How can they treat customers that way?

You have a problem with a company’s products or services. You get in touch, but can’t find anyone to help. You keep calling and writing, only to get no response. Or even worse, you talk to people in “customer care” who don’t care. They’re arrogant, rude, condescending or just plain incompetent.

I’m always writing about the declining levels of service in large companies. It’s a theme that strikes a chord with readers. I think I’ve heard every horror story imaginable, but then another one comes along.

You’ll find a few rants below. Feel free to add your own.

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

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  1. I have had issues with Sears as well and will no longer shop there.

    I hope that when you do get good service, you let the people providing it know and also tell your friends.

    I find that some people have unrealistic expectations, for example, the guy who is mad they don’t have Coke and Pepsi available.

    It can take a lot of space to offer both, and sometimes you sign an agreement with one for a good price if you offer them exclusivity.

    I owned my own business and tried to provide the best possible customer service, but I just found that a lot of people have very unrealistic expectations. Very often you would bend over backwards to help someone out and it still wasn’t enough.

    People have to use common sense, which I fear is not that common anymore.

    Granted, most of these cases are examples of horrendous service, but you can talk with your money. If such a horrible thing happens to you and it is legitimate, be sure never to go back and do tell your friends.

    Also, realize that these clerks are human and make errors as well, so give them a little wiggle room. One error or oversight can happen, but if it’s one after another, then yes, complain.

    If you want to hear about bad customer service, I spent over 9 hours on the phone with Microsoft trying to sort something out. After that, I just gave up. Unfortunately, they don’t have much competition for the service I was after.

    What I did learn is that any time you call anyone for service, or for any issue, be sure to get the name of the person you are dealing with, record the day and time you called.

    If the person provides good service or bad, you have something recorded. I wish you could voice record every call, but I’m not sure if that is legal.

    I used to do that as a business owner as well. If I had a customer who I was having an issue with, I would record everything I could on paper. This way, when they come back and say they said this and you said that, you can pull out your paper and say “actually, according to my notes, I said this and you said that”. Makes them think twice.

    I had a customer tear a strip off me once for losing his glasses, which he said he left with me for repair. He screamed to high heaven, made a huge scene, and I had never taken his glasses for repair.

    Funny that the next time he came in he was wearing those same glasses that he said I had lost. I had turned my store upside down looking for those glasses, and spent a lot of time trying to find them. Do you think he might have called and let us know that we didn’t need to look for them?

    Just saying.

  2. Inexcusable Customer Service – H&M, Limeridge Mall (Hamilton, ON, Canada)
    I am writing today to inform all of those loyal customers to H&M of what a terrible experience I had. Some of you may not agree with me, but I know many of you do. So here it goes…

    I purchased 2 articles of clothing from H&M on June 11, 2011, both of these items being dresses at $59.95 apiece. I was informed by the cashier that I had 30 days to refund either of these dresses.

    Previous to this statement, I had told her that I would be attending a wedding on the 25th of June and that I was indecisive about which dress I wanted to wear the most, so I purchased both.

    10 days later I returned to H&M with the dress I decided against, receipt in hand, and tags attached; I proceeded to the counter to carry out a refund. I was told to wait to speak with a manager who handled any returns.

    I waited ~ 15 minutes or so for this individual. She gladly did an exchange for the customer ahead of me. When it came to my turn, I explained the exact situation to the manager as I just did above.

    She seemed understanding of my situation, but then proceeded to flip the dress upside down and lay it out across the counter. She told me there was a mark on it. I let her know I could not see it, that it was just a wrinkle.

    She tells me, “No. That is definitely soiled. This dress has already been worn and is not in ‘resellable’ condition. I will not be doing a refund for you.”

    I told her the mark on that dress was not from me, nor have I ever worn this dress other than trying it on in the change room and for my mother to see. She told me nope, it’s definitely been worn.

    Since when do store employees get to tell their customers what they’ve done?!

    This woman said she couldn’t prove I didn’t put the stain on it; however, it was not sold to me in that condition. Again, how can she be so certain?! How can she also be so certain that I marked up the dress?

    I told her the wedding is not until June 25 and that dress has been in my closet for the past 10 days. On top of that, the tag was still attached.

    I was so pleased that she accused me of wearing a dress with the tags on, dirtying it and then trying to return it for a refund.

    She said they do not sell anything in such a condition. A friend I was with said, “Oh, but you consider these resellable?!” referring to a pair of shorts located directly across from the cash registers with a gaping hole in them. She had no response to this.

    My friend and I left the store, only to return in minutes. We asked for the number for head office and got in touch with them. The woman on the phone said they would handle the situation immediately and get back to me as soon as possible.

    Apparently, store managers have the say in any and all cases. Being that “head office” is not located in Hamilton, Ont., they are unable to have a firsthand look at the condition of this dress, which I unknowingly purchased with a mark on it. Therefore, they are unable to supersede the decision of their store managers.

    The best the store manager could do was offer me an exchange for a “clean dress”. When I purchased the dress, there was only one other in my exact size, and the stitching on it wasn’t correct. So why would I want to exchange defective merchandise for defective merchandise?

    The principle of the matter is that H&M still received my business through the purchase of the 1st dress, which I am keeping, and happily wearing this upcoming Saturday. I was offered a 20% discount card if the exchange did not satisfy me. What do I need a 20% discount card for if I will be taking my business elsewhere?

    Perhaps refund my dress and give me the discount card for all of the hassle I have gone through. I am not even from Hamilton, and will now have to spend another day traveling to return my dress – that is, time, money, and gas wasted!

    Upon getting home, I e-mailed my thoughts through the H&M website. This time, a response from a 3rd person; she told me the exact same thing over and over again – they are unable to supersede management’s decision.

    Well, management: your judgment is off, because I have yet to wear this dress to any event in my life and have not spent any more than 3-4 minutes in this dress.

    I cannot express enough how thrown aback I was after being told I had done something that I did not do. To speak to your customers in such a manner, and get away with it, is mind boggling.

    Looking at the dress, I couldn’t even tell there was a mark on it until I stuck my face nearly up against the thing! I would not have purchased the dress had I known it was in such condition.

    So not only am I trying to return an UNWORN item, I am now also trying to return DEFECTIVE merchandise (thank you for bringing this to my attention!).

  3. On July 8, we had a young lady representing Summitt Home services come to our door in regards to our hot water tank…after a long discussion about changing it at no cost to us we agreed.

    An appointment was made for July 12. The installer arrived 20 minutes late…

    I got on the computer to do some research about the company, Direct Energy, which had installed the tank we had in 1996. What i saw was not comforting, complaints after complaints…

    So i informed the installers of this find and they told me yes they knew about this. They suggested that I call Direct Energy to let them know about the removal and that the tank would be dropped off at one of their locations and to give them the invoice number for the dropoff ….which I did today.

    Nope,we don’t have the tank they say …ok then take this invoice rental removal order form no and please watch for it …nope, we don’t do that it doesn’t work like that …so I called Summitt home services to let them know.

    Got cut off and then finally got to speak to someone. By that time I was furious. Again i’m going to get the runaround …after they get what they want, you don’t exist as a person but an invoice number …so we came to an agreement.

    If i left my email address, Summitt would let me know and Direct Energy when the rental form removal was signed at the drop off company…ok i said …but this young lady kept interupting me …couldn’t finish a sentence she would cut me off even when i gave her my email address she didn’t let me finish it.

    I asked her please let me finish talking. I then asked to speak with a manager. Waited over 6 minutes …so i hung up and called back.

    By that time i was not mad i was furious. The manager told me to calm down or he would not talk to me …i told him listen, you don’t know what i’ve been put through in just a short time with your company and if this attitude didn’t not change, they could come and remove their tank …

    He told me if we remove the tank, you have to pay a fine… OMG …i’m still sitting here shaking like a leaf …we keep taking abuse on top of abuse by companies that don’t care about people other than collecting our money.

    Most of the time we can’t talk to someone that cares enough to do something about the problems and we’re told to calm down or pay the piper. Thanks.

  4. We had a lot of issues when purchasing a new dishwasher from Sears website.

    In their eternal wisdom, Sears sells some dishwashers with one part missing, but they have no way to purchase this extra part without phoning their customer service. They also give no part number and an obscure description, so when you call their parts department they don’t know what you need.

    When we ordered our dishwasher we phoned the parts department and were initially told it would take 6 months to get the part!!! We told them that was a joke and called the customer service. After a lot of messing around being bounced from one department to another on the phone some idiot manager finally added the part to our order, but had it delivered to the local Parts centre instead of to us.

    I went to the parts centre to pick it up, but when I got there the part they brought out for me looked wrong. I didn’t really know what I was supposed to be getting so I couldn’t refuse it but I was deeply suspicious. I asked them to check it was correct, and directed them to their own website to see what part I was supposed to be getting. They confirmed it was correct, but I still didn’t believe them and made sure they marked down that a restocking fee would not be applied if the part was incorrect.

    So I get home and go to install the part, and it turns out to be the wrong one, it wasn’t even close to being the correct part.

    We phone up their customer service again and complain, and they finally (again after speaking to several people in various department) find the correct part and order it.

    But they still charged us for the part, and refused to take the old part back without charging a restocking fee.

    Even more annoying is that the part is not some super specialist part that is hard to find. When I finally got it home I could see it was just a simple elbow joint that you can get in Home Depot for $4 (Sears charged $19).

    I’ve shopped extensively online for over 10 years now, and have had very few negative experiences. The other negative experiences were all minor (things like a longer delivery time than expected). So this is by faaar the worst online shopping experience I’ve had.

    Obviously I will never be shopping from Sears again, online or in any of their stores. I can’t believe that a company can be so utterly useless and stay in business.

    I happily tell my story to everyone I know and I hope I have put them off from ever shopping there as well.

  5. I have an HP Laptop that is overheating to the point of actually burning my sister (who is currently using it).

    I called HP to let them know of the issue but the refused to help me because my warranty had expired, and would only continue talking to me if I purchased a telephone support plan with them. In addition to paying for the support plan, I would have to pay for repairs myself if their troubleshooting methods did not work (and lets face it, they rarely do).

    They also claimed that it may very well be my fault for upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7 (I’m sure Microsoft would not appreciate this insinuation from a hardware supplier).

    I indicated the potential for litigation in the event of a burn or fire (HP has faced litigation for items catching on fire) and they provided a disinterested reply, indicating if there was anything else they could help me with.

    I would appreciate your assistance with my case – I welcome the opportunity to share with you or anyone else that is interested the ‘warmth’ of the product.

    Thank you.

  6. Here is my story, dealing with customer service gone horribly bad, but there is a silver lining to this story.

    In August, I purchased around $450 worth of merchandise at the Eaton Centre location of Jean Machine. The sale went well and the staff were friendly.

    Just as I was about to cash out, the sales clerk approached me about another pair of jeans. The discount offered made this second purchase very attractive.

    The sales clerk said if I needed anything further, such as different size etc., not to remove any tags, just come back and they would take care of it.

    I have been shopping at Jean Machine for years. I also have 15 years of Call Centre management, especially in dealing with escalated customer concerns.

    In fact, I love escalated calls, because it’s a chance to make a bad situation positive, it’s a chance to correct a wrong. Selling is not about the sale. It’s about keeping the sale, keeping the account.

    I know 95% of issues are caused by the customer. This one was caused by me. However, it was not the refund issue, but turned from the refund to the customer service that went wrong. I just wanted an apology.

    The following day, I had a change of heart, and returned to the Sherway Gardens location. I asked the clerk for a refund.

    She said there were no refunds and I could have an “exchange.” I asked her where the sign was. She showed me an upside down sign, covered by clothes.

    The message was also printed on my receipt, but that won’t do you much good if you have already purchased. I contacted the manager, who refused to help me, and the conversation went horribly bad within minutes.

    I located the head office and was directed to a district manager, who defended the store practices. He did not apologize for the rude treatment from the store manager or offer any solutions, besides stating it was my fault for not specifically asking what the refund policy was.

    I contacted the head office again and left a few messages for the operations manager. No one returned them.

    As a last step, I contacted my Amex custoemr service staff. They said Amex has a refund policy protection program, but it is not available for Canada. The only real choice was to return to the store and do an exchange.

    I felt that was the best option. At least, I could purchase items that I felt were the right fit.

    I returned to the store and did the exchange. The clerk I had was really fantastic and made sure I had what I wanted, even though the circumstances were not the best. I then contacted Ellen. I want people to know:

    — ALWAYS ASK about the refund policy. In the heat of the sale you may not realize it until it’s too late.

    — ALWAYS pay with a credit card. I found out by reading the terms I have all sorts of other card protection, such as loss, theft, extended warranty. This is something I would not have known had this not happened.

    — NEVER yell or be disrespectful towards staff. While I was upset, I did not treat staff in a demeaning way. I was mad at the company, not the clerks.

    After I contacted Ellen, a representative from Jean Machine contacted me. He made it right. He apologized, advised me that customer service is the priority and this experience will centre around it. My experience won’t be repeated.

    They will improve signage and retrain managers and focus on advising customers of the policy.

    The bottom line: This was the happy ending I was hoping for.

    I admit I should have asked, but this made me into a shopper that won’t make this mistake again and will always pay by credit, so I know I am protected.

    Will I shop at this retailer again? The answer is yes. They fixed a bad situation and the exchange went better then I thought. The clerk was beyond great; they apologized for the short end of the stick I got.

    I look forward to going in and seeing what has changed. Fixes don’t happen overnight, but acknowledging them is a great start to fix. My story did have a great ending. I learned a lot.

    P.S. Afterward, I received a $100 gift card from Jean Machine. They totally turned this around and won back this customer. My next purchase is going to be in their store.

  7. I have an update to this story, I received in the mail the other day a written apology letter, outlining how the company is going to be correcting the issue in terms of service.. Enclosed was a gift card valued at over $100! From a story that I thought would never have a good ending, I was so stunned!

    This company turned a bad taste into a really positive situation. I am beyond pleased on how Jason owned this, and corrected the issue I had. I wish more companies can take the owner ship jean Machine did, and I will be shopping in this store again. Bravo to the company!! And of course Ellen!!!!!

  8. On Friday, Sept. 23, upon arrival at our home in Wasaga Beach, we found the Kitchenaid refrigerator purchased from Sears 17 months ago was working, but the cooling aspect was gone in both the fridge and freezer compartments.

    I called Sears, which sent a repairman the next morning. He said the part to replace was not under warranty and that it would cost $300 to fix (the part cost less than $28).

    On Monday, Sept. 26, I sent an email to home @Sears and received an automatic confirmation of receipt. This was 8 days ago and I have heard nothing back.

    I called Sears on several occasions. The wait time to get through is on average 50 minutes.

    I was told by several people that the repair was part of the compressor unit and would be replaced at no charge and that the $79.09 I paid for the service call would be refunded.

    Over the next several days, I spoke with other people from Sears service who indicated that I would have to pay for the service.

    On Thursday, Sept. 29, I spoke with Amanda at 1:46 pm. She said she was a service lead at the corporate office and offered to reduce the repair by $110 as a customer courtesy. She said she would enter this note on my file.

    On Saturday, Oct. 1, the repairman returned, installed the part in 5 minutes and had me sign off on a bill for $169. He explained that he had NOT been contacted regarding the $110 discount. The part cost $28 and the installation cost was $141.

    On Monday, Oct. 3, I called Sears again and found out there were no notes entered by Amanda. I spoke with Wanda, who said she would contact the other 2 call centres and see if she could find this Amanda person.

    I have never spent so much time, nor have I had so many conflicting statements from the same company. The fridge is a Kitchenaid stainless steel top of the line refrigerator which cost close to $4,000 retail.

    I just want an answer and a review and reduction in the bill from Sears.

  9. I am often frustrated by the level of service that is considered the norm for many companies today. It is unfortunate that customer service has slipped to the wayside.

    Too many companies focus a large part of their efforts on selling and a very small portion on providing customer service.

    I feel that the reason behind this is simple: Customer service generates no immediate revenue, but rather it appears as an expense line on a financial statement.

    As such, it is very easy for a company to justify cutting it back. Sad but true.

  10. I purchased a complete room package from Easyhome but did not receive the size of television that was advertised and was not informed of this before delivery.

    I called the store and was told that they did not have that size in and sent me a smaller size instead, that someone should have told me before (which they did not), and as soon as they had that size in, I would get one.

    It’s been 3 months and I keep getting the same answer that they have none in stock. I’m finding that hard to believe since they sell furniture.

    I’ve tried sending emails to the company and have had no response thus far. All I want is the size of tv that was advertised on their website since that is what I am paying for.

  11. I purchased equipment and signed a one year contract with Sears Home Alarm. I didn’t realize the contract was self-renewing for 6 month terms until I received a bill.

    I called and said I wanted to cancel the contract because I could get the monitoring cheaper at the competitor. They said I had to pay the current bill and send an email to

    On May 16, I sent the email as instructed to cancel the contract and provided my credit card info to pay the bill. After I sent the email, I realized I forgot to provide the expiry date of the credit card, so I resent the email with this info.

    On May 31, the card was charged and I assumed all was fine. A few months later, I received another bill and assumed it was sent in error, so I ignored it only to receive a ‘final notice’ last week.

    On Nov. 23, I called the number on the bill and explained I had cancelled the contract by email. The rep said she had no such record and I had to provide them with 30 days’ notice to cancel. I repeated that I had already done so.

    I asked her to look at the last payment. She said it was made by Amex. I said YES…and where did they obtain my Amex info from? The email I had sent. She said she didn’t have a record of any email.

    She then said it was my responsibility to prove that email was sent. In the meantime, she would speak with her supervisor and have her call me back. I provided my cell # as a contact since I was planning on being out of town.

    On Nov. 29, I received a call from Home Protection. The individual said he understood I wanted to sign up for a three year contract!!!

    I asked where he got this information from, as I was trying to CANCEL the contract. He said all cancellations go through him and he didn’t have one from me.

    I told him to check the month of May, as I didn’t recall the exact date. He too told me I had to prove I sent the email.

    Within a few minutes of checking my archived emails, I found the TWO emails I sent previously. So I sent them to him.

    In the first email, I pointed out how I had clearly asked for the contract to be cancelled. He bounced this email back to me with a one word answer. The one word was “sh*t”. That’s all he had to say.

    I then sent him the second email with the expiry date. I pointed out to him that in fact Sears received two instructions to cancel the contract.

    In keeping with good business practice, they should have kept the email as proof of my granting permission for them to charge my Amex.

    I further asked what they would have done had I denied any knowedge of why the card was being charged.

    He replied to that email: “No need to be hasty”.

    I tried calling the National Customer Service number on, only to be told that number was for assistance with the website. She then provided another number for me to call.

    Called that number and someone named Sean took down the details and promised to investigate and get back to me.

    Right now I want two things:

    1) Confirmation IN WRITING that the contract was cancelled (I put that in my email as well).

    2) An apology for the treatment I’ve received so far in trying to cancel this contract, including the inappropriate response via email.

    I’m still shocked at the unprofessional treatment!!!

  12. I was ready to board a plane at Pearson Airport, boarding pass, Duty Free all in place, just waiting to board.

    I was asked if I had an Aeroplan card and I replied no. So I thought I would get one.

    Weeks later, I received two credit cards, waiting to be activated, from two banks. I thought they were fake and thought the banks wanted me to phone and see what it was all about.

    A couple of weeks later, I received the bills for each card — annual fees of $120 and $99 with the due date. There was no mention of applying for a credit card. Only my name was on this card and I would not qualify for the $3,000 limit.

    I contacted the banks and have cancelled everything, and as I did not activate them, it did not effect my credit rating.

    Why is the Airport allowing this in the boarding area? I will be notifying the Airport that they have CON ARTISTS in the boarding area.

    We will find them ……I’m taking this further.

  13. Hello, I’m writting this letter to you about a Samsung washer and dryer I purchased from Sears in Cobourg in August 2009.

    At the time, I was encouraged by the sales person to buy the five year extended warranty, which also encluded a lemon clause.

    I have had several service calls on my appliances, but the latest one started on April 4, 2012. The door on my washer would not latch. Therefore, the washer would not start.

    The service man arrived at 8.45 and I assisted him with the repair. He left the house and within five minutes.

    I started a load of laundry and within seconds, I noticed water coming out of my bathroom and laundry room. I shut the washer off but the water just kept coming out of the bottom of the machine.

    I called Sears right away and asked them how to stop the water and asked to speak with customer service. They told me to turn off the washing machine, which I had done already.

    Lindsay from Toronto said she would try to get a hold of the service guy and have him come back if possible. Otherwise, he would have to come back tomorrow.

    Approximately 15 minutes later, he returned, confused as to what went wrong. My son Matthew helped him unstack the machines so he could open up the washer.

    The service man found a couple of broken items inside the machine. One of them didn’t even have a an order number because it had never had to be replaced before.

    The service man was concerned about how long it would take to have anyone come back to repair the washer because they would first have to contact the manufacturer in order to get a number for the part to be ordered in.

    I called Lindsay back about the concerns of getting one of the parts and possible water damage to my floors as the washer leaked water for a while. She said she was documenting everything and sending the information to her supervisor.

    Being Tuesday, six days later, I had not heard from anyone so I thought I better call and see if the part was obtained. The man I spoke from the service department said there wasn’t any new information but he would look into everything and call me back.

    After five hours, I asked what was going on. The lady had me on hold for over 20 minutes said that an e-mail went out to the manufacturer about the part on Saturday.

    I asked why Saturday when I was told an e-mail was sent out on Wednesday. The lady said it was a second e-mail marked as urgent, as they had no response from the first e-mail.

    I asked to speak with a supervisor because it had already cost $40 at the laundromat and I had another pile of laundry to be done and no date for a repair. She said I could not speak with her supervisor because she had already done that. I would be informed if and when parts will be ready.

    I was frustrated and brought up that I paid for extended warranty and the lemon clause and that this is not acceptable customer service. She made it clear that she didn’t care about how I felt about poor service from Sears.

    I then informed her I would look elsewhere for help to deal with this situation.


    I have M.S. and trying to drag laundry out to laundromats is very difficult and exhausting. Thank you for caring about your fellow man and trying to help.

  14. Hello Ellen, I’m contacting you about frustrating situation. Hope you can help.

    I’ve been with Fido for a few years (2008) and I’ve always made my payments on time. Never had any trouble.

    Then, last year was the first time I needed to travel to Europe with the new phone I had bought. I wasn’t able to just buy a sim card in Europe and use that, so I had to make arrangements with Fido to adjust my bill with roaming.

    This year when I needed to go to Europe, I called to tell them I would be traveling again and I needed the same package I had last time, which should have come up to $275. The guy on the phone said that everything was set, so I hung up and went on with my trip.

    When I got back, I called to tell them I was back and to take the package off my bill. I asked what my total was and the guy on the phone said it was $271, which sounded right.

    I asked if the last 2 weeks that I was away were included. The man said yes. I asked, “Are you sure?” and he responded with yes again, so I paid it off right away.

    Three days later, I receive an email from Fido telling me my bill was at $800 and something, I called and was on the phone for quite some time. Finally they said they would cut my bill in half.

    I agreed for them to do that, but I still wasn’t understanding what I was paying for to begin with. I had already paid a bill that the previous man had told me included my last two weeks in Europe.

    So I called again and asked to speak to the supervisor. At first, they didn’t want to pass me on to a supervisor and I insisted.

    Finally, a lady came on and explained to me that the bill was so high because of roaming and that I was only given texts messages when I was away. Roaming wasn’t even added to the bill. This was something very important to me and I had specified I needed roaming.

    Anyway, they refused to do anything more since the bill had already been cut in half.

    I spent numerous hours on the phone talking to numerous people that I had to go through. Three people yelled at me. Yep. Customer service representatives were taking a tone with me.

    One man had actually slipped in our conversation and told me the package I was told I had didn’t even exist any more and I had paid for nothing. After realizing what he said, he rushed me through our conversation and said that he’s going to cancel my account. That’s what I wanted at this point because it had gotten ridiculous.

    I did my part, making sure to call ahead. I told them where I was going and what I needed. I paid them when I returned and was charged a few days later for something that wasn’t my fault.

    I was forced to go through a conversation that should have never happened where they cut my bill in half. There shouldn’t have even been a bill.

    Regardless, I have paid $420 from that $800 for Fido’s mistake of not informing me there was no such package. It was just giving me texting for international and letting me believe I had roaming on my phone.

    Needless to say, I am very upset and disappointed that they are treating me this way, making me pay for something that isn’t my fault and then having a tone with me. I am looking into other phone companies now, but am very skeptical for I do not want to be put in this position again.

  15. I have just experienced the worst customer service from Sears.

    We purchased a Professional Frigidaire Free Standing Gas Range along with the extended warranty two years ago.

    On Sept. 27, I had to call for a technician after my range started beeping and was no longer functional (no elements, no oven).

    The technician advised me that it was the heat sensor in the control panel. Someone from Sears would call me the same day or next day to schedule the repair.

    After a few days, I had to call to inquire on the status. I was informed that the part is on back order and they had no dates to give me, but they would call me. I was told it should be 1 to 2 weeks.

    I tried to talk to someone else to get a date, but I received no commitment. I placed multiple calls and sent emails to get a resolution.

    Finally on Oct. 15, after I made another call, I am told the part is in. SURPRISE! I will be contacted for an appointment.

    As you can imagine, I was not about to wait for another call. I insisted to have it scheduled immediately.

    After waiting, I was advised that in order to accommodate ME (the customer), the earliest they could make the appointment was for Thursday, Oct. 18, but it would have to be an all-day appointment in order to fit me in.

    I proceeded to take the day off. It is now Thursday and I am sitting at home on the phone with Sears customer service, only to be told that the service call is for Oct. 23rd and there is nothing they can do.

    When I asked to speak to someone else, I am told there is no one else. I have tried to be patient but this is now unacceptable.

    After all the calls, no one has had the decency to follow this case through to ensure it was resolved promptly.

    I am someone who is usually extremely patient and often too tolerant of these types of situations. However, with a family of 5 to feed, Thanksgiving dinner cancelled, having to throw out spoiled food because it cannot be cooked and forced to cook outside for a month, I am now at my wits’ end.

    I find myself screaming at customer service agents and sending notes all over the place so that someone can help me get out of this predicament.

    I have now lost one day’s pay and now expect to lose another day’s pay on the 23rd because somebody with your company is unable to perform their job.

    With the money that I have now lost, I could have gone and bought myself a brand new range.

    With a 2 year old range with extended warranty, we will now be waiting almost a month for a repair. Where is the customer service in that?

    I have purchased all my appliances in multiple occasions through Sears, I have dressed my kids through Sears, I have furnished my home through Sears, I have lawn equipment through Sears.

    But today, the thought of even going in that store is making me sick to my stomach. I have no intention of EVER putting myself into this predicament again!!!

  16. Hmmm…. It looks like this is just an anti Sears blog!…. lol… but it has scared me off enough not to buy anything from Sears again.. Its scary enough trying to make ends meet nowadays and having to always be on the lookout for the next ripoff, but to see so many complaints why chance it?? Amazon is amazing,, great customer support, great prices and amazing waranty..
    I was actually looking into this for the first time, but I am awaiting to give the company I am having issues with the benefit of the doubt.. I hope I dont have to make a complaint,, it looks like you have your hands full..

  17. Shoppers Drug Mart – Buying 6 tooth brushes is violation of their term leads to Account Cancellation

    Our Optimum account plus years of accumulated Optimum Points is cancelled, the reason we were told that buying 6 tooth brushes is a violation of their terms, it exceeds its the household limit or something.

    Long story short, we bought 6 tooth brushes in a purchase back in November 2014. Then sometime in December we found out our Optimum account is deleted when we called for other concerns.

    There was no prior email, letter, or phone call informing us about the cancellation. We waited for more than a month before we were told that BUYING 6 tooth brushes is prohibited and our Optimum account is closed.

  18. My nightmare started 2 weeks ago when my washing machine purchased at Sears literally blew up. I went upstairs to check on my child and wash. Thank God I did, because when I opened the laundry door, smoke poured out.

    I was coughing non-stop and thought I had a fire. My second floor quickly became engulfed in toxic black smoke.

    This is an LG washer and I’ve been through every single in and out with LG and Sears. LG has no customer service. I have paid them $180 up front to fix my machine and nobody showed up. I asked for a credit which I’ve yet to receive.

    We purchase all our kitchen appliances through Sears. Over $10,000 worth and now we are left high and dry with no help from Sears. I’ve spent 25+ hours on phone calls, social media and email, to no avail.

    I’ve had one no-show repair guy and one cancel on me halfway through the waiting period. Two weeks later, I’ve spoken to every department, including the executive office. I’m so upset that nobody cares, nobody seems to think it’s important that one of their products blew up.

    They have had me sit for 3 days now, unable to work, waiting for their service, which never comes through. I strongly believe Sears should replace my machine. A machine should not put your life in danger. Even worse, it’s wrong to have nobody do anything about it.

    I was supposed to hear back from Executive office yesterday, but the rep has not called me back. I left 3 messages today and she has not returned my call.

    I called regular customer service and was told, “Don’t worry, the repair guy will be there before noon today.” When I asked him the time, he said, “I don’t know, because I have no idea where you are.” Customer service is in the Philippines!

    At this point, it was 12.30 pm. I called again to customer service and was told by a manager she cannot do anything because I have a case open, yet the case worker isn’t available and I’ve wasted yet another whole day waiting for Sears.

    I’m so upset that this is how a person is treated. Please help in any way you can.

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