Accident victims vs. insurance company = unequal fight

August 14 2007 by Ellen Roseman

You’ve been in a car accident. You’re injured and unable to work, so you apply for accident benefits from your insurance company under Ontario’s no-fault system.

This should be a fairly simple process, one that doesn’t require your hiring a lawyer and going to court. But it can turn out that way if your insurer says you need to go for a second opinion.

The doctors providing second opinions are often in the employ of the insurance companies and write reports that say you don’t need the treatment your own doctor recommended. They may also say you’re ready to return to work. In other words, their reports can help cut costs for the benefit of the insurance company and other policyholders.

If you’ve seen Sicko, the Michael Moore documentary about U.S. health care, you’ll know what can happen when insurance companies rule the roost. They often deny claims based on medical evidence from doctors who are far from impartial. One of these doctors, shown in the film, repents for her misdeeds and talks about being viewed as a profit centre for the insurer.

All this makes it harder for people to get the coverage they thought they were entitled to. They trusted their insurance company to be in their camp — on their side, so to speak — and they feel betrayed when they find out it’s not the case.

I wrote a column about this last Sunday and got amazing feedback from readers. Many now see insurance through different eyes.


  1. Brian Francis (aka – “bf”)

    Aug 15 2007

    Helpful hints for the seriously injured:

    * The more serious the injuries, the greater the insurer’s financial exposure, and the more tempting it will be for the claims handler to take a hardball, adversarial approach.

    * While there are certainly documented cases of insurer neglect and even malice towards some claimants, this is definitely not the whole picture. The poor treatment of claimants by some insurance companies could also stem from more mundane factors. Insurance companies often follow rigid procedures, losing sight of the human dimension in claims. Instead of client assistance and support, some insurers focus on an assembly line approach to claims, marked by overworked adjusters and claims managers, impossible file loads and a cold, dry response at point of claim. (Editorial comment, Craig Harris, Canadian Insurance, January 1999)

    * Where there is no objective evidence of impairment, or the objective evidence does not explain the degree of pain reported by the insured person, the insured’s credibility becomes important. In assessing the insured person’s sunjective pain complaints, Arbitrators consider all of the circumstances, including the consistency of the insured person’s complaints and apparent functional level.” (General Principles, A Summary of Adjudicative Reasoning On Key Issues, Financial Services Commission of Ontario)

    * Enter the fee-for-service health professionals who perform insurer-sponsored assessments purported to “objectively” measure both the “functional level” and “credibility” of the accident victim.

    * Not all of the insurers’ preferred vendors of second opinions mislead triers of fact with inflated credentials – but some do. Not all “independent” medical assessors are unqualified – but some are. Not all IME doctors take a highly skeptical, pro-insurer, partisan approach to what are supposed to be impartial assessments – but many have a habit of doing exactly that. The litigation landscape is littered with cases in which insurers relied on highly dubious assessments (IMEs) to justify terminating an accident victim’s policy benefits.

    * Sadly, it isn’t uncommon for lawyers to get so caught up arguing over the credibility of accident victims, they forget to check and challenge the credibility of underqualified second opinion vendors hired to scrutinize your own highly qualified doctor’s diagnosis/prognosis.

    * What can you do? Hire a good lawyer if you can afford one. In the alternative, hire a good (and less expensive) paralegal. Don’t assume your lawyer will have the time to do everything that might be helpful to your case.

    * If the insurer tells you they are sending you to a highly qualified specialist – check the insurer’s medical expert’s certificate of registration at her/his licencing body (CPO, CPSO, etc.) to confirm they are “as advertised” by your claims adjuster.

    * Go to the Canadian Legal Information Institute website and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario website and search the name of your insurer’s experts (medical, psychological, etc.). Scroll through the cases in which they have proffered insurer-sponsored second opinions and see what judges and arbitrators have had to say (in their decisions) about the credibility of the defence expert who is challenging your credibility. Sometimes, though not always, patterns of a tendentious approach to insurer assessments may emerge.

    Of course, all of this presupposes you are well enough to take these “consumer-smart” steps. The irony is that the more serious your injuries (e.g. brain injury) – the less likely you will have the physical stamina and/or intellectual capacity to try and protect yourself in these ways. Which is why the more vulnerable the claimant is – the more susceptible she/he is to bad faith claims handling practices.

    At the end of the day, if your lawyer gives you a bill which you think might be excessive, have it “taxed” by the law society (reviewed to confirm the amount is appropriate given the services rendered). It could turn out to be the best money you ever spent.

    In a perfect world in which accident victims could rest assured their insurer approaches all claims of serious injury in “good faith, none of this would be necessary. That said, few people are more aware than accident victims (and their families) that we live in a very imperfect world.

    Good luck.


  2. Russ Chisana

    Aug 15 2007

    In reference to your article, it sounds like a State Farm Insurance company. They are crooks. See what you can do if you have problems with your insurance claim and see how they rate. A good article under Choose insurance. State Farm Insurance is the worst company on the list.

  3. Alex

    Aug 15 2007

    Great post. I really enjoy your writing. By the way, I run an Insurance Article Directory and if you have some articles for distribution, you are very welcome to post them.
    All the best,

  4. Marilyn

    Sep 5 2007

    I read with great interest the difficulties dealing with insurance companies, similar to what I’ve had with Manulife Financial. They would make IME appointments so far away from my home and one of their IME providers was Garda, a security and investigation company. So what does Garda have to do with a medical file (subcharnoid brain hemorrage)?

    I went to one of the appointments set up in Hamilton and when I got there, the psychiatrist I was to meet with did not have the documentation from Manulife to send her report to my family doctors directly and to Manulife directly. So, the meeting was cancelled and she tried to blame me. But luckily, I had witnesses and, get this, Manulife cuts benefits.

    These insurance companies need to be held accountable for their mismanagement of medical files and these so-called IME specialists. It is very true the more vulnerable a person seems to be, the more insurance companies will screw with you and cause more stress in an already difficult situation.

    Let me hear your comments.

  5. Kelly Richard

    Sep 11 2007

    There is a company called CGI that represents itself to the Canadian public as an information technology company when in fact it is much much more. It represents the financial interests of at least 17 major insurance companies in Canada and is in partnership with many others.

    CGI is paid $100s of millions of dollars each year to aggressively defend against claims and lawsuits filed against Canadian insurance companies, even to fight against potential claims before they are even filed. We have abundant evidence that they do this in ways that Canadians would be shocked to find out about.

    CGI has extensive contracts with the Federal and provincial governments in Canada that allow them full access to Canadians’ private and personal records and information, including health records. We have evidence that health records have been altered to defend against claims and lawsuits filed by Canadians. When Canadians are sent for IMEs relating to insurance claims, CGI has influence over those health professionals.

    CGI was behind the push for electronic health records and has extensive contracts relating to this in Canada, so it can get access to Canadians’ health records and defend against claims filed.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg of information we have. The only way to stop this situation is to expose it and inform the public, so that they can take action to stop it. Through its links to Bell and Bell GlobeMedia, CGI was involved with the ownership of the media in Canada, including TV stations and newspapers, making it impossible to get this story out so far.

  6. Stephan

    Sep 12 2007

    Hi Everyone,

    It was interesting, and at times difficult, to read all your comments about your experiences with your accident benefits claims. I am a lawyer in Toronto, and I deal strictly with personal injury issues. I specifically chose this area of law because I had witnessed, through my own experiences as well as those of close friends, the sad state of the Accident Benefits legislation in Ontario. I realized that thousands of people in our province are essentially being deprived of the benefits they clearly deserve, at the moment in their lives when they need them the most, simply because they did not have a full understanding of how the system worked.

    In most cases, if you are not represented, insurance companies will take full advantage of you, cut down your benefits or attempt not to pay them at all. A person involved in an accident needs someone who can explain the process to them and maximize the benefits to which they are entitled. I make it my personal objective to do this in as friendly and understanding a manner as possible. It’s pretty late at night, but I felt I should post a message after reading this thread. My heart goes out to all of you out there.

  7. Rosemary

    Sep 13 2007

    I live in Ontario. Can anyone give me any feedback about State Farm Insurance? Are they a reliable insurance company? Anyone have problems with them?

  8. Christine Boulet

    Oct 22 2007

    The number one item next to your insurance policy is a tape recorder. If you have any claim tape record all conversations wth Insurance Co. and adjusters. In Canada it is pefectly legal to tape record your phone conversations without the other party knowing.

    Even if you totally disagree with the adjusting practices and experts retained by your insurance company, you must allow the insurance company a chance to either make it right or screw it up. , record (without their knowledge) any and all conversations you have with insurance company staff and/or experts. And, make a log of events as they occur. Memory can fade over time and what does not seem important at the time may be a critical piece of evidence later. Document everything you can (audio taped conversations, video tapes of inspections by insurance contractors/experts, keep a log of developments and communicate via certified or faxed letter to adjuster or supervisor) in order that evidence is preserved should you need it later.

    Unless otherwise instructed by your attorney, do not withhold information necessary for the proper adjustment of your claim. If consequential damage arises out of an insurance company’s action (or delays), be sure to inform, in writing, the insurance company so that they are put on notice. If this information is not made known, you cannot blame the insurance company for further delays. Give them the rope and let them hang themselves.

    Do not falsify documents to bolster your side of things. If the facts work against you, do not stoop to such conduct. Rarely are there cases where the policyholder resorts to fraud but when such conduct arises, it is usually out of retaliation for fraud committed by the insurance company. Again, let the insurance company be the only one resorting to that conduct. They will hang themselves with that rope.

  9. bill neurinski

    Dec 28 2007

    Unequal battle with insurance lawyer, still fighting after close to 6 years. I was rear-ended by drunk driver, had surgery to repair being paralyzed.

  10. Miss Deep Pain

    Jan 19 2008

    Stephane, can you represent me in my process?
    It is a rare case, and sort of difficult.

  11. Eloise

    Jan 19 2008

    I read about CGI, Look at their location:
    Head office

    1130 Sherbrooke Street West
    7th Floor
    Montreal, Quebec H3A 2M8
    Tel: +1 514-841-3200
    Fax: +1 514-841-3299

    How come Ontario would let a Quebec company rip off its citizens?

  12. Guy Farrell

    Jul 23 2008

    I am a Toronto lawyer specializing in insurance and injury claims for over 26 years. I’ve worked on both sides of the fence, but got sick of working for insurance companies in 2000 and now work for victims of these companies.

    Most of the above posts are “bang-on”. The system is almost completely corrupt.

    In Ontario auto insurance (which is mandatory), you have to pay high liability and accident benefit premiums. And when you are injured, your own insurer is more concerned with shutting the claim down than assisting you to return to full or better function.

    Finally, when you are forced by the prospect of financial ruin to drag yourself back to work and family duties, the at fault party’s insurer is protected by a threshold which requires you to show you had a “serious permanent impairment”. Anybody who makes a good effort to get better is less likely to meet that definition, so it favours the scammers who sit back and act disabled. Then the insurers complain they are being scammed. As above, they treat most of their insureds as scammers without even bothering to come out and meet the person to see who they are. No problem taking your premium, though.

    On the other side, the proliferation of assessment and (until recently) unregulated paralegal companies has created an underground economy of referrals for fees that the injured victims don’t even know are happening. Legit operations have difficulty competing.

    For sure, you need to hire counsel as soon as you can after any serious injury. Sometimes even when you caused the accident.

    My strong recommendation is to avoid referrals from “friends” unless they actually had a serious claim handled to their satisfaction by that lawyer. Be careful of boastful ads. Stay away from generic companies that are no more than group advertising.

    The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association is a good place to start. This is an organization that provides high quality training and continuing education to lawyers who act only for victims. They are not, however, a referral agency. Select one of their members and if you want to be really careful, ask that member for a list of 3 other members of OTLA he could recommend. You are likely to get fair, skillful and professional representation.

  13. Lorne

    Mar 13 2009

    I found the above posts frighteningly objective.

    I was involved in a serious auto accident in January 2001. The accident was witnessed by an on-duty police officer and the other party was charged. All parties were rushed to hospital by ambulance. My neck and back were smashed in the accident.

    Axa Canada, my insurer, mailed a claims form to my house dated two days before my accident. That was the beginning.

    They have sent me 25 pounds of paper explaining company policy without ever giving me a dime or paying for medical.

    I went to designated assessment centres, handed in financial statements, was deemed disabled by my own physician and the DAC physician. Axa stopped the claim, had me followed to doctor appointments and day to day activities.

    I never returned to work and when I got into a heated argument on the phone with an adjuster, Axa phoned the police and had two burly officers from my city come to see me.

    These people are cowardly in their actions and it seems to me that this is the industry norm. Adjusters are paid a bonus on a sliding scale on accident benefits.

    This company spent an obscene amount of money on referrals without ever paying anything for my reintegration. Thanks for posting this blog.

  14. melody

    Apr 29 2009

    What can I do about an accident that was not my fault, in which I have been injured. The kids in the other car all lied and said I ran a red light, plus they came up with some other witness, that I am sure wasn’t even there.

    I have a witness to say the light was yellow, plus myself and my daughter. The insurance company has tried paying me off with a ridiculous offer, considerering my back is a mess and stops me from working too much. I have pointed out a lot of untrue facts from the other party, but they refuse to listen.

  15. susan f

    Sep 25 2009

    Hi, I was in a serious car accident, not my fault, it was an off duty police officer. Unable to do everyday activities.

    The extent of following me, having family and neighbours even trying to set me up, is shocking. When is too far? An insurance cpmpany slanders your name and tries to destroy me. I even had a family memeber say everyone is going to sabotage you.

    I am very honest, but this kind of treatment is shocking. I was going to talk to my MPP.

  16. Angie Cheesman

    Nov 27 2009

    My reply is directed to Melody in particular. I too was involved in an accident and my own insurance company actually fought to “make” me 100% at fault for this accident! This way they could increase my rates, astronomically, in the event I was ever at fault in another accident!

    Well, in exactly 30 years of driving (in Ontario), I hit a snow bank! As required by law, I reported my accident to the insurance company. Wham! I’m a high risk driver and IF I can find someone to insure me, I will be paying $5,000-$7,000 a year!

    The first accident I ever had was while I was stopped, stationary, in my designated lane. A transport truck making a “wide right turn” crossed into my lane, struck my vehicle and totalled my car! I wasn’t moving at the time of the incident. I was stationary and in my own lane.

    But, the insurance companies got together, after NO accident investigation, and concluded that I was 100% at fault for this accident!

    They used rule 10.4 of the (FDR’s) fault determination rules. So I looked the darn rule up myself. I was car A, not car B, and that rule states the HE was 100% at fault! Great.

    I inform my insurance company. Well, now they want to use the “ordinary rules of law.” O.K. I ask. Which rule? They don’t have to tell me. Ya right.

    Five months AFTER the accident, they present a WITNESS to use against me. But the only thing this witness does is CONFIRM that I was sitting in my designated lane for up to 10 seconds BEFORE the truck STARTS to make his turn!

    I argued up to and including the President of my insurance company. No dice. I’m in a hospital, under suicide watch, unable to fight for myself!

    Three months ago, I ask the MTO and our Federal and Provincial Government to explain to me why it is 100% YOUR fault if you hit a snow bank, but NOT your fault when you hit/injure/kill a stationary vehicle? Hell, I even e-mailed the Prime Minister himself! I want ANSWERS. I DEMAND ANSWERS. I’m not asking for a testicle! ANSWERS as to why these mandated “fault determination rules” can be IGNORED!

    Hello. Nobody is home. Over 3 months and still no answer.

    My advice to you, Melody, and anyone else who feels they were FORCED to accept fault for an accident which was not theirs is to contact W5 at the CTV news station. They WILL investigate this. The Insurance Industry will ALWAYS find NEW ways to EXTORT money out of decent, tax paying citizens. I alone don’t have the money to fight these giants, but going to W5 and the media puts us on a level playing field. I’m DEMANDING ANSWERS and I will not stop until I have them!

    Since I’m now on CPP disability and can no longer afford to drive, my time is well spent informing people of the SCAM the insurance industry is running!

  17. Angie Cheesman

    Dec 9 2009

    If you are in an accident, you should “always” check to see if your accident falls under the “fault determination rules!”  These rules are not interpretive!  The Insurance Industry MUST act in accordance with them.  But they don’t.  And no one is doing a damn thing about it.  They send you a “final position” letter stating that you are 50 or 100% at fault under rule (10.4 for example) and you believe them.  Heck, they’re supposed to be acting on your behalf and you have the expectation that an “accident investigation” was done.  They don’t give a poop!  50-50 means they can raise both parties rates, and we all know how this affects our rates! 
    In my case the, they completely “disregarded” the fault rules which, by the way, are mandated by the Federal Government.  Well, I’m fighting back.  My Insurance Company, _______, were deceptive in their actions and therefore acted in “bad faith.”  I can sue them for up to 1 million dollars and I damn well will!  I’ll win as well.  I documented everything. 
    People make mistakes.  We all do.  But how many times can the Insurance Industry make the same “mistake” before it is perceived as “intentional?”  This is called acting in “bad faith.”  They can be investigated by the FSCO, fined for bad practice and sued by the insured party. 
    Whoever said there is power in numbers was correct!  If 300 people ban together to have their accidents “reassessed” for fault determination and the outcome is different, we now have a case.  I will be the first to do this! There was NO grey area in my case.  They were so wrong in their assessment, so blatant in their negligence and arrogant enough to think they could get away with it.  Why?  Because they HAVE been able to do it! 
    I’m in touch with several people now whom I believe were erroneously assessed with fault, either full or in part.  As a result their insurance rates skyrocketed!  They were FORCED to stop driving, as I was.  Five hundred dollars a month could mean financial ruin to a sole provider with three children!  I will forward his case later.
    Time and time again I hear horror stories of corruption within this industry.  Certain individuals have fought and won their cases.  A small victory for them, but at what cost?  And who is there to protect the rest of these people who don’t have the money or knowledge to fight?  I am.  That’s who.
    I propose we send a letter to our Government demanding they reassess our cases.  If the fault finding is different from any other similar cases dating back to 1990, we proceed with a class action law suit against these Insurance Companies.  If the FSCO refuses to get involved, we include them in our law suit!  I propose we all commit $100.00/month towards this law suit.  It won’t be difficult to find a firm to take our $30,000.00/month to represent us either.  I also suggest we get several Consumer Advocate Organizations to back us in our attempt to equal the playing field.
    I enlisted several independent adjusters to assess “my” accident.  All were of the same opinion and concurred that I was o% at fault with this accident!  We can involve the media to expose this widespread corruption and we may be able to find other “stronger” cases to aide us.
    If you feel you were abused by the Insurance Industry after you were involved in an accident, please contact me.  If you had to “fight” your insurance company to reverse fault in your accident, contact me.  If you feel you were FORCED to accept fault, and have, for an accident which was NOT your fault, contact me.  TOGETHER we can fight this injustice! 
    Angie Cheesman

  18. bike dude

    Feb 1 2010

    Hi, I was involved in a motorcycle accident, where I was hit by a car making an illegal U-turn.



  19. Blowfish

    Feb 15 2010

    Should you find yourself in a situation like mine (two car accidents in one year, both accidents with different insurers and not my fault), run to a lawyer’s office. The insurance companies will play the blame game. You will be left with no treatment.

    Each says the other is responsible for treatment and you’re left with nothing. There are rules saying how they should act, called the S.A.B.S, however there’s nothing to dictate this situation. They have no cap on how many IME’s they can send you to.

    It is a nightmare and 5 years later I’m on my second law firm. I had no choice but to apply for CPP and got it on the first try, as I would be without income on and off for months at a time.

    The IME’s, by the way, come out of your $100,000 for medical benifits. Mine ran out after a few years, not for treatment received but for IME’s completed. I won all of them after challenging the reports.

    Don’t give up, be strong and always have faith in yourself. They will try to break you in every shape and form, but honesty will prevail.

  20. Rudi Lauritzen

    Feb 22 2010

    Everyone I’ve heard from who has dealt with insurance companies has been taken for a ride. the only way to get any action is to unite and fight by putting our stories out where others can read them and have them cancel before they have an accident and have a lawyer draw up your agreement and only deal with the companies who are willing to speak in plain english and have no hidden time frames. Put your stories out there!

  21. Angie Cheesman

    Mar 1 2010

    I’m putting together a class action law suit against these Insurance Companies who are completely ignoring the Insurance Act! If you are not afraid to do something “about” it, I suggest you email your story to me at and we do something about it!

  22. maud

    Mar 24 2010

    This is for all accident victims. The first thing one needs to do is document everything that is happening or has happened to you pertaining the accident and your insurer involvement.

    Start doing your homework on the different laws that the adjuster has violated in dealing with your case. Say for instance the adjuster terminated your benefits before sending you for a section 42 IME, this you know is bad faith; so you write the adjuster informing him/her that they have acted in bad faith, according to Section 282(10)of the Insurance Act R.S.O as amended.

    If you notice, adjusters are not very good at explaining why your benefits were terminated. They always send you these documents saying if you disagree, go to mediation; then when you go to mediation, they are pushing settlement down your throat.

    In this case, you always remind them of section 33(4)(b)of the schedule, which states that the insured should always be given a reasonable explanation in clear language whether they are represented or not. Section 32(3.1)also requires insurer to advise insured of their rights.

    After you’ve done those, it’s time to send your letter to the supervisor and CEO of the company. You should also bring your complaints to the liaison office in the company where the adjuster works from; and then send a copy to MR. Sirak Sihale of the Deception Board, and continue to fight the adjuster.

    Don’t stop calling and writing the adjuster/supervisor and complaining about the unfair and unlawful adjusting of your file. You should also ask for an investigation of your complete file.

    I had a car accident 5 years ago, and I am still fighting for financial benefits to go with the medical benefits that I am still receiving. These insurance companies and their minions are totally void of conscience and moral fortitude.

    Their reps are only there to make innocent accident victims’ lives a living hell. I can attest to that, because I have been living the hell life for 5 long years; but I am not giving up. I will continue this fight straight to the Supreme Court of Canada.

    I will certainly be a part of that lawsuit, because if it’s the government in Canada we are waiting on, we’ll be waiting forever.

  23. Calista

    Apr 10 2010

    I drove for 40 years and never had an accident. In 2006, a drunk driver failed to stop and I had a 60 mph head collision with him.

    The accident seemed to be a piece of cake compared to the insurance company, Coseco, a division of Co-Operators. Right on with spending more money to say you don’t need any treatment, then the treatment itself. It is difficult to fight them when they are in bed with the government.

    I am fortunate to be alive. Not many live through 60 mph head on’s (without an air bag also).

    My lawyer had to drop me, as she said I was healing, after much prayer (yes, prayer does work). So my battle is now with the insurance company alone.

    My advice is continue to fight and refuse to sign off. Hire a lawyer and don’t get bittee. It only hinders your journey.

  24. cheryl

    May 7 2010

    Hi there, I’m soo glad i found this website…I’m getting to the point that why do I keep paying my insurance when my insurance company is doing nothing for me…

    First of all, I suffer from fibromyalgia. I was in my first ever car accident after driving for almost 32 years…I was in a complete stop in the left turning lane, going to pick up my common law husband at his brother’s home…

    So I’m waiting for the oncoming traffic to subside…and I looked in my rear view mirror and told my son to hold on, we were gonna get hit….not more then 2 secs…did I get rear-ended…the guy was going 70 kms an hour…

    Luckily I had a witness that was outside watching the whole thing….the van was pushed to in front of the neighbour’s front door….about 2 seconds after that happened my fiancee came home….realized it was me and started to stop the incoming traffic..

    Thank god the first guy he stopped was on off duty police officer, so he was helping too…They took me from the van and brought me into the house to wait for the ambulance..went to the hospital…they x-rayed, no broken bones, just whiplash 3..

    I went home and rested, then saw my own GP 3 days after. That’s when I started getting really bad back aches…I did hire a lawyer and he knew my situation so I don’t pay him till I win…

    And yes, I’m in the same boat. They have cut me off everything…it’s now been past the 2 year mark…so my lawyer told me to get ready to go and see a lot of other doctors because your insurance company will not pay for anything now…

    In the past 3 months, I have had to go to 3 appts to see their doctors…and I always know the outcome before I go in…it’s all “you’re denied.”

    So right now I’m in the process of going to mediation and I know I’m gonna have to go and sue the insurance company…sounds like we just go in circles.

    I did get the police report and the guy that hit me said he didn’t see me, that he was on his cell phone…had admitted that to 4 people there…

    My van was totalled, so now I have a payment, everything because I wasn’t able to get me another vehicle with the money they gave me..they gave me housekeeping and $700 per month for something else…can’t remember…then they tell me in a treatment plan that I have been denied this but did not state to me when they were going to stop the payment…

    I have had x-rays and MRI and they both state I have 2 bulging disks and degenerative disc disease…They’re trying to blame it on my fibromyalgia…but my doctor even has notes to prove I never had problems with my back before the accident.

    Right now I’m just sooo frustrated at the whole system…I feel like cancelling my insurance until they start doing the right thing…but if I do that…my luck, I will get into another accident and I won’t have insurance…

    I don’t wish this on anybody….I even have a letter from my pain management doctor stating that I will never get better and will always be in pain…so I’m all in about taking this to a higher court…I’m willing to try and do anything I can…

    I just found out that they’re cutting a lot more of our privileges that we’re supposed to have, like no more housekeeping. They’re not gonna pay for your expenses any more.

    Also my life has changed…I can’t do anything that I used to. I have a hard time even cleaning and doing laundry….anything to do with bending, sitting, walking, standing. I’m always in pain….so whatever you need me to do, I’m in…let me know….thanks.

  25. Angie

    Jul 10 2010

    If you are having trouble being treated “fairly” by your Insurance Company, join my class action law suit. So many people having trouble, yet no one is ready to “do” something about it! We can whine all we want, but until we actually stand up and DO something about it, this sort of treatment will continue.
    Contact: angiecheesman@hotmail.combatten

  26. susan

    Aug 14 2010

    I am fighting Coseco also, Calista.

    Ii had a serious car accident 3 years ago. A police officer going 60 to 70 hit me from behind.

    Getting medical care is unreal. Even with medical proof, they try to put every roadblock they can/

    I am now going for an appeal because of privacy issues that have gone past normal.

    I really can’t believe what I have gone through. I can’t say much more but I did get some goood advice. Thank you.

  27. Johnny

    Oct 19 2010

    Contract killers, pill mills, careless MD’s: It’s your money and your life and they will take both.

    Liability no fault, it’s all a game with professionals and even the lawyers play and you lose.

    Thanks for coming out, victims of auto accidents…..

  28. Angie

    Mar 22 2011

    Johnny, you are absolutely right! The insanity of everyone involved AFTER a car accident is enough to drive you nuts but you could consider your options? I’m taking my case to court! I will let the common sense of a judge and jury decide my fate, not those who stand to gain anything from my accident! Just don’t sell yourself out……you know what happened in the accident…..and if you can portray that to twelve unbiased people who have nothing to gain, or lose, from your accident you WILL get justice.

  29. Angie

    Mar 22 2011

    When is someone going to start a class action law suit against negligent Insurance Companies?

  30. Missgnomer

    May 30 2011

    The insanity of no-fault insurance in Ontario. I was a passenger on a streetcar that was t-boned by another streetcar. I suffered a large herniated disc and am unable to work.

    My insurance company has denied my benefits (therapies) from the beginning. Deny, Deny, Deny.

    It’s been 18 months since the accident. I’ve seen their specialist twice.

    The first time he reported that I no longer had an injury and should therefore not receive therapy.

    The second time was as a result of MRI results showing I had a herniated disc. He then reported that I had a substantial injury that could only be fixed by surgery and therefore should not receive any therapy.

    He also reported that documentation should be provided to determine whether or not my injury was MVA related.

    I am depressed and feel helpless, as my life is now under a microscope and every action scrutinized.

    I have just been informed that any long-term disability payments I receive will have to be reimbursed out of any future court settlement.

    I am sickened and disgusted by this mess.

  31. calista

    Dec 19 2011

    Still fighting after 5 years and my motto is fight until you win.

    The insurance company denies any treatment that gives the adjuster more money if you just give up.

    They have an amount set aside for your claim, hoping you will give up, they both win adjuster and insurance company.

    I will make their life hell as long as I can, mostly on the principle of being treated the way I have.

    No one should be treated the way they treat people, let alone injured people.

  32. Barry

    Feb 17 2012

    State Farm Insurance accidental benefits department have made my family crumble. They are nothing but liars and I cannot believe I trusted them.

    My story is too long to post (like a book), but if anybody is dealing with State Farm, please tape record all conversations with the adjusters.

    If I had all of the phone calls taped, there would a large lawsuit and people terminated from their jobs.

    “like a good neighbor state farm is there” <<<<<that's BS

  33. Missgnomer

    Feb 25 2012

    Ontarians need an advocate. Who will step up and expose the industry for its blatant fraud against innocent victims? We need an Erin Brockovich or a Michael Moore.

    They take our money and do not pay out on claims, despite what coverage you may have. Someone needs to stand up to them.

  34. ata

    Jun 20 2012

    Dear victims, I have an issue going on for 2 years now. I was involwed no fault rear ended.

    Insurance people spying on me, following me all over. They even broke my car mirrors, slashed all four tires, put the propane tank on top of the hood, showing me middle finger. These are my experiences with the insurance company.

    I haven’t received a single penny from them because of crook lawyers. What I understand is lawyers are the ones about who you should be careful.

    They are the ones who could sell you in a second. The big lavyer companies are the worst. Do not trust them at all.

    I have my third one one now and finally i will be staying with them. (After long fight, I was about to go to a fourth one.)

    My suggestion: This is a war between you against your lawyer and insurance company. Be smart and do not settle until you get what you want.

    If your lawyer doesn’t want to pey more to you, you can find a small lawyer and go to settlement with them for cheaper amount.

    Do not forget to get the cheque in your name. That way, you are not responsible for the crooked lavyer’s bill. Let them send you and start fighting with you for the bill.

    Do not pay the lawyers any money if they settle your case. You can always choose to go to trial for more. That way, your lawyer cannot steal anything from you.

    They are responsible to take only what the agreement is. If you settle with the insurance company without going to trial, always ask your lawyer how much clear money is going to be left for you.

    Do not forget you are going to receive your lawyer’s cheque. That is why you are bargaining against your lawyer.

    My case could be a movie, but this is all i can say to you guys right now: GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES.

    By the way, do not trust even your neighbor or coffee shop accros the street or your superintendent. Insurance people pay and use them to spy on you and get words out of your mouth. Do not talk about your case with people, unless they are in your family.

  35. intact Rliars

    Sep 19 2012

    Going through the exact same thing here. Diagnosed catostrophic from auto injuries over 2 years now and no help from those lying people at iIntact.

    How is this company allowed to operate like this, one might ask? Intact is trying to make life a living hell for me, in hopes I go away. Well, it’s neva gonna happen!

    Boycott them, people, drop them as your auto insurer! Better yet, drop all oOtario auto insurance companies. When you need help, they won’t be there!

  36. ntact Rliars

    Sep 20 2012

    Barry, also don’t foget to record all DACs or when any insurance quack examines you.

    Use your cell phone get the free quick voice audio recorder app.

    One of their quacks said I need physio and I have it recorded. My lawyer is very happy that I did and it just gives me more ammo for my lawsuit.

    At the end of your physical examination, DON’T sign any form! If you don’t, then the doctor doesn’t get paid.

    I refused and the doctor blew his lid (lol).

    Don’t sign anything when at a DAC. You don’t have to, so why sign if you’re not getting any A/B or IRB’s?

  37. SAM

    Feb 7 2013

    I am with Belair Direct. I was hit by a drunk driver. I have been off work for over 4yrs. Drunk driver is also with Belair Direct. They have paid me nothing towards getting better. I have paid out over 11,000 in theraphies and other things. I found out they have paid out 12,000. in accessments that are obviously on their side. I am going to FSCO to try and get back what they owe me. My lawyer stinks and I am at financial ruin……….. and I am still paying my insurance monthly. I have cronic pain now…still taking meds every month at 200 monthly. my pain is terrible and has gotten worse because they haven’t helped me. I plan on walking into my insurance persons office tomorrow un exspectedly. we will see what happens. sorry about the bad spelling I am in a hurry because I can’t sit for a long time. good luck to all…

  38. Kam

    Nov 22 2014

    All of these insurance companies are fraudsters operating under the banner of so called legitimate business.

    The Canadian government has done nothing to protect Canadians from these swindlers. Agencies such as FSCO that are supposedly in existence to regulate insurance companies have done nothing.

    It is time for Canadians to demand change to legislation and put an end to this unethical business practice that has gone on long enough. This can happen to me or any other Canadian and it is our responsibility to bring about change.

    Please visit this link and lend your support.

  39. Bruce Smith

    May 4 2015, can you help, Thanks