Rogers about my bill, and at this time I was not even sure I was being overbilled as I am not a savvy cell phone user, they told me they would refund the previous three months of overcharges. I finally got them to credit my account for 6 months of overcharges.

    I take responsibility for not noticing sooner but since having searched the internet, I am appalled at how many others have experienced overcharging, often at no fault of their own.

    The level of time and frustration at trying to get Rogers to right their wrongs is just plain bad customer service. It is a shameful a way to run a company.

  13. I was laid off from work in the fall of ’10 and by Dec my cell bill was up to $427 I was paying small amounts whenever possible. I get a call that they want to cancel my service and they wanted $827. $400 of that for early cancellation fees. We ended agreeing upon paying off the $427 with no fees and reactivate my phones.

    By January I realize our phones were not activated yet. Just then Rogers collections calls me and wants $400 in early cancellation fees. I never canceled my phones, they did and never told me about it!

    And now they are threatening a collection agency on me. Plus, they say I can’t reactivate my phones because its been over 60 days since it was canceled. And all they want is their fees!

    Do yourself a favor and never use Rogers for anything.
    I hope Rogers and everyone with it, crashes and burns in hell for eternity!

  14. It is not about bad service any more. It is about “unfair trade practice” now. Their dealings are not straight and the youth is being trained into all this for their huge customer support departments. This is going to be harmful in the building of the nation.

    They are not facing the competition in right way. They are trying to clutch the customer by the neck and suck the blood.

    They are refusing to cancel services.

    They are not giving recordings and notes of the conversation.

    At the end of it, you are full of anger and in tears.

    I am surprised how come in democratic country like Canada, they are sitting like a DICTATORS and getting away with all this. BELL & ROGERS both.

    So many man hours are wasted with them with enormous mental stress.

    I do not know where to go???

  15. Primus are just as bad.

    I was “migrated over” to Primus from Rogers at the end of last year because Rogers no longer offered internet over phone line. I was tempted to sign up with one of the newer companies, but the fact that Primus had been my long distance provider since 2008 without issue reassured me.

    However, my bill is a disgrace. It does not reflect what I agreed to at all.
    There are three major things wrong:
    *The figure I was quoted for home service was $15.95 for the next 6 months, however, I was charged at the rate of $44.95 — that is, almost triple what I agreed to — and
    *The amount I was quoted for internet ($35) was not reflected in the amount I was charged on the bill ($47).
    *The rate I was paying to call Australia went from 3c/min (the rate I have paid since becoming a Primus customer in 2008) to 18c/min, an increase of 600%.

    One way and another, my bill has come to about four times what I was expecting.
    I called the customer service people to rectify this matter and spoke to a very helpful supervisor who seemed to want to help and promised to get back to me within 24 hours.
    Guess what though? Later on that day my phone was CUT OFF!

    Until just the other day I had nothing but good things to say about Primus, now I am just so *angry*.

  16. Ellen Roseman was wonderful at getting Rogers to finally talk to me about the issues I posted earlier on this website.

    I got a call from the office of the president and although it still took weeks, I was finally able to get them to admit fault, tell the collection agency it was sent to them in error, get a letter from the collection agency stating it was an error, and it was finally removed from my credit report.

    I wish it stopped there but it doesn’t…

    Now I have two more problems with them! First, they have reported an account on my credit report that is not in my name, it’s in my husband’s name. Now they have listed me as having my husband’s name as an alias! Great, so now I am responsible for all of his bad credit…that’s just not allowed!

    The second issue is with an account I had set up for my daughter at her new apartment. I called and cancelled it in December and everything was disconnected January 6th, 2011.

    I had told them I couldn’t afford the services because she kept going over her bandwidth. The bill was only about $300. I continued to make regular monthly payments of about $100 on the account.

    Well, this wasn’t good enough for them. Without any notice, they sent it to collections!

    I started getting calls and a letter in the mail in February 2011, even though the bill should only have been about $100 by this time as I’d made two $100 payments.

    It was about this time, too, that I got a bill from them and noticed they were still charging this account for services!

    I contacted them right away and pointed out that all services had been disconnected on Jan. 6th and all equipment returned directly to a Rogers store.

    The customer service rep was horrible! Even though he admitted it was their fault, he continued to be rude. I had to push to have everything credited back to the account.

    Since his attitude was so horrible, I asked for a new printed bill with the changes reflected on it. He refused and said I would get one on the next billing cycle. I spoke with his supervisor and got the same thing.

    I continued to get calls from the collection agency and for an amount that didn’t make sense, $218. I contacted Rogers again to be sure I had been credited from the last call. I was assured I had and there was only $42.50 owing on the account.

    They told me if I paid it, then the collection agency’s records would be updated and I would stop getting calls, so I did.

    The calls continued. I contacted the collection agency and was told they did see the $42.50 payment, but the balance was now $181.

    I told them they needed to contact Rogers as their information was wrong. At this point, the woman started yelling at me that they weren’t contacting Rogers and I stilled owed $181.

    I yelled right over her and told her the account was closed and if I continued to get calls from them, I would be contacting the police since it was now harassment – and hung up.

    I contacted Rogers again and got a huge runaround. I was transferred to 4 different people and put on hold with just one agent 4 different times for about 20 minutes each. I was on the phone for about 3 hours!

    Each time they transferred me to someone new, I had to explain everything again. No one could tell me what was going on or why.

    I still have not been told why the collection agency has a different balance than they do. They told me I still owed $62.86!

    I pointed out that I had been told $42.50 the last time I called, by two different agents, and I STILL had not received an updated bill. I went directly to a Rogers store and paid the $62.86.

    This still does nothing for the collection agency and Rogers will do nothing to contact them and get them to stop, even though the account now shows a $0 amount.

    I’ve tried contacting the office of the president but the last time I did it on my own, no one called me back. It wasn’t until Ellen Roseman got involved that I got a call.

    I have tried calling the same person I spoke with before, but he doesn’t return my calls and now his inbox is full. The first time I called, I know he was in the office, his message gave the date and said he was there.

    I guess he could have gone on vacation since then, but shouldn’t someone else be taking his calls if he’s away that long? It was over a month ago that I called him!

    Ellen, if there is any way you can help again, I would be so very grateful. I don’t understand why these companies are allowed to operate when they continue to violate the rights of Canadian citizens.

    Money really does make the world go around and the Rogers have good connections with government officials. Shameful…

  17. Rogers promised me a $60 “goodwill credit” and asked me to make a payment of the balance of $35 to bring my account up to date. Now they are calling and saying my account is 60 days past due as I need to pay the $60.

    I spoke to the rep who promised it to me and her response is that she didn’t. I said, you record calls, check the call logs.

    She said it was more than 10 days and it’s only used as a training tool. I said I thought it was a quality assurance measure.

    She agreed it was, but said they (and i quote) “don’t go back and see if they told you one thing but did another”.

    So i asked what quality control meant and she ignored it and said just pay the $60. I said no, you promised a credit, I will get my credit!

    So now they are going to disconnect my line!

    I have emailed Rob Bruce (President of Rogers communications) and will now see what comes of it. Anything you can do to help?

  18. I am with FIDO and feel ripped off because of some “Trivia” questions being sent to me by “Mobile Generation,” 1-866-257-4586.

    I called Fido and got the phone number from them (1-888-481-3436). Someone gave my phone number to the company and they were charging me $2 per question that they were sending me.

    Two questions a day meant $120 being charged on my credit card by Fido, in addition to the regular $60 plus tax a month.

    It just means these phone companies can rip off anyone and get a percentage of commission for giving them anybody’s phone number!

    We have to unite against such injustice to either kill these companies or change the legal system allowing them to do so.

    I called Mobile Nation and they said all they could do is to give me the IP Address of the person who sent them my phone number through the internet.

    The other choice I have is to complain at All this is BS!!!

  19. In response to Paramjit’s misleading post above – people actually sign up for these third party text messages. Bell, Rogers and Telus are not just signing people up for the heck of it.

    There’s a several stage process, one of which includes entering a random number that’s sent to your phone via a text message, which you have to enter manually using your keypad, after hitting “reply”.

    Seriously. You people sign up for things, then decide you don’t want to pay for them when the bill comes in. Take some responsibility for your actions.

  20. My home cable tv connection is with rogers and on march 2011 they offered a promotional price of $20 per month. But when I tried to cancel my cable tv in July, the rogers call center rep told me the cancellation fee is $451.43. When I escalated to first service manager level 1 she offered me for 115.26. Again, I tried to escalate and the second level manager offered 109.61 where as the actual charges should be only 22.03. Clearly, the sales rep didnt explain the 24 month contract starting March 2011 and 2013. The first level manager confirmed that rogers didnt send the contract to my email id even though my earlier bills are all on e-bills. Finally, I paid $87.58 more to rogers and I would like to have that money donated to the Star fund in my wife’s name!

  21. After charging my credit cards multiple times without authorization, Rogers issued me a refund cheque.

    They then put a stop on the refund cheque.

    I’m now our $300+ and no one at Rogers will answer the phone.

  22. Rogers is a CAPITALIST corporation, just like all the other BIG corps, it does NOT care about the customer, only the revenue the services produce.

    People should look MORE closely at their operating policies, such as unlimited texting…which is FALSE advertising.

    They sent me a bill of over $2,000 for text msgs my daughter made. She’s NOT that proficient, but it was the time she sent them, during business hours.

    Still, when I inquired about the unlimited part, I was dismissed & largely ignored.

    I took it to Mary Freeman, Office of Rogers President & she offered a $100 refund (hardly a dent), which indicates they KNOW it’s wrong, but if sheep-minded people pay out of FEAR and THREATS then Rogers gets RICHER.

    Ultimately, being a single Mom of 2 teens, I was not able to pay $2,000 so Rogers CUT ME OFF, then charged another $1,500 in CANCEL FEES. Why? They canceled, not me!

    Collection agencies have been calling for 2 yrs, but to no avail, because I won’t pay. I want my DAY IN COURT.

    Rogers has NOT validated or clarified this unlimited text SCAM. People need to be AWARE of how big companies cheat them.

  23. Pat, read your contract and terms of service.

    Each of the big three have a clause in there that says that if it’s cancelled for any reason (any reason means just that), they can charge you a cancellation fee.

  24. I cancelled one of my two Rogers phones on Aug. 25, following the addition of a data plan on the phone I retained.

    At that time, the rep on the phone, when asked whether I would be charged for an additional month, thought for a while and said NO – considering the relationship etc. etc.

    But I was! And when I called Sept 1st, I was given the royal runaround. The rep I talked to refused to accept his colleague’s commitment, which had been recorded by Rogers, Instead , he insisted that I provide him with a recording.

    When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he refused for about 5 minutes, even telling me that he had the authority to decline my request to speak to a supervisor.

    The supervisor – Lisa – had better listening skills, in the beginning! However, she too refused to check out my claim against the recording. She too did not back the commitment given by her colleague a few days ago, preferring instead to parrot policy.

    So much for managerial discretion!! In the end she took the easy way out, by hanging up on me.

    Which is why I will exit this stupid relationship the moment it is over. It’s also the reason why I will NEVER have Rogers Internet or Home Phone or TV.

    Truly, they could have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory if only they had thrown a few crumbs my way!

    Bravo, Rogers, for losing yet another customer.

  25. I was surprised when I got this 1877 # call on my cell phone & answered, jut to realize that I was told by a collections person that they were handed over my case from Rogers, as I did not pay an outstanding amount of 600$ fro the past 1 year.

    I told them that I never had any of Rogers service listed under my name & that all was done under my wife’s name, and that we left rogers wireless 3 years ago, because of their cheating in billing. The CS guy said I need to pay up the amount otherwise it will effect my credit.

    I asked him to fax me all the documents, so that I can look at it & may take legal action, and he said, Oh i have no information at all. Rogers just handed me over the case & thats it.

    I called rogers & spoke to X amount of people & they have no idea what i was talking about & the reference # was also not listed. At this time Im not sure who to approach, but would love to get ROGERS BY THE BALLS for wrongly putting someones account onto me & dropping my credit.

    I would love to hear from anyone who could guide me around.


  26. My contract expired with Rogers at the start of the New Year. I called to find out what kind of deals I could get on a new smart phone and plan. I wanted the Samsung Galaxy S as that phone would have met my needs.

    When I spoke to the CSR, he said the phone was $99 and there was no such thing as mail-in rebates anymore. I was fine with that and then he tried to find me a new deal, but he was not sure if he could.

    He put me on hold and went back and forth and said he was able to do it because of my tenure and nobody else had a plan like this, but he was happy that it could be done. The total came to $81.

    I was still not sure if that was what I wanted but he indicated that was the phone I wanted and that it was only $3 more and a much better plan. I agreed and the phone was shipped out to me.

    I found a week later that the phone was defective. I talked to a CSR who said they would send out a new phone to me which, yes, had a unusual scratch on the glass when I took the plastic off.

    Then I found out, another week later, that my plan was a so-called “rack plan” that was in every newspaper and flyer all across Canada.

    Was I upset about having a standard rack plan and a malfunctioning phone? To put it simply, yes.

    I went in to a Rogers store to make sure that I was not seeing things and they confirmed that there was a scratch on the glass, which could only be seen if the oil in your fingers went over that area. They told me to phone Rogers and they should gladly replace the phone.

    I called and explained the second unit was defective, but they told me it was past the 30 days from the original purchase and there was nothing they could do for me. Was I upset? Yes.

    I talked to many CSRs over a period of 3 months and was finally sent to the Office of the President. After many e-mails, I was offered a $50 goodwill credit for my inconvenience and a $10 recurring credit on my monthly bill.

    Rogers also sent out a third replacement Samsung Galaxy, which was supposed to smooth everything over. Sounds pretty good, right? Wrong.

    The phone arrives. I try to transfer my 56 applications, 1,300 texts, emails and documents and I can’t transfer anything off the old phone.

    I went down to the local Rogers store. All they could do was transfer my contacts to the new phone. They suggested I purchase a 3rd party application to try and copy the old data to the new device.

    I tried for many hours, using a few different programs to at least get my texts off the phone, but with no success.

    I was still livid about the fact that I received a standard rack option, when I was under the impression that nobody else had the deal I had. I was beyond livid at that point. I was pretty much told this was the best Rogers could do.

    I was also disconnected twice in the month of June. (There goes the rebate that I was given.)

    I spoke with my lawyer to try and cancel the contract. He told me to shop around and have my number ported if I wanted to keep it, so I did.

    Telus offered a great plan with unlimited local calling and gave a really good price if I switched over to their services. I was hesitant. I had had a Rogers account for 14 years and besides the billing discrepancies, I really had no complaint with their overall service.

    After consulting my lawyer, I was told to go ahead and see what I could do, as it would save legal fees if I could resolve it on my own.

    I decided to engage the Rogers Ombudsman and this time I was put in contact with another CSR, supposed to be really good at resolving issues. He said he would look over the file and pull the recording in which I said the CSR lied to me about the plan.

    I was happy, since the last CR didn’t even pull the tape at my request. He also noted that my last month’s billing would be sent to me as requested.

    The CSR was aware that I was in a position to cancel my account with Rogers and wanted to discuss it with me.

    He said there was no misrepresentation that my plan was a unique deal, but it was a good deal based on my tenure. He apologized for the “misunderstanding” regarding this statement.

    He went on to say I had been provided with all the services I was promised. And with the $10 recurring monthly service fee, I was paying less for the plan.

    He offered a free IPhone 4 16GB unit in exchange for the two defective Samsung phones. Misunderstanding? Was I starting to get mad? Yes.

    I asked if it was a misunderstanding that the CSR told me the phone was $99 and there were no need for the mail-in rebate. He never did acknowledge that statement, but did offer to cancel my account and waive the early cancellation fee.

    I responded with a peace offering. (Most people would be saying, hey, you had an out, LEAVE NOW, while you have the chance.) But no, I did not run. I responded with a counter offer.

    I wanted the new BB Torch 9860 and would exchange the two defective Samsung phones, but only if they would give it to me for free. (Remember that I was already billed $149 and after two months it was reduced to $99).

    I also asked that all previous offerings stay in effect, but I wanted them to match Telus’s price or better since the BB plans were a little cheaper than some of the regular plans.

    He responded with a plan that was acceptable to me, maybe not the unlimited local and 5 GB of data the competition was providing, but it was acceptable in price range. He didn’t mention anything about the phone at all, so I e-mail back asking for clarification.

    He gave me a breakdown of the costs for the plan, but wanted an additional $50 for the phone with no term re-commitment.

    I am not sure if I had gone insane yet, but was the IPhone not free? Of course, the website is easy to access, so I checked the pricing. The IPhone 4 16GB is selling for $649 without contract and the BB Torch is selling for $529 without contract.

    Now I am not a mathematician, but the BB is $125 less than the IPhone 4 and I have to pay an additional $50? I am not sure what bizarre world I am in right now, but I am sure a lot of people are scratching their heads, asking what just happened.

    Was I furious? Without a doubt, beyond my ability to even speak. I was so furious that I sent an e-mail to the Rogers President, CEO, CFO, VP of Customer Relations, Ombudsman and Ellen.

    This is where it became insane….. I am very lucky to have caught this conversation on tape!

    I received a call from the President’s Office and apparently this was an assistant to the President. She indicated she was leaving the office and only had about 10 minutes to talk as she was picking up her kids.

    I was still at work and I said it would be fine to discuss my concerns on Monday, but she said no. My concerns were taken seriously and she wanted to discuss it.

    What came out of her mouth after that was beyond my ability to comprehend. She said most people would look at the package I received and would be lucky to have a plan like the one offered to me.

    I had to ask for her name again, because she came off so strong that I was not sure what to say.

    I said she had no idea what I had gone through and she said that she went through 3 hours of reading my file and listening to the recording of the conversation that I had with the original CSR when I purchased my phone.

    She said she’d also spent time talking with Ellen and the CSR. I had no idea how much time she’d spent reviewing the information. She was so condescending and I called her on it and said “you are just doing PR.” She said that was just the way she did business.

    Am I starting to get really mad? Yes. The conversation was a whirlwind and I made sure she listened to what I said.

    Apparently, having replaced the Samsung relieves them of any wrongdoing and that’s that. (Wait, you’re saying that was the 3rd Samsung and I can’t even get my information off it? Not to mention that I spent all those hours trying to transfer it off the phone. Is that worth nothing?) I suppose my time is only valuable to me.

    She demanded to know why I escalated it. I explained that I work for a company and if you’re not satisfied you go to the next level. First the supervisor, then the manager, then the director, and in my position, the Minister of Consumer Affairs.

    She was irate that I had my concerns after 3 months of going through regular channels? I asked her if she ever went through CS, CSR and CR and she said yes (I am thinking probably not).

    She asks me why I am putting so much effort into a utility. I explain that I shouldn’t have to spend so much time on the phone and e-mails just to resolve an issue.

    In my mind, I shouldn’t have had to do any of this and I am sure everyone out there would agree.

    Am I totally beyond anything even close to comprehension at this point? Did I swear? Yes. Twice in fact, I ended up dropping the F word, obviously not directed at her, but somehow I was able to tone it back just enough to calm myself down and ask that we continue this conversation on Monday. But no, she wanted to continue.

    She asked me why I wanted the BB 9860, as she has held it and it was heavy and that most people don’t like the slider. Now wait, you’re going to say the BB9860 does not have a slider. You are correct, it doesn’t.

    I explain that she has the wrong phone in mind and I go into the details of the cost difference and pull up the information at the Rogers website.

    She did say she was mistaken, as she didn’t have the information in front of her. The good thing is she toned it down, but not for long. She insinuated that some people just like to complain and that nothing would make them happy. Wow.

    I am starting to escalate and I really want to reach through that phone and give someone a shake. I hold back and tell her that maybe we should resume this conversation on Monday.

    She indicated that she would possibly think about the phone over the weekend, but wanted to know if that would be the end of this situation with Rogers and would I be happy. Was I ready to admit myself into a mental health facility? Yes.

    I collected myself the best I could without getting into a R – rated spat and told her that she could just cancel the service. Before she even had the chance to say another word, I hung up the phone.

    In all my interactions with Rogers over the years, I have never ever sworn on the phone, but this woman was belligerent, condescending, and a real hassle to deal with.

    All I wanted was a free phone of my choice and that would have been the end of it. A phone cheaper than the one they even offered. Should I not feel insulted? YES.

  27. I called Rogers last week to cancel my cellphone service. The rep told me she couldn’t do anything since the account wasn’t in my name. She needed to speak with \John Doe\ who held the account.

    Weird, since I’ve had the same account and phone # with Rogers for at least 12 years. Bills arrive in MY NAME and are paid my a credit card in MY NAME.

    When I asked to speak to a manager, she told me they couldn’t help me because I wasn’t \John Doe\. I got very stern with her and asked again to speak with a manager. She told me, and I quote, \The manager doesn’t want to talk to you!\ and hung up on me.

    How’s that for customer service??

  28. @Kim: It’s your right to speak to a Manager. If you get some clerk who won’t put you through, call back until someone does. You might need to make two or three calls, but someone will put you through. Make sure you get the clerk’s name and id number of whoever wouldn’t put you through, tell the Manager this information and file a complaint. The clerk will be dealt with – I have a friend that works there, and let’s just say that if a complaint is filed on a rude clerk, it doesn’t bode well for them.

  29. We’ve been having issues for 4 days with all of our services going up and down. I called Tech support was told our services were fine. 30 minutes later, everything crashed again. When I phoned the 2nd time I was advised it was a neighbourhood and maintenance was being dispatched.

    The next day the net worked great (I work from home) but by 6pm or so, the system began to crash. Called Rogers again I was told our signal was STRONG and nothing was wrong. Saturday morning, once again, all 3 services crashed. I phoned yet again, and this time was told that our signal was poor and that we needed a tech to come out. The first
    appointment was Oct 9 between 2-5 but that I’d be put on a priority list (Rogers Claim is home phone outages) are top priority. Clearly this isn’t the case. 6 hours went by and 2 calls to Rogers, no body phoned back. I finally phoned Customer Relations and said if someone didn’t come out today I would cancel. Suddenly 60.00 credit was applied and was advised someone would be there by 6pm. I hung up satisifed. I received a call from Dispatch saying my appointment for Sunday, as well as that afternoon had been cancelled, that there’s a flag on our account that says ONLY SENIOR TECHS can be dispatched to our location and that, that wouldn’t happen until Tuesday. I was furious. I phoned Rogers back Irate. I spoke to a MANAGER in Tech Support who conferenced over to Dispatch. He came back and said..

    Sir Dispatch has advised me, that I cannot send a tech out to your location. You’re a problem Customer. All you do is complain and look for credits and we would prefer at this point if you FOUND another company to be your provider, Your business isn’t worth retaining because you’re losing us money. I was in shocked because I complained about 1 technican and a 50.00 for a job he didn’t do and this is what I get back? Needless to say.. the issue has been forwarded to the Office of the President, and we will be leaving Rogers and going with Bell.

    I have always recommended Rogers, but I am so upset, and disgusted with them right now after being told that.. I don’t think they can do anything to fix the damage. To refuse us TECH service when we pay them 200.00 per month. It just goes to show you that by complaining about a tech which I had a valid right, Rogers has now penalized me going forward.

  30. I feel I am being harrassed by Rogers customer service over my bill.

    I was told my bill was $169.21 by a rep and now I get daily calls, after paying $169.00, to say I am over limit.

    I would like to talk to someone who is not rude about this.

  31. Hi, want to let everyone know that if you activate an additional line to your 3-years Rogers Couples and Family Voice & Data Plan, you are not eligible for the $150 Samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet.

    After all the guarantees from the online sales and Rogers authorized dealers that we were eligible for the Tablet Promotion, we found after purchasing our new phone with the new line that our plan was ineligible.

    Talk about deceiving practices and ripping us off. This is what it states in the terms and conditions from the Tablet Promotion website:

    “2. Offer Eligibility. If you activate two new wireless lines on a 3-year term Rogers Couples and Family Voice & Data Plan, you will be eligible to receive one Tablet for $0. If you activate one new wireless line on a 3-year term Rogers Couples and Family Voice & Data Plan, you will be eligible to receive one Tablet for $149.99 (plus applicable taxes). Hardware upgrades are not eligible.”

    After talking to customer care and customer care management, I found they weren’t sure why we didn’t qualify for the promotion and their only solution was to change our plan (surprise, surprise) to a more expensive Rogers Couples and Family Voice & Data Plan to be eligible or just cancel the new additional line.

    I told them how everyone guaranteed that we were eligible for the promotion with our current Rogers Couples and Family Voice & Data Plan. Again, they just keep replying to us that our plan is not eligible!!

    I mentioned from the terms and conditions ( from the above excerpt) 3 year family plan was eligible.

    Luckily, we found out early enough that we are going to cancel the new line unless they honour their promotion.

    Imagine our surprise if we found out that we were not eligible for the tablet promotion after 15 days…. we would be stuck with an additional line that we cannot cancel. Talk about deceptive advertising. 🙁

  32. About 2 weeks ago I got a very refreshing call from Rogers promotional team offering an upgrade to my cell phone plan, which was quickly running out.

    The plan was just what I needed and on a 3 year term qualified me for a hardware upgrade. I chose to upgrade to an iPhone 4s, for a price of $209.00. I spoke with a verification agent to confirm everything. Done.

    Today I called to check how long till I can expect my new phones. The agent told me the phones were never sent out because the promotional agent wasn’t allowed to offer such a “rich deal”.

    My account is being reviewed by the audit dept, yet I never received a phone call letting me know what is going on.

    How can an agent from Rogers offer me something and then renege on the deal? How am I to suffer from something I have no control over? How is this a way to run a business?

    I am very close to calling my lawyer, as we had verbally agreed on a contract which is now being broken.

    I think it’s time to make another call to Rogers…

  33. Anyone who wants a day, or more likely several days, in court against Rogers, you can have it, but be prepared to spend a 1,000 hours of your own time or 10s of thousands in legal costs.

    They will fight you tooth and nail and spend 10s of thousands to pay high priced law firms to try and kick your ass and intimidate you instead of giving compensation to their customers, even when they know they are totally in the wrong. Trust me, I know.

    In Canada, people with complaints they cannot resolve, confirm your provider is a member and then lodge a complaint with the CCTS – Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunication Services,

    You’ll be amazed how nicely they treat you after your complaint is filed.

    As to verbal agreements made with any of the telcos, get it in writing. The contract is only as good as the paper it is written on…or at least tape your calls, they are.

    I renegotiated on the phone at the store with one of my providers and they sent an email the next day saying thanks for agreeing to this new contract. The problem was, the email completely omitted all the special deals I’d negotiated.

    I replied to the email over and over, demanding the entire agreement be put in writing. They refused. I contacted CCTS and shortly thereafter got a letter from their executive offices confirming among other things, an $11 reduction for the full 3 years.

    Well not long after that, I changed plans and the customer non-service rep said oh…you no longer qualify for that. Being busy at the time, I put it in my to do list, where it sat for some time. Then I calculated the cost of the $11 plus tax, plus 3% per month compounded monthly, over the time period (about 18 months) they owed me for and made one contact to customer non-service and one to customer retentions.

    They said oh no, that was for a specific feature and it is not available since you switched plans. I didn’t even have to contact the CCTS. I faxed the Excel spreadsheet and a letter to their executive offices and got a call within days.

    I was quite pleased they agreed to my bill and credited my account the full amount. That is the reason I am not mentioning this provider’s name.

    Get any special deals in writing since the companies put whatever they want in their call logs.

  34. I just received a call from Rogers this evening, asking if I require further services due to my upcoming move.

    How did they know I was moving? My Management Company gives them a list monthly….unethical? I think so.

    I wonder if there is money changing hands? I think so…

  35. So, another Rogers story for you. I’ve been with Rogers for over a decade and have had the same contract since day one.

    I got married about 7 months ago and bundled my home services along with my cell phone. To my surprise, I have not received any bills from Rogers since I brought over all my business (7 months).

    I called on 3 separate occasions to advise I haven’t received anything and they still haven’t sent anything, so I would call to find out what my bill amount was and pay online.

    I recently called to advise I still haven’t received anything. They said it was a clerical error and they have had a hold on my account, but they’ll start sending it.

    After reviewing with the agent, she said my cell phone bill is $90/monthly, when it’s been $50 for the last 10 years. She said my discounts have expired.??!?!?

    So I spoke to a manager, who wasn’t willing to do anything for me and now I’m waiting for over a week for the office of the president to call me…

    Doesn’t this suck? What can I do to get my old rate? Since I’m stuck in the contract, can they really just change the rates at any time??

  36. Well, I have just been through similar experience as Nick. Wonder if they had a big town hall and decided let’s cheat existing customers by changing their plans and they can’t do a thing.

    In my case, I had got free incoming calls in my iphone plan from 2007. Then I upgraded in 2010 to iphone 4 and confirmed same plan continues.

    Then, 1.5 years into new contract, they say free incoming calls offer ends and I get charged $10 now. I was livid. How can plan change? Why wasn’t I told there was a time bound offer on it?

    It’s a total of 4.5 years from first contract. How does something expire in that period? Why wasn’t I told about it when I upgraded?

    So after escalations and listening to Rogers’ policy multiple times, hearing I should have a great day, I finally reached president’s office. Long story short, they offered to resolve it by offering $5 credit on bill but can’t give
    me free incoming.

    I agree for sake of keeping my sanity and say I don’t want unlimited incoming, so don’t charge me $10. I am fine with weekday minutes I have in plan and the $5 credit for their screw up.

    All well? No. Next bill, I get charged $10. I called and they say they can’t credit that, as I got $5 credit. When did 5 = 10?

    Anyway, again for sanity and keeping my blood pressure in check, I said ok. But make sure you remove this service next time. She said yeah with rudeness. That’s where it stands.

    I have bad feeling it’s not the end of it. Hoping against hope it is.

  37. I am writing for my son who has been sucked in to the world of Rogers’ poor service, ignorant service people and very poor support. I have personally never used Rogers and I am sure after this I never will.

    I am typing this as I sit on hold once again with Rogers. Typically I would not get involved, but they will not talk to a young fellow. They basically stonewall and treat them like they are less than important. So I jumped in.

    He went to Rogers because he wanted the Sony PlayStation phone and Rogers was the only one offering it. The phone lasts 3 months and won’t turn on every time.

    He takes it into a store and they send it off for repairs. About a month later it comes back, the memory card gone and now the phone won’t turn on at all, so he sends it right back.

    Then a letter comes back, saying the phone was wet, so you get zero warranty???? Funny, it was not wet when it went out the first time, plus they never did find his memory card.

    He does not know what to do since they will not help him. If he wants a new phone, he has to pay the full price for one. Since they have taken over 3 months to do nothing, he stopped paying the monthly bill.

    Funny, they called about 2 days after it was due looking for the payment.

    This is where I get involved. I’ve been on the phone for a good 5 hours pushing my way up the food chain to get to someone that can help.

    They had the nerve to tell me they would not talk about fixing anything until the bill was up to date, then they threaten a credit agency (the bill is like 3 weeks overdue).

    I have gotten to my third level of management so far and it might be we are getting somewhere.

    It will be a long cool day in hell before Rogers ever gets a dime from me! I will send smoke signals and use the pony express before I stoop to using any of their offered services.

    Oh, they just came back on the phone with the excuse, “got wet, so no warranty.” I say it was not wet when it went in the first time.

    They lost the memory card, so I again asked to talk her manager. I am again on hold waiting for the next level…… 10 minutes……..15 minutes…….still waiting…….playing spider on the computer…

    Oh, guess what, the phone was wet, so nothing we can do. They are happy to sell him one at full price.

    So what do I do now? No more manager to talk to on a Sunday. They are so freaking idiotic.

    I repeat that the phone was working but would shut itself down for no reason when he sent it in the first time. It comes back, NO memory card and won’t turn on at all. We send it right back and then it comes back with supposed water damage and no warranty, so can’t be fixed.

    Well, back on hold, 5 minutes, 10 minutes. I will work on a letter to the Rogers CEO and send a letter to my lawyer, asking him to send them a grievance and likely one to the CRTC. Anyone else I can write to?

    Oh, they just found me a new manger to talk to, on hold again. Ask for the account # for the 6th time and back on hold, 5 minutes, 10 minutes.

    The new manager tells me there is no warranty for the phone because it was wet.

    I think I might just lose my mind. I explain it to him again and I pull a repair request #1992674, WHICH clearly states the warranty is good and valid until 05/04/12.

    Backk on hold. In 5 minutes, he comes back on and informs me they are a wireless service and expect to be paid and the phone issues are not their problem.

    I have to go back to the store we took it to for repair and take it up with them. Seems they are independent stores and outside Rogers’ control and if I think something happened to the phone, it’s not there problem.

    Well, I’ve had it. I just told them to have sex with themselves, so I guess they have won once again. I will try again tomorrow or not…..

    Thanks for the help, Rogers.

  38. What I don’t understand with Rogers is why one can have such different experiences with different CSRs and supervisors.

    I’ve had more than my share of headaches with Rogers since I first switched all my services in 2008. It’s cold comfort that Bell is worse.

    On several occasions, I’ve had to phone into the call centre to straighten out billing errors, most centering upon not getting what I had been promised in an earlier conversation. I always take detailed notes now, including incident numbers.

    In some cases, the CSRs and/or managers bend over backwards to be helpful and negotiate a reasonable solution to the problem. In other cases, the managers simply dig in their heels, insist the mistake is mine and not theirs, keep repeating the same party line and generally offer nothing helpful before ending the call.

    About a year ago, I was put through the ringer while trying to correct a rather significant billing error. I felt my blood pressure rise as I was transferred from person to person and spent a great deal of time on hold.

    Eventually, I said I’d had enough and just wanted to cancel all my services. At this point, my case was escalated and the supervisor I spoke to suddenly became very helpful. She apologized for the errors and acknowledged that Rogers was responsible.

    After some back and forth, she offered me 30% off all my services for two years to convince me to stay. Fair enough. As I say, I wrote all this down in detail.

    Fast forward one year. I notice on my bill that my 30% has been reduced to 20%, and my home phone discount is missing entirely. I phone the call centre.

    I am informed that I agreed to a 30%/20% discount. (30% for the first year, and 20% in the second year). I am informed that a 2-year, 30% discount simply does not exist and I must have misunderstood.

    They claim the all-important “notes” on my file confirm I agreed to 30%/20%. The missing discount on the home phone is simply a billing error.

    I insist firmly that Rogers’ “notes” are incorrect. The CSR is dismissive and insists the discount I claim to have been promised does not exist and could not have been offered. I read to him directly from my own handwritten notes. He is unmoved.

    I ask what can be done in a case where my records disagree with theirs. He transfers me to a supervisor with the proviso, “But I can assure you she’s just going to tell you the same thing.”

    The supervisor adopts a polite, but cool tone of voice, clearly skeptical when I tell her Rogers’ notes are incorrect. I ask what can be done when the notes are at odds with what was actually said in the conversation.

    She sniffs sardonically and says, “I can take down that feedback and it will be looked into.” I say I want to initiate a fraud complaint, given that I was promised one thing, but the notes indicate something else.

    She again adopts a sardonic tone of voice, and informs me coolly, “This isn’t the sort of thing our Fraud Unit would investigate.” When I ask why not, she says, “This simply isn’t a matter for the Fraud Unit.”

    When I ask again what I can do to recoup the discount I was promised, she says, “As I’ve told you, sir, I’ll take down your feedback, noting your unhappiness, but I can’t extend any further discounts.” She concludes by saying, “This is Rogers’ final answer in the matter.”

    When I ask about my avenue of appeal, she says, “You’ve just done that, sir. I’m a supervisor. You’ve told me your concerns, and I’ve given you Rogers’ answer. I’m sorry if you’re unsatisfied with it, but there’s really nothing more I can do.”

    When I press again for an appeal route, she directs me carelessly to the website. When I ask for a specific contact where I can send my complaint, she flatly refuses and again directs me to the web site.

    She does not offer me the incident number to escalate the matter and I end up having to call back to retrieve it.

    A week after I send through a complaint, a representative from the Office of the President phones me at home. He could not be nicer, apologizes for the treatment I received, looks into my file and cheerfully offers me the additional 10% I had originally been promised.

    Why do I need to jump through so many hoops just to get what I’m promised? Why couldn’t the “supervisor” have been as helpful and accommodating as the rep from the Office of the President?

    What do they gain by digging in their heels, adopting a cool, party-line tone and wasting my time and theirs?

    I suspect they hope people will give up and go away before they reach that point. A sad commentary.

  39. Big issue with Rogers. I got a new Blackberry phone for my son last year. The salesman at the sore set it up for him for BBM texting and told us that it is included in the package.

    I asked if it is a type of a data plan and we will be charged for it. He said: “NO, it is a Blackberry messaging system and it is included in the plan, no extra charges unless your son sending an emails or using the browser from his phone.”

    My son went back home to Europe for Christmas break. I called a night before his flight to let Rogers know that, and asking what we needed to sign for to get the roaming plan for his trip.

    I told them that he will be using his phone only for security purposes and urgent calls if needed, as well as few text messages.

    Customer service representative offered me a plan with few voice minutes and text messages and told me that all incoming messages were free.

    When my son returned, we faced a bill with $800 roaming charges. A Rogers customer service representative informed me that BBM networking is a data plan and my son was supposed to switch it off on his cell phone to avoid roaming charges!!!!

    How do you think is possible for non-technical people to know that?

    We did everything up to our knowledge, asking Rogers the questions to prevent paying extra charges, and there is no information whatsoever available on Rogers website to give a basic knowledge to the clients.

    It is the other way around. They are trying to give as little information as possible to scam people.

    Only after my third phone call did a customer service rep agree to transfer me to the manager, after I mentioned that I needed the interaction ID to escalate the complaint to the Office of the President.

    The manager told me that there was nothing he could do. I, as a customer, was supposed to know that information before travelling.

    When I said I did try to get as much information as possible, asking questions, he said that Rogers is not supposed to inform the customer about BBM. I am supposed to go to the Blackberry website and find out myself.

    When I asked why the salesman misled us from the beginning at the store, saying that BBM was not a data plan, the manager replied that the salesman was totally correct: “BBM is a messaging system on a data network”????

    How more misleading could it be?

    I am a single mom and ther is no way I can afford to pay these charges. Nor do I feel it is fair for the loyal customers like us.

  40. Sorry, due to my frustration, forgot to state that, there were no messages sent out on the BBM network.

    Text messages and voice were used within the limit of the roaming plan purchased before the trip.

  41. Hi Ellen, I just moved from Toronto to St. John’s, Nfld., to run a company that has me travelling across the province.

    As soon as I arrived home, I noticed that as soon as I get on the highway (3 Km from my house), I no longer have cellular service.

    After spending 2 hours on the phone with Rogers customer service and the technical department, Rogers confirmed that they do not really offer service outside of St. John’s.

    I said while I had been a loyal Rogers customer for 8 years (and have spent thousands of dollars with them), I needed to terminate my 3 year contract. It does not make any sense to pay for a cell phone that does not have the necessary service that requires me to do my job.

    The customer service agent was unsympathetic and said I signed a contract and there was nothing that she could do to help me. I asked to speak with a Manger or Supervisor, and she said that was impossible. She said Rogers had to make a profit and I had a nice Blackberry.

    As I said, I would have been happy to stay with Rogers, but why should I pay for a service when they are unable to service me? Why should they even be a service provider in Newfoundland and Labrador when they don’t have service outside of the urban centre?

    Ellen, any help you could provide would be amazing! I will have to get a new service provider and spend thousands of dollars with Rogers because I am unable to break my contract.

  42. I am baffled at the rights that Rogers believe they have.

    We entered into a 1 year contract with Rogers (cable & internet). We negotiated the pricing of our services, compared with Bell. Et voila. We’re done.

    Well, not really. Turns out that a 1 year contract does not mean fixed price. They actually raised the price a few months in. The fine print allows them to do that. And there is nothing we can do about it.

    We could cancel. But there would be early cancellation fees.

    Can you say “one sided”?

  43. When will Canada get some competition to compete with Bell and Robbers (Rogers)

    I have 1 month left on a contract for internet, phone and TV. I called, spoke to a agent who referred me to retention dept., she said they have the best offers.

    I man named Furuk answered from Rogers Vancouver office. He asked me some questions about the services, we discussed some options, he asked me to hold (took about 10 min). he wanted to work out a deal

    He came back offered basically same price plus a NextBox 2, we discussed the configuration and what I waned to do with the NextBox 2, based on the conversation, the expectation was a PVR free plus $4.00 less per month for the total bill.

    The agent Furuk said he would call back in 15 min to complete the deal, no call.

    I called and got a retention agent in Montreal, he reviewed the notes based on the interaction # provided and agreed with the deal Furuk offered.

    I wanted to complete the deal and get it going, called again and spoke to Jim in Ottawa, he looked at the notes and could not find how Furuk came to the deal he offered, I asked if someone could pull the call, he transfered me to a supervisor named Diane. She could not so anything dues to someone has locked her out of my account. She advised she will call tomorrow, she refused to provide her employee ID or location.

    For the deal of same price and free PVR, I am willing to commit 24 months of service.

    We do not have the basic services, phone has some features, internet is their highest level (likely their most profitable) and a higher end TV package, almost $200 with taxes.

    The supervisor would not even investigate trying to pull the call, why do they record call, to me she does not want the proof of what the agent offered.

    It looks like their process to speak to an executive is time consuming which tells me this issue of agents offering something they shouldn’t is not uncommon.

    Ellen, if you read these, if the supervisor does not come through, I may need your help

  44. Ellen,

    Does Rogers and Bell still get charged $1,000 when you contact Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services and lodge a complaint?

  45. So…..

    So, if Rogers/Bell gets charged per complaint, of COURSE they’re going to be constantly raising the price for their services! This money has to come from somewhere….

  46. Funny how Rogers came out of the gate so many years ago and capitalized on the monopoly Bell had by promising customers who switched better service and cheaper rate. The company seemed to have the customer’s best interest at heart.

    Well, times have changed, haven’t they. Now Roger’s is the fat kid loose in the candy store since they have cut down on customer service and cheaper rates….and have stolen Boardwalk and Park Place in the Monopoly game.

    I have had Rogers for 8 years and have added many services over those 8 years. I have been overbilled, promised phantom credits that were never applied and have spent countless hours on the phone trying to rectify the overcharges that keep happening again and again over the last 3 years.

    I have also had the opportunioty to speak to Furuk from the President’s office earlier this year. He was suitably appalled and sympathetic to my frustrations. He also told me he could only go back 3 months of the past 24 months that I was overcharged — EVEN though I had a ticket # for every call that I had made, trying to rectify the excessive overbilling that seemed to happen on my account every other month.

    At that time when I was talking to Furuk, I KNEW I wasn’t on any contract for any services with Rogers. In fact, since I had had so much trouble with my bills with Rogers, I had been recording the ticket #’s of my calls in a journal…for at least 8 months by then.

    After a few more phone calls and a couple of e-mails, I was lucky enough to talk to someone again from the president’s office….and guess what? They offered me an $800 credit for the over billing….ONLY IF I signed a new contract for three years!!!

    Seriously….if they never applied the other credits and charges promoised to me before over this 24 month period, why would I believe I would get any credit in a lump sum?

    It gets even better. I tried to cancel my services no less than 10 times on the phone and either got cut off or they advised me their service was down. Eventually, I went into the Rogers retail outlet and made quite the scene in front of a line-up of current and prospective customers.

    I refused to leave until I was connected and made sure that my services would be cancelled…and EVEN then, I was hung up on! I had to call from my neighbour’s house to finally get to the right person. I gave notice to cancel ALL my services (home phone,cable, internet,3 cell phones). That was a month ago.

    Yesterday, I had Bell here to reinstall the sattelite I used to have up, and port my home phone and wireless….and guess what!!! Rogers refused to relinquish the line to complete the cancellation until early last evening!!

    They called me numerous times on my cell and sent me several “please stay mailouts” that increased in $ amounts throughout the month. Then they refused to release my home line yesterday!

    Oh yeah…and the billing department also called me, threatening to cut off the services that were already diconnected if I did not pay them $565 immediately!

    The joke is on them…and say a prayer for the poor souls who are working in the Rogers retail store tomorrow when I return their crappy equipment!

    It is Saturday…and I think I will wait for a line to form before I make sure that my equipment is returned!

    I have called Rogers numerous times in the past 72 hours to get a detailed description of the equipment I have to return. For some reason, I get cut off every time I get through to a cusotmer care person.

    I am hoping that Bell has learned their lesson. And from the difference in pricing for the same or better services, I am praying they have.

    I was smart enough to not do a contract this time…and people wonder why adults have fear of commitment these days!

  47. Rogers is one of the worst companies in the world. I will never ever in a million years give them my business or the business of any of my family.

    There is NO reason to choose them for any cable, internet, phone or cellular services. Amazing alternatives are Acanac for internet, Netflix for TV, and Wind for wireless.

  48. Wow, it is incredibly overwhelming how many others have had negative experiences with Rogers!

    My cellular service account was defrauded in May this year and my cell phone stolen. Yet I am still paying $15/month for an account that I cannot use and Rogers will not cancel my contract.

    I refused to buy a new phone at full price to continue using a service I’ve never had positive experiences with.

    I switched to Sasktel mobility and even with the Rogers $15/month fee, my cost for wireless service overall is less than what I paid with Rogers alone before.

    With Sasktel, my bill is the same every month, with no unexpected fees. And hey, the customer service agents even treat me with respect and seem grateful to have my business.

    I wouldn’t wish a Rogers contract upon my worst enemy.

  49. I moved to a new apartment in November. I need my Blackberry to keep in touch with changes in schedule and invitations to work, as my jobs are non-typical.

    For personal communications, I use email more than the telephone or mobile. So I only need a cell phone. But at my new address, the cell phone does not work. It has some sporadic life in it, but most calls don’t come through.

    The Rogers installers couldn’t use their cell phones in my apartment either. I have made repeated calls to Rogers, and they practically dismiss me as a nut. They leave messages scoffing at me, saying that “your area has the best signals in the city.”

    They keep insisting I am wrong. I am near High Park in Toronto, which is considered a dead zone. I can’t forward or unforward my calls unless I am far from the building, with few exceptions.

    A few years ago, when we only had Bell, they would have given me a landline phone free as a courtesy or at a drastically reduced rate.

    My cable TV service too is a farce. I did not get what they told me I would get when I downgraded to cable plus to save $14. They said if I switched to that option, I would get up to channel 55. Yet I can’t get the comedy channel (44), even though I asked if I could. Now it is magically a pay station.

    I downsized after they raised my bills drastically after the discount periods ended – $247 a month. I have started to obsess about the big bad Rogers.




    I am interested in going to court, since I do not want to pay for their services and treatment.

    I am disabled and it is very difficult to sit on phone for hours trying to resolve my issues with the services provided.

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