How does Bloomex stay in business?

That’s a question I hear a lot about this online florist, which has unfriendly policies and poor customer service. The company hired a PR person who worked with me on complaints. But now she’s missing in action, much like the flowers that Bloomex delivers.

Mother’s Day has come and gone, generating many complaints about floral tributes arriving late or mangled. So, I’m starting a new thread about Bloomex and, also managed by them.

Here’s some advice to frustrated customers: Instead of pursuing the company for a refund, which will just frustrate you, call your credit card issuer. It’s easy to get a chargeback when you can show you paid for services that were not rendered.

If there are enough chargebacks, this company will find it hard to maintain its credit card privileges. And that could be the first step toward not staying in business.

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

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  1. On Dec. 16, 2013, I ordered a gift basket for my boyfriend who lives in Blairmore and paid for express next day delivery. I also paid for the basket to be delivered at a particular time, as he was at work during the day.

    This cost me $125. The gift basket never got to him until Dec. 20 after I kept on buzzing and calling, since I am in Europe.

    He came home on Saturday and found the box sitting at his door with the balloon broken and the basket squashed up. I tried to get the Bloomex customer care. I sent mails, but my IP address was blocked from contacting them.

    The items in the box were not complete and no one ever offered me an apology.


    I wish I knew about their crap service and fraud before.

    Like everyone, I ordered a bouquet for Mother’s Day. The delivery man was very rude and had an “I don’t give a crap” attitude.

    The flowers were falling apart at delivery. Four days later, rather than blooming, the flowers are wilting, dying off and falling apart.


    It seems by these comments that I probably won’t be receiving that refund. I called the customer service today and as per usual the person on the line was very rude in her tone and not caring at all.

    “wecarebloomex” ?? YEA RIGHT!

  3. Yep, same old story as most. Paid good money, ordered flowers early for Mothers Day. Mum is up there in age, lives sort of on her own (male relative in residence but has life and not always around).

    Flowers show up at night (pitch black night). Delivery driver sounds like someone who would make more $$$ earnings as an actor for zombie/stalker movie.

    Flowers that were delivered were dead. Of course, mum was thrilled with the gesture, but I could hear the quivering in her voice.

    I chose a very pretty BLOOMED BOUQUET. What was delivered was dead unbloomed buds.

    To add further insult, the vase and chocolates that were ordered absolutely never arrived.

    Did I mention that my mum sent me photos of all the bugs and bug eggs all over the dead greenery of the delivered dead buds? (Seriously!!)

    So… I’ve cancelled my credit card with my bank. (Felt i had to, after reading sooo many similar reports – some go as far as to allude fraudulent activity on their credit cards).

    Thought the nasty customer service was just special treatment for me!! Appears not so.

    I will go as far as saying one bloke I spoke to I actually felt sorry for. He did sound as if he had been told 4,000 times that day what side of the planet he could relocate to and how to do it.

    I ended up speaking to their customer service rep for Australia (don’t really believe she was in Oz). What a witch.

    The creepiest thing is that they have my mum’s home address and phone number and they have no problem showing up unannounced late at night.

    If you truly love the person you are sending flowers to, do not use this company. Wish I hadn’t.

  4. First, thanks for standing up for us, consumers who get ripped off by such a big company. I was a first time user of Bloomex and definitely won’t be back.

    Here’s my story to add to the thousands of unhappy customers. Bloomex won’t care, since they’ve shown to me how unreliable and unprofessional they are…

    I ordered the “super love combo” for my wife’s birthday and scheduled a delivery on Saturday between 12PM and 5PM. I contacted customer service right after my order went through for a few questions regarding delivery and I already had a bad feeling.

    The service was rushed and you could tell they didn’t want to help. Anyway, as long as I received my flowers, that’s all that mattered.

    On that Saturday, I came up with an excuse to not leave the house between 12-5PM so my wife was present to receive the delivery. It was tough as my whole family wanted to go out, but I never knew when the flowers would arrive.

    I somehow managed to keep them home but as the time drew closer to 4.30, I had a feeling my flowers weren’t coming. I contacted Bloomex through their phone line.

    Waited and waited to eventually be told it was too busy so I had to leave a message. Did so by giving my contact info and waited. No one was calling back.

    I even went online to their chat and managed to speak to someone. From the first “Hello, how may I help you?”, there would be 20 minutes between me explaining the situation and them responding.

    The only response was after I said: “Is someone there?” and then, I was told to be patient. The person told me they would contact the delivery service and would get back to me. Waited… and no answer. Called back, same voice mail issue.

    The flowers were supposed to come with a card. I had spent hours writing it, explaining that I was inviting her to one of the fanciest restaurant we’ve ever been to. Sadly, the flowers never came, nor did the card.

    I had to explain to my wife the whole situation and we went to the restaurant unhappy about this whole event. Back from the restaurant, I went on the chat once again and was told that a manager would contact me back.

    I waited days until someone would contact me (as they were supposed to, they had said so) but no call came. Customer service couldn’t care less about my order being screwed up. Now I have to fight to get my money back as I’ve been charged from the day of the order (not the delivery date.)

    Overall, very unsatisfied as many others and I’m still waiting for my refund…

    Thanks for listening! 🙂

  5. Ordered flower delivery in morning for a recipient’s birthday. Delivery was to be at her office. Advised she would be be there only between 9 am and 11:30 am.

    Flowers were delivered to her place of work THE NEXT DAY when she was not there. Paid morning delivery charge premium. Phoned customer service, who advised they would only refund the extra $4 for morning delivery.

    Asked for a full refund of delivery charge, since the flowers were delivered only the next day and recipient had to drive 30 minutes back to her place of work to pick them up.

    Bloomex management advised that the morning delivery is never guaranteed and they would not do anything else about the situation. I will never use this company again since they are not reliable.

  6. Bloomex are a complete mess. I ordered flowers and paid a premium fee for same day delivery on Xmas Eve. The flowers were intended for an Xmas gift. Despite many emails, the flowers didn’t show up and Bloomex will not refund my money.

  7. Shipped but flowers were laid frozen at the door.

    I specified and paid for a evening delivery service, but flowers were delivered during the day (minus 12 Celsius), a winter day. I only obtained a refund for evening delivery (2.00!).

    I learned that the transporter doesn’t have evening delivery service (only 9H00 AM to 6h00 PM). When I was not able to be at home this day, I bought at Bloomex for evening service.

    Very poor customer service.

  8. Wish I had done my research before going to Bloomex for business.

    My Valentine’s day flowers, bear and chocolate were supposed to delivered the day before Valentine’s Day. Paid a premium for delivery between 9-12 am Friday, Feb. 13. Instead, the delivery was at 5:40 pm. The office where it was supposed to be delivered was already closed at 4.

    My girlfriend never even received the flowers. I found out four days later that it was delivered to the wrong store nearby.

    There is no customer service rep at Bloomex. No one will call me back and the company will not issue a refund. They claim it was the delivery company’s fault. I trusted Bloomex to prepare and deliver my order, so I do not know why they are handing off responsibility like this.

    From reading all these reviews, it sounds like no one ever gets a refund from Bloomex, but only from their credit card provider. Such a shame this blog has not received enough attention to prevent everyone being scammed by Bloomex.

  9. Wow. It is so unfortunate that the simplest bouquet of flowers cannot be delivered as ordered by the customer. Yeah, really, how are they still in business?

    On the other hand, I ordered flowers from another chain for my mother’s birthday. She was in Richmond Hill, Ont., while I was in Vancouver at the time. A beautiful bouquet came to her doorstep at the exact time I specified. Cannot ask for anything better and a happy mom! Check them out:

  10. I ordered from Bloomex a bunch of flowers with a note to be delivered to Adelaide in Australia.

    It was days late, missing the birthday. Turned up jaded without the note.

    I could get compensation as long as I could get a photo of the jaded flowers. The lateness and lack of note was forgotten.

    It was a gift and if someone gives you a gift and it’s not so good, you don’t complain or send a photo, as they are well aware.

  11. Because I wanted to update this with a recent comment, and wish I had discovered this blog entry before ordering, here’s my sad tale of woe from Bloomex after this Mother’s Day.

    I spoke with several people at the company regarding my order and have gotten nowhere.

    I ordered the flowers Wednesday May 6, for delivery Thursday May 7. These flowers were for Mother’s Day which was Sunday, May 10.
    Delivery was not completed until 3 pm on Monday May 11.

    My mother sent me photos of the flowers and they are mangled.

    The customer service I have received has been less than satisfactory – I first asked last Friday if the flowers could be redirected to my Mom’s home address, so she could at least receive them by Mother’s Day. The person I spoke with basically said “I don’t know.” and left it at that.

    I called again today, to ask to speak with a manager, and was told that I could not speak to one. The woman I did speak with said she could not refund my order and it was “Under investigation.” Somewhere along the way a “replacement” order was issued. I don’t want a replacement, as these flowers were supposed to be specifically for Mother’s Day and do no good at this point. I was offered store credit, but after this experience, I no longer want anything to do with the company.

    As if to underline that point, the flowers arrived at 3pm Monday, and they are dry & falling apart. This makes sense – given that they were supposed to arrive LAST WEEK.

    As a manager in the customer service industry, I would truly be appalled if any of my staff treated our clients this way.

    After reading some of the comments here, my next step is to contact my credit card company.

    I even understand that sometimes things happen and things go awry, but it was Bloomex’s response to the issue that really frustrated me. Another friend had a similar issue with her Mother’s Day flowers, but she worked with a local florist. That florist not only refunded her money but provided a replacement bouquet as an apology. You’d think that for the money the replacement cost, it’s worth it to keep customers coming back. I will never shop with Bloomex again. Ever.

  12. i’m not one to leave negative reviews, but Bloomex is a joke. Nowhere does it state in their Substitution Policy that the consumer should expect to receive something entirely different than what was ordered and paid for.

    Even worse is the ‘management’ – call centre supervisors at best, who are not only unprofessional and rude, but who have no desire to go above and beyond to resolve customer complaints/issues. Their policy is a complete refusal to provide any type of superior customer service.

    Worst experience ever. If you want to toss away your money, Bloomex is the place!

  13. This is the email I sent to Bloomex (it explains my experience). They never responded.

    I ordered flowers from your company this morning and got a confirmation that the flowers would be delivered today. They were for my niece’s graduation.

    You had confirmed they would be there between 12 noon and 5 pm. At 4:30 pm, I asked my sister if they had arrived and they had not.

    I called your 1-888 number and the person on the phone would not help me. He said I could not talk to a supervisor and they would not have the flowers there until tomorrow.

    If I had known your company would not be delivering them today on her graduation day, I would have reached another company. The guy on the phone said he would put in a request for a refund when I asked for one.

    A REQUEST!!!!! Are you kidding? You have disappointed me on so many levels. Your customer service is the worst I have EVER had. You have ruined what was supposed to be a special gift on a very special day with absolutely No regard.

    A refund will hardly even fix what you have done…that does not give her a special gift on her special day. I can hardly believe your email address is “wecare” Clearly you did not care at all.

    A very unhappy customer

  14. I wish I had done my research before ordering through them.

    I ordered a get well balloon bouquet for my nephew who just had his wisdom teeth out. They instead sent a gift basket of dark chocolate and other crap that no 10 year old boy would eat!!

    When I called the 4th time, the Bloomex rep said that sometimes they have to make substitutions. I said I understood, but to substitute foodstuffs that my nephew could be allergic to for a balloon bouquet? How does that even make sense??

    So my nephew never got his balloons and I have to wait two days to speak to the manager. In the meantime, I’m going to call my credit card company and see if they can reverse the charge.

  15. Horrible service. Promised delivery by 5, not respected. Called at 6 pm, then 7 pm, just some Russian ladies telling me they have no information about the delivery.

    Second morning, I called the PR Manager. She had a bad attitude as well and did not help at all, “we don’t know where your order is” … and she was giving me attitude instead of comforting an unhappy client ….

    Do not use this company. They are big scammers. There is even a Facebook page against them, this is how bad they are …

  16. Awful service, horrible quality.

    Ordered a couple of sympathy baskets with special instructions. During the visitations, the family members who I ordered the flowers for kept asking me about them. Finally after visitations were finished, the funeral director pointed to a sad-looking arrangement in a vase, where they added a handwritten card with everyone’s names, everyone that bought various ones.

    It looked like these 6 poor little flowers came from the closest family of 10 of us. Meantime, this particular one was only from 2 more distant family members. Very embarrassing.

    After calling, they didn’t even want to issue a refund (due to perishable nature was the explanation). After many phone calls, I finally got an email that I will receive a partial store credit of $135.

    What I now realize, it also said in small writing that it can be used at one single purchase. Since that incident, I ordered flowers for co-worker ($50 worth).

    Well, that was an adventure. I asked to have it delivered before 4. Nope, that was too much to ask. They arrived late next day, literally dead, as if they were sitting in someone’s back seat. Called – they redelivered – same story.

    I was embarrassed again as this was happening while I was off on vacation and my coworkers were sending me pictures. Finally I was successful with getting fresh flowers, although they were nothing like the picture.

    Now I called trying to use up the remaining $85. Well, I was told, it was explained to me via email. I don’t call that an explanation. I call it hiding a policy in small print and taking advantage of customers whose hands are really tied.

    I am so mad and disappointed that businesses like this exist.

  17. Ordered flowers for a doctor in Brisbane who was retiring. This is someone who I’ve known for 25 years. They advertise next day delivery, but I ordered on the 9th, for delivery on the 16th, so well in advance. I ordered delivery for the day before her final day, so there would be no hiccups.

    In spite of the considerable lead time, the flowers were not delivered on the 16th. They were not delivered on the 17th, the last day of practice.

    I didn’t receive an sms or call from my friend by the evening of the 17th and so contacted Bloomex, to find they hadn’t delivered (yet). No apology. No acknowledgement the order was late. No notification of nondelivery. They said they’d deliver in the “next couple of days.”

    Of course, delivery to a hallway in front of an empty office wouldn’t have made much sense, so tried to cancel the order. I said I was upset by the fact my flowers hadn’t reached the recipient, and the person at the call centre in Auburn was dismissive and rude. At this point I found various review sites where the reviews were often of similar issues, many, many bad reviews.

    I tried to get a manager, and was put on to someone who gave her name as “Carolyn Bloomex” and insisted that was her real name. She was downright rude, and when I complained and pointed out that not only was the flower delivery a disaster, but there was no apology, she said “I don’t need to apologize.”

    I called later, to ensure I was getting a refund and was told there was no manager there, but theat they would call her, and get her to call me. My phone rang a single ring, and when I tried to call back, I got a voicemail message that “This number has nothing to do with the floral delivery service Bloomex”. If that was so, I wonder why this woman called interstate just when I was expecting a call fromthe Bloomex manager. Calling the call centre, they then told me I would not get a refund until they had investigated the delivery people. They couldn’t give me a timeframe for that investigation to be completed.

    This is the sort of business this is. They don’t care, as long as they get their money. They don’t care if the flowers get delivered, or if they get there on time. They don’t care if customers are unhappy, and they don’t bother to let them know if there are problems. They run a shonky, undependable business, and aren’t worried if customers are unhappy. After all, they are online, and there are always more suckers.

  18. Three days ago I ordered flowers from They had to be delivered to Kelowna, B.C.

    The salesperson had told me that my order would be delivered to the recipient on May 10 from 12 to 5 pm. My mother-in-law was sitting at home at the time, but the flowers were not delivered till May 12.

    I called Bloomex to cancel my order because it was 3 days after her birthday, but the company refused to return my money and promised to refund $5 for the delay.

    I couldn’t understand what was going on. I paid my money and expect my goods. It looks like scamming to me.

  19. Ordered flowers on May 16th, to be delivered to Barrie, ON on the 17th before noon, for mom’s 50th birthday.

    They were not delivered on the 17th, even though the package (flowers, but they use Canpar to deliver, so it’s a package??) was in transit all day.

    I called them all day on the 17th (both Bloomex and Canpar). The Canpar driver/depot was not even reachable for the whole day (what???) and Bloomex said flowers were delivered (like come on, are you an idiot, flowers are delivered, open your eyes!). No, nothing was delivered on the 17th!

    Called on the 18th, and requested refund. The lady said they can’t do that, as flowers are already in transit. I replied that i didn’t want flowers that were on the truck all day and would be in horrible condition, plus the surprise is already ruined!

    She said, according to their policy, in transit flowers can’t be refunded. I’ve asked for the policy, and she said it’s on the website. Did I read the website? I said yes, but there is nothing like that.

    She said, yes, it’s there. I replied, are you calling me a liar? So, she said she didn’t want to continue this conversation and HUNG UP! Couldn’t reach them after…. WHAT??

    Ridiculous! Hope they record the customer service calls.

    Flowers were delivered on the 18th by noon (they were only a day late, “no big deal”), but as expected, they were in horrible condition!

    I called the bank and asked for a chargeback…. Never dealing with Bloomex again!!!!!

  20. is not honest. Different flowers were delivered, plus there was a rude customer service lady.

    Do not order flowers from this company as you will be insulted and disappointed.

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