Can Bell’s customer service be fixed?

You don’t have to read all 200+ comments at Bell Bliues to know that the telecom giant has serious problems. I talk to disaffected customers every day and I’m always amazed at what can and does go wrong at Bell’s many divisions. Even when I send readers’ complaints to Bell’s senior management, they don’t always get resolved quickly. Some disputes end up with a collection agency — and then they degenerate into harassment and name calling.

So, what would you do to fix Bell’s customer service? Kevin Crull told me a few things that didn’t make it into my column today.

–He wants call centre staff to connect customers with a supervisor when they ask. If no is available, the customer will get called back by a supervisor. Right now, it’s hit and miss.

–He wants call centre staff to be more compassionate with customers. He started empathy training sessions in April, but hasn’t seen any impact so far.

–He wants a better interface between Bell’s legacy computer systems. Some Sympatico customers living in apartment buildings no longer have the suite numbers in their addresses after databases were merged. As a result, they’re no longer getting their mail regularly.

Do you have any suggestions for Bell Canada’s senior management team? If so, post them here.

Here’s mine: Cut the silly slogans that customer service staff must repeat endlessly. “How can we provide you with superb service today?” “Helping customers succeed is our mission.” This rhetoric is so far from reality that it makes people angry.

Meanwhile, if you want to contact Kevin Crull directly, send an email to

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

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  1. Oh wow, it looks like CSR Amanda knows all about contract law because her daddy is supposedly a justice. Imagine that! Now I may not have a fancy degree or daddy like Amanda and the others at Bell, but how is anything in a contract binding if Mike did not sign one to begin with? Mike see them in court!

  2. Why don’t we get all together and file a massive lawsuit against Bell? THis would also involving TV and radio to see if we can awake the sleepy (and incompetent) giant.

    I keep being double-billed by Sympatico and getting charged by my closed telephone account!

  3. Here is some resources that may be helpfull
    Kevin Crull
    President – Residential Services (Expressvu satellite TV, Sympatico internet, and wireline phone)
    ph: (416) 581-2923
    fx: (416) 593-1338
    Executive Assistant: Jacqueline Fowler

    483 BAY ST. (BTS)
    TORONTO, Ontario, M5G 2C9

    Wade Oosterman
    Pres – Bell Mob.& BDI & Chief Brand Off. (wireless phones)
    ph: (905) 282-4944
    fx: (905) 282-3553
    Assistant: Laura Mihalis 905-282-4945

    MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, L4W 5N2

    or if that doesnt help anyone you can always try reporting any of your Bell problems to The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) and there website is
    I have been a loyal customer with Bell or 20 years, and when my contracts are up which some are now i will be cancelling all of my services. If any Bell employees are reading this please feel free to contact me . Jeffery Turriff

  4. I just recognized you Amanda! You’re the same person who used to finish every call with “is there anything else I can help you with today” before transfering me to someone else who also wouldn’t help me. Last time you did it I said “there’s nothing ELSE you can help me with because you haven’t helped my FIRST problem”.

    I used to have Bell phone service. Then I had enough and moved my business, dropping my home line altogether. They won’t change until they have to. I’ve stuck with Rogers for internet until now but it’s also a disaster too. I think the only thing we can do is continue to move our business around until we see change. I can only hope we see more competition.

  5. I finalized this without going to court. Plain and simple, Bell sent this to a collections agency. Go figure.

    Bell was willing to “adjust” the new amount owing and we basically split the bill. I did this only as I did not want to incur any court costs and I wanted to get them off my back once and for all.

    Amanda, if Bell is in their legal right to go after a small business like myself, then what is stopping them from going after every consumer in Canada for their residential services?

    Plain and simple case of a large company pushing their weight around.

  6. I have recorded phone conversations with a Bell Mobiity CSR stating the exact discounts I am supposed to receive with my phones. After 60 minutes on/off hold, I eventually get to speak to a manager or someone who tells me I will be receiving my proper bill – but when the bill comes, it is ALWAYS incorrect.

    I have honestly had it with Bell’s lies and I want out. Why would I continue to pay them money over a 3 year contract if they refuse to honour the deal I was initially offered?

    We need to find a group of recently graduated lawyers who will help us take these crooks to court. Who here has organizational skills? I will testify with my awesome audio recordings.


  7. I was once a long time LOYAL customer of Bell’s (all services, TV, internet, home phone, cell phone) for over 7 years. But I’m leaving because of their pathetic quality control and ‘customer last’ attitude, blatantly poor CSRs who LIE, saying one thing and making changes to your account another way. Some have the heaviest accents, which makes it difficult to understand and makes me feel like I’m playing Russian roulette each time I call and try to get my issues resolved.

    This has made me cancel almost all my services. Good riddance. A little too late. Bell will not be getting ANOTHER CENT.

  8. Every time I called them, I always got this message back, “SORRY SIR, THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO FOR YOU.”

    Takes me a week to get my internet back and only takes them 5 minutes to fix it. WELL DONE, BELL.

  9. Once a loyal Bell customer… never had a problem with their phone reps, but they were great at overcharging and not following the contracts they put out and not reimbursing funds owed. Cost me close to $300 to disconnect from them because I just wanted out ASAP.

    It was only when I phoned to disconnect did I get anyone with any authority to repay me, but by that time it was way too late. So far, very satisfied with Cogeco.

  10. Too late! I’ve made other plans and I’m ending all my Bell accounts. For what it’s worth, I’ve never been so disappointed with a company as with Bell (Canada?). Being as top heavy and arrogant as this company seems to be, I’m sure they’ll treat this lost account like lint on their shoe. Without exaggerating, I haven’t heard one good thing about Bell’s service in years. Not that they care, though.

    Years ago, I wanted to go from cable to satellite and when I went to the Future Shop in London, Ontario, they said I had to pay with a credit card only for Bell ExpressVu! Due to that stupid and senseless decision on Bell’s part, I went to Star Choice.

    Outsourcing your call centre was, and still is, the dumbest idea of those at the top level ever. Where’d you get those decision makers from, the same people who greet you at Wal-Mart? My apologies to Wal-Mart greeters. I’m sure the greedy company saved money by outsourcing their call centres, but it can’t possibly last much longer. People like me who don’t like change, or the hassle it takes to do it, will do exactly as I have, get rid of a company. How’s the stress level amongst the employees? Oh wait, you don’t care, cause you’re up there on top of the world!

    Bell has the worst customer service by phone and online, but I’m way down here, so who cares? As a former customer of over 28 years, I’ll be closely watching the value of Bell Canada and its subsidiaries within the next year, along with the other folks down here who decide where you’ll go in the future.




    From: Sympatico Assistance


    You have reached Bell Internet Services, my name is Rajkamal Narla and I
    appreciate the opportunity to respond.

    After going through your email, I understand your concern. I like to
    help you with this. I have checked with your account and could see that
    you have upgraded your service to Essential. As per our records, the
    speed which you are getting is good speed. I will provide you with some
    steps, please check with these steps.

    Blah, Blah, Blah,,, Mr. Alphabet typed out the whole manual that they’re instructed to read from. I’m afraid it’s replaced the sacred cow!

    I appreciated having the opportunity in assisting you.

    Thank you for choosing Bell and have a nice day.


    Rajkamal Narla
    Electronic Customer Care
    Sympatico Client Services

    What I finally sent them, since I couldn’t get through on the phone.

    First name :
    Last name :
    E-mail address :
    Telephone Number :
    Are you currently a Sympatico subscriber? : Yes
    In a few words, enter your question or comment : your company
    Category : Abuse
    Topic : Other: newsgroups, content, copyright

    Additional comments : Approx. two weeks ago I updated my service as the
    present service suddenly became too slow. I was told by your rep that
    I’d receive a new modem in less than four days….nothing yet!! I can’t
    even access your difficult website without frustration in trying to see
    if I’m paying more for service that hasn’t changed since my conversation
    two weeks ago. I realize that Bell is experiencing problems today, but
    this issue goes beyond that. I would like a response today or I will
    make other plans.

  11. I have gotten rid of Bell services, except for ExpressVu. Today the service manager (Louise emp 29092) from Winnipeg basically told me where to go (“sorry sir, we never said that, we never promised, I don’t see that anywhere”). After 10 hours of holding to India and back, crappy phone lines, customer reps that do not document or record agreements and promises, I HAVE HAD IT!!!!!!!

    Just ask anyone “are you happy with Bell?” All of a sudden, you realize why everyone is leaving them, CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don’t care about retention, they want new customers. Enter the beavers to add salt to the wound.

    Then I’ll get phone calls and mail: WE WANT YOU BACK!!! I HATE BELL WITH A PASSION, will never ever ever deal with them again.

  12. Haha… I sent an email to and I got a call back from someone at the corporate office in Montreal within 15 minutes. It looks as though they’re taking some of these issues seriously… hopefully some of your emails will make an impact.

    I spoke with a guy named Andre Oulimar and he gave me his direct line: 1-866-673-4572 Call him to talk to a Canadian representative.

  13. I use to work for Bell Sympatico as a customer service rep. I quit when told that when customers call for a refund, it’s your choice whether to give them their credit or not. Most CSRs went by the caller’s personality; if they sounded nice, customers would get their well-deserved money back.

    I once gave a woman $2,057, because she cancelled her service, not knowing that her husband was paying the bill. I was told that I should never do that again. Bell has tools to see if you have used the bandwidth or not. Therefore, I think they should get charged back the money for Sympatico’s mistakes!

    After working there for 6 months, I no longer have Bell’s service and refuse to use them. All they want is your money!

  14. Had a Nimiq2 dish upgrade done in February, 2008. The upgrade was supposed to be free, but got billed for $179.99. Now it’s May 17th and I’m still trying to get my account credited.

    I told the CSR that Bell’s billing department has till my June 2 bill to correct the error. If it’s not, then on June 3rd, I will be using the service providers I have lined up for TV, Internet and phone and Bell can get lost.

  15. Hi Ellen, thanks so much for your help. I got a phone call today from Kristen at Bell Canada. She told me Bell was very sorry this matter had dragged on for so long and told me she had credited my account for the $179.99, including taxes.

    She also indicated her team will review how Bell’s CSR departments interact with each other when it comes to billing matters.

    So, thanks to you and Kristen, I will continue my 31-year relationship with Bell Canada.

    Thanks Again,
    Chris E.

  16. Hi Ellen, I just bought a “Bell Shine LG8700 cellular phone” from a Bell store. I bought this phone on the advice of a Bell Rep.

    First, I would like to say that this phone is useless in the daylight. You must hide it under your arm or find a dark place to viww the screen. BUT my biggest complaint is that there is no MANUAL in the box to instruct you on setting up the phone. Now, how are you to program this phone if they don’t give you a MANUAL?

    I called the Bell store and they say NO MANUAL. If I want to come in, they will show me some of the features. Well, isn’t that great?

    I just wanted to get this off my chest because I think this is downright stupid that they do not supply a manual on how to operate their product. Thanks for reading this. Maybe you might find it funny. I have to go now. I am going to canvass the neighbors to see if I can find anyone who can help me.

  17. Bell is useless. I rely heavily on my phone and, to get a password reset, it takes weeks and months as it needs to be processed through an order manager.

    However, the order managers are busy and there is a heavy backlog. “We don’t have an estimated time of arrival (ETA) on when your phone will be working,” a rep told me.

    I don’t understand how you can run a business like this. I will never recommend Bell to anyone. And whoever is on Bell, try to get away from it.

  18. I recently was contacted at home by a Bell “customer service person”. He asked me if there was anything he could do for me.

    Confused, since I hadn’t contacted them first, I said “no”. He told me that he would like to see if he could offer me a deal on “services”.

    After putting me on hold, he proudly told me he could save me $5 a month on my home phone service. I asked what the catch was. He repeatedly told me there was none.

    I said something must have to change, but he said I was such a “good client” that he was going to be able to offer me the discount.

    After much consideration I accepted his offer. Imagine my surprise when I received a letter congratulating me on my NEW 2 YEAR CONTRACT with Bell home services (complete with cancellation charges)!

    When I called, they told me that the salesperson was supposed to let me know that I was engaging in a contractual obligation. They let me cancel it, but I am still hopping mad! It remains to be seen if they will actually do what they say.

    DON’T agree to anything they offer you ! Two years ago, they called to tell me I HAD to change my satellite service (to one that was twice as expensive). After much arguing, I asked them what would happen if I didn’t (would I still get service?) and the person dejectedly said “no.. my service wouldn’t get cut off or altered in any way, but I’d have to pay an extra $5 for not switching satellites.”

    Not the best news, but still better than having to pay double for the service I already had.

    So, beware all ! Never listen to them when they call. Good luck to you all! I’ve been on hold, cut off and ignored along with all of you.

  19. I agree that it can be painful trying to get through to the right person at Bell when dealing with a billing issue or a repair issue, sometimes you get bounced around 2 or 3 times and end up calling back…sound familiar.

    But I have to say that the grass is not always greener on the other side. I have never had any issues with home line or internet and honestly would not ever in a million years go back to cable for tv…that being said the easiest thing for me to tell you is educate yourself by visiting there website and see up to date packages, bundles and pricing. I almost got hooked into going to a cable company for all 3 services based on price only to visit there website and find out that they were the same price if not higher in every area and to be honest have heard more horror stories about the cable companies than I have with my friends who have Bell. Funny how only say 1 in 10 of my friends use cable but have more problems!

    Before accepting any deal from someone calling call there customer service first or check it out on line. We all get the fliers in the mail from all companies but never read the fine print.

  20. I have cancelled my Bell High Speed Internet service as of April 2008 and made the last payment in May 2008. I have also contacted my bank to ensure that any charges from Bell Canada should be refused and gave them the service termination confirmation number provided by Bell Canada as proof.

    Since then, Bell Canada has engaged in deceptive business practices to bill me for services that I no longer use and which they themselves have recognized as their own recurring billing errors.

    Recently, they have tried to destroy my credit rating by calling on a debt recovery agency even when the Bell Canada Executive Office of Customer Relations (supervisor’s name, #) confirmed that I don’t have any overdue amount.


    If you need help, avoid their customer service and call directly to the Bell Canada Executive Office of Customer Relations. If you do speak French, choose it and ask for a supervisor. If you are not in a contract or it has expired, you don’t have to pay a service termination fee to cancel your service.

    Bell Canada Executive Office of Customer Relations:

    Québec: 1 866-317-3382
    Ontario: 1 866-317-3382

    You may also write to them at:

    Bell Canada Executive Office of Customer Relations
    P.O. Box 593, Station A
    Toronto, Ont. M5W 1E4

    E-mail us at:

    To fax us:
    1-800-554-5148 (no charge)

    I think they are deserving of some backlash, since they haven’t seen any yet

    Some important email addresses

    Firstly for Bell:

    President of BCE (Bell Canada parent company)

    President of Bell Canada Residential Services

    Two other miscellaneous execs:

    Bell’s brand senior vice-president

    Chief Brand Officer of Bell Canada

    Secondly for the Ontario Teachers Pension Fund:

    Manager of the fund

    Chair of the board of teachers pension fund

    Retired teachers of Ontario

    Retired women teachers of Ontario

    Ontario Teachers Federation

    La vie est Bell Hell…

  21. Ha! Bell and customer service do not go together at all.

    I was contacted by a bell CSR (I was with Rogers at the time) and he offered me the moon. He ended up telling me that everything including long distance in Ontario would cost me $7 and change for the next 6 months.

    I found this hard to believe, so knowing that the call is recorded, I made him repeat this to me several times. After that, I decided that I COULD NOT pass up.

    I switched to Bell, only to find that when my FIRST bill came in I was charged around $40.

    I spoke to a Bell CSR, who of course gave me the usual runaround (being transferred from one person to another and being put on hold for extremely long periods of time).

    I asked to speak to a manager and was told there wasn’t anyone available. I told them I was not going to argue the point of he said/she said any longer and told them to check the recorded call. That would tell them everything they needed to know.

    I was given a number and told that someone would call me back in a couple of days after they had investigated. It was 2 weeks and I finally called them back only to be told that someone would contact me within the next 2 days.

    Someone did call and asked my spouse to speak to me, unfortunately I wasn’t home at the time so they said they would call back.

    Of course, I had to call them back after a week, only to be told they were sorry that their customer service rep had misinformed me and that was basically it.


    I am still with Bell right now, but definitely when I find some time will be switching to another company.

  22. I cannot believe how the stories above reflect what has happened to me as well!

    I had a new phone and internet connection established last summer based on the terms on Bell’s website. Every month thereafter, the prices changed on my bills.

    Every time I called to complain, they told me that they didn’t give anyone the rates they originally gave me, or didn’t have relevant information in my file, etc. Investigations were not followed up, the customer service people were incompetent and, finally, I cancelled my services.

    I demanded not to pay a cancellation fee because of all the trouble I had experienced and was told that none would be applied. The Bell representative even gave me her employee # and confirmation # for our conversation.

    Lo and behold, there was a cancellation fee on my final bill. When I called Bell to give them the confirmation # that I didn’t have to pay it, well, it was not on my file, they had no record of the employee #, etc.

    When I said that, well, it seems that Bell lied to me, I got no response except one of their empty apologies. Bell has since, in record time, sent my final bill to a collection agency.

    I have no faith, respect or tolerance left for Bell and will never use their services again. Bell and customer service? Never the twain shall meet.

  23. Why do they want my credit card information to book an appointment for installation? They say they will not charge anything to my account. I am a current user of Sympatico, Residential Land Line, Express Vu and Mobility.

    I was on the phone for over 1 1/2 to try and book the install appointment to upgrade to HDTV.

    CSR hung up on me. Man, am I mad right now.

  24. Well, I cancelled Bell today. The Internet is atrocious. It goes down literally every 5 minutes and they couldn’t help.

    So I’m now with Rogers. Unlike with Bell, I get someone that speaks English. Unlike with Bell, I know exactly what is on my account. Unlike Bell, they are happy to help. And I made sure and documented that I will not be charged cancellation fees on my Bell internet.

  25. Bell has the worst customer service and if the company were to tank tomorrow it would be for that very reason.

    I canceled all my services with Bell in 2005 because of a customer service related issue that I would much rather not go into too much detail about. In summary, I was without a phone for 6 weeks and the only way I could have it fixed was to bring in a private contractor.

    After three years and assurances Bell had changed its tune in the customer service department, I wanted to give them another try. I was attracted to Bell because I needed to purchase several phones for my company, of which I am the president.

    Well, I was told by the arrogant customer service representative that since I am a “new” customer I would only be allowed to purchase a single phone. I would have to put down a $200 deposit and if after six months I had consistently paid my bills, I would be considered for a second phone.

    I could not believe what I was hearing, so I asked to speak to the manager. The customer service person would not connect me, because they insisted that the manager would not be able to help me.

    I didn’t even go into half the details because it will only make me severely mad again. This was not a question of a bad credit rating, it was not a question of outstanding bills. It was simply over the fact that my company was a “new” client.

    What company is going to put up with this insolence? Just like every other product or service that is available, there are always alternatives. I think Bell forgets this aspect.

  26. Hi, I am a Bell employee.

    All I have to say…. Stop calling me and there won’t be any problems with customer service. You all must have read the BOFH stories before… you just did not know that the B in BOFH is “Bell”….. Bell Operator from HELL……

    BOFH Story 1:

    I am sitting in my cattle cubicle waiting for the phone to ring. And right on cue ** Ring ** Ring ** Ring**

    It’s not good to answer a call on the first ring. The person on the other line had to deal with Emily and if you pick up right away, you will hear lots of swearing and other loud noises, sometimes crying…

    ** Ring ** Ring **

    ** Hello, How can I help you?

    I have received a bill that has an erroneous amount. It says I owe $250 in long distance charges!

    Please hold… …ah crap… A customer with a billing issue!… The internal billing system at Bell is like a giant random number generator. I wonder how long I can put this person on hold. Maybe I will go and get a coffee…

    Story continues on my blog…. BELL Sucks BOHF Blog

    Have fun everyone…. Change your services to another company before you lose your sanity….

    Signed BOFH (Bell Operator from HELL)

  27. Don’t bother to write to Kevin, your emails will come back

    This morning, I had the misfortune that I needed to call Bell Canada Mobility. First I had to go though the automated Emily, then I got the most condescending call centre person on the line.

    I did get her name, Sharon, as well as her number, and by now I was so angry “on the border of a heart attack” due to frustration with Sharon. I dared to get rude to her, “just to get my own in,” and she hung up on me.

    A number of years ago I left Bell, much for the same reason, I was hung up on. Sprint rang at the same time and I said, “Where do I sign?” I came back, not because I wanted to, but because I was getting DSL and had to use Bell phone lines to get it installed.

    I don’t call often, but today took the cake. Not only did I call because of billing disputes, but to add all the other upsets with it. The time has come to change providers again. This is absolutely unacceptable.

  28. This afternoon, I called Bell Canada Mobility. I want to know when will my contract expires. Customer service representative told me that I renewed my contract in May, 2008.

    I told them I DID NOT renew my contract. I have enough with Bell!

    I’m leaving because they have these CSRs who LIE, saying that I did. It is time to change to another phone provider. This is totally unacceptable.

  29. Hire a Systems Analyst to go through your business from top to bottom – take their recommendations while you still have some Stocks and a Business to manage.

  30. I am confused. I signed up with Bell last August. I have received 3 Internet Modems (Post EXPRESS) in 7 Days???

  31. Changed 3 modems so far and still having very low MBPS. I can work on the Internet, then suddenly I will lose connection.

    I tried out CSRs in India with negative results. When will someone address this problem and finally fix it, my friends?

    You are collecting my monthly fees, which I think is a ripoff, but I will stick around and wait a little longer. Then ROGERS will be my choice. So get off the high horses and do something very soon.

    Fed up and frustrated customer.

  32. Bell Customer Service completely contradicts their promise to properly service their clients.

    -We have been with Bell for 5 years and after weeks, months and a few years of complaining about the poor quality of their products, nothing was done.

    -We finally made a decision to cancel our service with Bell and we had to put up with agents placing us on hold for 15-20 minutes at a time until the queue closed, humming while we spoke, being sarcastic. There were several reps that would refuse to let us escalate our call.

    Today, I was told that there is no Head Office to write to and there is no way to send a written complaint (of course, all of which are on the website).

    We have had it; we were even told that they DO NOT have a QA Dept and we have been lied to several times and Bell refuses to pull/listen to the calls.

  33. Switched from Bell home phone service to Rogers. Bell owes me a credit.

    Spoke to several CSR’s until I finally got a CSR from Canada, who verified that I didn’t have to pay the very small balance that I owe to Bell. It’s about $11.54 and I would be receiving a credit of $75.34.

    Called the executive office. My refund from Bell is being sent to me with my revised FINAL bill.

    I am staying with Rogers.

  34. I have had equally as many problems with Bell and Rogers. These are two giant companies that try to suck every drop of blood they can out of us and than they wonder why people steal television signals and download shows from their overpriced channels.

  35. Ok people, stop going on about customer service. We are not Bell, we do not try to take your money, we try to solve problems with what little authority we have. Keep in mind that we are humans (even though rarely we get treated as such.)

    We don’t know your problems. Sometimes customers are HORRIBLE communicators. We can’t read your mind.

    Bell is a company. It’s going to charge you for basic services like activations. People switch from Rogers to Bell all the time, complaining about Rogers. People undoubtedly switch to Rogers all the time, saying that Bell sucks. They are both huge corporations who are eventually going to let you down in the end.

    Don’t get mad at the little guy trying to do some basic troubleshooting. If you yell at us, calling us incompetent assholes, don’t be surprised if we’re not sweet as a peach. If you call in swearing at us and threatening to go to a competitor, good riddance.

  36. Allison, we appreciate you are human, but what CSR’s need to understand, is that the customer is the boss. If a “Senior Technician” will call you within 48hours of a problem being resolved, why after 2 weeks this call has not come. I was having download issues for more than 6 weeks, 5 phone calls, 2 “Online chat” sessions.

    I was hung up on and a chat had been terminated. I have been in the CSR industry, so I know how a CSR should be treated. Like a human being with feelings. When is Bell going to treat me like a customer?

    Needless to say, the switch is happening this weekend.

  37. I am writing to you today because I was going to watch the James Bond movies on the movie channel today; however, I can’t since the weather is bad and there is no signal.

    I am so sick of the false advertising, both from salespersons and the television ads. They speak of clear pictures, but when you don’t get a signal, it does not matter how clear the picture is, there isn’t any.

    I signed a two-year contract for SKY DISH and want to know, if after a year, I can’t give them their 30 day notice and get this dish off my roof and say good riddance to a bad product and no service, which I must pay for.

  38. I work for Bell, unfortunately. We’re told to sell, sell, sell! If we don’t, then we are out the door quick.

    The managers all walk around pumping the sale, driving it into the agent’s head on a daily basis until either you quit, or you’re fired.

    Of course, we’re taught to solve problems, which a small number of us actually do, but the rest of the focus is on pulling as much money out of the customer as possible.

    I don’t like it. I find it insulting to the customer and it drains the agents to the point where we are zombies by the end of the day.

    The managers get bonuses based on the agent’s performance, so you can only imagine what we have to put up with. Top tier management will say that “customer service comes first,” which couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Next time you call, and the agent starts a friendly question and gently “probes” for information on what you like to watch, it’s not being friendly. We’re taught to “converse pleasantly with customer in order to best acquire an upgrade attempt without the customer knowing it is actually an upgrade attempt”.

    And we have no choice. We’re paid barely above minimum wage and our jobs are at risk if we fail to meet a close ratio. Please understand this when calling in.

    We’re not pitching because we don’t care about your problems. We pitch because our jobs depend on it. Thank you.

  39. Pardon the error in grammar on the previous post, I’m very tired.

    And about escalating, it only goes to another agent in the centre. Managers only get involved when the customer asks for the supervisor’s supervisor. Majority of the time, you’re just speaking with another agent who claims they are a supervisor.

  40. The only way to effect change is revolution! Act NOW destroy anything with BELL on it and they will be forced to comply or fold and you will be able to relieve some stress.

  41. I have had many years of ongoing problems with Bell on my business line as well a residential line. I have had very little help, but more than 1,000 promises that my line will be repaired. It never happens or it seems only for a day or so.

    Now along with noise on both lines, I’m getting charged for an internet service i have never signed up for.

    Lately, every time I have to call to get repairs or to find out about additional charges to my account, I get the reply they are unable to access my account. This is an ongoing issue for more than 12 years.

    I receive calls from customer service, asking if I am satisfied with the service. I explain that the problem is ongoing, but nothing ever gets done.

  42. I am currently with Bell Aliant high speed ultra and there is a problem with my internet. I have called their tech support since October because I have services that are less than dial up.

    I get the following:

    0.12 Mbps download (supposed to be between 4 – 7 Mbps)
    0.11 Mbps upload (supposed to be up to 1 Mbps)
    1113 ms ping (should be around 50 or less than 100…)

    I call and call and call their support team and they finally told me a month ago that there is a problem with the server I am on and that it needs to be fixed. They should have told me that from back in October ’09.

    It is now going on 6 months and they still have not fixed the problem. I am waiting for a call back from Dale MacNeil, quality manager, for about a month now and every time I call to see if he is in the office, he never is….

    Bell Aliant knows the issue exists and said they will fix it but when?

    Also they said they will refund me the money when it gets fixed, but since it looks like it never will be, I guess I will never be refunded. I am very upset with them.

    I have spoken to about 130 reps and about 10 supervisors and no one seems to be able to get this fixed for me….it just doesnt make sense.

    I have another technician (about my 10th or so…I had all new lines put in my home and all phone jacks fixed, but still doesn’t work) coming to the house tomorrow and they are going to try and re-route me through a different server to see if this will work. However, the rep wasn’t even sure if it was possible…

    I mean, what do I have to do to get something done here? Is there someone I can contact or is their a corporate address or phone number?

    I clearly need someone higher than a rep and a supervisor to deal with this issue, but no one will point me in the right direction….

  43. I can honestly say that Bell provides the worst customer experience! It is such a disappointment in general that many have forgot that customers are what keep a business alive.

    I am amazed at how many companies (Bell soaring above most) are so unappreciative of the consumer! I would like to suggest that customers review “The Bell Code of Fair Information Practices”. Although at the bottom of the list it states…

    Customer and employee access to personal information: The Bell companies shall inform a customer or employee of the existence, use and disclosure of his or her personal information upon request and shall give the individual access to that information. A customer or employee shall be able to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and to have it amended as appropriate.

    So, how often is the accuracy and completeness of the information provided amended as we see appropriate?

  44. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that my Bell Sympatico email inbox was no longer filling with messages from certain sources I have heard from regularly for years.

    When I logged onto the Bell website and checked my junk mail folder, I found, lo and behold, that there were all sorts of items from legit senders such as the Toronto Public Library and Globe and Mail, which never made it to my computer.

    Bell outsources spam control to Microsoft’s Hotmail division. It seems as though Bill Gates and the gang have started using some extremely aggressive junk mail filters.

    I’ve been a customer of Bell Sympatico for a decade. Occasionally I will monitor the reliability of their filtering. Never before have I encountered the kind of incompetence that gives the green light to male organ enlargement hard sells, and red to public library notices.

    The real problems arise with the use of email ‘clients’ (e.g., Outlook or Apple Mail) that reside on your own computer — as opposed to web-based email services (like Gmail or Yahoo!Mail) where it’s fairly easy to access your junk mailbox.

    Home users of Outlook-type programs can become complacent that all messages flagged as spam will be quarantined in their client’s junk folder. Not so! This is simply the final cull in a two-stage process.

    The initial spam filtering occurs remotely on Bell/ Microsoft servers. Emails that they block are buried in an online Junk folder and are not even routed to your computer. Even worse, messages tossed onto this junk heap are kept there for a mere 10 days before being PERMANENTLY DESTROYED.

    I’ve noticed that people are alert to the dangers of malevolent spam and phishing, yet they underestimate the likelihood of having important messages deleted by their home internet service provider, and/ or Microsoft. Just how serious is the problem?

    I’ve heard of horror stories concerning important documents (travel etickets, software keys, etc.) getting trashed. The sender doesn’t receive an undeliverable message and the intended recipient isn’t notified either.

    The only way to monitor the accuracy of remote spam filtering is by logging onto your Bell/ Sympatico account online. If you’ve never before accessed your Junk folder in cyberspace, use this link for the Bell Mail site: . Click on the Bell Mail icon, and a page will appear with a login button in the middle.

    Now’s the time to locate your password that you probably scribbled on a sticky long ago. After you’ve signed in, click on Check Usage Get Bell internet email (right column). In the middle of the next page, select: Go to your Bell Mail inbox.

    Once you have arrived, click on Junk (left column). The moment of truth! What appears is 10 days’ worth of emails that the Bell/ Microsoft filters have diverted as spam.

    If, like me, you find valuable messages, you’ll want to move them to your computer’s inbox as soon as possible.

    To help prevent further mishandling of mail, click on Options (upper right corner) and then choose More Options from the bottom of the menu. Head to the Junk Mail section and select Filters and reporting.

    I can recommend these settings: a Low filter level; a Later deletion time; and Report Junk. Hit the Save button (lower right), then return to the Junk Mail section, and select Safe and blocked senders. Add the email address of anyone whose emails have been erroneously blocked by Microsoft to the Safe Senders list.

    Furthermore, if you’ve been having problems receiving newsletters, enter their names in the Safe Mailing Lists section. That just about does it, unless you also want to take the opportunity to block incoming emails from known enemies, in-laws, collection agents and the like.

    POSTSCRIPT – When I sent the above comments to Bell’s customer support address, I received an automatic reply advising me to resend my email later as their inbox was completely full. I’m not impressed.

  45. My payments are up to date and I owe ZERO to Bell Canada, so I was surprised today when I found my home phone was disconnected by Bell.

    I called Bell (accounts receivable) and got the answer that I had to pay a “security deposit” which was NEWS to me. After I asked for more clarification, they changed their stance and asked me to provide bank account information for direct payment.

    It’s not the reason for service disconnection if you haven’t chosen the direct payment option.

    Sorry to say, outsourcing is hurting quality of service. If Bell Canada takes pride in this type of customer service, than I won’t say any more. But I know Bell used to be a business with #1 customer service and that is not their vision.

    Where is process?

    Today I don’t have phone service because someone in India decided to have little fun and disconnected my service for which I have not been contacted by any letter. There must be a process for service suspension/disconnection.

    Accounts receivable could have sent me a letter saying what they wanted and setting a timeline. And if that was not met, they could have had the right to disconnect my home phone service… BUT.. sadly I didn’t come around with any activity for such process.

    Call to 310-BELL:

    I called to 310-BELL and asked to talk to a supervisor. Sorry, I was told, they can’t help me because accounts receivable (in India) is closed at 7:00 pm EST – such a lie from a supervisor of Bell customer service in Canada. It was confirmed when I called myself to accounts receivable and they told me they are open till 9:00 PM EST.

    Previous Incident – Overbilling:

    Bell telemarketing made me switch my Internet services from Rogers to Bell. I agreed and found that my Internet service was not high-speed.

    After several attempts to discuss this, Bell admitted that my Internet service was not 7mbps but it was less then 2mbps. It also admitted that the building where I live is not equipped for providing high-speed internet service.

    Bell kept charging me $50 per month over 13 months, and then it took another 5 months to get credits for excess billings. I didn’t get an apology from Bell Customer Service and I can understand this is not the same, since it has been compromised by outsourcing.

    Previous Incident – Billing Without Service:

    One day I had enough and moved my internet service back to Rogers. I called Bell Canada to disconnect my Internet service. Did it happen? I was on Rogers Internet service, but Bell kept me billing over 5 months for Internet that I didn’t use.

    After a call to Bell and Bell’s confirmation of no service use, they credited my account for the billed amount (they didn’t took care of the internet charges for the month in which they applied credits for billing on non-service product).

    What are my Options?

    Sensible bell services or Magic Jack, Rogers, Telehop Primus etc.

  46. I have had so many issues with Bell, and yet it continues!!

    I woke up this morning to find my cell phone disconnected> That’s fine. I called as soon as they opened this morning and made a payment by credit card.

    I was told that the computer does a scan twice a day, 7 am and 7 pm. I called them back about 20 minutes ago and spoke to a CSR, who repeated 3 times he did not know when the scan would be completed, and that they do not reconnect phones. He would not listen to a word I said and interrupted me 2 times with the same speech.

    So frusturated. Here it is 9 pm and my phone is still not reconnected! That is over 12 hours later!!!

    I think that the CSR should listen and stop talking by script. If a person makes a payment by credit card, the phone should be reconnected immediately, not waiting for a stupid computer to do the job for them!

    Very frustrating, and if I didn’t have 2 years left on my contract, I would be gone!!!!

  47. I signed up for high speed- 7mbs after 4 months, 3 tech visits, and 3 modems. The most I can receive is 2.5.

    I switched to Rogers and called Bell to cancel. They told me that I have to give them 30 days notice, and pay for it.

    I complained that I never received what was promised, but they do not care…

  48. Jessica: Hello, thank you for visiting How may I help you today?

    You: hello.. I have a question..regarding my cell phone

    Jessica: Yes, please.

    You: I currently have a phone with a data plan..

    Jessica: Okay.

    You: I would like to get an additional phone..a Blackberry Bold 9700…I need to know what is the best possible rates you have..Is it possible to combine the data plan for both phones?

    Jessica: Thank you for being a loyal customer to Bell – I would like to ensure that you get the appropriate attention you deserve. I would like to provide you with the right contact information for the department that will be in a better position to assist you and offer you options to resolve this.

    Jessica: Is that ok for you?

    You..: Well.. I just spoke with someone from Bell, not very helpful, wanted to give me some free Samsung. Not what i wanted…and totally oblivious to my questions.

    Jessica: I am sorry this is a sales queue for new account opening, so please call the customer support or visit the nearest Bell store.

    You..: I wanted a new phone… isn’t that a new account?

    Jessica: Yes, but online you cannot combine the data plan for both phones online.

  49. Bell is a Hell: Another Victim – Bell Customer.

    Last September, I received a letter from Steve Bickley, Senior Vice-President, Residential Services, at Bell, asking me to return back for Bell Television service and I get 40% discount and no reconnection fee.

    I bought a receiver and called Bell to activate it. They told me they have to send me someone with no extra charge. The guy comes just to plug in the receiver. I have already the Dish.

    Since day one, I have problems. During the activation after I select the programming, I asked the lady about the monthly subscription fee. Any company will tell you how much you are going to pay to agree on programming.

    She told me an amount 150% more than Starchoice and I didn’t agree. She told me that I cannot change my programming. I asked her that I want to cancel my service with Bell from the first 5 minutes.

    She switches me to another department. After 1:30 minutes, the guy told me that he will give me 2 dollars less than I used to pay in Starchoice for the same programming. I want to leave Starchoice because of holding time in customer service.

    I paid $200 for a new receiver with Bell to have a peace of mind (I was completely wrong).

    Since October until today, I didn’t get a correct bill. In March, I was lucky to get a manager after spending 1:40 minutes, fixed all the issues and we agree on the amount to pay. I dreamed that problem is solved. Next bill, same problem…

    Today, I called again, 1:50 mins, from department to department, and start over the history each time. The person who resolved the problem in March put a note on the system about the final agreement. But Bell didn’t honour this agreement.

    I get frustrated and asked to cancel my service. A guy told me that I have to pay $200 because I am on 2 years contract. I didn’t sign any contract. No one told me that I am on contract.

    The Senior Vice-president’s letter didn’t have any small print and mentioned “Pay no reconnection fee”. In the yellow paper, they mention that contract is for Basic installation, which is not my case.

    And the suffering continues….

  50. I get a phone call from Bell today for not cancelling my TV subscription. We have reached an agreement and credited the extra amount in the bill. Hope no more surprises.

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