Switching to Rogers home phone? Read this first

You switch to Rogers home phone, based on assurances that the price will stay the same. A few months later, the price goes up.

Is this fair? And what happens if you complain?

Two people told me they had asked Rogers about the recent hike in home phone service. Read about their experiences below.

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

51 thoughts on “Switching to Rogers home phone? Read this first”

  1. I just got Rogers’ letter today about my Internet service. They’re hiking my rate 7.7%, as well as cutting my bandwidth usage allowance from its current level of 6GB down to 2GB.

    I cannot believe they are cutting my service to a THIRD, and also increasing the price. Seriously thinking of voting with my feet, except I’m bundled on the cable TV and mobile phones.

    This is how they get you – lock you in, bundle you up, and then hike, hike, HIKE! Egads.

  2. The greed of these big companies and their oligopolies prompted me to move away from them. I am very happy with my current phone and DSL service and pay far less with much better service.

    Only when people start leaving in droves will these companies take notice and make some changes.

    Chris – just move to a smaller ISP and see how happy you will be 🙂

  3. In mid 2009, Rogers suddenly notified me that they assumed I had “enjoyed my TV/internet package, which had recently been discontinued”. However, they now had “better packages” on offer.

    Thing was, these “better packages” required the addition of home phone, in which I had no interest. To add further insult, they were anything but better.

    I tried to keep the same package at the same price, but the poor folks fielding these calls to make a living were incredibly well trained to deliver BS and not budge.

    Had they asked for a nominal increase, I’d likely have paid it, but they wanted more than 30%. Yes, I had a good rate, but for an expensive service package – and they wanted almost $100 more per month.

    So I kept calling back until they started to negotiate, and (finally) got a rational response. I thanked them, checked the alternatives, and called Rogers again.

    After several hours of back-and-forth, I got a slightly better package for less then I had paid before, plus a one month internet credit and (I think it was) a three month TV credit for my trouble.

    I can only assume that most customers accept this corporate greed and cave. Had they not been rapaciously greedy, they could have gotten more. By insulting me and getting me angry, they got less and nearly got nothing. I don’t understand this corporate behaviour, and I suspect I never will.

    And I feel guilty for having to dump on their front line, low paid, powerless employees to reach someone with the discretion to act.

    All that said, Bell customer service is much worse.

  4. I have to agree with the assessment that some have made regarding contracts. I have been with Bell TV and even though I have less than a year remaining on my contract, they have raised the price of some of their theme packs WHILE I was under a contract.

    I was under the assumption that a contract is in place to SECURE the price. After all, that’s why I face hefty cancellation fees if I decide to take my business elsewhere before the contract expires.

    But when it comes to Rogers and Bell, contracts are there to secure merely THEIR interests, not yours. If they can openly raise prices while you’re on a contract, then going on a contract to begin with is useless.

    They can not only raise the price of their services as they see fit but also charge you outrageous early termination fees should you decide to leave in protest. Who benefits here exactly? What’s the point of having a contract and locking yourself to a commitment that your provider would not honour?

    A valuable lesson learned: read those service agreements carefully!

  5. I had a similar experience with Rogers. I made a contract late last year for a fixed 12 months price for several services.

    I asked several times is it fixed? The agent told me several times that it is.

    Now I received a letter that they are increasing the phone service in May. Big surprise!

    I called customer services and then “Management” They said: No sir, what you agreed last year was for THE DISCOUNTS, not for the increases.

    I asked for the recorded conversation in late 2009 to confirm my memory. They can’t provide it for “security reasons”.

    I asked: Can I record the current conversation? They do not like that!

    What about cancellation charges? You have to pay back all the discounts (hundreds of $$$).

    Where can I see the cancellation charges on the website? They can’t provide me this information.

    Therefore, they can change the rules any moment… Way to go Rogers. Nice.

  6. First of all, thank you to Ellen for being our consumer advocate. I have read you for many years and always appreciate your tireless work.

    Though I am not an expert in laws, I would think it is fair and reasonable that you can legally record *your* conversations with other parties. After all, many companies state on their recorded message “for mutual benefits and for training purposes, we record all conversations…”.

    If they can use your call to train their workers, you can use it for your small claims court case. That’s how I see “mutual benefits”. This should apply to all transactions, not just with Rogers.

    As someone has mentioned here that we read the contract. I’d like to add you should change it for your rights, too. If they don’t agree with your changes, walk away.

    Collectively, consumers, by way of using your money and moderation, should and can change the way big businesses make you sign the contract their way only.

  7. Although not a comment about their home phone, I thought I would comment on Rogers Internet.

    Rogers sent me a notice advising me that they were raising my internet rate. They will also be reducing my ultra-lite \usage allowance\ from 60 GB to 2GB per month, and will then charge $5/GB above that.

    Since I generally use about 4GB, they are essentially forcing me to upgrade my service. My choice to use the ultra-lite service is financial, but I suppose that since I didn’t give in to their various requests to increase my internet speed, they decided they would force me to do it.

  8. Sas:
    The law might require to inform them that you are recording the conversation. You have to make sure that you get that part on tape.

  9. SAS:
    You don’t have to tell them you are recording the call. As long as one party (i.e. you) to the recorded conversation knows that the call is being recorded then it is legal to record.

    Better than small claims court might be: http://www.ccts-cprst.ca/en/

  10. It should also be noted that Rogers began charging for incoming text messages last summer. Even though the contract my wife and I signed specified all incoming text messages were free, Rogers can now start charging because it is in the fine print of their user agreement.

    When I complained, I was told that I could pay for a text messaging plan or cancel our contract – but with a penalty fee for every month left in the contact (which right now stands at two years). How fair is this?

    What burns me the most is that I have no control over who sends me a text message and even if I choose not to read it, I still pay!

  11. We switched from Rogers to Bell a little over a year ago when we moved to a new home and as horrible as Bell customer service is and despite the nightmare we endured trying to get Bell TV, phone and internet installed, we’re relatively happy we switched. Over a year in and we haven’t received any price increase notices (which we seemed to receive every six months with Rogers) and the nightly sales calls from Rogers have ended. I’d been considering switching back to Rogers because I prefer their cable packages over Bell TV, but this reminded me why I switched in the first place.

  12. Dear Ellen, I too was angered enough to write a letter to The Office Of The President at Roger’s ( A.K.A Customer Complaints Dept ). Here is an extract from that letter.
    Since then I have cancelled several TV channels to offset the price increase I am facing and have found a DSL ISP service offering UNLIMITED Bandwidth at 5MBS at a much LOWER rate than Roger’s, which I will likely switch to when this discounted rate I have agreed too ends in 2011. I am also researching TV alternatives too. We are not as powerless as these Corporate Bullies believe we are. Roger’s has announced RECORD PROFITS for several years in the recent past!!!

    Jan 27th 2010

    Dear sir/madam,

    As a customer of Rogers, for many, many years,last Friday I received a letter from your Senior Vice President, Consumer Marketing Phil Hartling announcing yet more changes to your product offerings,which dismayed and disgusted me.I use the terms dismayed and disgusted in the angriest of terms which is hard to do in written form considering how I felt upon reading it’s contents.
    The letter opened with the statement..” We’re working hard to provide you the ” BEST ” internet experience ” etc etc.
    The letter then went on to announce an INCREASE in price of my monthly internet fees of 7.7%, and a MASSIVE reduction in monthly bandwidth from 60 Gigabytes, in my case, to an impossible to use 2Gigabytes..a rate that would be consumed in less than a week for the average user. This is an IMPROVEMENT??? I don’t think so.
    More damming though, this is made so matter of factly, with no reference to ” LEGACY ” users like myself who have been with your servce almost from inception. As a legacy user I was given a ” firm ” promise, the last time you adjused bandwidth usage down, that,as a ” Legacy ” customer, my original terms of usage ( barring price changes ), would be maintained, as long as I remained with Rogers.

    On receipt of your letter,I at first assumed, that as a legacy customer, that promise would still hold, but a ‘phone check with your consumer dept rebutted this, and stated it applied to legacy customers as well. When I challenged the ” unethical, un-business like nature of such changes ” in light of past promises, they simply said ” sorry ” like this was supposed to assuage me.
    When I pushed back and said I was not prepared to accept that and wanted to be put through to somebody with more authority I was simply transferred to your Multi Product Loyalty Dept and a person named Karen ( no surname was given ).
    She re-iterated that she also was sorry on behalf of Rogers and refused to comment on the ethics of ” broken promises “.
    Her final offer to me was that as a ” loyal ” customer “, she was prepared to renew my service Mar 1st by offering the next level up service..LITE instead of my existing ULTRALITE service ( which through it’s ridiculously reduced bandwidth, is all but useless now). LITE would give me just 25GB usage BUT she would discount it’s price by 20% for 12 months, which therafter would revert to an even larger price increase of 38.7% to what I am paying today!
    I told her I would reluctantly accept this for the time being whilst I investigated alternatives to Rogers.
    I also asked her to consider the fact, that through their broken promise, Rogers was now jeopardising revenue of $90/month or $1,080 per annum, for the sake of about $100 pa more in increased revenue, whilst reducing a small portion of bandwidth for the small numbers of legacy customers they had. You could instead have scored a “loyalty coup ” by continuing to offer your legacy customers ” status quo ” as you had promised several years ago!!! Great marketing.

    As a result of this ” punch in the mouth ” I have got up and reviewed your competition…and you know what, there ARE competitive alternatives out there, in the case of the Internet ” at a reduced price, faster speed, AND UNLIMITED bandwidth ). Even with the loss of part of my multi product discount, this would be a saving to me when your offer of a 20% discount ends.I am still researching alternatives to your cable TV product.

    I am not prepared to be ” pushed ” around by arrogant people, who in the seeking of their personal bonuses, are prepared to ” milk ” loyal cutomers to death, but more importantly, unethically break their promises, with a simple ” sorry “, delivered via their front line staff. No such mention of sorry in the letter I received…just ” have we got good news for you!”

  13. Bell Contracts are a rip off – don’t believe the contract prices quoted

    Until July 2008 Bell “home basic” package cost me $29.95 / month.

    Then they raised the price to $32.95, so I called to terminate. I was offered a deal as follows:

    Get a $5 discount per month for 12 months on a 24 months contract. That meant a rate of $27.95 for 12 months, then $32.95 for 12 months. I agreed to this deal.

    Turns out while I am bound for 24 months, Bell can raise the price just by giving 30 day notice. They did that in January 2010, and now the price is $34.95 / month.

    I called to complain today after noticing the change on my bill. I was on hold for 16 minutes then talked to Alex, who understood my point, but could not do anything about it. He escalated to his supervisor Scott, after a 22 minute wait, and after a lengthy discussion he still insisted the price increase was legal, and I was bound by it. Any attempts to call other reps will just be a “waste of my time”.

    My issue is that the CSR who offered me the deal never mentioned that Bell could increase the price during the contract just be giving 30 day notice. I would have not taken the deal they offered, because they could technically raise the price right at the start of the period to whatever they like, and I will still be bound by the 24 months term.

  14. Hi Everyone,

    I want to help everyone out here, alll that have posted, and those who probally soon will.

    There is one simple thing that has to be understood, you must be more concious and responsible for what you are doing. These companies now have these “contracts” and “agreements” because of all of us jumping back and forth every few months when a provider had a sale. Reality.

    Do not be foolish and simple. These services ARE NOT RIGHTS! You do not have a right to INTERNET. These terms are legal, fair and we all know present, and if you agree, YOU AGREE! YOU DON”T LIKE IT, DON’T AGREE!

    Read the Globe and Mail which just two weeks ago had an article about how much money these companies lose to “bad customers”. Eighty four percent of the subscribers to these services do not pay their monthly bill, and 19% of all accounts do not ever get paid, and go to collections with no recovery. That is up 61% percent in the last 10 YEARS!

    These companies are buisnesses. The loose money here, our rates go up and that is legal, and fair! If you do not like it, you tell them, you cancel, and YOU DO WITHOUT. IT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT TO HAVE INTERNET!

    I watch each account I have with every provider, cable, Int, Phone, water bill, hydro bill and property taxes, every month, and I know that rates can change, taxes go up, and you know what, your paycheck goes up to! Everyone complains that everything goes up, no one ever complains that their paycheck goes up, and THEY DO GO UP! Money has to come from somewhere…

    DO not be lazy, take reposnibilty, quit playing innocent, and do the best you can for yourself. YOU NEVER HAVE TO TAKE ANYONE’S DEAL!

  15. Michael, I understand your point of view; however, I (like many others here) did NOT agree to Rogers’ terms.

    I signed up for the Ultra-Lite package in September 2006, which at the time included 60GB of data usage for about $25.99. Unlike other customers, I wasn’t even notified that there was a plan to increase the service to $27.99 and decrease the data usage to 2GB.

    I’m not happy about it, but I can understand the $2 increase in order to continue to make a profit. However, a 96.7% decrease in service is completely unacceptable to me.

    When I joined Rogers, my agreement included 60GB of data usage. If they wanted to “update” their rate plans, they should have allowed loyal customers to keep the 60GB at a discounted price, instead of the $46.99 they currently want for that level of service.

  16. Michael, you must work for one of these providers. Why else would anybody feel so compelled to defend them?

    If not, there is something seriously wrong.

    Yes, as you point out taxes, water, hydro, and the price of gas goes up. However, my salary never goes up enough to offset these increases.

    I never signed a contract with any utility companies outlining a set price… with them either, so we shouldn’t be comparing the two.

    Would you feel the same way about your mortgage rate? If the bank signed you up at say 4%, would you accept a 10% increase?

    So when we talk about the 2 big companies here, namely Bell & Rogers, we all sign with these providers, and often get shafted.

    I signed up with Rogers in December 09 and was offered a pkg for $132, taxes in, by Rogers. This offer was made because Bell was offering me that to stay with them.

    Rogers’ offer sounded good to me, 2 free HDPVRs, and a 2 yr term for my home phone, Digital HD Cable, and High Speed internet.

    When my first invoice came in, they had charged me for the receivers “supposed to be free” in exchange for Bell receivers. My monthly bill was $30 more than we had negotiated and I was missing 3 specialty channels I had requested.

    I’ve made countless phone calls over the last year in an attempt to rectify the problems. Now, 11 months later they tell me I now have all of the channels I’d requested.

    No compensation for my frustrations, or their lack of competence in dealing with my
    legitimate complaints. Every phone call placed to them takes a minimum of 30 minutes, and easily goes up to an hour.

    Every time you hang up, you are under the impression they have straightened things out, till you get your next bill, that is.

    What a farce. These companies could care less about you. They just want your money.
    My 2 cents worth.

  17. I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts/information on how Rogers gets away with stating they need 30 days to cancel a service? I haven’t had this issue with any other service provider before (telephone, electricity, etc), so am wondering if there is anything I can do? Just trying to save some money by losing a land line we don’t really use. Thanks!

  18. All these contracts from big corps are plain self-serving BS. They are dictated terms only. That’s not really a fair two-way contract for me.

    I think I am going to start being much more proactive with these contracts. Fine, I’ll accept your termination fee, but if you raise your rates then I’ll charge you a BS fee.

  19. I just switched to Rogers cell because needed the Blackberry BES service which Fido could not provide. Otherwise, I would have stayed with Fido forever. The rate and billing was straighforward and in 10 years with Fido, I never waited more than 3 minutes to speak with human being. My concerns were always solved and my initial rate never increased. In fact I had an “unlimited” plan which was no longer offered, but they grandfathered my contract for the full 10 years.

  20. Thanks for sharing the experiences dealing with Roger.
    I shall keep shopping for internet and home phone services.

  21. All these problems and still nobody does anything to correct them. How come the Ombudsman it’s not jumping in to makes things right? There must be other ways to fight them back, Bell just got fined 10 millions…, however not sure what was the process/intervention to trigger that, however would be interesting to find out!
    I would say the Ombudsman should be involved in these cases.
    All the best!

  22. The 1 yr and 2 yr contracts are a joke. They only protect Bell & Rogers since you are stuck with them for the duration of the contract.

    If you cancel, they will charge you a huge Early Cancellation Fee. But they can increase the monthly charge with a 30 day or 60 day notice while you are under contract if they want & there is nothing you can do about it.

    The early cancellation fees should work both ways. If they increase your monthly charge while you are under contract, these companies should be forced to pay the consumer an early increase fee that is equivalent to the early cancellation fee they charge you.

    Never sign any contracts with these greedy corporates.

    Go with Teksavvy or Distributel or Wind Mobile if you can, never Bell or Rogers.

  23. BTW ..those who are with Bell Home Phone line ..check your phone bills this month ..Bell has increased the monthly charge by as much as $ 2.00 to $ 6.00 per month ! Wow ! Most people are complaining that they did not even get a 60 day or 30 day notice before that price increase ..if that’s the case that’s very sneaky of Bell .

    They have even back dated it to August 21 – 2011 , so that’s just adding insult to injury !!

    The reason companies like Rogers get away with poor customer service is because the other big guy BELL is even worse ! Sometimes you have to chose lesser of the 2 evils.

  24. In the interest of balancing this issue a bit, I have had Rogers Home Phone and internet for nearly 6 months now with no problems.

    I have no affiliation with Rogers and I am not hesitant to criticize a company when they let me down.

    The Rogers guy showed up, went to where the Bell Aliant entrance came into the house and plugged in qc slightly modified cable modem to the Rogers line, plugged in a phone jack to the back, which connected to the house phone wiring system and, of course, into a power outlet.

    We already had Rogers internet for about 6 months prior to this and except for the much maligned bandwidth caps – 60 GB per month in my case – no issues.

    Power outages have occurred and we have simply plugged in a corded phone to a wall jack and no problems.

    The longest power outage was nearly 1 day and no phone issues.

    So in summary, our bills are lower and all provincial calls are local (unlike with Bell Aliant). I would recommend Rogers as a home phone provider.

  25. I’ve toyed with ditching Bell too, and going to Rogers
    Currently I have my cell(s) with Bell, and home phone and I have every possible option available.. of course to the tune of 42.00 + bucks a month!
    My internet is Rogers and I’m sticking with it.. it works I’m happy.
    I don’t have satellite/cable anymore.. two years without I’m now thinking about it, but Shaw (Starchoice) will get my business I hate all the b.s. Rogers has about renting the damn box, for 4.99 a month.. stupid
    I was switching to Rogers for home phone 21.95 a month same number with call answer and display. I made the appointment for installation.. they didn’t show.. I was pissed.. still with Ma Bell

    I don’t like the idea of home phone thru the cable. So Rogers still sucks in my mind


  26. I moved to Rogers Home Phone even after reading some bad reviews. Poor service and a price increase forced me to go back to Bell.

    Now I have to give additional money to Bell to reactivate my line and I end up paying lot more for just trying Rogers.

    I came to the conclusion that whatever you do, read contracts, take notes of discussion with reps or double check all your doubts.

    Bottom line: Big bloody CORPs always win and they trick us. SHAME on them….

  27. I switched to Teksavvy with the phone (after Bell decided to increase the monthly plan) and I previously had the internet with Teksavvy, so Bell and no Rogers;
    So far so good, I’m a happy camper! Hasta la vista, Bell!

  28. I have paid phone bills for close to 40 years now and historically, every service I have used in Canada were blood sucking parasites that lie, lock you in, increase your rates one or two times mid term, fleece you with exorbitant early termination fees, followed by canned apologies then hounding and begging you to near death by suicide for years to return with more lies converted to promises. I have most of Rogers products except home the phone and only because I was stupid enough not to ask if I was locking in again when I complained about rate hikes on one service or another that they made small adjustments which I later learned to be quite temporary and that also compromised any other temporary discounts I negotiated for other services by reducing the percentages or even canceling them out all together. I need a home phone but currently I average an hour every single week on the phone with technical issues and billing issues with Rogers customer service and/or technical support and just don’t have the luxury of the time necessary to extend that personal time with them for a new inevitably similar service. I have, as most of my friends and family have, had similar or even bigger nightmares with Bell both at home and in businesses we have owned. I have an ACN home video phone that is more of a novelty phone as the quality of that is just embarrassing. I keep it because my mom has one out west and it is still 100 times better than Skipe for sound and video quality. It still sucks on the reliability front though. I need a home phone but I’m just not desperate enough yet to enter into any additional agreements with any of the pirates above not even at gun point so I may have run out of options for now so will cursed to just use my Rogers Blackberry despite for the endless echoes and dropped important friends, family, emergency and business calls associated with that piece of crap until that contract expires.

  29. Hey guys! Check this out:

    [Switching to Freephoneline.ca? ” FREE and NOT A SCAM “]

    I switched from Rogers Home Phone. They were charging me $32/month for a home phone without even Caller ID. Get freephoneline.ca it is absolutely free. It cost me $157 (one time fee) to get set up, which is equivalent to 5 months with Rogers. Check my link above- I provide details of my switch, or go to freephoneline.ca directly to read up.



  30. I bought a new “LTE” internet stick from a Rogers store. I tried to cancel my old one but was told that I would have to do that at home by phone.

    When I called to do it, the Rogers rep told me that the store should have simply activated the new stick with the old number. He would send me a new stick set up that way and I should return the other one to the store.

    When I went to the store, they told me that I should return the stick that was mailed to me. So I did.

    Two weeks later, I see an on line bill for $318 and a bill for $114 for the two different sticks. When I called to complain, I was told they would cancel the mailed stick, but I would still be left with a bill for $134 for the stick I never wanted because “I had agreed to it”.

    All I ever wanted was one stick that I could barely afford if I’m careful. I feel like I’ve been robbed.

    I want to cancel all Rogers services, but that will cost me hundreds that I don’t have. When you do cancel, it doesn’t take place till the end of month, yet they charge service for starting partway through a month. What’s up with that too?

    I’m very unhappy with the “new Rogers.” It used to be a good company. I just want to go back to Wind. It was simple and cheap, if a little slower.

  31. Originally when I called Rogers to set up Home Phone for my mother, I explained she is a senior citizen. The corded phone she has needs to work during power outages.

    When the technician arrived, he showed us the large black box necessary for installation. No one had informed me that this equipment was needed. My mother wasn’t happy.

    The technician installed the terminal in the living room behind a large chair in an attempt to hide it.

    There were two thunderstorms in the following months. Both times. the cable TV got knocked out, which meant the phone didn’t work.

    I called Rogers and explained that we would be switching to Bell landline. I asked about the notice period and the return of equipment. I was told that a box would be delivered and I could return the equipment in the mail. There is no record of my call.

    After waiting weeks and not receiving the box, I called and they told me that I could drop it off at a Rogers store. Again, there is no record of my call.

    I went to the Rogers Store on Laird (Toronto) and they said I had to go to the Rogers Plus store at Bayview & Eglinton. I dropped off the equipment there and received a receipt.

    In the meantime, I received an invoice from Rogers with charges for one month of service AFTER the cutover, plus $130 charge for the equipment. I paid the invoice, less these charges.

    I then received harassing collection calls. I called Customer Service. Jim explained that the one-month notice occurs from the cutover. I said if I had known that, I would have had the service terminated Aug. 10th instead of Sept. 10th.

    Since there is no record of my initial call Aug. 9th to inquire, I am forced to pay for the home phone until Oct. 13th.

    He said that the $130 + HST would be credited on the account, once the warehouse is in receipt of the returned equipment and it has been examined to ensure it is not damaged.

    We agreed that I would wait for the credit. In the meantime. he would put a note on the account so the collection calls will stop.

    It would have been nice if all of this had been explained properly in the first place. I’m posting this for anyone else considering Rogers Home Phone.

    (I would like to point out that I specifically asked Bell about the notice period to Rogers, and they were oblivious to the month’s notice beginning from cutover.)

  32. Just wanted to point out a fantastic home phone service from Yak (the long distance guys).

    I get 12 features and more minutes than I need for less than $20/month.

    They also never raise the price of their service, unlike Rogers who used to raise mine $4-$6 a year.

    Forget the promotional stuff, Yak has been reliable, cheap and great to me over the past year.


  33. Yes, dealing with the major monopoly companies like Bell and Rogers is a pain, but not too bad if you know how to deal with them.

    First, offer to enter in an ‘agreement’ for a one year term, if you can get some discounts. Normally, this is 10% off.

    Yes, you can leave any time, but you’ll need to pay back the discounts. This is particularly harmless, especially if you are renting and have a lease. The more comfortable you are with a longer agreement, the better the discounts.

    Also, the tenure you have helps too. For instance, I currently have a one year agreement and am getting 20% off of all of my services. And I don’t pay any of the equipment fees.

    When I get near the end of my agreement, I simply call in and give them details about a competitive offer that is swaying me. I say that I’d love to keep my plan for another year… and away I go… Simple.

    The biggest key, and I hate to say it, is keep calling in and mentioning you want to cancel. You’ll go over to a new department called retention.

    If you get someone who speaks English well, deal with them. If you get someone you can’t understand well, hang up, try again.

    I’ve found that dealing with someone the same sex as you, with a clear voice, will usually be the easiest route.

  34. Rogers and Bell need more competition before they own the market.

    Oh, yes…They already do.

    Blame Our Government.

  35. What to do? I accepted a Bell offer to switch from Rogers. Bell told me it will give notice to Rogers.

    I returned Rogers’ equipment to their store and have a receipt. By phone, I explained to Rogers twice I cannot afford their continuing increases.

    I received a bill from Rogers charging for next month’s services, as if nothing happened, including a repetition of the past month’s bill.

    When I complained by phone, they said I did not properly cancel their services and they would continue the bills. But they would not explain what is a proper cancellation.

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