Why can’t Bell fix its customer service?

Bell continues to frustrate, annoy and enrage its customers. I found out when I did my latest Star column on Bell Blues and got a very enthusiastic response.

I wondered if there was a chance that complaints were levelling off. No way. Only one reader tried to defend Ma Bell, while many others gleefully diagnosed its faults.

See comments below and at Bell Blues, where number 600 is in sight. Investors may wonder, as Bylo does in his comment posted today, how much better this company could perform if it could sharpen up its laggard approach to service.

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

41 thoughts on “Why can’t Bell fix its customer service?”

  1. One thing that I do if one customer service rep. offers me some service that seems really great, I call back another day, speak with somebody else and ask them about it. If they have no idea what I am talking about, I know that signing up for it will only get me screwed. I hate it, but yelling often gets me what I want.

  2. Bell is increasing “our” long distance services effective Jan. 1, 2010.

    The My Province long distance package will go from $2.95 per month and increase by $2. That is about a 70% increase??

    Hope you let your readers know. I think that I will remove the My Province package as I have been using an internet service number for long distance of late and it works great, http://www.1011295.com.

    You dial 1011295, then 1+ (area code + number). Bell gets 25 cents for facilitating the call and anywhere across Canada & USA it is 2 cents per minute. And many countries are available via land line and cell phones too. I can call my cousins in England for 3 cents per minute.

    Always a reader

  3. About four years ago, I bundled my services with Bell to take advantage of the single bill. Not only did I not get the single bill until three years later, but every month (I’m not exaggerating) for that three years I had to call about errors on my phone, internet and cell phone bills.

    My solution was when my internet contract ended, I switched my phone and internet to another supplier. And when my cell phone contract expired, I switched to Rogers.

    Even then, Bell haunted me by saying that sending a letter (which they acknowledge receiving) wasn’t the proper cancellation procedure (they wanted me to phone them) and kept sending me cell phone bills.

    I finally called their service people, and after a half hour on the phone, and threatening to write a letter to the CRTC about their business practices, they agreed that I had cancelled my cell service and would credit and cancel my account.

    I had done business with Ma Bell for decades. That meant nothing in terms of service to me.

  4. About two months ago, I received a snail mail from Bell telling me that there was a new system in place that would relieve me of the problem of refreshing my cellphone account every 60 days (at which point, I must put some money in to maintain service) and inviting me to call in to have it explained to me.

    I did so, and talked to a lady who said the new plan was tailored to serve people like me who have a balance in their account (there was $118 in there).

    The plan was this: I could have free service for seven months at $15 per month, drawing on the $118. I asked if I would be charged the $15 even if I did not use the phone during that period. Yes, I would be.

    So I said no thanks, I like the balance being there, and paying $15 per month for nothing didn’t appeal to me.

    The next thing that happened — and I wonder if it was happenstance or coincidental — was that on Sept. 29, when I tried to update the account by putting some money in it (the robotic Bell voice had informed all during September that Sept. 30 was my expiry date), I was informed (robot again) that the account was suspended.

    I spent the most of that day and the next (Sept. 30) trying in vain to get someone to talk to. I then went to a Bell Mobility dealer who, after about 20 minutes of trying, did get a real person on the line.

    When I explained my dilemma, she informed me quite haughtily that I was mistaken — the expiry date was Sept. 28, and there was no possibility I could have heard Sept. 30 on the robotic voice message. I disputed that.

    Much back-and-forthing, during which I said that I didn’t like being called a liar, and she said she wasn’t saying that, just that I was wrong. So I told her that I was mad enough to be in touch with you and that I would also write letters to every newspaper in Ontario, and that I wanted to speak to someone else. She said all right, but her supervisor would tell me the same thing.

    After a long pause, another woman came on the line and lectured me as if I were a schoolboy (I am 83) and said I was wrong. But, she said, as a special consideration to me, never to be repeated, they would restore my balance and reinstate the service.

    Pity. I still had two arguments left — that I had been a landline customer of Bell since 1951 and had paid every account within 24 hours of receipt, and that maybe I should go to Rogers for service. (Although from what I read, that`s not much better).

    I still don`t really know what persuaded them to put the money back (although they shorted me about $25, I think, and the brouhaha was probably worth that to me), but if you wish to take credit for the resolution of the matter, be my guest.

  5. I am sharing this experience with you, in support of your column about Bell Canada’s customer service.

    In February 2008, my mother died unexpectedly. I managed her estate, and ensured all bills were settled up for her modest apartment (she was a wonderfully independent gal at age 78).

    Over the following days, I reviewed her Bell telephone account, paid the small balance of $36 and contacted Bell customer service to terminate the landline contract.

    While administering this, the Bell customer service rep offered me a unique service – when callers dialed my mother’s phone number, they would receive a prerecorded voice message referring to my phone number. Great! This was a one year service for a modest fee of $60.

    I agreed immediately, as I was a Bell customer and would gladly incur this cost.

    A few months passed by. I was very satisfied with the forwarding announcement activated, as requested. I had not noticed the service fee of $60 added to my account. Only after the ridiculous scenario that would follow did I realize this fee was unresolved.

    As the sole heir to my mother’s estate, I had many things to think about, not to mention the abject shock and grief of my loss. It just wasn’t on my radar.

    The Bell Canada debacle begins now.

    Three months after my mother’s death, I received a phone call at my home number one evening, asking for VG – me. It was a collection agency. They demanded – and I mean demanded – that I submit my chequing account details immediately for an overdue bill of $60 to Bell Canada.

    My Bell account had no outstanding balance, so I explained this, and challenged the caller on this point. They insisted I owed the amount.

    The following day I called Bell Canada with this concern. They explained that my balance was indeed clear and they knew nothing about this.They reassured me this was nothing to worry about.

    That evening I received another horrible, aggressive, shouting collection call, insisting that I provide my chequing account details to pay for this debt over the phone. I demanded they identify their organization, they refused and hung up.

    The following day, I contacted the RCMP Fraud Squad line, received excellent support and when I provided them with the collection agency telephone number, the RCMP verified it was a legitimate business. They recommended I contact Bell Canada.

    I did. And I did again and again and again. No one knew anything. This would go on for several more days of asking for a supervisor.

    I decided to call the collection agency. The receptionist graciously forwarded me to the business manager. This individual immediately apologized and reviewed the file with me. It was at that moment that we both realized what had happened.

    My name and my beloved mother’s name happens to be VG. Bell had not amended the records for these accounts properly. The Collection Agency thought I was VG (senior) with the arrears – not knowing she was deceased and that the account should have been closed.

    Ironically, they reached me because of the ‘forwarding message’ that Bell had implemented in the first place.

    Are you seeing the absurd irony yet?

    The manager at this collection agency promised there would be no further calls to my home. He was sincerely supportive of my dilemma.

    The following day, I paid the $60 on the deceased VG account (which is where this fee was buried – no pun intended).

    I asked and was told that these details would be resolved. I also asked that a statement of my mother’s account be mailed to me. It never was.

    Here is the happy ending.

    Exactly one year later, when this ‘forwarding message’ service expired, I called Bell Canada, I cancelled my business with them and immediately set up a robust bundle package with Rogers.

    I wrote a letter to this effect to the so-called customer service office, received a tepid form letter of ‘sorry to see you go’, and that was it.

    It has been 18 months, and I get solicitations by mail every month from Bell Canada, a tacky marketing strategy that begs me to return. I have not bothered to contact the Bell office to request they stop mailing me.

    I take tremendous pleasure in knowing that they are wasting their direct mail budget on me – may they go bankrupt if enough of us stand firm on our values.

    Business is about people. My beloved mother knew that, all her years as an administrator at Canada Trust (they set the bar). She’s having a good old chuckle with me right now.

    Thank you for reading this.


  6. To answer MikeP:

    Over the years, my experience with every one of the phone companies has been that, with respect to customer service, they are all quite similar and similarly bad. Essentially they are operating in the context of a system that rewards this behaviour and fails to reward adequate customer service. It doesn’t pay for them to treat their customers with consideration and respect and there are no significant penalties for treating them with disdain.

    However, my most recent experiences with Fido and Bell indicate that, when push comes to shove, Fido is more willing to remediate while Bell is steadfastly unrepentant. Certainly the page that contains the definition of the word “loyalty” was torn out of Bell’s dictionary long ago.

  7. I’ve had my share of problems with Bell and then I wondered who I hated that much and deserved that much misery? My boss and a few others came to mind. That was 2 years ago and the boss still bitches to this day about ongoing problems from six months ago. Bell’s more consistent that way. If something can be screwed up or screwed over, you can count on them.

    To the mountain of others who are suffering Bells never ending ineptness, just leave them. That will do everyone some good. And to those who’ve invested in them widowers and pensioners, are you mad? The stock much like managements IQ has actually flatlined and is trending downwards. They couldn’t even manage being taken over without shooting themselves in the foot with their own “iron clad clause.” Ellen, it’s commendable of you volunteering as part of Bells escalation team. But people do need to learn and do things on their own, like leave them permanently.

    As for me I’m living and loving life and waiting for my hockey team in Hamilton.

  8. I”ve said this on this website before, but check to make sure you are getting what you are paying for from Bell.

    I signed up for high speed internet from Bell and for a year it was so slow. When I would call, I would get the “yes ma’am, you are signed up for high speed, it says so in your account”.

    Then, for another reason, I was transferred to a “tech” guy and he told me that the speed assigned to my account was not the speed I had paid for, for the last year.

    I actually had the service that was one above dial up. Almost $30 a month difference.

    So always check. Ask to speak to a “tech” guy.

  9. Bell is just pathetic when it comes to customer service. Ellen knows me very well and helped me sort out issues with Bell a few times.

    One thing they could do to improve service is ditch the Punjabi call centre, where there’s obviously complete disregard to providing customer service.

    I found that at times I can’t even understand the other person on the end of the line. Even when you ask to be transferred to a manager, they refuse! After all, there’s no Bell personnel there, hence no manager to talk to.

    If you insist on being transferred to a manager, they’ll just hang up the phone on you. The people from Bell’s offices over here can search for that person until tomorrow. Not that they would anyway, but it goes to show how there’s no accountability.

    As far as dealing with Bell goes, I found out it’s not worth getting upset over a bunch of people who obviously just don’t care. If I see that I’m getting nowhere on an issue, I will contact either Ellen or the E.O. myself and the matter gets resolved quickly.

    You may ask yourselves just how many times do you deal with Bell to begin with? Quite seldom, actually. But when I do, it’s almost always has to be escalated as their agents in the call centre are the most infuriatingly annoying and incompetent bunch of twits.

    Last week I called to add a satellite receiver. With Rogers, adding a new receiver is a non-issue. You go to your nearest Rogers store that carries the equipment and pick up a new receiver; they usually activate it on the spot. No fees, no fuss.

    With Bell, unless you actually buy the receiver, they want to install it themselves. Fine. Come and install it. Ahhh… but they want $75 to install the receiver! And I’m not talking about putting in a brand new line. I mean just hooking it up, literally a 2 minutes job.

    Yes, Bell charge you a fee to give them more business! Moreover, they actually charge a security deposit of $50 for the receiver and then credit it the next month. Why would you charge a security deposit if your own people are installing the equipment?! Besides, the security deposit doesn’t even cover the cost of the receiver.

    Long story short, once I heard they wanted to charge me $75 to connect a receiver to the outlet (the line to the satellite was already installed previously), I told them I wanted to cancel my TV service with them.

    They transferred me to their retention department, which is apparently based in Quebec, who ultimately ended up promising to reverse the charge and provide a free perk for three months. Now I’m waiting for the actual bill to see if they’ll actually reverse the charge.

    One thing you learn with Bell is what they say and what they do are two totally different things.

  10. A friend of mine just had an incredible story with Bell. He has been a customer for more than 20 years. Do you remember the days when users had to rent telephone sets from Bell? Well, this friend had been renting a telephone set from Bell for the past 15 years, paying a monthly fee of $15.

    In 2006, realizing what a raw deal this is, he decided to return the set and was told to take it back to one of the Bell stores, which he did. He asked if he needs to do anything else or if he should get a confirmation number and was told no and that it’s already ‘in the system’ and the charges will stop.

    Fast forward to today. He is checking his bill and realizes that Bell is STILL charging him for the telephone set rental he returned in 2006! He decides to call them and is told that he must report back to the store where he returned it. He does, only to be told there is nothing they can do for him.

    Back to customer service. After 1.5 hours on the phone, he is told they can’t help him and the only thing they can do is stop charging him from now on, and offer him a one time discount of $10!

    Not only have they been charging $15 monthly on a telephone set for the past 15 years, but they would not return the money they charged since he returned the set 3 years ago! … OK, he should have been less trusting and checked his bill more closely, but the fact is these things happen too often to be classified as ‘mistakes’. They are done systematically and on purpose to pad the bottom line of these companies, preying exactly on the kind of people that don’t track their bills vigorously.

    One last thing to say, it’s not only Bell’s fault. The truth is there is a government body that is supposed to regulate the telcos and protect rights of the consumer. It has completely failed its intended purpose. I’m talking about the CRTC.

    The CRTC today is completely in the pocket of Bell and the big telcos. Look at the recent examples to allow Bell to throttle internet service, charge usage based billing for independent carriers (which would kill 3rd party internet providers), violate net neutrality, Rogers to modify dns redirecting. Not only that, but the CRTC is also trying to protect Bell and Rogers from competition from cell phone entrants such as Globalive.

    It’s time for the question to be asked: Whose interests does the CRTC serve? The consumer or the large telcos, with whom the regulators are in bed? Unfortunately, it seems they could care less about the consumer.

    Its time for action, sign the petition, spread the word:

  11. Whenever I deal with any of these companies, Bell, Rogers, Telus, etc. or read stories such as this I remember reading Grisham’s “The Rainmaker” and wondering whether art is imitating life or it’s the other way around.

    I’m not sure where the CRTC fits into this vision but it does seem to be inadequate to the task that is its mandate.

  12. Last Monday Oct 26 2009, my sister’s phone service conked out. She called Bell and was told that they could send out a technician. She wd be charged about $100 plus any equipment costs.

    I went to her apartment. All 3 jacks were out so I figured it was likely to be something outside of her home rather than inside.

    I called Bell and spoke to a nice guy in India and asked him to have her line checked without charging her for sending out a technician.

    I had to call a number of times because my sister had just moved and I didn’t have all of the correct information.

    Friday I got a call (from India) telling me that the 489 exchange was disabled because the cable was broken.

    The woman told me that many people had lost their phone, internet and television service. But it wd be back by Sunday Nov 1.

    There was huge construction going on in the middle of the road behind my sister’s apartment. I had wondered if that had might have been an issue all along. I asked the woman who had called me but she didn’t know.

    That same day, Friday, my internet went down. I called Rogers and the help desk guy immediately told me that service my area was down.

    Why didn’t the help desk at Bell have the same info? It took from Monday to Friday to let us know that the entire area was suffering from a broken cable.

    They have very nice people on the line in India. But they are not being given the info necessary to do their job right.

  13. I’m writing on behalf of my mom regarding recent changes in her Bell Internet service.

    After researching Bell’s no longer unlimited Internet service, I stumbled upon your article “Bell blue leaves too many customers seeing red” posted on October 17.

    My mom has been a loyal Bell customer with four types of services: home phone, television, Internet and a Yellow Pages ad for her business. She has been signed onto their unlimited high speed Internet service since December 2001.

    This past summer around May/June, she called in for a repair on her Internet because the connection line was broken on their end. The Bell representative scheduled a repair and gave us a new dual modem-router.

    A friend of mine sent me an article about Bell’s new proposition to eliminate unlimited Internet service and told me to check my mom’s account, since a lot of customers were being switched off their unlimited service without notice.

    And there it was. My mom was now on a cap, 60 GB per month bandwidth, and she went over her limit, too. What angered me was not the fact that Bell is changing their services, but that they changed it without any authorization.

    I researched more and found out that Bell representatives change a consumer’s service once they call technical support. So if my mom never had a broken Internet connection, she may still have been on her original service.

    Many consumer reports said they were able to get their unlimited Internet back when they emailed Kevin Crull. My mom sent an email to him this week and received a call today from a representative, Patrick Olsen, who said he could not give her the original service back. All he could do was compensate her for this month’s overcharge.

    She told him that many people were able to get their original service back and why wasn’t she able to? He said that those people contacted Kevin within 30 days of the changes made by reps. My mom didn’t even know about the new changes and if it wasn’t for her going over the limit, she would still not have known today.

    Since she was a loyal customer for so long, I would have thought Bell would do much more to try to resolve the issue. So I’m writing to you for advice. What do you think we should do?

  14. @DN
    The advice is to leave Bell. I have my TekSavvy order for next week to change phone and internet service.

    They did the same thing to me and had the nerve to begin charging me $5 more per month for less service, without notifying me (saw it on my next bill). Then I called Bell “customer service” and they would not change it back. I asked for an email with an offer for a contract but the phone team could not do it. I had to email in. After agreeing on a 1 year contract, I too was on a 60GB cap (the irony was in the 5 years I had the unlimited, I never cracked 30GB -half the cap). So after 6 months on this new contract, my bill suddenly increased by $15.

    After calls, emails, instant chats where they determined it was a 6 month promotion (even though I had it in writing that it was for 1 year), and several promises of supervisor and manager call backs, I emailed the Bell Executive Office and cc’ed Ellen. I then received a callback and eventually they agreed and honoured the 1 year contract. Too late. After countless hours dealing with support, I’m out.

    From what I hear, TekSavvy support is great, the internet service is more or less the same as Bell (they use Bell lines) and the price is less, with no contract. Can’t wait to be Bell free. I’m in no way affiliated with TekSavvy except for being a future customer, and look forward to the little guys getting some attention.

  15. Recently, I had a terrible experience with Bell. I was receiving phone calls from a fax machine during the middle of the night. I was able to track the phone number down and I gave it to Bell.

    It took several hours of telephone conversations, being shuffled from one department to the next, talking to morons who didn’t have a clue what to do, and after one week of torture, I was informed that I could have a package deal, slightly less than what I was paying that would give me the ability to block these calls.

    Apparently, if you have the service you can block up to 12 phone numbers. Why wasn’t I told about this in the first place?

    I would love to switch to a wireless phone with someone else. However, I believe I can’t take along my land phone number to a wireless. This is the only reason for my hesitation. Any suggestions?

    A few years ago I was a Sympatico subscriber until I told Bell to jump in the lake. Terrible, terrible, terrible service. The worst service of any company I have encountered.

  16. After being a Bell customer for close to 30 years and a senior citizen in my 70’s, I was upset when Bell charged me an extra $30 for internet usage over my normal fee. When questioned, they said that it was because I had used more GB than allowed. I had no idea that there was a restriction on the amount of usage. I was told that they would drop the fee one time, but from now on I would have to pay.
    As I was trying to figure out just how much was actually due, I discovered that according to the calculations printed on their invoice for my monthly telephone service, the taxes appeared to be calculated on an amount rounded up to the nearest dollar. Bell said that each line of the invoice was taxed separately.
    My question is? How does Bell calculate the amount of tax they must then remit to the government? Are they remitting based on total gross income? or are they remitting the total of actual tax collected? If the former, then are they not, in effect, illegally collecting more than they are remitting? A few cents from every customer amounts to a whole lot more than they should legally be allowed to collect, and are they not cheating.
    I am changing my service provider. I can’t take the problems anymore. It previously took them months to resolve an internet connection issue regarding constant breakdown.

  17. I actually just got off the phone, leaving yet another message for a Bell rep to call me back.

    We cancelled our service back in September, but had to pay till October 15th. We did so, plus paid the bill in full and returned the receiver.

    I have received 3 collection calls stating that I owe another $170. Finally after 3 calls on my behalf, I found out that they want me to pay for their NHL Centre Ice package, even though I no longer have their service.

    I just received a final notice saying they are taking it to collections, but I don’t feel I should have to pay for a service I have no way of receiving.

    Help! Any suggestions are appreciated.

  18. We recently received an unsolicited call from Bell. They said they had noticed inconsistencies in our high speed service and would like to come out and improve it for us.

    When they arrived, they offered to upgrade our speed and explicitly told us that this would in no way impact our current agreement, bill, account, etc. The technician was very helpful.

    We then received, a few days later, an email from Bell indicating that we were now on the MAX 12 plan with a maximum monthly data consumption of 5 GB’s. We have had UNLIMITED data for years.

    So much for being told our current agreement, monthly charges, etc. would not change.

    We immidiately called and told them we wanted our unlimited plan back. None of the changes were explained to us and we had not agreed to any of this.

    We were so skeptical of the first call, offering to come out to improve our service, that we actually called Bell to make sure this wasn’t some sort of fraud.

    After all, who has ever received a call from Bell where they were actually proactively offering to do something for their customers?

    Countless calls and hours later, we have been told time and time again that they cannot move our service back to unlimited, as that plan no longer exists.

    Through these countless calls, never has anyone from Bell offered to compensate us or apologise for our inconvenience and this blatant self serving program to get people off unlimited. By the way, we are not heavy users and consume approximately 20GB per month.

    Long story short, after 18 years as a loyal Bell customer who paid their bill in full every month, we are moving our business elsewhere.

  19. I closed my Bell Expressvu account in October 2009…I returned the PVR, but Bell charged me TWICE for non-return, then credited one amount back…

    I called in November 2009 and they said the amount would be taken off my bill. By January 2010, it was not off my bill, so I called again, and again they said it would be taken off.

    In the meantime, the collections people see that I have had $535 owing on my account since October, so they’ve been calling me like crazy… at first just once a day, then a letter saying they would disconnect (I also have a cell with Bell, which they said they could disconnect).

    I called customer service again about the disconnection notice – they said don’t worry, it’s fine…

    I then started getting up to 24 calls a day. They don’t seem to care that I have a credit pending on the account.

    I called the collections department and they were no help at all. My boyfriend got on the phone with them to speak to her supervisor and she said she had no supervisor. She argued with him and cut him off continuously until he just got fed up.

    We called customer service and they said they would send a notice to collections to stop harassing me. They verified again that I was wrongly billed and a credit would be applied within days.

    The calls stopped for one day. They continued again for about two days and now my cell phone (will Bell) has been disconnected!!!

    Here’s an update… called Bell again and they said my account would be credited (again). They had my cell service reconnected.

    Got another letter saying my credit would be affected if I didn’t pay. We called the collections line and reiterated we didn’t owe a thing. The guy at Bell looked at the account and noted there were refunds for late payments. We asked him “why would we be refunded for late payments if we owed anything?!?!” The guy was stumped, said we obviously didn’t owe anything and we left it at that.

    Received our April bill and the $535 is still on the bill. Will be calling again Monday morning. Yay.

    Cell disconnected again! Called Bell Mobility, but they can’t do anything since the charge comes from Expressvu.

  20. May 23, 2010

    For the past 35 years, Bell’s repair service has been disastrous.

    Where I live, I have no choice but putting up with it and it is getting worse along with some other services that I use and which Bell provides.

    No wander many customers who have other choices have given Bell the boot.

  21. I cancelled my mobile phone May 1st 2010. With 1 year left in my contract, I decided to buy them out.

    It all started when my original phone died after 2 years. I thought no problem. I will buy a new one, so I did.

    Then they wanted to charge me a $15 activation fee. I did not want to pay this for 2 years. I paid my $120 bill every month on time and just bought a new phone.

    I talked to customer service a few times to see if they would waive it. Finally, I said okay, you can lose the last year of my contract over $15. They said fine, transferring you to canecellation.

    So I cancelled and I had to pay a month of full service $45 a month package, plus my call display, my monthly long distance plan, voice mail. So I had to pay them $120 for not using their service for a month.

    Then I told them I would pay them in full once iI received my final bill. Well within 15 days, I had a letter stating pay up the $120 or else it would go to collections. I phoned them and told them I would pay the final bill in full once I received it. This has happened 3 times now. It’s 2 and half months later and still no final bill.

    What is the matter with Bell Canada? They treat people with no respect, try to squeeze every penny they can out of people with no regards as to how their company is viewed.

    I will never give Bell another penny for the rest of my life, except of course this final bill. Does anyone think it’s unreasonable to say give me a final bill and I will pay you in full. Then wait close to 3 months or more to get it? In the meanwhile, to receive threatening letters from collection agencies?

    The more people i talk to about this, the more I hear people’s displeasure with Bell in general. There are too many other options to be treated like this.

  22. I received a text from Bell on my iPhone one morning saying that my data usage exceeds $250, and that it will suspend my service if charges reach $500.

    I’m using my own wifi connection, so I shouldn’t be charged anything at all!

    I visited my local Bell store and tried to contact Bell by phone. Apparently they are closed on Thursdays so I decided to try again tomorrow.

    Next morning, I called Bell again. They inform me that I have a data usage fee of THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. I`m a student. I don`t have that kind of money!

    At a loss on what to do, I was offered to pay only $100, and the rest of the thirteen grand would be credited.

    Thinking back on this, I shouldn’t be charged any money AT ALL. I asked them in store when getting my sim card if I would be charged any money for using my own wireless. They specifically said to me that it would not.

    But now they inform me that “If you have 3g turned on, it will override the wifi function of your iPhone and data charges would apply.”

    I like how they didn’t tell me this when I brought the phone in and asked about the data charges. Thanks to Bell, I will have to be living off of bowl noodles for the rest of the month.

  23. Ellen: When I left an apartment in St. Catharines 4 years ago, I called a representative at Bell, and told her I wanted to do two things: cancel service in SC on a particular date, and then establish new service at a known address in Toronto. She agreed the final bill would be sent to the new address.

    Nine months later, I got a letter from a collection agency in Markham. When I called, they said it was in regard to my unpaid final bill from Bell Canada. They had been sending bill after reminder after threat to the SC address, then dumped it into the hands of a collection agency.

    I am told subsequently that it was not sloppiness: that Bell owns the collection agency!

    I move to a new condo in November. Service there will not be from Bell.

  24. It takes a lot to get me riled up and I have given them many chances to fix a problem that was created by a deceitful sales rep who was their employee.

    They acknowledge the amount that the plan was sold to me for, but cannot decide how the rep got it. I offered to return the 2 phones that they sent me (that I did not need, but was convinced would make it a cheaper package).

    The customer service rep told me there was a 14 day return policy and they would only return the phones back to me. I didn’t know the offer was not what she had told me until the statement was received.

    I called as soon as I was aware of the issue and have been 3 months trying to get it resolved. I have been paying all the bills in full, so that its will not affect my credit status.

    As of today, I’ve made approx 8 phone calls and talked to at least 6 different staff members, only to be told that someone will return my call and hopefully get this resolved.

    What a terrible way to do business. It’s a shame that one company has that much of a monopoly that they can treat good paying customers like this. It may be time to talk to the media!!

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