How does Bloomex stay in business?

May 14 2009 by Ellen Roseman

That’s a question I hear a lot about this online florist, which has unfriendly policies and poor customer service. The company hired a PR person who worked with me on complaints. But now she’s missing in action, much like the flowers that Bloomex delivers.

Mother’s Day has come and gone, generating many complaints about floral tributes arriving late or mangled. So, I’m starting a new thread about Bloomex and, also managed by them.

Here’s some advice to frustrated customers: Instead of pursuing the company for a refund, which will just frustrate you, call your credit card issuer. It’s easy to get a chargeback when you can show you paid for services that were not rendered.

If there are enough chargebacks, this company will find it hard to maintain its credit card privileges. And that could be the first step toward not staying in business.


  1. Bryce from Calgary

    May 14 2009

    On Friday, May 8, I placed an order for some flowers for Mother Day at around 8 a.m.

    I placed a call and ordered a bouquet of flowers, with 2 balloons and a card expressing ‘THANKS’ to my mother for Mother’s Day. I paid a premium to have this package delivered that day and hung up the phone thinking that was it.

    The day went by and by about 3 pm, I noticed that the order had not been delivered. I contacted their call centre and asked for an update.

    I was told that the order takers were just that… order takers… and they could not help me. They suggested I leave a message for Customer Service. And so I did.

    I left 3 messages that day and expected a call Saturday as I was told that someone would contact me then. No flowers were delivered Friday, Saturday or Sunday, Mother’s Day.

    Over the weekend, I managed to leave a few more messages of disgust and ask for someone to call me to fix this. Again, throughout this whole process, I was told that the ‘order takers’ would not be able to help and that the best way to get help would be to leave a message. 6-7 Messages later…nothing…natta thing.

    Monday May 11, at 12.30 pm, my mother calls me and tells me that the flowers had arrived. She tells me they are dead, wilted and had been sitting inside a trailer all weekend and that 1 Balloon (I ordered 2 at $3 each, paid for 2 and received ONLY 1 and they were to have Happy Mother’s Day on them, well it was just a balloon that had been blown up by someone like you and me…that’s it) had been half ass tied to the box, it was deflated and dragged along the floor as she picked up her parcel.

    Looked awful and was an embarrassing thing to have to go pick up, garbage as she coined it. I asked her to take pictures.

    So here I am, fuming. Expecting a call, any call…still nothing. I have called in and explained my anger to the ‘order takers’ and have not yet received a call regarding this incident.

    I was sent an email Monday expressing an apology, and indicating that they would resend ***FREE OF CHARGE*** my flowers. Are they kidding me????? FREE OF CHARGE????

    OK, so let me read between the lines….am I supposed to feel thankful that they are doing what I paid a premium for them to do???? Give me a break.

    Long story short, I have written them countless emails telling them to refund my money in full and I will never buy from them again. Nothing in return.

    So I have asked VISA to launch an investigation for fraud against BLOOMEX and they have initiated this as of Monday.

    It is now Wednesday, May 13, and I have not received a call regarding this at all. I have given up.

    I am now writing all newspapers I can and will continue this process until I get the word out that these guys are CROOKS. Anyone who will write this story, write a story or blog this. I am willing to tell all.

    I have written many blogs, added comments regarding this company and have seen many others who have had the same issues with these people. Please see:

    I will keep doing this until I get a full refund, or until they are no longer. Supposedly Michelle Robitaille, the PR person who did or does work for Bloomex, according to blogs I have read, has refrained from answering any more complaints…

    I guess when you get so many, it would take up all your time, so for business purposes, forget em! Or so it seems that way.

    If anyone is willing to make an example and put a stop to this, there is a huge story here. Until I get my full refund, I am going to keep writing and telling….so someone from Bloomex had better get hold of me.

    Dig deeper into this and I bet you could write a book.

    I look forward to hearing from anyone and everyone who is willing to write this story


  2. BP

    May 14 2009

    I am having an absolute nightmare with

    I ordered flowers online for my mother on Saturday, scheduling a Sunday delivery. I received a confirmation email stating that my order was received.

    A short while later, I received an additional confirmation email, stating that delivery was scheduled with the local florist in Thunder Bay and that my credit card was processed. Great, I went on with my day.

    Sometime before 8:00pm Saturday evening, I received a blank form (Dear ____), we are sold out of your order. We will call you on Monday to reschedule. If you have any questions, please call us at the number below.

    When I called the number below, the office was closed for the remainder of the weekend. Since then, it has been an absolute nightmare to get the issue resolved.

    I cannot get anyone on the phone. Their number goes straight to voicemail and they will not return my message. I email their ironically named email to no avail. I’ve tried their Twitter account, too.

    No one will get back to me. The only way I can speak to someone is via “live chat” on their site. I was told that someone would call me in 24 hours, and then kicked out of live chat when I stated that 24 hours was unacceptable.

    While on lunch today, I received an additional email from 1800flowers, stating that my delivery is rescheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday). If I wish to cancel, there will be a 25% cancellation fee.

    I am extremely frustrated and at my wit’s end. My mother has no flowers, the surprise was ruined when I had to explain the situation, and no one at 1800flowers will take a vested interest in helping to resolve my case.

    This is by far the worst customer experience I have ever had. I understand mistakes happen, it’s how you handle them that sets you apart. This is NOT being handled well.


    I finally got a snarky refund via the “live chat” service on

    No flowers were ever delivered and no offer to somehow rectify the situation.

    I plan to contact my credit card company to ensure the entire amount is refunded, as I suspect they will still try to charge the penalty. is operated by Bloomex in Canada. I tried calling and emailing every email contact and telephone number I can find. No one cares to even return my message.

    What an awful company to deal with. I hope you will share with your readers one day, seeing as it’s just one of multiple complaints you’ve received.

  3. RK

    May 14 2009

    Well, here we are in April of 2009 and it seems nothing has changed at Bloomex.

    I ordered a bouquet online of pink and lavender roses as a thank you to a client for a Breast Cancer function we had attended.

    My order was accepted and I received an email confirming this. Later that afternoon, I received an email saying they had changed the order to a different colour as they had run out of this colour.

    I immediately responded by sending an email back stating that I hoped they had not sent them. I received nothing back.

    I phoned the client’s assistant to see if the flowers had been delivered and to my horror they had sent 8 red roses. They were sub-standard and totally inappropriate.

    Since that date I have emailed the management and the addresses and have been totally ignored. They have not even had the decency to respond to any of the emails. I am appalled.

    The work you did, by bringing this to the table to be discussed and giving them the opportunity to make things right, has had absolutely no effect whatsoever.

    I think you may have wasted all your time.

    A Totally disgruntled Bloomex customer.

  4. SS

    May 14 2009

    I wish I had visited your blog and read all these complaints on BloomEx, as well as the litany of complaints all over the net on the scam that this company is pulling on innocent people before I ordered my Mother’s Day floral arrangement this weekend.

    I have never been so angry with any company in my life as I am with BloomEx. They truly do not care.

    I have demanded a full refund, but I am certainly getting the big runaround. Today, they tell me that if I cancel my order I will be billed $25. Talk about adding insult to injury.

    Visa has been notified of our dispute with BloomEx but cannot trigger an investigation or do anything for us regarding a refund, until the 14th of May.

    This I understand is to give BloomEx an opportunity to resolve the issue and provide a refund.

    However, after reading the horror stories of others on your blog and elsewhere on the net, I highly doubt they will do so. Rather, they seek to turn it all around to make themselves look like the good guys, offering a replacement arrangement – after they screwed us in the first place – and holding us for ransom vis-a-vis “cancellation of order” for additional $25.

    I have tried everything, contacted their (non-existent) customer service – who don’t return calls, emails, live chat line (too busy most of the time to answer questions), even sent an email to the Owner. I am aghast!

    This company is ripping people off left, right and centre and getting away with it. I have never seen such unethical business practices in all my life.

    Somebody, somewhere, has to do something fast to either shut them down or, at the very least, protect the innocent out there who (like me) inevitably will become entrapped by this giant con game called BloomEx. Thank you for all your efforts to bring this to the public’s attention.

  5. TR

    May 14 2009

    First time using Bloomex to send flowers to a funeral. I spoke on the phone with a customer service rep at length and she confirmed 2 dozen long stem pink roses with baby’s breath to be delivered with vase and card.

    The flowers arrived, but only 22, wrong colour and no baby’s breath.

    When I contacted the online rep, she referred me to company policy about no colour guarantee (the telephone rep had neglected to inform me that her colour guarantee was worthless and that there was a policy which could override her representation).

    They unnecessarily went on to say it was my word against the possible word of the rep and that there were no recordings to prove them wrong. Yikes!!! They would look into the wrong number of flowers.

    Got an email telling me to return the flowers with a $9.99 delivery cost for refund. I replied that I was not going to ask a family going through a death to bundle up their flowers and arrange a return.

    They should have provided some sort of credit for their mistakes. End of story.

    They use the intimidation of having to return the whole order and pay for delivery to avoid providing some kind of compensation for wrong orders.

    This company provides bad orders and it seems terrible customer service.

    I filed a complaint with the BBB, but from the internet I see that Bloomex just ignores it. In the most recent communication to me, their people say there were 24 flowers sent…so they are blowing me off on that too.

    Best advice I think is to advise people before using internet services to Google the company name with the word “complaints”. That should warn off the most trusting potential customer.

    And I would hope you will keep your complaints blog open, so it can be updated with further incidents. The apparent adversarial, almost paranoid, attitude of the owner saying that most of the complaints are from competitors, his refusal to deal with BBB complaints, the lengthy disclaimer policy online which even excuses them from delays in delivery, the punitive return policy, and their boasting online of 99.7% satisfaction (wonder how they reach this figure without a customer survey following service) is evidence of how nasty this company is to deal with and the attitude which permeates its service.

  6. Lior

    May 14 2009

    It appears that nothing has changed over at Bloomex. A thread was created on the very popular Red Flag Deals forums shortly before Mother’s Day where people were asking about ordering from them, and I did my best to warn them. Hopefully they heeded the advice, as it clear that the only thing Bloomex wants is your money without really delivering anything in return.

  7. Anna

    May 28 2009

    Some dubious practices from Bloomex.

    Some people posting from the Ukraine in Europe have been posting on my blog, “bigging up” bloomex.

    Could this be some sort of paid attempt at PR from Bloomex?

    Quite disappointed with that sort of behaviour!

  8. Karl

    Jun 11 2009

    I tried getting a chargeback but they would not give it to me because I did receive the flowers, even if they were late and in poor condition.

    I am in the process of getting Bloomex to take the flowers back and give me a refund, but they will be charging $10 for this experience.

  9. Brian

    Aug 17 2009

    Everything was fine with the order and flowers were beautiful. Very good timing as she was just walking in the door!I have a very happy friend indeed!

  10. Lucy Kukac

    Aug 29 2009

    Sent an arrangement to a funeral home for a family member. You can never imagine the embarrassment I felt when I saw this wretched excuse for a flower arrangement. It was not the arrangement that I ordered and all the flowers were dead.

    When I called to complain, they asked for a picture, which I did not have, so they will not do anything about it.

    I am $84 out of pocket for this and $170 for the new arrangement I sent to the home to try to recapture my credibility

  11. Ed Strapagiel

    Sep 3 2009

    These stories are both maddening and heart-breaking.

    Buying flowers isn’t like buying socks. When you send flowers to someone, the weight of the emotions attached is far heavier than the flowers themselves.

    My wife has her own flower shop, and we also worry that experiences like these will put people off buying flowers altogether.

    Nevertheless, the bottom line is still that consumers have to watch out for themselves when buying anything online. This is especially so when it comes to flowers because of certain features of the florist business.

    There is an article about this. For those who would like to know what to watch out for, plus get a few practical tips on how to protect yourself, please see Consumer Beware!.

  12. Laura Rohatinsky

    Sep 16 2009

    From Singapore, A VERY unhappy customer:

    I tried to deliver flowers to my mother in Calgary, Canada on September 12th. I left the address, a contact number and the time when the flowers should be delivered and on what day.

    When the flowers were not delivered, I emailed the “we care” email address and told them the flowers were never delivered.

    After a few emails, I told them to contact my father who would then set up a different time and day for the flowers to be delivered. A representative called my father and they figured out a time and date for the flowers to be delivered (again). This was three days after they were supposed to be delivered.

    The BloomEx rep asked if the flowers could be left on the front door step. What kind of flower company asks a client if the live flowers can be dropped off and abandoned on the front door step?

    My father said “no, please deliver them at the time I have provided and we will be home.”

    The flowers never came.

    Another two days passed and endless phone messages and emails from me resulted in a management email explaining that UPS delivered the flowers. I was given the tracking order and that was it. UPS just dropped the flowers off on the doorstep (according to the tracking).

    My parents NEVER received the flowers and I was charged the full amount for something I never received. They stole my money, they treated me like I was a pest, and they were completley unorganized, uncaring, and impersonal.

    It has been quite a while since I have come across such a horrible place of business. It’s a shame. I hope somebody reads this and saves themselves time and money by NEVER ORDERING FROM BLOOMEX!!! What a terrible company.

  13. Jessie Wynant

    Sep 29 2009

    I have just had the most frustrating and disappointing experience with Bloomex. I placed an order on Friday AM of flowers for a death in the family and was promised delivery on that Friday. It is now Tuesday and still no flowers have shown up.

    I have tried contacting Bloomex many, many times. I have written emails, I have tried cancelling the order etc. etc., all to no avail.

    I wish I had seen this website before I started all this. I have lodged a complaint with RBC Visa and I hope that Visa cuts this company off.

  14. Steve Vigneault

    Oct 10 2009

    My brother-in-law Colin, who is currently posted in Afghanistan, ordered the blue ribbon basket from Bloomex.

    The list of items included in the basket bore only a passing resemblance to what was listed on the site. The selection of “gourmet nuts” amounted to one 150 gm bag of PLANTERS SUNFLOWER SEEDS AND A 23 GM BAG OF BLUE DIAMOND ALMONDS.

    One of the staff must have taken an airplane trip recently and pocketed the snacks!

    The gourmet coffee was 5 generic teabags, which looked like they came from the same dollar store where most of the other contents were purchased. I’m not kidding. At least 3 items in the basket actually had “imported by Dollarama” written on them.

    To say we are ticked is putting it mildly. The jumbo box of truffles contained exactly 2. I would hate to see the small!

    My 8 year old dog could have done a better job of wrapping this package than whoever did so. I could go on, but you get the idea.

    Oh, by the way, did I mention the package arrived 3 DAYS AFTER her birthday? Avoid these idiot ripoff artists at all costs.

  15. Karen

    Oct 11 2009

    I worked part time at Bloomex for Christmas last year. Substitution was the policy.

    For gift baskets, you put the same number of items in the basket as there are in the description. If someone orders a cookie basket with 10 items, you put 10 random packages of cookies in, but they aren’t the cookies in the description. They are cheap dollar store cookies and candy.

    If there’s no cookies left, you just substitute canned tuna or something. Most of the stuff was from the dollar store. I think it would cost less if the customers just buy their own food from the dollar store, cuz then you could spend $10 on the basket instead of $50.

    The flowers also sucked really bad. They made horrible and ugly bouquets and would put them in a box and send them with Canpar shipping, which is like Fedex but cheaper.

    We had to make them really fast, because customers always complained their flowers would arrive frozen and dead. Bloomex would just resend another bunch of half dead flowers every time they complained until they gave up complaining.

    They didn’t have good flowers because they were cheap flowers that got shipped from Ecuador without water. I’m really embarrassed I ever worked there.

    Did you also know they bought, so that when people Google “Bloomex Complaints” they get that website, which just takes them to the Bloomex website?

    It’s a good thing this blog comes up as the first hit instead, so people can know the truth.

  16. Karen

    Oct 11 2009

    I’m not sure how accurate these numbers are, but here is some phone numbers for Bloomex warehouses, so you can talk to a production manager if you can speak enough Russian:

    Ottawa: (819) 483-1407
    Montreal: (514) 877-0200
    Vancouver: (604) 325-3066

    If you call the numbers on their website, you just get the 1-800 customer service people.

  17. Tammy K

    Oct 21 2009

    Hi Ellen,

    Please read my previous complaint for details of my order,

    I was not rendered the product ordered, so instead they offered a credit toward a future order purchase (via email).

    When I was in touch with VISA, they informed me that this is the way Bloomex covers itself. VISA cannot dispute these cases unless the company does not produce or offer the service or product that was paid for. They offered a credit instead.

    As I did not want any future orders with this company, I chose to pay the $25 cancellation fee. I assumed this cost to avoid the entire cost of $109.41.

    Simply appalling! I paid $25 for what?….zero product and total humiliation. I expected to see the flowers at the funeral home, only to learn later by email that the delivery date had been changed to Monday!

  18. nick18880

    Nov 11 2009

    It seems to me that much of the info being presented here is one sided. Perhaps if you are publishing all these complaints for 2 years now, you should let happy customers speak as well. Clearly the company is doing well enough to continue, so there must be happy customers out there somewhere.

  19. BF

    Nov 12 2009

    I live in England. On Oct. 20, 2009, I ordered a $140 (US) hamper for my 86 year old mother’s birthday – to be delivered to her address in Nova Scotia on Nov. 10.

    I paid extra to have it delivered in the morning when I knew someone would be with her to accept it.

    On Oct. 22, I received an ‘Order Status’ email thath essentially confirmed that everything was okay – no worries, they have my money.

    The hamper didn’t arrive and it still hasn’t arrived two days later.

    I contacted Bloomex, only to be told that my mother lives in a remote area – just outside Halifax – and they couldn’t deliver there on the 10th.

    They didn’t offer an apology, but 30 minutes later I did receive a new email to say that my order ‘Status’ had changed. They refunded the money I’d paid to have it delivered in the morning of the 10th.

    I’m a businessman, I appreciate that things can go wrong, but I don’t under stand how Bloomex can accept an order which they know they are unable to deliver.

    I guess the remote area where my mother lives requires a dog-sleigh to get to at this time of the year.

    I’m going to share my experience wherever I can. Certainly I’ll try to ensure that none of my very large extended family ever use Bloomex — and try to persuade the 11,000 plus colleagues in our company that they shouldn’t either.

  20. Kim

    Nov 14 2009

    I ordered orange and deep blue gerberas, lilies and irises, and got pastel pink cheap carnations. I hate carnations. The company refuses to refund or replace. I thought it might be too late to have my credit card credited, but I’m going to try, seeing as they refuse to deal with the BBB, who have 388 complaints registered, and an “F” rating.

  21. Cheryl Moore

    Nov 30 2009

    I placed an order for a Super Deluxe Basket to send to my aunt after my uncle passed away. I paid extra money for next morning delivery so they would be at the funeral home after that time.

    My aunt had never mentioned anything, so I asked if she received it four days later. No, of course, she didn’t receive it.

    So I asked for confirmation from the customer service team. They said that it was attempted, left at the door, but seeing my aunt didn’t receive it they would send it again (despite their policy that they are not responsible for items that go missing that are left at the door – which makes me think it was never delivered at all!).

    So two days after that, they deliver the basket and more than half of the fruit was rotten, completely rotten and unedible. My aunt threw out what wasn’t good. So apparently that was wrong, as she was supposed to call them, pay $10 for them to come pick it up and replace it.

    Forgive me but when you pay $100 for a basket, it should be on time and it should be edible. Why should the recipient pay $10 to get a replacement of what was sent to them as a gift and should be good to begin with??

    The company refuses to admit any wrongdoing, will not give me a refund, but is willing to send another basket “free of charge”, like they are doing me a favour. If I can have at least one other person not use this company, it would be great and that’s all I ask for.

    Also if you look at the Better Business Bureau, they are given a score of F for not responding to complaints, with over 200 active complaints against them right now. They do not care about their customers at all…DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  22. Julie Taylor

    Dec 8 2009

    Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever received. You don’t have the option to wait in the queue.

    If you are lucky??? enough to reach someone and ask for something, it does not happen.

    They stupidly send you a customer service survey, but don’t respond to any complaints you bring up. Ridiculous!

  23. Brian

    Dec 16 2009

    On Dec. 12, I ordered 3 baskets which were described as:

    “Ring in the season with style by sending our stunning poinsettia basket! A terrific gift for a dinner table, office decoration or to make any holiday decor delightful. Great assortment of extra large poinsettia plants accented with Christmas decorations and greens is arranged in 12″ bamboo basket.”

    They arrived the same day, but that’s where the good part ends. What I received were 3 baskets, each containing 3 medium sized poinsettias – no greenery, no decorations. If I had wanted just poinsettias, I could have bought them at the grocery store and I sure wouldn’t have paid the equivalent of $20 each.

    So, of course, I tried to contact customer service. There was no answer. I then tried chat.

    Eve : How May I help You?
    Brian : Question
    I just received my delivery. However, it’s not what I ordered. It should have been 3 items of LF57-60. There were 3 baskets but they just contain poinsettias; there was no greens or decorations.

    Order number (optional) 00922926

    Eve : Just a second, I’ll check.

    Eve : We are very sorry for this feedback. Thank you for informing us. Will you be so kind to send us the picture of the product received at our e-mail address,, for us to be able to investigate this matter? (If this is the case, we will send you a new order free of charge).

    Brian : OK, I’ll send it shortly. Should it go to anyone’s attention?

    Eve : Yes, I’ll inform the manager and she will investigate this matter.

    The photo was sent and I received no reply. I followed up with emails, which have been ignored. I tried “customer service” again, but got no one. I left a message, but heard nothing back.

    And to add insult to injury, the poinsettias are now losing their leaves almost faster than I can pick them up from the floor.

    This company seems to work on the principle that if the order is OK, then they can breathe a sigh of relief. But if there is a problem, they figure they’ll just ignore it because there isn’t much recourse for the person who was ripped off. Total scam.

    They should change their email from wecare to wedontgiveafatratsass.

  24. Kristyn

    Dec 28 2009

    I recently sent flowers to a friend via Bloomex. I also spoke to an order taker, who assured me the flowers would be there that day. I paid extra for same day delivery.

    Two days later, they arrived. I was so embarrassed. Furthermore, I never received any receipt/confirmations and I was unable to track my flowers online.

    I have sent them numerous emails and voicemails since this incident took place a couple of weeks ago. I have yet to hear anything.

    I plan on launching an investigation with Amex to see what they can do to help.

    Bottom line: Bloomex is terrible!!

  25. EK

    Jan 26 2010

    I had the worst experience I have ever had with any company!! I see most of you have had the same experience that I had. I URGE ALL OF YOU TO CONTACT THE BETTER BUREAU!!!! I have but the more people who do the better chance we all have.

  26. Claude Milot

    Feb 2 2010

    I ordered and paid for flowers that were never delivered. I tried to communicate with customer service, left many messages on phone and email, no answers.

    A number of days after, still not received the flowers. Nightmare, worst company ever.

  27. Sean L

    Feb 5 2010

    Wow, I wish I had seen all this prior to my order.

    Just 2 days ago, I ordered some flowers to be delivered to my girlfriend for her birthday. Surprise and surprise, they didn’t get delivered on time or within their so called delivery time of 12-5.

    They claim the flowers were delivered at 5:45 pm, but seeing how most offices including my girlfriends close at 5:00, how can that be???

    Their customer service manager (if you want to call it that) Sarah couldn’t provide any details and told me no one signed for the delivery!!!

    So instead of doing the right thing and offering me either a full refund or even half my money back, they offered $10 and a 15% discount on my next order with them. What a joke!!

    I asked Sarah to speak to her supervisor and she said no one was there and they were not there to speak to customers or me. Previous to that, when I was trying to speak to their customer service, I was hung up on.

    All I can do now is spread the word about this company and try to get my money back through Visa. I still don’t have the flowers and my girlfriend’s birthday surprise was ruined!

  28. Louise

    Feb 17 2010

    Wow, So on Feb 12th 2010 my husband decided that he was going to send me flowers for Valintines day with Ballons and a teddy bear. Well the flowers arrived, DEAD and FROZEN and there was 1 Ballon that was just plain red and deflated. I have called everyday and my husband has emailed and called them everyday….and NOTHING has happened. I hope that this company gets what they deserve and that is to be put out of business.

  29. Terrie

    Feb 17 2010

    My sister was diagnosed with cancer. I was in a position to take care of her, driving her to treatment and doctor’s appointments and staying with her all day as the effects of chemo and radiation took their toll.

    Early on, and in thanks, she sent me a chocolate ‘bouquet’ from Bloomex (Sept. 9, 2009). Needless to say, we got the wrong order. Customer service was of little help. To date, I have not received the chocolates nor a refund.

    I won’t bore you with the details, we all have our own, but Visa tried their best and although they agree the situation is suspicious, they were not able to refund our order. What a shame.

    Visa did say that if there are a large number of complaints regarding a specific vendor, they can discontinue the vendor’s ability to use Visa as a credit supplier. I will be following up with Visa International at I am aware I may not get far, but I will try.

    As well, I will also contact the Better Business Bureau in B.C. at their web site: . And I will continue to spread the word about how terrible this company is, 100% Canadian or not.

  30. Terrie

    Feb 17 2010

    Here’s what the Better Business Bureau has to say about Bloomex:

    BBB Rating

    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.

    Reasons for this rating include:

    •402 complaints filed against business
    •Failure to respond to 289 complaints filed against business.
    •28 complaints filed against business that were not resolved.
    •Overall complaint history with BBB.
    •Length of time business has taken to resolve complaint(s).
    •Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.

    Click here for an explanation of BBB Ratings

    Also, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB due to its decision to not accept or respond to complaints from the BBB.

    The company has advised our office that they will not be responding to any complaint filed through the BBB. That does not mean they will not respond directly to the consumer.

  31. Susan

    Mar 22 2010


    I ordered flowers on Dec. 17th for a Christmas gift for friends in Ottawa. The flowers were delivered and as no one was home, it was left on their front steps in -20 degrees weather.

    When I called the next day to complain, I was advised that a refund was issued and I would get a credit on my MasterCard.

    The website stated that they needed a picture of the dead flowers. Pictures have now been sent in 3 times and still no refund.

    Well it’s now March 20th, and after another email, I am now being told they can only issue a store credit for this order. It’s too late for a refund in accordance with their policies.

    It’s amazing how companies can change their policy, not advise people and not update their website.

  32. Manon

    Apr 22 2010

    Say it with flowers …
    Sorry for this traduction, but I wanted to write my adventure with the very bad company Bloomex.
    I did deliver a beautiful arrangement of flowers to my parents for their wedding anniversary on behalf of the bouquet basket of joy … my parents have rather received flowers in a pot from the dollar store. The flowers were wilted and withered. I am very disappointed with their service! The flowers were late by the company Canpar. I am surprised to discover that the Canadian Cancer Society is a partner of this site.

    Bloomex still draws money from consumers’ pockets and then give the money fraudulently taken from a company that may tarnish?
    It was seeing that Bloomex partner of cancer that I decided to order flowers! I did not distrusted!
    Another very interesting story here:
    CBC link or a story talks about Bloomex …

    I’m sorry to read your stories! It’s so heartbreaking to see people as dishonest abuse of other emotions.

    For my part, I will order ever online flower after this experience!

    Mon texte en français:
    Dites-le avec des fleurs…
    Désolée d’écrire mon message en français mais je tenais à écrire mon aventure avec la très mauvaise compagnie Bloomex.
    J’ai fait livrer un bel arrangement de fleurs à mes parents pour leur anniversaire de mariage le nom du bouquet panier de joie…mes parents ont plutôt reçus des fleurs dans un pot provenant du dollarama. Les fleurs étaient flétries et fanées. Je suis très déçue de leur service! Les fleurs sont arrivées en retard par la compagnie canpar. Je m’étonne de découvrir que la société canadienne du cancer est partenaire de ce site.

    Bloomex puise tout de même de l’argent des poches des consommateurs pour ensuite donner l’argent pris de façon frauduleuse à une compagnie qu’il risque d’entacher?
    C’est en voyant que Bloomex était partenaire de la société du cancer que j’ai décidé de passer ma commande de fleurs! Je ne me suis pas méfiée!
    Un autre reportage très intéressant ici:
    lien ou CBC dans un reportage parle de Bloomex …

    Je suis désolée de lire vos histoires! C’est si navrant de voir des gens aussi malhonnêtes abuser des émotions des autres.

    Pour ma part, je ne commanderai plus jamais de fleurs en ligne après cette expérience!

  33. John

    May 1 2010

    I read carefully posts here. Looks like company is getting about 3 unhappy customer per month. For this is a good indicator: Company is big enough to have few unhappy customers and reliable enough to stay in business for 5 years or so.

  34. Eva

    May 8 2010

    Same horrible storie!!

    I ordered a mothers day bouquet at 9:30am so that they would be delivered the same day at my mothers work place. Around 6pm i still haden’t received a call from my mother thanking me so i automaticly knew something was wrong.
    I had to ruin the surprise nad ask her if she received embarassing..Nothing was ever delivered!
    I tried calling customer service, tried emails and so far nothing. I am extremely upset, i’ve paid over 50$ for nothing.And to top it off i find all theses blogs saying that Bloomex is a scam..I only wish people would take the time to look up the company before ordering..Would of saved me a great deal of time and headaches!!
    Beware of terrible service and don’t expect your money back either!! Hope that with this email, it can help close their bussiness.


  35. Anthony

    May 17 2010

    Same story;

    Put an order in with Bloomex. No delivery. Unable to get in contact with anyone from the company for over a week now. No responses to voicemails, emails, nothing.

    The online operator dropped my chat session when I pushed to have someone call me back.

    Filed a chargeback with my credit card company.

  36. Suzie

    May 17 2010

    I agree, this is the worst Company I have never deal with on the internet ! Just BS.

  37. Lan

    May 27 2010


    Wow, I am just blown away by how bad this company’s policies are. HORRIBLE customer service. Here’s my experience.

    I ordered the “Classic Fruit Basket” from Bloomex on May 23rd to have it delivered on May 25th. I had it delivered to myself, so that I could give it to the person myself.

    My girlfriend was home that day, so I told her to wait for the delivery, which shouldn’t be any later than 5 pm (according to their website). I call her at 6 pm to find out that the basket hadn’t been delivered. I call Bloomex and was assured that someone would call me back that day. Nothing.

    I call back a few times the next day, left messages, nothing. Then I get home to see the Bloomex box on my doorstep. When I opened it, I found it to be completely the wrong basket!

    The “Classic Fruit Basket” is supposed to contain: 1 pineapple, 2 bunches of grapes, 4 bananas, 4 apples, 4 pears, 3 oranges, 2 nectarines, small cut flower bouquet.

    Instead, this is what I got: 4 tiny old oranges, 4 pears, 4 apples and 3 chocolate bars. NO FLOWERS!!

    So I called Blooomex and, of course, complaints just go straight to voicemail. Again I left messages and nothing.

    The next day I had to call their Sales line to actually speak to someone. They said they couldn’t help me, as they were on the “Sales” line. When I pushed to have a manager call me back, I was disconnected.

    FINALLY, a few hours later, a Bloomex complaints manager called me back to say, “We reserved the right to replace any items in your basket, with other items of equal value, if we didn’t have any of the items in stock”.

    So I asked her: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This is a completely different basket that I ordered, and what about the bouquet of Flowers??”

    She just repeats the Bloomex policy to me and tells me “You really should read the fine-print before calling in with a complaint”.

    They refused to exchange or refund me for this basket and now I’m stuck giving my friend her birthday gift-basket 3 days belated. Thanks Bloomex!

    All I can do now is file as many complaints as I can and post as much as I can about this company. If my posts can even stop 2 potential customers from ordering, then I will be happy.

  38. Marion

    May 27 2010

    I received flowers via Bloomex on Mother’s Day from my daughter in Edmonton.

    They had been frozen. The yellow roses were edged with brown, the lilies were brown and wilted and never did open. They were packed in a box that was far too small.

    I had to throw the whole lot out two days later. I later found out that my daughter had ordered a medley of mixed plants, not at all what I received.

    I have sent several emails to the company and now, 16 days later, I have yet to hear from them.

    I hope after seeing so many complaints registered that someone can put this rotten firm out of business. Thanks for the opportunity to vent.


    Hi Ellen,

    Today, Wednesday, I received from Bloomex a replacement for the dead flowers, but if you could have seen them, you may have had a good laugh.

    There was a box on my doorstep and when I opened it, I found a very cheap basket lined with cellophane, no less, with a little soil in it and four small plants lying on top, roots exposed.

    The rest of the soil was in the bottom of the box. Had I not returned home before noon, the plants would have been dead with the heat.

    There was not enough soil in total to cover the roots of the plants and it was dry.

    Well, I guess we live and learn.

  39. Lise

    May 27 2010

    I have a complaint with I found your blog and read all of the complaints. I wish I had done my research sooner.


    Dimitri and Michelle:

    I would like to escalate to you directly. I have reached a breaking point after repeatedly trying to resolve this through your complaint mechanism.

    I ordered a bouquet of flowers for my elderly housebound mother on Friday, May 7th (order 1009735), paying the premium to have a Mother’s Day delivery. The order did not arrive.

    I complained on Monday, May 10th, and the response back was that the order was delivered. I explained that my mother is housebound and it’s impossible for her not to be home. I had spoken several times with her that day.

    The order then showed up on Tuesday, May 11th. I complained again and received a note that internal systems indicated that the order was delivered (which it was not) and that Bloomex sent a “free of charge” make up order.

    The original order was not delivered, so a “free of charge” make up order is insulting to me.

    I responded and explained this and got a $4.99 refund for my premium paid, which was not acceptable. The final offer was $10 off on my next order.

    I would like a full refund for all of the trouble I have had to go through.

    I have a endured a lot of disappointment already, first with the late delivery to my mother and now with your company’s poor customer service.

    I understand mistakes happen and would have been able to forgive the error had I been treated respectfully instead of being made to feel like I am being dishonest.

    I am a high school teacher and have better uses of my time than writing complaint letters.

    Here’s the email I got from Bloomex on May 13:

    From: BloomEx
    Sent: Thu, May 13, 2010 10:14:54 AM
    Subject: Order Status Change: Your Order 1009735

    Hi, LISE

    The Status of your Order No. 1009735 has been changed.

    Comments on your Order:

    Thank you for your message. We do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you endured during the process of this order.

    Due to the sheer volume of orders for Mother’s Day, some complications did occur for deliveries destined outside our production area.

    We employed special couriers to aid in the delivery of the Mother’s Day order on May 9th. Our records indicate that this order was delivered by the courier on May 9th.

    Since your claims of non delivery, we resent a new order to your recipient again free of charge, and refunded you the delivery surcharge for deliveries on Mother’s Day.

    Please accept this coupon for $10 off your next order. Thank you for your patronage.

    Michelle, Bloomex Customer Service Manager

  40. Ken C

    Jun 4 2010

    Wish I had seen this before I used Bloomex!! I ordered flowers for my sister-in-laws funeral yesterday & got a call today telling me they could not deliver in time.I asked them to cancel the order & was told I had to pay a $25 cancellation fee, BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T DELIVER !So much for same day delivery… praying on grieving families,DISGUSTING !!!!!

  41. Mike

    Jun 23 2010

    I was planning to place a large order of flowers with Bloomex for our upcoming wedding; we’re planning to order hundreds if not thousands of flowers.

    Reading about the horrendous service record of Bloomex captured on this blog saved me. Thank you!

  42. Rob Munday

    Jul 6 2010

    Like many others, I ordered from Bloomex for flower delivery on Mother’s Day of this year (2010). The flowers did not arrive as promised.

    I called my order in and the first issue I have with them is that I googled for a florist in Etobicoke and Bloomex popped up with a 416 area code number, so I called that. At no point did they mention they were situated in Ottawa and had I known that I would have called a local florist instead.

    Then I told them my selection for the arangement I wanted delivered and confirmed that this would be delivered on Sunday for Mother’s Day (I called the order in on Friday May 7th). They assured me it would be there and sure enough Mother’s Day came and went.

    I then tried to contact them and was put through the whole customer service b.s. they are famous for. In the end, I requested a refund but they kept telling me they wanted to deliver the flowers after the fact.

    I expressly indicated I did not want the flowers since they were late and again requested a refund. So in the end they ended up delivering the flowers 4 or 5 days later out of the blue.

    Unfortunately, the flowers were accepted and I was unsuccessful at getting my refund through Visa (since the flowers eventually got delivered).

    All I can say is that the way this company operates is a total scam and they should be ashamed of how they conduct business.

    I am hopeful that there are some people out there with enough clout to put these guys under and I will certainly do my part do spread the bad word about Bloomex.



  43. Petraeus Prime

    Jul 12 2010

    Try or simply this year.

  44. JPower

    Jul 15 2010

    BBB Reliability Report for
    Bloomex Inc.

    BBB Rating F

    Ratings ExplanationEnd Business Review Header
    BBB issues Reliability Reports on all businesses, whether or not they are BBB accredited. If a business is a BBB Accredited Business, it is stated in this report.

    Find out more about this business:
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    BBB Accreditation

    This business is not a BBB Accredited Business.

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    BBB Rating

    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.
    Reasons for this rating include:

    * 443 complaints filed against business
    * Failure to respond to 336 complaints filed against business.
    * 29 complaints filed against business that were not resolved.
    * Overall complaint history with BBB.
    * Length of time business has taken to resolve complaint(s).
    * Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.

    Click here for an explanation of BBB Ratings

    Also, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB due to its decision to not accept or respond to complaints from the BBB.

    The company has advised our office that they will not be responding to any complaint filed through the BBB. That does not mean they will not respond directly to the consumer.

    Back to top

    Business Contact and Profile
    Name: Bloomex Inc.
    Phone: (613) 228-7673 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (613) 228-7673 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Fax: (613) 228-7643
    Address: 9 Capella Court, Unit 1
    Nepean, ON K2E 8A7
    Original Business Start Date: January 2004
    Principal: Mr. Dimitri Lokhonia, President
    Customer Contact: Mr. Dimitri Lokhonia, President – (613) 228-7673 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (613) 228-7673 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Incorporated: ON
    Type of Business: Florists-Retail
    BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.

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    Customer Complaint History

    When considering complaint information, please take into account the company’s size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm’s responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.

    BBB processed a total of 443 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period. Of the total of 443 complaints closed in 36 months, 115 were closed in the last year.
    Contract Issues
    No Response
    1 – Company indicated it will not resolve consumer issues through BBB process.

    Billing or Collection Issues
    2 – Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to BBB.
    No Response
    1 – Company failed to respond to BBB to resolve or address the complaint issues.
    4 – Company indicated it will not resolve consumer issues through BBB process.

    Delivery Issues
    27 – Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to BBB.
    6 – Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.
    2 – Company resolved the complaint issues, but not within BBB’s timeframe.
    4 – Company resolved the complaint issues, but not within BBB’s timeframe. The Complainant acknowledged acceptance to BBB.
    16 – Company failed to resolve the complaint issues through BBB voluntary and self-regulatory process.
    Administratively Closed
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    Customer Service Issues
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    1 – Company resolved the complaint issues, but not within BBB’s timeframe. The Complainant acknowledged acceptance to BBB.
    1 – Company failed to resolve the complaint issues through BBB voluntary and self-regulatory process.
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    No Response
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    10 – Company failed to resolve the complaint issues through BBB voluntary and self-regulatory process.
    No Response
    16 – Company failed to respond to BBB to resolve or address the complaint issues.
    115 – Company indicated it will not resolve consumer issues through BBB process.

    Refund or Exchange Issues
    4 – Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to BBB.
    1 – Company resolved the complaint issues, but not within BBB’s timeframe. The Complainant acknowledged acceptance to BBB.
    2 – Company failed to resolve the complaint issues through BBB voluntary and self-regulatory process.
    Administratively Closed
    1 – BBB determined that despite the company’s reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.
    No Response
    20 – Company indicated it will not resolve consumer issues through BBB process.
    1 – Company failed to respond to BBB to resolve or address the complaint issues.

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    BBB Reliability Reports generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Reliability Reports are subject to change at any time.

    If you choose to do business with this business, please let the business know that you contacted BBB for a BBB Reliability Report.

    ID: 26205
    Report as of July 15, 2010 14:14
    Copyright© 2010 Better Business Bureau

  45. Brenda

    Aug 11 2010

    I wish that I would have done my homework on this so called good company before ordering from them.

    On August 4th, 2010 I had placed an order to be sent out to one of our employees who just had a baby. I too, received confirmation emails in regard to the order. I ordered a lovely bouquet of flowers with a teddy bear, card and balloons, but they received only the flowers.

    I phoned Bloomex and complained that these items were missing; they apologized and promised that they would resend at no cost to me the next day. Friday, Saturday and Sunday came and went still nothing.

    Phoned again on Monday, now the 9th of August, and once again they apologized and promised they would be delivered that afternoon. I received a confirmation that they would be delivered that afternoon. I was so happy that finally our employee and family would have their gift.

    Guess what? Nothing was delivered again. On Tuesday I phoned and complained. They responded by saying that their flower order did not come in so they were unable to make the delivery, but they had just received a fresh bunch of flowers and they would make sure they received them this afternoon.

    Now 7 days have passed since the original order was placed. I phoned and requested that someone phone me back. Finally, this girl phones by the name of Michelle. I said that I didn’t want to blow a gasket at her as she is just someone taking calls, so I asked to speak to her manager or supervisor. She said, “I am the supervisor.

    I explained the situation to her and asked for my credit card to be credited the full amount. She said that she will have to get a hold of the courier to see what has happened>

    I her to call me back ASAP. About a half hour later, she phoned to tell me that they the courier didn’t know what happened to the order so she said “they would only credit the cost of the balloons and teddy bear.”

    I told her I felt that I should have been credited the full amount, as they did not provide the service that they committed to, but to no avail,.

    So now I sit and wait to see if they even do credit me the charge of the balloons and teddy bear.

    Disgruntled consumer

  46. Brenda

    Aug 12 2010



    So yesterday afternoon I receive an email from Bloomex stating that have credited me for the balloons and teddy bear.

    This morning our employee comes to me to tell me that they received the balloons and teddy bear last night. I thought great that was nice of them to send those things as well as credited me for the items.

    Ok, I have had it with Bloomex you won’t believe what just happened today!

    As the day went on our employee comes to my office around 2:30pm to tell me that this company[BLOOMEX]just sent a courier to the home of our employee asking the lady of the house to give back the flowers…………can you believe it! What company in their right mind would do such a thing………..especially one that has 411 complaints with BBB? Are they out of their minds? I think this company is in great need of psychological help………..on second thought I think they are beyond help.



  47. ZG

    Aug 22 2010

    On August 17, 2010 I placed an order through the website of Bloomex.

    I paid for morning delivery, the website states that morning delivery is between 9 a.m. and noon.

    The order was to be delivered on August 20, 2010.
    The delivery person arrived to the delivery location after 1:00 p.m. The office was already closed. The delivery person said that he looked in the phonebook for the last name of the recipient. He called to the parents of the recipient (my parents in law) and my mother in law received the flowers.

    The flowers were supposed to be delivered to my sister in law, she does not live with her parents, this means that she did not receive the flowers directly.

    Before knowing all this, I called Bloomex 3 times after noon asking if the flowers had beeen delivered on time. I left 3 messages asking to please return my call. Finally at 5:22 p.m. I received an email saying just that the flowers had been delivered.

    I found out all the details about the failure when I spoke with my mother in law that evening.

    I called Bloomex to complain. A Senior customer service representative called me and told me that Bloomex does not guarantee morning delivery. She said that they will not return my money. She did not even know that the flowers had been delivered to another location/another person.

    Bloomex failed on returning my call about the status of the delivery, the delivery time, the recipient and the treatment of the complaint.

    I must say that they have a very poor customer service. They should be out of business.
    I wish I had known about their bad reputation before placing the order.

  48. Valerie

    Aug 31 2010

    I don’t understand the people who ordered from the companies with bad reputation over and over again. There are a lot of others companies out there to order flowers from. Enigma Florist same-day flowers delivery.

  49. Liza

    Sep 23 2010

    To Lan,

    Count me as one of the 2 potential customers you wished to stop doing business with Bloomex.

    Thanks to all of you who took the time to let others know how Bloomex treats its customers. Upon receiving email confirmation for my order, I decided to look up Bloomex reviews and did not like what I found. I responded to the email right away cancelling my order and now am keeping my fingers crossed that they would not charge my credit card.

    Thanks Ellen, for this site!

  50. Mickey Shea

    Sep 30 2010

    I sent — or rather, I tried to send — a basket of fruit and chocolate through Bloomex to my mother and sister-in-law to the Ste-Justine hospital in Montreal where they were caring for my nephew while he underwent a bone marrow transplant.

    Bloomex shipped through Canpar, and even though I had specified the department, floor, room number and name of my nephew, it never made it there. My sister-in-law and a nurse looked for it all over the hospital without success.

    Bloomex never answered any of my queries so I turned to Canpar. They had dropped the basket off in shipping at the hospital and only gotten an illegible first name as a signature, so it was impossible to track it down. Shipping said they had no record of the package and it was against hospital policy to deliver items within the hospital.

    So basically Canpar just dropped it off at the first convenient spot without checking to see if it would be delivered to the recipient in the hospital and didn’t even get a full name. The illegible-first-name guy probably ate it.

    Canpar wouldn’t help me because they said they had delivered it to the hospital, not caring that it had never reached the person it was sent to. But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, as far as I’m concerned.

    It’s like they delivered a package to an apartment building and dropped it off with the plumber in the furnace room, instead of taking it to the apartment, or making sure it would get there. And of course, Bloomex completely ignored dozens of attempts to contact them.

    Canpar is as bad as Bloomex, and paired together, they’re a nightmare.

    I didn’t know you could go through the credit card company to get a chargeback. I will remember that next time.

  51. Stacey

    Nov 16 2010

    I have used on many occasions and have been very happy with them. They are out of Niagara Falls and have great customer service.

  52. David Patridge

    Nov 16 2010

    It is unfortunate that 1-800-Flowers has allowed Bloomex to run its business within Canada. I wish that I had known about these issues prior to using 1-800-Flowers to send an arrangement to my parents.

    I had issues of late delivery (3 days, when it was promised same day) and an extremely unhelpful website. Apparently, traffic from the 1-800-Flowers USA website is secretly diverted to Bloomex when the order is in Canada and then the USA site can’t help you with a service complaint.

    Bloomex goes to voicemail and nobody calls back. I used the Chat help line and had the agent be not only unhelpful but rude.

    When I complained that the service wasn’t up to snuff, they texted “you’re welcome” and then signed off!!

    I will never use them again and will tell everyone I can not to use them!

  53. Ella

    Nov 17 2010

    Bloomex does have terrible customer service, experienced myself last Mother’s Day as well. The flowers were delivered, but were not what I ordered, and were delivered late. After e-mailing and calling customer service on several occasions, no response.

    Ridiculous a company like this can stay in business.

  54. Ashley

    Jan 4 2011

    NEVER order from Bloomex! They are absolutely terrible to deal with!

    I ordered my flowers wholesale through them for my wedding in June 2009. I placed the order in April 2008, and received a notification on June 5, 2008 that my flower order would be shipped the following day.

    I frantically got on the phone and left a message saying that the order was for the following year, not 2008. Someone got back to me and put a hold on the order.

    A few days later, I notice my credit card had been charged for the order. I called back and spoke to a nasty customer service rep named Michelle. She was very rude about it, and after much explanation, finally reversed the charges.

    In 2009 when I called to confirm the order a few months prior to my wedding, Michelle was no longer there and I had the displeasure of dealing with a different guy. He was unfriendly and not very helpful.

    I SHOULD have canceled my order then. I really wish I had.

    Two days prior to my wedding, the roses I ordered for my centerpieces were to be delivered by 12 pm. No flowers!

    I call and speak to the guy I had been dealing with, and he tells me that he can only guarantee my order would arrive by 5 pm. I was very angry about that because he had promised me my order would be delivered by 12 pm and I had a million and one things to get done that day.

    My mom stayed home and waited for the delivery, which showed up around 4 pm. She called me shortly after, and told me the 200 roses I ordered were brown and wilted and had been shipped without any water.

    The flowers sat in a UPS truck all day in 25C weather with NO WATER! What kind of company ships cut flowers without wet foam on the ends of the flowers, or in buckets?

    Fortunately, my grandmother has a green thumb and managed to salvage most of the flowers.

    I was very upset about this whole thing, and when I called the sales guy he was extremely rude and said in his 20 years of floral service he has never had any complaints about flowers not being shipped in water!

    Absolutely horrible to deal with!! Stay far far away!

  55. tony ross

    Jan 13 2011

    Looks like they are doing quite a big volume and number 1 by Google product rating in Canada.

    Every company does mistakes. If they stay in business and get all these big name partners, they do a good job.

    As for me, I would go with the company. It is better to deal with national online company with effective service and lower price, than overpriced mom & pop store.

  56. mad customer

    Feb 11 2011

    after reading all these complaints the last one strikes me as
    planted to my the company look good, words like national company, mom & pop shop sound like industry lingo……

    it is a real shame that a company can not just fixed there problems instead of adding fake comments…..

    I always use
    there are Canadian company that is also national but customer service is great…..

  57. Bloomex is Terrible

    Feb 14 2011

    Bloomex is a joke!

    As a nice gesture to my wife for Valentine’s day, I paid to have flowers, vase balloon and card sent to her work.

    Flowers were terrible, balloon was not blown up, card was a piece of paper with my message printed crooked!

    I called customer service to get greeted by an 80 year old woman who is being outsourced from her home to take complaints and forward them by e-mail to someone at Bloomex.

    So, fine, talked to her. I got a call back 2 hours later saying, sorry and would fix it by resending my order properly between 12 pm and 5 pm.

    Guess what, it never showed. So on top of being embarassed at work by the poor workmanship of Bloomex, they just lie to you to get you off the phone.

    This is Valentine’s! Thanks for ruining that day, and the embarassment and humiliation.

    I hate Bloomex!

    By the way if anyone wants to know the Owner’s name:

    Dimitri Lokhonia
    President, Bloomex

    I’m working on getting his e-mail and Direct phone number so everyone that’s been ripped off can call him directly.

    Linked in page for Dimitri:


  58. Eric

    Feb 15 2011

    Another lousy Bloomex experience to share. Bought flowers for my wife on the morning of Feb. 14, several hours before 1 pm. Received confirmation and naively thought that everything was set.

    Spoke to my wife later in the day and found out that no flowers arrived.

    At 7 pm, I emailed customer service to complain and was told that delivery can be delayed up to 8 pm on Valentine’s Day. At 9 pm, still no flowers.

    I wrote back and said I wanted the order cancelled for non-delivery and did not want to be charged anything for their shoddy service.

    On the morning on Feb. 15, I received an email saying that my order was under investigation and that the flowers would be delivered today.

    Again, I had to write back and repeat that I did not want the flowers any more. I paid extra to have the flowers delivered. It defeats the purpose of having Valentine’s Day flowers delivered after the actual day.

    By all accounts, the company did not live up to its end of the contract. They clearly violated the same day guarantee promise. There was no act of God to prevent delivery.

    Have not heard back since. But I have already contacted my credit card company to inform them that I will be disputing any charges that come from Bloomex.

    Bloomex is awful.

  59. Alessio

    Feb 15 2011

    I wish I would have read these reviews before I ordered my girlfriend flowers for valentines day.

    They called me and told me it was out of their district and they would be there the next day with an upgraded order.

    They gave me a wrong tracking number for purolator, which is 36 numbers long.

    She still hasn’t received the order and I’m scared of what she is going up get after all these horrible reviews.

    I still haven’t heard from anyone from customer service. I keep getting the answering machine.

  60. james

    Feb 16 2011

    They are still providing the worst services ever!

    why oh why did i not research them before ordering through them.

    i am in round 3 with their lack of customer service department and let me tell you it has been no picnic.

    The owner of this company should be beaten with the dead half assed flowers he sends out to people as well as for his poor customer care.

  61. Sasha

    Feb 20 2011

    Another Valentine’s Day horror story. I ordered Valentine’s Day flowers from Bloomex to be delivered in Vancouver (I live in Ontario). I went online, and decided to pick a blue bouquet, since the flowers were going to a guy. I ordered a vase and some chocolates to go with the order.

    I received a call Valentine’s Day from the recipient, thanking me for the flowers, but he said he was confused as to why I’d sent him an “old lady bouquet.” I was a little confused, so I asked him what he meant. He explained that he was sent a bouquet of pink and orange flowers. I was so embarrassed!

    I got in touch with Bloomex, who advised me that they reserve the right to switch colours, should they not have the colour requested in stock. The problem is not only colour – they didn’t even send the correct flower type!! They advised me that they’ll gladly send a replacement bouquet free of charge. Wow, how embarrassing would that be, to send this guy a 2nd bouquet of Valentine’s flowers, a week after Valentine’s Day! No way!

    I explained to Bloomex that it would be terribly embarrassing to re-send the bouquet, and that I’d just like my money back, since they didn’t send me the VALENTINES flowers I ordered on VALENTINE’S DAY. “Oh, sorry, we don’t issue refunds on flowers that have already been delivered.” What?!?! They didn’t even deliver the flowers I ordered!!

    I’m in the process of seeking a chargeback for the flowers, thru MasterCard, and I will also be posting my review on every website I can. I will be in touch with Dimitri Lokhonia, and I will be posting a BBB complaint (not that they seem to respond to those anyway). Stay away from Bloomex at all costs – they don’t care about their customers, they only care about money.

  62. Monique

    Mar 4 2011

    Hi everyone, no matter if you are American or Canadien…, PLEASE REPORT your story. Here is a link you should all be aware of.

    To report economic crime on-line please click here

    It’s not always easy to spot a scam, and new ones are invented every day.

    If you suspect that you may be a target of fraud, or if you have already sent funds, don’t be embarrassed – you’re not alone.

    If you want to report a fraud, or if you need more information, contact The Canadian Anti- Fraud Centre:

    Toll Free: 1-888-495-8501

    Toll Free Fax: 1-888-654-9426

    To report economic crime on-line please click here

  63. tofuchick

    Apr 12 2011

    Bloomex Nightmare–Mother’s Day ruined!

    My husband lovingly tried to order me flowers for my very first Mother’s Day with this company. What a mistake.

    For one, they delivered the flowers on the WRONG DAY. How a major national company like Bloomex can screw up delivering flowers on Mother’s Day is beyond comprehension, but they delivered the flowers a day early.

    When I opened the box of flowers, over half of them were dead. Not just wilted, but dead.

    The package my husband ordered also came with a chocolate box: Instead of good quality truffles, they sent dollar store liquor bottle chocolates.

    SO…we tried to go through customer service. They would not return calls, or emails, for weeks.

    From a floral perspective, my first Mother’s Day was ruined. They eventually got back to us and, despite pictures of the dead flowers and incorrect chocolates sent, refused to give us a refund.

    They said that they would send replacement flowers, but they never came.

    Customer service was deplorable and exhaustive. Owners should be embarassed.


  64. Dawn Roy

    Apr 13 2011

    So, I ordered flowers even after Bloomex didn’t deliver the correct order I made last year.

    I guess I thought, you know…what are the odds of them screwing up again?

    Well, apparently pretty good.

    My order was scheduled to be delivered yesterday between 12-5 pm. The address I stated was Victoria.

    When I went to Canpar to track my order, it said my flowers were picked up yesterday at around 5.30 pm in Vancouver, so I called Bloomex and left a message.

    Do you think they called me back? Nope. I left that message yesterday and then called this morning. The lady at Bloomex hung up on me and it was not because I was irate…because I wasn’t.

    I sure am now, though!!! NEVER ORDER FROM BLOOMEX!!!!

  65. Nehal

    Apr 30 2011


    I have always used for ordering flowers. They are little tight with prices but atleast you get what you pay for.

    I live in Toronto. I send flowers to my mother all the way in Alberta. My mom liked their flowers. Use this code REDFLAG5 on checkout. I believe on checkout they give you $5 off with that code.


  66. John W

    May 1 2011

    A lot of emotions here but I should leave my word to defend Bloomex: They are working with highly perishable product, timely delivery requests and a lot of emotions.

    I have placed 15 orders with Bloomex for the last 3 years to different parts of the country. I had one late delivery issue to Caronport, SK, but location is very remote. They gave me a credit of delivery fee, though they should not do that based on their terms.

    My advice: be friendly and helpful, and you will get way more in return.

  67. Nikki Stafford

    May 19 2011

    I’m so happy to see that many people are spreading the word about this terrible company. I wish I’d done a quick Google search before using them; it would saved me a lot of anguish.

    Here is my own story, after I had a particularly disheartening conversation with a “customer service” employee from the company yesterday:

    I’ve FB’d it and tweeted it a few times. Keep spreading the word!

  68. sara-gaye warren

    May 21 2011

    my son sent me flowers in sudbury on from halifax n.s. they arrived 2 days late and in very poor shape. after several e-mails, phone calls all over canada I have as yet to talk to anyone in person. I am beyond frustrated…

  69. Madeleine

    Jun 23 2011

    This past Mother’s Day, Bloomex delivered rotten flowers to my mother; when I sent them photos and requested a refund, they accused me of fabricating the photos and refused to issue a refund (I have saved our week long email correspondence).

    Were they not so deeply insulting, Bloomex’s claims would be laughable.

    At the advice of Ellen, I contacted my credit card company and received a chargeback. This is by far the best option; their “customer service” is impenetrable.

  70. jen

    Sep 19 2011

    I have worked with bloomex for the past four years. And i can personally say that no one on this website or anywhere else know JUST how hard it is to work in a massive flower company like this.

    You people are a disgrace. Saying that this company should go out of business. If it were to go out of business, where would my family and i be? Out on the streets, that’s where.

    You people try doing 1000 orders A DAY!! and then see how you like it. It is definitely not as easy as it sounds.

    Try working from 5-30 in the morning till 4-30 in the morning during mothers day. All so we can get the orders out to snotty ungrateful people like you.

    Try it for a while. I GUARANTEE every order someone as unexperienced as you would send out, would be COMPLETELY INCORRECT.


  71. Angie S

    Dec 16 2011

    I wish I would have checked out the history on this company before ordering flowers.

    I ordered a Christmas arrangement that came in a basket for my handicapped mother and she received flowers that needed to put in a vase.

    Also with that order I have given specific instructions to go to the front door as she is unable to walk down stairs. My sister happened to drop by and saw the flowers in the door. Who knows how long they were sitting there.?

    Well, the courier put the flowers between the doors and did not knock. Hence, the flowers got frost bitten. Plus there was no card saying who sent them.

    I called to complain that the order was wrong and that they did not deliver using my instructions. The complaint department did apologize and reissued my original order, but I then asked them to call before delivering.

    Well needless to say again the courier did not call and delivered the flowers to the wrong door. Thankfully my mother heard a noise coming from the side door.

    She looked outside and there goes the courier and they did not knock or call. Being disabled she called a few of the neighbours and thankfully got somoeone to come and bring the flowers to front door.

    I called the complaint department yet again and told them that I was upset that this happened and to make them aware of this issue. All in all she hung up on me. Ridiculous!!

    With this said, I will no longer use Bloomex.

  72. SUSANA

    Mar 14 2012

    Last february I ordered some flowers online for my mother in law with my credit card, which I don’t use too often.
    On march 1st. someone stole my data from Bloomex website and made a purchase for $1500can.
    When my husband did the banking he noticed the purchase from a website in Ontario. We phoned Visa and they told us my card had been compromised from the Bloomex website. I always run a spyware before making purchases, and use a software called Rapport to add more security to my purchases. So, I guess someone in Bloomex is ripping the customers off.
    I’ve been reading the complaints and I’m not the only one!!

  73. aimee

    Jun 22 2012

    OMG. I have never had an experience like this. They sent the flowers, but sent the wrong flowers. They sent the flowers that I specifically did not want.

    I emailed and called customer service. with the pic of the flowers (as requested). They never called me or emailed me.

    I followed up 5 days later and honestly….never…never ….never. They kept saying my pic wasn’t attached and to resend (which I did 4 times). I know it was attached because I sent it to other personal email addresses that got it.

    Impossible to reach someone over the phone unless you press that you want to make an order. the chat person hung up the chat when they realized I was chatting about the same issue and then refused to answer any other service chat requests. (Is there only 1-customer service agent?)

    They left me a voicemail that they didn’t receive any pics from me (impossible) and to email another address. I did that. Surprise! It’s not a real email address.

    I tried calling (no answer). Chatting (no answer). They write my name wrong and their emails don’t really make sense. Then I found this blog.

    I don’t expect perfection. I would have been fine for them to resend the flowers or arrange something. But they can’t be bothered to deal with customers and they give everyone the runaround.

    I’m on the phone with my credit card company and they can’t even get through. Very frustrating.

    I don’t blame the employees. It’s the owner (whoever it is) who clearly tells their ee’s to hang up, give runaround, not reply, give exceptionally poor customer service.

    Nice job, Bloomex We Care. You lost a customer and have so many angry customers that there’s now a blog with hundreds of similar comments. Nice.

  74. Margaret Wright

    Sep 10 2012

    Like all of you, I have had the very same experience with BloomEx (should be BlowsEx)!!!

    Absolutely the worst experience and biggest ripoff ever.

    I intend to do whatever I can to let everyone I know not to Ever Ever order from them. I will blog, place reviews, complain & do whatever it takes to ensure this Crap Shoot Ripoff Company goes broke or gets shut down.

    Everything they advertise is false and they have no customer service. Anyone who is associated with them or supposedly works for them should be equally ashamed of themselves, as should those who own or started this farce of a company.

  75. Not Happy

    Oct 10 2012

    I have ordered 2 times through BLOOMEX and both times the flowers are NOT delivered on the day I asked for.

    I PLACED THE LAST ORDER A WEEK AND A HALF AGO!!!! and still they didn’t deliver on time, so they will try again today.

    Sorry, but my friend’s birthday was YESTERDAY, not TODAY!!!!!

    The other delivery they did for me was on a Friday. They showed up so late after 5 pm that my mom had already left work and she didn’t get the flowers till the Monday when she went to work again.

    SO not impressed with BLOOMEX and will never order from them again. There are so many florists in the Vancouver area to choose from anyway!

  76. Melissa D

    Oct 24 2012

    I ordered a $115 arrangement from Bloomex called “Loving Lilies” for my cousin’s funeral reception.

    It is listed as 25X27, showing appx 24-28 blooming(&a few buds) oriental lilies, 20-24 roses, about a dozen carnations and eucalyptus.

    What I was embarrassed to see at the reception was a $9.99 supermarket quality 13×13 arrangement of 6 lily buds (NO BLOOMS), roses, babies’ breath and MOSTLY CARNATIONS, in a cheap white plastic container.

    It was an embarrassment and made a difficult day even worse. I tried contacting Bloomex repeatedly, leaving voicemails&emails.

    I finally got a callback a week later and was told by Sr Mgmt that after viewing my pics she could see it was gorgeous and exactly as shown-EXACTLY!!

    She informed me that I was trying to get a “free arrangement”! Who in their right mind orders a $115 sympathy arrangement in an effort to get free flowers??? Absolutely outrageous!!

    Thank god for credit card chargebacks!

  77. Chris

    Oct 24 2012

    Don’t waste time with BBB. Go to the Ministry of Consumer Services. They will be able to do something. I will be starting that process tomorrow.

  78. Melinda M.

    Oct 30 2012

    The worst flowers, customer services and poor excuse for a business. Terrible and horribly disappointed.

    The bouquet was an embarrassing piece to send to one’s mother. And the “replacement” they sent was a miserable excuse for customer care.

  79. Doris M.

    Jan 16 2013

    I am writing to Bloomex to express my considerable disappointment in the product you sent recently to a funeral. As I was working and unable to personally order flowers at a shop, I selected Bloomex website on the obituary page.

    Family members took a photo of the product that was embarrassingly sent to the funeral in my name. The bouquet was nothing like the description. It was very small and none of the flowers or container looked like the ad.

    This deep embarrassment at such a sad and emotional time can never be undone.

    Bloomex have not replied to my phone messages or emails with photos attached.

    I really wish I had seen this site before I used Bloomex.

  80. Justin

    Feb 14 2013

    It is now 4 years since this article and I have just fallen victim to this scam.

    They shut their phone lines down today so they don’t have to deal with complaints.

  81. Ralph

    Feb 16 2013

    I’m so unhappy with Bloomex and horrified that I’ve fallen victim with all of this information available.

    I echo what everyone else is saying. Avoid this company at all costs.

  82. PJ

    Feb 19 2013

    RIP OFF !!! DO NOT BUY !!!


    Go Oilers !

  83. Bloomex FAIL

    Feb 19 2013

    LATE for Valentines Day. I work out of town. Wife was disappointed, I was embarrassed.

    I’m a professional and I never get embarrassed or blind sided. These guys did it.

    If there was a face to this company, it would black and blue from my fists, I tell you that!

  84. Rena

    Mar 5 2013

    My poor BOYFRIEND, he tried to surprise me with a beautiful flower arrangement from Bloomex for Valentines day that cost him $95. And all I got a dead bouquet of flowers, a teddy bear with a ripped ear, a missing vase and late delivery.

    I was leaving my office when the flowers arrived. He had specifically stated before noon delivery and had paid for early delivery.

    Like all of those poor people who commented previously, I left dozens of messages, emails, you name it, and no reply.

    I was supposed to get another batch of flowers delivered to me. Good thing I didn’t hold my breath or I wouldn’t have been able to write this comment…they never arrived.

    I’ll have my boyfriend call his TD Visa company today to issue a complaint and hopefully we’ll receive a refund.

    It amazes me that companies can get away with this and that nothing is being done to help the customer out.

    Bloomex RUINED my Valentine’s Day!!!

  85. richard

    May 4 2013

    I work next to their production facility in Winnipeg. I was amazed how many orders they produced on Valentine’s Day.

    I counted 32 trucks and delivery cars at one point. They definetely turn the volume.

    Winnipeg is not the largest city in Canada and they operate in other provinces as well.

    I see all these unhappy customers, but no words from happy ones. I guess it is our nature to be content with good outcome and go nasty with bad one.

  86. Redface

    May 5 2013

    I had a minor issue with incorrect address. They pointed quite fast to the fact I forgot to specify the apartment number.

    It was quite easy to reach them through live chat and

  87. SnM345

    May 7 2013

    I agree, live chat and emails are pretty responsive.

    I tried It works as well with some 12 hours delay.

    I guess it depends on people you are talking to, but I could not say anything bad based on my experience with the company.

  88. Richard

    May 10 2013

    Thanks bloomex for same day delivery and gerate service. Also, i find bloomex on twitter.

  89. Brian

    May 13 2013

    Wow, wish I had done a little research before using Bloomex.

    I ordered tulips and chocolates for my Mother’s day and paid for delivery on the day before. It never arrived.

    I have sent several emails and tried calling a few times. Only got an answering machine and a form email back.

    My next call is to Visa. Looks like they are still ripping people off. I’ll never use them again. I guess I will have to find out who the local florist is in Mother’s town and call them directly.

    Sorry, Mom, I got scammed.

  90. Germack

    May 20 2013

    I wish I would have read these posts earlier. Got scammed by Bloomex on Mother’s Day.

    Flowers were delivered 3 days late and were dead upon arrival. Chocolate, which was also ordered, was not included.

    Did anyone here have any luck with a credit card charge back?

  91. Dave Gardner

    May 24 2013

    Same here. Ordered Mother’s Day flowers. Never came.

    After two weeks, five emails and two phone calls, all I get is the fact they are investigating. Don’t waste your money.

  92. Stephen

    Jun 12 2013

    What a horrible company. I had the absolute worst customer service I have ever received in my life.

    They sent a bouquet call “Beautiful in Blue” that didn’t have a bit of blue in it at all. The flowers were late arriving from what was printed on the confirmation. They were also of poor quality and only lasted two days.

    Talking to their customer service was useless. I got hold of their president’s name. He is Dimitri Lokhonia and his direct number is 416-565-7089.

    I suggest calling him to complain. He needs to be held accountable.

    In the end, we ended up getting our money back through our credit card company. How this company can continue to operate is beyond me.

  93. Dewayne

    Jun 25 2013

    I have used Bloomex on several occasions without incident. I guess I’m in the minority here.

    Their flowers have always been fresh, staff courteous and helpful, and their prices are extremely competitive. All that said, I haven’t had a complaint so I’m not sure what the Customer Service experience is like.

    I can tell you this, I went to the FTD website in Canada and ordered funeral flowers, only to be called a day later and be told they couldn’t deliver and to go elsewhere???

    I always thought FTD was the biggest florist in the world – how is it that they can’t deliver to Ottawa?

    Anyways, I thought I would add my 2 cents about Bloomex. Not saying that these posts are not legitimate. I’m sure they are, but people with positive experience rarely bother to post accolades because they are happy – nothing like a crappy experience to motivate :)

  94. Felisiepe

    Aug 6 2013

    I used Bloomex with a great degree of satisfaction as per service and value.

    I am a small business owner and I had a few customers recently “racketing” me with online posts in search of unfair refunds. I thought it would be interesting to see how companies larger than mine are dealing with this issue.

    I thought Bloomex must be hammered with this type of request because of their business model: online only, perishable product, high volume, on-time delivery and a lot of emotions involved.

    I know Ellen is a consumer advocate, but it will be interesting if she can put herself in a business owner’s shoes and do a series of stories on that.

  95. Darien

    Sep 9 2013

    Thanks for suggesting I call my credit card. Bloomex tried to fight me on the dispute, but I sent Visa a photo of what the flowers looked like and won the case.

    i recommend everyone avoid fighting with these idiots and just complain to your credit card provider.

  96. chris

    Oct 9 2013

    SOS – same old story – about the wrong product delivered in poor condition.

    I exchanged multiple emails to Bloomex, who self-proclaim the “right to substitute” and to do so according to their “rules,” but with absolutely no disclosure to the customer that they did so or what product was substituted.

    I am filing a complaint with the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services for what I believe is deliberate “bait and switch” and a violation of the Ontario Sale of Goods Act.

    I will be sending a copy to all other consumer advocates in TV and the print media. Ellen, pLease encourage all your bloggers to do the same.

    See this link for an easy process of how to complain:

    If enough complaints are received, the government will act, particularly if the media get involved.

    Thanks to others for identifying who controls Bloomex; his name will appear on my Plaintiff’s Claim in Small Claims Court.

  97. Sean Thurbide

    Nov 1 2013

    Add me to the list of disgruntled. They are crooks….pure and simple. Look up BBB and Bloomex…..that will tell you all you need to know.

  98. Tony Lucci

    Dec 27 2013

    Beware of Bloomex Canada’s business model, as this company is in the business of deceiving. This is how it works.

    They provide a list of bouquets to choose from online. After paying the hefty price for this bouquet, they send your order to a local flower shop near the delivery address.

    They then leave it up to this local shop to put together a bouquet and deliver it to the specified address. The local shop will decide on your behalf your taste in flowers and what is a fair value for the amount you paid online.

    In other words, expect a bouquet that looks nothing like the bouquet that you chose online and suffer the consequences.

    Bloomex Canada states under the product on their website that the actual bouquet will vary from photo, especially if the product is offered at %50 off. I think this is totally expected as we are dealing with natural flowers and it is impossible to make the bouquet look exactly like the one in the photo.

    However, they don’t mention that the actual bouquet will be totally different in look, theme, style, quality, type and colour. Also, they don’t mention that it will be up to them to decide what a good value is for the money you spent to buy the product.

    They also don’t mention that they will put together whatever cheap flowers they have at their disposal to make a bouquet with some cheap style and deliver it with your name on it.

    Any customer can make the assumption that the delivered bouquet will vary from photo. But the customer can still expect a bouquet that resembles the photo on the website, right? I think this is very deceiving, what do you think?

  99. Ruben

    Jan 25 2014

    My 2 cents on my dealings with them

  100. Former Employee

    Jan 29 2014

    As a former employee, I guarantee you that when you order from Bloomex, you have a great chance of being disappointed.

    Dimitri Lokhonia, the company president, buys the flowers on clearance at the end of the year with hopes they survive by Valentine’s Day.

    The company is run like a sham from a guy that has no morals and no compassion.

  101. Kate

    Feb 5 2014

    I had the worst experience possible with Bloomex a few weeks ago. I used them after reading good reviews, but had the worst service.

    Flowers were delivered days late, not from a local florist, and FROZEN. I called multiple times and no one returned my calls. And when they answered, they would not do anything about it.

    I was even yelled at by multiple customer service agents for “taking up their time when they need to be taking new orders.”

    I finally had Bloomex resend new flowers to a family member a distance away two weeks later. I wanted flowers to be immediately delivered from a local florist or to get a refund, but no one would do anything.

    They said they would have to wait until the weather warmed up- two weeks later- still during winter.

    The second flowers arrived half dead, according to my grandmother.

    I cannot believe that it is “against policy to do anything about your complaint.”

  102. Irene

    Feb 22 2014

    On Dec. 16, 2013, I ordered a gift basket for my boyfriend who lives in Blairmore and paid for express next day delivery. I also paid for the basket to be delivered at a particular time, as he was at work during the day.

    This cost me $125. The gift basket never got to him until Dec. 20 after I kept on buzzing and calling, since I am in Europe.

    He came home on Saturday and found the box sitting at his door with the balloon broken and the basket squashed up. I tried to get the Bloomex customer care. I sent mails, but my IP address was blocked from contacting them.

    The items in the box were not complete and no one ever offered me an apology.

  103. Zahra

    May 15 2014


    I wish I knew about their crap service and fraud before.

    Like everyone, I ordered a bouquet for Mother’s Day. The delivery man was very rude and had an “I don’t give a crap” attitude.

    The flowers were falling apart at delivery. Four days later, rather than blooming, the flowers are wilting, dying off and falling apart.


    It seems by these comments that I probably won’t be receiving that refund. I called the customer service today and as per usual the person on the line was very rude in her tone and not caring at all.

    “wecarebloomex” ?? YEA RIGHT!

  104. Soo creeped…

    May 16 2014

    Yep, same old story as most. Paid good money, ordered flowers early for Mothers Day. Mum is up there in age, lives sort of on her own (male relative in residence but has life and not always around).

    Flowers show up at night (pitch black night). Delivery driver sounds like someone who would make more $$$ earnings as an actor for zombie/stalker movie.

    Flowers that were delivered were dead. Of course, mum was thrilled with the gesture, but I could hear the quivering in her voice.

    I chose a very pretty BLOOMED BOUQUET. What was delivered was dead unbloomed buds.

    To add further insult, the vase and chocolates that were ordered absolutely never arrived.

    Did I mention that my mum sent me photos of all the bugs and bug eggs all over the dead greenery of the delivered dead buds? (Seriously!!)

    So… I’ve cancelled my credit card with my bank. (Felt i had to, after reading sooo many similar reports – some go as far as to allude fraudulent activity on their credit cards).

    Thought the nasty customer service was just special treatment for me!! Appears not so.

    I will go as far as saying one bloke I spoke to I actually felt sorry for. He did sound as if he had been told 4,000 times that day what side of the planet he could relocate to and how to do it.

    I ended up speaking to their customer service rep for Australia (don’t really believe she was in Oz). What a witch.

    The creepiest thing is that they have my mum’s home address and phone number and they have no problem showing up unannounced late at night.

    If you truly love the person you are sending flowers to, do not use this company. Wish I hadn’t.

  105. Alex

    Aug 5 2014

    First, thanks for standing up for us, consumers who get ripped off by such a big company. I was a first time user of Bloomex and definitely won’t be back.

    Here’s my story to add to the thousands of unhappy customers. Bloomex won’t care, since they’ve shown to me how unreliable and unprofessional they are…

    I ordered the “super love combo” for my wife’s birthday and scheduled a delivery on Saturday between 12PM and 5PM. I contacted customer service right after my order went through for a few questions regarding delivery and I already had a bad feeling.

    The service was rushed and you could tell they didn’t want to help. Anyway, as long as I received my flowers, that’s all that mattered.

    On that Saturday, I came up with an excuse to not leave the house between 12-5PM so my wife was present to receive the delivery. It was tough as my whole family wanted to go out, but I never knew when the flowers would arrive.

    I somehow managed to keep them home but as the time drew closer to 4.30, I had a feeling my flowers weren’t coming. I contacted Bloomex through their phone line.

    Waited and waited to eventually be told it was too busy so I had to leave a message. Did so by giving my contact info and waited. No one was calling back.

    I even went online to their chat and managed to speak to someone. From the first “Hello, how may I help you?”, there would be 20 minutes between me explaining the situation and them responding.

    The only response was after I said: “Is someone there?” and then, I was told to be patient. The person told me they would contact the delivery service and would get back to me. Waited… and no answer. Called back, same voice mail issue.

    The flowers were supposed to come with a card. I had spent hours writing it, explaining that I was inviting her to one of the fanciest restaurant we’ve ever been to. Sadly, the flowers never came, nor did the card.

    I had to explain to my wife the whole situation and we went to the restaurant unhappy about this whole event. Back from the restaurant, I went on the chat once again and was told that a manager would contact me back.

    I waited days until someone would contact me (as they were supposed to, they had said so) but no call came. Customer service couldn’t care less about my order being screwed up. Now I have to fight to get my money back as I’ve been charged from the day of the order (not the delivery date.)

    Overall, very unsatisfied as many others and I’m still waiting for my refund…

    Thanks for listening! :)

  106. RP

    Nov 19 2014

    Ordered flower delivery in morning for a recipient’s birthday. Delivery was to be at her office. Advised she would be be there only between 9 am and 11:30 am.

    Flowers were delivered to her place of work THE NEXT DAY when she was not there. Paid morning delivery charge premium. Phoned customer service, who advised they would only refund the extra $4 for morning delivery.

    Asked for a full refund of delivery charge, since the flowers were delivered only the next day and recipient had to drive 30 minutes back to her place of work to pick them up.

    Bloomex management advised that the morning delivery is never guaranteed and they would not do anything else about the situation. I will never use this company again since they are not reliable.

  107. Ken Chadwick

    Dec 30 2014

    Bloomex are a complete mess. I ordered flowers and paid a premium fee for same day delivery on Xmas Eve. The flowers were intended for an Xmas gift. Despite many emails, the flowers didn’t show up and Bloomex will not refund my money.

  108. L fortier

    Feb 13 2015

    Shipped but flowers were laid frozen at the door.

    I specified and paid for a evening delivery service, but flowers were delivered during the day (minus 12 Celsius), a winter day. I only obtained a refund for evening delivery (2.00!).

    I learned that the transporter doesn’t have evening delivery service (only 9H00 AM to 6h00 PM). When I was not able to be at home this day, I bought at Bloomex for evening service.

    Very poor customer service.

  109. Tim N

    Feb 18 2015

    Wish I had done my research before going to Bloomex for business.

    My Valentine’s day flowers, bear and chocolate were supposed to delivered the day before Valentine’s Day. Paid a premium for delivery between 9-12 am Friday, Feb. 13. Instead, the delivery was at 5:40 pm. The office where it was supposed to be delivered was already closed at 4.

    My girlfriend never even received the flowers. I found out four days later that it was delivered to the wrong store nearby.

    There is no customer service rep at Bloomex. No one will call me back and the company will not issue a refund. They claim it was the delivery company’s fault. I trusted Bloomex to prepare and deliver my order, so I do not know why they are handing off responsibility like this.

    From reading all these reviews, it sounds like no one ever gets a refund from Bloomex, but only from their credit card provider. Such a shame this blog has not received enough attention to prevent everyone being scammed by Bloomex.

  110. Ravit

    Mar 6 2015

    Wow. It is so unfortunate that the simplest bouquet of flowers cannot be delivered as ordered by the customer. Yeah, really, how are they still in business?

    On the other hand, I ordered flowers from another chain for my mother’s birthday. She was in Richmond Hill, Ont., while I was in Vancouver at the time. A beautiful bouquet came to her doorstep at the exact time I specified. Cannot ask for anything better and a happy mom! Check them out:

  111. Rick

    May 7 2015

    I ordered from Bloomex a bunch of flowers with a note to be delivered to Adelaide in Australia.

    It was days late, missing the birthday. Turned up jaded without the note.

    I could get compensation as long as I could get a photo of the jaded flowers. The lateness and lack of note was forgotten.

    It was a gift and if someone gives you a gift and it’s not so good, you don’t complain or send a photo, as they are well aware.

  112. Cait

    May 12 2015

    Because I wanted to update this with a recent comment, and wish I had discovered this blog entry before ordering, here’s my sad tale of woe from Bloomex after this Mother’s Day.

    I spoke with several people at the company regarding my order and have gotten nowhere.

    I ordered the flowers Wednesday May 6, for delivery Thursday May 7. These flowers were for Mother’s Day which was Sunday, May 10.
    Delivery was not completed until 3 pm on Monday May 11.

    My mother sent me photos of the flowers and they are mangled.

    The customer service I have received has been less than satisfactory – I first asked last Friday if the flowers could be redirected to my Mom’s home address, so she could at least receive them by Mother’s Day. The person I spoke with basically said “I don’t know.” and left it at that.

    I called again today, to ask to speak with a manager, and was told that I could not speak to one. The woman I did speak with said she could not refund my order and it was “Under investigation.” Somewhere along the way a “replacement” order was issued. I don’t want a replacement, as these flowers were supposed to be specifically for Mother’s Day and do no good at this point. I was offered store credit, but after this experience, I no longer want anything to do with the company.

    As if to underline that point, the flowers arrived at 3pm Monday, and they are dry & falling apart. This makes sense – given that they were supposed to arrive LAST WEEK.

    As a manager in the customer service industry, I would truly be appalled if any of my staff treated our clients this way.

    After reading some of the comments here, my next step is to contact my credit card company.

    I even understand that sometimes things happen and things go awry, but it was Bloomex’s response to the issue that really frustrated me. Another friend had a similar issue with her Mother’s Day flowers, but she worked with a local florist. That florist not only refunded her money but provided a replacement bouquet as an apology. You’d think that for the money the replacement cost, it’s worth it to keep customers coming back. I will never shop with Bloomex again. Ever.

  113. erin

    May 20 2015

    i’m not one to leave negative reviews, but Bloomex is a joke. Nowhere does it state in their Substitution Policy that the consumer should expect to receive something entirely different than what was ordered and paid for.

    Even worse is the ‘management’ – call centre supervisors at best, who are not only unprofessional and rude, but who have no desire to go above and beyond to resolve customer complaints/issues. Their policy is a complete refusal to provide any type of superior customer service.

    Worst experience ever. If you want to toss away your money, Bloomex is the place!

  114. Kimberley Robertson

    Jun 24 2015

    This is the email I sent to Bloomex (it explains my experience). They never responded.

    I ordered flowers from your company this morning and got a confirmation that the flowers would be delivered today. They were for my niece’s graduation.

    You had confirmed they would be there between 12 noon and 5 pm. At 4:30 pm, I asked my sister if they had arrived and they had not.

    I called your 1-888 number and the person on the phone would not help me. He said I could not talk to a supervisor and they would not have the flowers there until tomorrow.

    If I had known your company would not be delivering them today on her graduation day, I would have reached another company. The guy on the phone said he would put in a request for a refund when I asked for one.

    A REQUEST!!!!! Are you kidding? You have disappointed me on so many levels. Your customer service is the worst I have EVER had. You have ruined what was supposed to be a special gift on a very special day with absolutely No regard.

    A refund will hardly even fix what you have done…that does not give her a special gift on her special day. I can hardly believe your email address is “wecare” Clearly you did not care at all.

    A very unhappy customer

  115. Mary

    Jan 16 2016

    I wish I had done my research before ordering through them.

    I ordered a get well balloon bouquet for my nephew who just had his wisdom teeth out. They instead sent a gift basket of dark chocolate and other crap that no 10 year old boy would eat!!

    When I called the 4th time, the Bloomex rep said that sometimes they have to make substitutions. I said I understood, but to substitute foodstuffs that my nephew could be allergic to for a balloon bouquet? How does that even make sense??

    So my nephew never got his balloons and I have to wait two days to speak to the manager. In the meantime, I’m going to call my credit card company and see if they can reverse the charge.

  116. vlad agri

    Feb 5 2016

    Horrible service. Promised delivery by 5, not respected. Called at 6 pm, then 7 pm, just some Russian ladies telling me they have no information about the delivery.

    Second morning, I called the PR Manager. She had a bad attitude as well and did not help at all, “we don’t know where your order is” … and she was giving me attitude instead of comforting an unhappy client ….

    Do not use this company. They are big scammers. There is even a Facebook page against them, this is how bad they are …

  117. Zaneta Kowalik

    Mar 4 2016

    Awful service, horrible quality.

    Ordered a couple of sympathy baskets with special instructions. During the visitations, the family members who I ordered the flowers for kept asking me about them. Finally after visitations were finished, the funeral director pointed to a sad-looking arrangement in a vase, where they added a handwritten card with everyone’s names, everyone that bought various ones.

    It looked like these 6 poor little flowers came from the closest family of 10 of us. Meantime, this particular one was only from 2 more distant family members. Very embarrassing.

    After calling, they didn’t even want to issue a refund (due to perishable nature was the explanation). After many phone calls, I finally got an email that I will receive a partial store credit of $135.

    What I now realize, it also said in small writing that it can be used at one single purchase. Since that incident, I ordered flowers for co-worker ($50 worth).

    Well, that was an adventure. I asked to have it delivered before 4. Nope, that was too much to ask. They arrived late next day, literally dead, as if they were sitting in someone’s back seat. Called – they redelivered – same story.

    I was embarrassed again as this was happening while I was off on vacation and my coworkers were sending me pictures. Finally I was successful with getting fresh flowers, although they were nothing like the picture.

    Now I called trying to use up the remaining $85. Well, I was told, it was explained to me via email. I don’t call that an explanation. I call it hiding a policy in small print and taking advantage of customers whose hands are really tied.

    I am so mad and disappointed that businesses like this exist.

  118. Polly Glennie

    Mar 18 2016

    Ordered flowers for a doctor in Brisbane who was retiring. This is someone who I’ve known for 25 years. They advertise next day delivery, but I ordered on the 9th, for delivery on the 16th, so well in advance. I ordered delivery for the day before her final day, so there would be no hiccups.

    In spite of the considerable lead time, the flowers were not delivered on the 16th. They were not delivered on the 17th, the last day of practice.

    I didn’t receive an sms or call from my friend by the evening of the 17th and so contacted Bloomex, to find they hadn’t delivered (yet). No apology. No acknowledgement the order was late. No notification of nondelivery. They said they’d deliver in the “next couple of days.”

    Of course, delivery to a hallway in front of an empty office wouldn’t have made much sense, so tried to cancel the order. I said I was upset by the fact my flowers hadn’t reached the recipient, and the person at the call centre in Auburn was dismissive and rude. At this point I found various review sites where the reviews were often of similar issues, many, many bad reviews.

    I tried to get a manager, and was put on to someone who gave her name as “Carolyn Bloomex” and insisted that was her real name. She was downright rude, and when I complained and pointed out that not only was the flower delivery a disaster, but there was no apology, she said “I don’t need to apologize.”

    I called later, to ensure I was getting a refund and was told there was no manager there, but theat they would call her, and get her to call me. My phone rang a single ring, and when I tried to call back, I got a voicemail message that “This number has nothing to do with the floral delivery service Bloomex”. If that was so, I wonder why this woman called interstate just when I was expecting a call fromthe Bloomex manager. Calling the call centre, they then told me I would not get a refund until they had investigated the delivery people. They couldn’t give me a timeframe for that investigation to be completed.

    This is the sort of business this is. They don’t care, as long as they get their money. They don’t care if the flowers get delivered, or if they get there on time. They don’t care if customers are unhappy, and they don’t bother to let them know if there are problems. They run a shonky, undependable business, and aren’t worried if customers are unhappy. After all, they are online, and there are always more suckers.

  119. Sergey Demchenko

    May 12 2016

    Three days ago I ordered flowers from They had to be delivered to Kelowna, B.C.

    The salesperson had told me that my order would be delivered to the recipient on May 10 from 12 to 5 pm. My mother-in-law was sitting at home at the time, but the flowers were not delivered till May 12.

    I called Bloomex to cancel my order because it was 3 days after her birthday, but the company refused to return my money and promised to refund $5 for the delay.

    I couldn’t understand what was going on. I paid my money and expect my goods. It looks like scamming to me.

  120. Yan Kossals

    May 18 2016

    Ordered flowers on May 16th, to be delivered to Barrie, ON on the 17th before noon, for mom’s 50th birthday.

    They were not delivered on the 17th, even though the package (flowers, but they use Canpar to deliver, so it’s a package??) was in transit all day.

    I called them all day on the 17th (both Bloomex and Canpar). The Canpar driver/depot was not even reachable for the whole day (what???) and Bloomex said flowers were delivered (like come on, are you an idiot, flowers are delivered, open your eyes!). No, nothing was delivered on the 17th!

    Called on the 18th, and requested refund. The lady said they can’t do that, as flowers are already in transit. I replied that i didn’t want flowers that were on the truck all day and would be in horrible condition, plus the surprise is already ruined!

    She said, according to their policy, in transit flowers can’t be refunded. I’ve asked for the policy, and she said it’s on the website. Did I read the website? I said yes, but there is nothing like that.

    She said, yes, it’s there. I replied, are you calling me a liar? So, she said she didn’t want to continue this conversation and HUNG UP! Couldn’t reach them after…. WHAT??

    Ridiculous! Hope they record the customer service calls.

    Flowers were delivered on the 18th by noon (they were only a day late, “no big deal”), but as expected, they were in horrible condition!

    I called the bank and asked for a chargeback…. Never dealing with Bloomex again!!!!!

  121. Truthfulness12

    Aug 9 2016 is not honest. Different flowers were delivered, plus there was a rude customer service lady.

    Do not order flowers from this company as you will be insulted and disappointed.

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