Notes from the field 09/09

September 17 2009 by Ellen Roseman

So, what’s new? Here’s the breaking news in my world.

A computer glitch at Future Shop’s website creates disappointment for bargain-hunting Xbox 360 buyers.

TD Canada Trust raises the base rate on secured lines of credit (after hitting unsecured lines this spring), angering many borrowers.

National Home Services sends salespeople to your door, offering to replace your water heater. You have 10 days to change your mind if you say yes. But NHS can install the water heater before the cooling off period ends, requiring you to pay to remove it.

World Money Show debuts next month in Toronto, offering lots of great speakers, including a well-known consumer advocate and blogger.

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  1. Cynthia

    Sep 17 2009

    I recently made a purchase from Future Shop’s website, like I have done many times before. The normal process is to get an email acknowledging your order, then your pick up order email. I got neither.

    I went to the store, and my item was at the customer service desk. So they have many problems. I wasn’t buying an Xbox either.

  2. jamie

    Sep 20 2009

    Future shop said “We’ve left their comments untouched. It’s important not to censor any of them. ”

    Apparently Future shop changed their mind,as they’ve deleted all the critical comments. Following that, their entire facebook page has disappeared

  3. Ellen Roseman

    Sep 20 2009

    Jamie, I just went to Future Shop’s Facebook page and saw all the critical comments still there. You have to keep going down through the older posts to find them.

    Last Friday at 6.36 pm, Future Shop told everyone that the Beat the Clock contest is finished (except for the last instalment later that night).

    “After listening to what you had to say, we’ve decided to end the promotion and go back to the drawing board.”

    The company also said, “There was nevetr any malicious intent — all we wanted to do was offer some amazing deals through a promotion that didn’t quite work out perfect. Hey, people make mistakes and we’re no different either.”

    Let’s hope such sloppy mistakes don’t happen in future. Future Shop is too big a retailer to operate this way.

  4. Cathy R

    Sep 28 2009

    I echo the comments of other TD customers. I was astounded by the letter changing the terms of our contract. I went to the branch, spoke to the assistant manager and was offered nothing other than the company line.

    How can one ever trust a TD contract again?

    Like one of the other writers, my husband and I have our accounts, mostly investments with TD for over 50 years. I am insulted and offended by this letter. I will make efforts to move my accounts on my terms to other institutions, even to pay the same – they didn’t lie to me (yet).

    TD is losing a customer that never missed a payment, has hundreds of thousands of dollars invested and has honoured every contract I ever had with TD. At this time, I do not have one cent on my line of credit. If I need it, I will move it.

  5. James

    Oct 10 2009

    I’m sorry to use such language but I have to state here and now that, in my opinion, Kelly Hechler is full of crap.

    Why raise rates on something that is secured by actual real estate? The last time I checked, the prime rate was 2.25%, yet the banks keep moaning about how their borrowing costs are “elevated”.

    This is laughable, since the banks actually pay less than prime to borrow. Who actually buys this nonsense?

  6. Tom Potter

    Nov 4 2009

    Nov 04
    Ditto regarding the TD HELOC and Durnford’s letter. I did the same as many of you…ie: wrote letters, got the same run around. The truth is their borrowing did NOT go up as Durnford said. (That used to be called a lie)
    Don’t be lied to…change your bank. It’s a pain but tell the new bank you’ll do it again if they take you for granted.
    I’m in a better position. I paid off all but $0.99 and will allow them to send me statements each month. They need $250 from me to close the account. Maybe then they’ll waive that contract item.