My 200th blog post

August 31 2009 by Ellen Roseman

Since I wrote about reaching 100 , I want to celebrate getting to 200 blog posts today, before September arrives.

I wish I had time to write more often. But after doing three Star columns a week, teaching continuing education classes at U of T and George Brown College, making speeches and responding to readers’ emails, I’m “knackered.” (Great word, eh? Here’s a definition. Don’t you love Wikipedia?)

I just saw the movie Julie and Julia and felt a kinship with blogger Julie Powell. Not that I expect to pull off a book deal and film starring Meryl Streep as she did, but I recognized the scene where her husband fumed at losing her attention while she was on her computer communicating with strangers. That’s a familar argument at our home.

So, let me say again that blogging has its rewards (as well as challenges). There’s a community of readers here, who love to share their likes and dislikes, tips, contacts and philosophy of money and consumerism. They find comfort in reading about others who had the same problems they did and successfully resolved them.

Long may they continue to connect with each other and learn through common experiences.

In the near future, I hope to post reader feedback about Dell (one of the first to outsource customer service overseas) and to keep exposing the water heater replacement racket. And I’m wondering about the Harper government’s enthusiastic response to Montreal activists asking for tougher laws on rogue advisers. Would this have something to do with Quebec’s reluctance to endorse a national financial regulator?

So, keep those comments and story suggestions coming. I’ll try to cook up more controversy in the days to come.


  1. Riscario Insider

    Sep 1 2009

    Congratulations on your milestone, Ellen!

    Your blog posts help us understand what others have experienced. Better still, you have the clout to encourage companies to resolve issues. Thanks!

  2. Bylo

    Sep 1 2009

    Ellen, congratulations on achieving the two century mark!

  3. Mr. Cheap

    Sep 1 2009

    Congrats on post #200!

  4. Susan

    Sep 1 2009

    Congratulations and many thanks-your blog and columns have helped my family stay safer and become more economically literate!

  5. Bell still sucks

    Sep 1 2009

    Thank you, Ellen, for such an informative site and for caring!

    With so many unethical companies out there, is it any wonder why your blogs have gotten such a response?

    That scene you mentioned registers with the white collar crowd – I’m paying attention while she’s blackberrying and vice versa.

    So, in the end, is customer service and manufacturer responsibility improving? From my experience, no!

    So the profitable conflict continues to the next quarter, with yet more numbers slapped together to show improvement.

  6. PT

    Sep 11 2009

    Congratulations on reaching this many posts Ellen! I think you do consumers in Ontario a wonderful service with your hard work. No wonder you’re knackered!

  7. Recruiting Animal

    Sep 16 2009

    Hey tell that guy (your husband) not to be mad at me.

    I always say No Reply Necessary.