Is Bell’s customer service getting better?

That’s what the company wants you to believe. It’s put together a slick campaign online to show it’s committed to better service.

I like the extended call centre hours. Finally! What took so long? And I like the testimonials. But why do they come only from Bell employees? Where are the customers?

Bell talks about having 11,000 representatives right here. It’s trying to fight the perception that your calls always go overseas. But is it moving away from foreign call centres? Apparently so, according to Bell spokeswoman Julie Smithers. (See her response below.)

Let’s not forget Bad Bell. CBC Marketplace last night announced it was the winner of a contest for Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill.

Julie Smithers tried to smooth things over by refunding all the charges. But host Wendy Mesley asked, as I do all the time, what about the customers who don’t have the power of the media behind them?

So, here’s my question to Bell customers: Are things improving? How are you doing with technical support, hidden charges, billing errors and unwritten contracts? And when you call or email the company, are you getting quicker, better service?

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

82 thoughts on “Is Bell’s customer service getting better?”

  1. Bell is not getting better. After signing a $3000 cell phone contract, I have recieved a phone that is not handsfree compatible! A skin that disconnects calls and a holster that fell apart in 1 week. My bill has been incorrect now for 3 months in a row, out of principle I don’t want to lose my bell email so I stay with them, but each day I get closer to going somewhere else, where I can only hope I will be treated better than a $3 burger wrapper!!


  3. Bell customer service is almost ridiculous. A CSR can drop the call at will, claim that changes on account are made and nobody after can even confirm that call took place.

    Online support is useless. All you get is “sorry for inconvenience but you are idiot yourself”.

    Very obviously, customer service people don’t care and not afraid of consequences. When I asked for a manager on few occasions, I was just rejected or call dropped. Even when I got one on the phone, I was told that there is nothing I can do and no complaint service is available. Shame!

    I had Bell service before, switched to Rogers and made a mistake switching again. I hated Rogers when I was with them, but Bell made me love Rogers!

    With all the downsides, Rogers was much more professional and efficient with much better customer service.

    I wonder how much bonuses the VP of Customer Service and this spokeswoman collect.

    I guess it takes a very certain character to hold these positions and not be ashamed.

  4. I switched from Bell to Videotron (after 40 years with Bell) because of your terrible customer service.I have been hung up on, calls dropped, etc.But, I was loyal, but this year when someone hung up on me and another time my call was dropped, I said ENOUGH, ENOUGH

  5. Bell is nothing but bad services and FRAUD! Here’s my story…I was with Bell for years and when i moved from ONtario to Quebec, that is where the problems beggin. They could NOT even transfer my services to my new adress propally, therefore, i was receiving two seperated bills for phone and internet. The agent to whom i spoke with, told me then that it was normal to receive 2 separated bills, since i had 2 service with BEll. I’ve told the agent that is absurd, i have been with Bell for years and always had ONE bill for all my services..well, she decided to be arrogant and hung up because they seem to be suprise when the client get frustrated by being double charges services with there extreme bad services. Seriously, i believe they think people are stupid. I called many times, and yet i was hung up on by someone not canadian, and i believe, he didn’t know how to do his job and didn’t want to listen to what i had to say as a client. The client is always right?? Humm…not with Bell..Pathetic. So, I flush them to choose Videotron with whom i receive amazing services, being informed if there is any changes and not as a suprise on my bill and am receiving one bill! 2nd, I called this september to cancel my cell phone, for again, their bad service and was fed up, especially after phoning Fido with whom i get soooo much more for a lower price..let me compare..BEll (250 min daytime, unlimited txt with only fabfive and callers display..oh not to forget voice mail) with Fido..2000 anytime min, unmlimited txt, unlimited long distances anywhere in Canada,voice mail, call display plus i received a free bluetoot…how awesome is that for a fewer dollars? Just amazing…i phone my familly and friends all over Canada and yet didn’t got to blew over my 2000 min. And it would cost me only $90.00 if i choose to stop my services with them at anytime..what a difference. I don’t understant why Bell ain’t out of business yet, when we get so many different companies out there that offers a million time better rates and services!!

    The best part is, when i phoned in to cancel, the “lady” agent suprised me by saying that it would cost me $340.00 to cancel a contract I supposely took in NOv 09 for which i NEVER agreed to and she saId it was done by phone and have no choice to pay it even if i refuse to pay for something i haven’t took and she said and quote:” I don’t care, it’s not my credit that will be affected!” How can they even talk down to people like that? And they say the conversations are recorded for safety? Bull shit.. I explained to this agent that i was offered a free phone by an agent I have spoke to in 09, i phone in to make changes at that time and the agent then told me that becasue i was a “PREFERRED CUSTOMER”, cause i have been with Bell for so long and had enough points (which i wasn’t aware of)for a free cell phone and told me to go the nearest Bell store and get my phone. I was happy and ask him if that was true and he said yes. Bottom, they don’t care..they want the money and will do anything to have it, even if they have to sign you up on a contract you dont even know the existence..Oh, and this agent also told me that if I wanted to believe the agent i speek with, it was my problem! I ask her then if they had a phone line for honnest agent and liers..and of course, she couldn’t answer me and hung up..oh well!

    When i got to the store, i explain to the agent what just happened. he went in his computer, verified and agreed it was true and yet, i have told this agent that i didn’t want a contract and always refused a 100 miles an hour to sign a contract with Bell, but they still FORGOT to tell me it was a contract by phone. Can you believe that? Seriously, who would spit on something free now a days?? no one i know. After a few phone calls back and forth to the Bell store, the agent was stunt when he found that out, and wonder why i bought 3 phones in less than a year, cause if i was on a contract, I was suppose to have a 1 year warranty that covers the an extent?? With fido, they replace it no questions ask for 1 year..

    They know people are getting more an more fed up with their service and i am one of the many living prove that they lie, missinform customers to get them under what they want and it hits you in the face like a rock…I would BE such ASHAMED to work as an agent for god i’d go on welfare before i would work for Bell anytime. I hope they don’t go to Bed at night being proud to lie, disrespect clients the way they do there is no word to it…they are GARBAGE!!!
    The Government should really step in and put a stop to them.
    Bell made me LOVE anything else but BELL and will go phoneless before i go back with liers like them. I must say that 90% of the call centre i spoke with, were canadian!!

  6. The problem I had with Bell was never with a lack of “Customer Service” representatives or the fact that my call went overseas.

    The problem is you speak with a representative and receive assurances that actions have been performed, only to find out later that they never followed through on their promises.

    I was also transferred a zillion times on several occasions because reps were improperly trained.

    With Primus, I’d sit on hold for 2 hours every time I called, but when I got through, the service was quality.

    With Rogers, my phone calls always went overseas, but each person answering was fully competent and friendly.

    Bell needs to take another look.

  7. I have been a Bell Mobility customer for over 10 years, with 3 phones on my account. I called to inquire about my contract expiry date and was told it was in 34 days.

    I gave notice to their retention area that I wanted to terminate on my contract expiry date. The next month, I was billed $200 for early termination, because the only record they had was my call date, not my conversation and instructions.

    I have since cancelled my other 2 phones and paid the termination penalty, rather than pay another dime to the immoral and unethical.

    Don’t delude yourself, your loyalty means nothing to these people.

  8. I worked for Bell Canada for 11 years primarily as a 310-Bell representative and I feel for the consumer.

    The front-line people truly want to help, but they are monitored and micro-managed to the hilt. If they talk too long, don’t sell a certain quota or forget a small detail, they can now be suspended.

    The management is currently trying to make life so difficult for employees they will quit and the company will hire new people back at approx. half the wages in the same call-centre in Scarborough.

    The amount of changes I had to deal with and the information required to do a great job in an unrealistic time-frame required a superman.

    The employees are generally consumers of Bell products, as are their families, and they are frustrated working in such a toxic environment. Direct your concerns to top management, CRTC and the media to create a positive change.

    Representatives are taking sick leave, as they are truly getting sick. They feel they are being backed into a corner and have very few options to make a decent living elsewhere.

  9. I have everything with Bell.
    My sat, my cell, my house phone and my internet.
    Whenever I have problems (which is rare) I always get someone in Quebec, never India or some other place where I can’t understand what is being said.
    Anyone who says their bill is going up after 3 months of service, guess what, Rogers does the same thing. It’s actually on the contract you signed that you will only get that level of charging for 3 months as a way to get you to sign up. THEY ALL DO THIS.
    I was with Rogers before, and they are a NIGHTMARE. The cable always going out, after trying to get someone to understand me and what I need they send someone out who wants to rewire my whole house! I told them no and as a temp they ran a wire outside from my neighbors house to mine. They then left the cable for the internet (modem) unplugged. I was told that until I had my house rewired I wouldn’t have any internet or cable tv. I ended up getting a new wire to go to the cable wall jack and modem/tv. Guess what, without wiring my whole house and only replacing 1 wire I fixed it myself. I ended up switching to Bell a few months later and Rogers still has the cable hanging outside my house. If it’s still there in the summer I will be pulling it down myself (another wiring job I’ll do for Rogers).
    I’ll stick with Bell, MUCH MUCH better service…not to mention it actually WORKS!

  10. MD, this sounds more like you’re in denial. YOU did something wrong and expect someone else to pay for it? I don’t think so.

    Because you were on Bell dial up, you think that’s part of the scam? You were on the internet, the provider doesn’t matter!

    Most of the comments on here are from messed up people!

  11. Hello M,

    Many of the people here are either ex long term customers or ex Bell employees. Who better to comment on the companies MO or experience than them?

    What’s important with your provider? Good customer service, billing, pricing and quality network, to name a few. Bell’s is an absolute joke.

    Give it a try. Call them up after 5 pm and try to get anything done. Best of luck if they can even locate your account.

    Accurate billing is important, but is always at some point incorrect. Pricing is higher than most, but if you do your homework you can bring them down to earth. Network is legacy and is dying fast in the West.

    Bottom line: Unfortunately Bell sells themselves as a Porsche, but really is a broken down Skoda!

  12. If I wanted sales, I would ask for the sales dept. Every time I call for information or to complain about bad service, I find myself in the position of being sold more services that are probably also substandard.

    A dysfunctional company run by bottom line, narrow minded individuals.

    I’ll bet the top management secretly leaves their “Bell” devices in a drawer, somewhere, and uses a service that cares.

    We as a nation should not compare ourselves to each other, but rather look at worldwide services provided in much less fortunate countries. We all know we are “probably” being screwed.

    Today I had the worst connection of all and the help on the other end spoke perfect “Toronto” English. She must have been on the moon for all the static, skips, noise, chatter, static and more static.

    All of what I have said is my own opinion. And believe me, no forced me to say it. OMG, that would be hilarious.

    Ok, Bell employees, time for you to chime in.

  13. One more month till complete freedom, after almost 15 years of being a complete customer (phone, long-distance, 2 cell-phones, high-speed internet since it was first offered, Satellite TV).

    The website never works right, you must rent stuff that lasts forever, must buy stuff that breaks, changing programming requires call after call as the website messes it up.

    I am in the tech business and very competent, but Bell will simply lie to your face about technical problems and limitations.

    And then there are repeated billing issues month after month, enough that I found my fiancee crying on the phone. I can not describe how that felt….

    But, now I talked to my parents, they are switching to Bell.

    I just asked my fiance if she’d go back if we got all services for free for 3 years. Her answer was NO. Personally, you could not pay me enough. I fill with anger just thinking I need to speak with them tomorrow.

    Bell has a long way to go. The only good thing about their service is the wonderful thank you notes I receive from clients I have advised to leave Bell.

    ps. Stop sending unmarked envelopes, Mr Steve Bickley, stop wasting money sending these to me, it is just making your services more expensive for your remaining customers.

  14. I am currently a Bell customer and got rather misled by a Bell Rep.

    I signed up for what I thought was an awesome 2 phone deal. The Rep said I could cancel the second number any time after the first month and just have an extra free phone.

    I was a little skeptical on this so I asked point blank if there were any charges for canceling the second line ? The Bell Rep said there wasn’t and I could cancel whenever I wanted.

    What he didn’t explain was that for every month of that contract on that one line I would pay a $20 cancelation fee or $580 in total. I learned this after phoning Bell customer service.

    They also said I would lose my contract on my primary cell line and more than likely pay the same per month cancelation fee on the primary phone to get rid of the second line. I was furious.

    I explained that I had asked the store Rep point blank if there were any cancelation fees and he had said no. Bell said there was nothing they could as I was now in a three year contract.

    Is there such a thing as an honest cell phone carrier?

  15. Well, I am tired of reading too many comments about Bell’s bad customer service. So how about looking at the other end of the business? Like the employees, salaries, hiring process, and others instead of customers? Then we may have idea WHY their service is bad.

    As a customer, I have too many complaints to be mentioned. But as a job searcher, I have something to say about Bell.

    I am a University Student looking for internship which will help me pay my tuition fee. The University charges an internship fee if I get one, but that is fine since I will get paid way more than that fee.

    I was looking for internship positions in my University website and found around 75 of them. Only one of them wouldn’t pay me because it said voluntary position. Guess what? It was “Web Assistant” position at BELL.

    If I take that position, I will be paying my internship fee but get paid nothing. And one more thing, it is a 16 month position.

    OMG, $300 internship fee per month, which totals $4,800.

    If you volunteer to help a senior citizen in a hospital, you should be proud. But should you be proud if you volunteer for a business (who already have more than enough money)? This is like you are destroying the country by making rich people richer.

    Of course, I didn’t apply for that position. I was so disappointed that they earn more than enough from customers but don’t pay a student employee, which means pure profit.

    But the question is who would do this kind of job? A person who is not capable of getting any other paid job would keep this position as his last choice. As a result, Bell will get the worst students working for them and be their future.

    Working for 16 months in this position with no payment will cause a good employee not to work properly. No wonder why their service is bad.

    Another reason why they are bad is they play monopoly. They have competitors in all their service, but they have no competitors that sell credit history.

    If you apply for a credit card, your credit card company will check your credit history from Bell. As a result, Bell charges the credit card company some money (another way they earn money which its competitors don’t).

    The credit card companies use Bell for three main reason: 1) Every Canadian citizen used Bell Service in the past. 2) Anyone who has trouble paying $30 phone bill may have trouble paying credit card bill. And 3) Anyone who pays bill correctly, even they don’t like Bell’s bad service (incorrect bill, hidden charge, etc.), they will for sure pay the credit card bill.

    This comment is not to deprecate Bell, but I want Bell to understand the customer and improve.

    It got its name from a famous Canadian scientist, Alexander Graham Bell, but the name is not bearable any more. I am worried that the name of the famous scientist may be rotten because of the bad Bell customer service.

    We hope that over time they will get better.

  16. Hello, I know this post is a little old, but I have to relieve my steam somewhere. So let me tell you about my experience with Bell.

    Bell is an ongoing nightmare with me. I cancelled on June 30th for my home phone and internet. They told me that after a month, all the services would be cut off. So, that means that by July 30th, all the payments would stop, right? Wrong.

    They decided to cut only my internet off, and had the audacity to bill me for the phone line. Fuming, I called them and demanded to speak to the supervisor. She looked over our account and confirmed with us that we had indeed asked Bell to cut off our services and apologized for the mistake.

    She asked us to pay the amount due, which would be credited back to us. Her reason was that we would be charged for the late fee if we didn’t. That was fine, since it was around $40.

    Since we had cancelled our internet, they sent us a stamp to send our modem back. We went to Canada Post in August to send back the modem. Then, they sent us another 3 stamps. Thinking that the modem was lost, I called Bell. The confirmed they HAD received a modem and assured me the stamps would stop coming. Fine, I thought that was done with.

    So for the August bill, I had an accumulated credit of about $50. I asked them when I would get it and was told me the cheque would take about 6 weeks to process. She also assured me that the revision for our account would be done in September.

    September’s bill comes and they still owe us a credit of $50. I still see a F beside our account number, which tells us that the revision has not completed.

    I call them up AGAIN, and tell them the ENTIRE story. They tell me to wait until October’s bill and the cheque will arrive.

    October’s bill came today. And they charged us for the modem that they reported that they received back in August. Honestly, really? I call them up and ask them what is going on.

    Until now, all of the representatives have been polite to me, even though they couldn’t resolve my problem. Not this guy, he was RUDE. He’s trying to tell me that I DON’T owe any money to Bell, when it clearly states that Amount Due: $33.85.

    He asks me, “What part of $50.95 CREDIT do you not understand?” I reply, “What part of I apparently owe you $75 do YOU not understand? Obviously my $75 cancels out the $50.95 that you owe me for about 3 months, and on top of that, I have to PAY YOU.”

    He tells me to wait on hold while he phones up head office to get them to speed up my cheque. He tells me that I might be able to see my money by Christmas or the end of January. Really? I would have been waiting about half a year for my money if I actually do receive it by then.

    Before I called in and met this rude person, my aunt and cousin called in the morning, because they were so frustrated. They do have a strong accent, which is why I usually handle all of the talking on the phone.

    The representative talking to them plain out asked them, “Do you know how to speak English?” Really. How rude. Urg.

    This whole issue aside, I would have to call Bell around once a month after bills, because they like to charge us for random things that we don’t use.

    Even if we don’t use long distance, every couple of months, we get charged an extra $10 to $20 for long distance calls to NB or Calgary. We have no relatives there, so I don’t know how this happens.

    Bell has horrible customer service. They’re nice and happy to you ONLY when they are receiving your money. They will try to hold onto whatever they owe you for as long as possible.

  17. Never mind the CRTC, we need to start writing letters to the Minister of Industry Canada (who oversees the CRTC), on how fed up Canadians are with Bell (and Rogers), and that restricting foreign ownership of telecommunications companies is hurting us in the long run because we only get poor service and high prices with monopolies. Not to mention, the way that Bell is treating employees is criminal. Now I know why the call is disconnected when I ask to speak with a Supervisor. Thanks to all the ‘insiders’ that wrote in to Ellen…and thanks for posting it, Ellen.

    Minister Christian Paradis
    Deputy Minister Richard Dicerni
    Established 1993
    Responsibilities :
    Copyright Board of Canada
    Canadian Intellectual Property Office

  18. *Sigh, these are all bad, mine might be worse.

    Hooked up with a bundle service in october, and 3 weeks later my neigbour (i live in an apt building) wanted bell to hook her up a phone line too. Her tech came, couldn’t install hers and in the process, messed up my phone line connection.

    I am a single mom of a toddler. I need my phone line. I had to use the neighbour’s cell to call bell to get it fixed.

    I had an appt for saturday. Waited all day…no one came. Call bell back and the cs rep said ‘we have no previous record of your call’ and set up another appt.

    Again no one showed the entire day. Repeat this again another time!!!!! ‘No record of your previous call to us’ even when they had given me confirmation #’s!!!

    I called one more time and said if it happens again I AM CANCELLING!!!!!! Miraculously someone showed up for the next appointment.

    Three weeks later, I receive a past due notice and the very next day, a disconnection notice for $474 owing. I had never even received a bill from them other than my phone bill, which I was having them adjust for the 8 days that I had no phone and internet service!

    I called cs rep and they said the bill must have got lost in the mail. Funny, since I had NO problem receiving my first month’s phone bill and then 2 weeks later the past due and disconnection notices!!!!!

    I had to call and set up a payment plan so it wouldn’t go to collections and they were super rude! I told them I could have EASILY paid if I had received my first month internet/satellite bill, but they waited 2 months and charged me double with only a week to pay!!!

    I told them I am a single mom who just started a new job, so I could pay them $100 now and more throughout the month. I was told I would have to pay the remaining $374 owing in two weeks! She even told me ‘you have to pay your bills, even though it will be 4 days before Christmas, you must pay them.’

    I again reminded her I could have easily paid HAD I RECEIVED THE BILL!!!!!!!!! And I hung up and tried to call my sister and got redirected to collections no matter who I dialled.

    I was told a block was put on my phone as it was in collections. I said No, since I had a week before it would go to collections and I just made a payment 5 minutes ago!!! ‘Ok wait 50 minutes,’ he said. I did and called my sis again. Lo and behold….SAME THING HAPPENED!!!!!

    I called 3 more times and repaetedly was hung up on before someone even said hello. Other times someone picked up and I could hear laughter and foreign talking and then got hung up on!!!

    A day later I called again. Same thing. Finally a half decent collection agent took the block off my phone and said ‘the previous person forgot to take it off.’ I said ‘you mean the previous 5 people!!!!!!” and hung up.

    They are now about to ruin my credit and it wasn’t even my fault. I have always paid my other bills on time. Had I received the bill I could have paid it. Now I have to come up with $374, plus whatever the end of this month’s bill is gonna be.

    Being a single mom, I don’t have $500 to waste in one month when it wasn’t my fault and Bell refuses to do anything about it. I am a brand new customer and have never experienced anything like this!!!!! Their ‘customer service’ is GROSSLY INCOMPETENT!!!

  19. Bell Customer service is absolutely atrocious and unresponsive. I could write a long essay on this.

    Just one item that I have been trying to solve since Dec.27, 2011. On Dec 15, I received a letter from Mr. Andrew Wright, Vice President Residential Services, ofering a new rental rate for my HD PVR receiver of $6.92/month.

    Since then, 5 front-line Bell agents (1 chat, 4 telecons) have steadfastly refused to honour that rate, saying it is $13.86. Since you only have one telephone number to call and one chat process, you cannot escalate the issue.

    On Dec 30, I eventually got a mailing address for the President, Residential Services. We shall see whether he responds????????????

  20. MB. I have been Bell customer for over 30 years and since September 1st of 2011 I have changed my services (telephone and internet) to Rogers.

    Simply, I was tired of calling Bell and being hung up on or even worse, spending all the time to explain something to a Bell representative who said she would fix whatever needed to be fixed. Yet when the next bill came, it was as if I had never called or discussed the problem with anyone.

    Basically, no one listens and if you get upset they just hang up on you.

    This situation is no different, I have already called twice to inform Bell to stop sending me bills for services which they do not provide me. Yet now I receive a Past Due Notice from a Vice President, Credit and Collections.

    I’m so frustrated with Bell that even if Bell offers the services for FREE, I would not have it. They have to start listening to customers and if so, maybe they will be willing to stay with this company.

    I have paid my last and final bill in September for the month of August. I have sent the modem back to Bell, and now they dare to threaten me with collection and my credit rating.

    It’s just beyond me how a company like Bell does not know that I no longer use their services and continue to bill me for something they are not providing me with.

  21. I had the worst support from Bell. This prompted me to finally create a website, so people can see how I resolved this problem.

    I think we are poorly informed on how we can contact consumer protection sites.

    Check out the site and hopefully this will help solve your problem as well:


  22. After spending so many years with Bell, I did not appreciate having to pay $600 per year for basic service.

  23. I am writing because of a highly unsatisfactory experience with Bell. This experience has left me angry about my disrupted service and time consuming and fruitless efforts to get my problems resolved.

    It has also left me alarmed that a company that is supposed to be a Canadian business leader in a strategic industry is so incompetent and so uncaring toward its customers’ needs.

    My daughter received a letter indicating that her Internet service that she received as a National Sport team member was about to expire and that if Bell did not hear from her by Feb. 8, 2012, her service would lapse.

    She contacted Customer Service to set up a new Internet plan and to explain the situation. This was an arduous process.

    She spent about 5.5 hours on hold and with various service reps. But on Feb. 3, 2012, she did finally make arrangements for a new service plan.

    She was offered the new modem that she would require, plus installation free of charge for my trouble waiting. This was confirmed in a transaction summary.

    Initially, the installation was set for Feb. 17, but a new arrangement was made for them to come earlier. I agreed to wait during the 6 hour window that Bell gave for installation, between noon and 6:00 pm on Feb. 6.

    Since I work more than an hour from my home, this pretty well takes up the whole day, but I did not mind if it meant that my daughter’s Internet needs would be dealt with in a timely way.

    Kurt from Bell Technical Solutions group came around 3:00 pm on Feb. 6, but he was expecting to do a repair. I told him that he was supposed to be doing an installation.

    He went out to his truck to call the office for further instructions. This took quite a while. Perhaps he was also put on hold for an inordinate period of time.

    But in the end, he advised that he only needed to do some work on the box outside and that no installation was needed.

    When my daughter came home and discovered that no installation had been done, she contacted Bell’s customer service via the Internet and communicated with Clyde. Through him, she learned that she would indeed need a new modem installed to accommodate her new Fibe 16 service.

    When she told Clyde how unhappy she was that I spent the day waiting for Bell’s service person and the job did not get done, he said that the account was a corporate one and he could not help.

    She tried to explain that the account was no longer corporate. But he said that all we could do was call 1-888-239-0039.

    I called many times over 3 days. And every time the same thing happened. A voice message said that the call was being transferred to a mail box, but the mail box was full and the call was being referred to an attendant.

    And then, the message said that there was no valid attendant number given and to try again later.

    Can’t Bell, a company that sells messaging services, do better than this? If this had not been the second time that someone had provided this number as a place to call to get our problems resolved, I would have thought that perhaps I copied the number down wrong.

    In the meantime, I also contacted Kurt, who said he would come back and do the installation on Feb. 10 between 3:00 and 7:00pm. He also said that the Internet should work fine until the installation. It would be just a little slower than the Fibe 16.

    Then on Feb. 9, the Internet quit working. When my daughter called, she was transferred from number to number and was ultimately told she would not get service until the original date of Feb. 17. The last person to whom she spoke said he would call back shortly, but he did not.

    We still had hopes that Kurt would be able to make things right when he came, but he did not show up and did not answer his phone.

    I can understand that there may be a delay in getting a new service started, but I don’t understand why Bell cut off her existing Internet before they were able to start the new service.

    I tried the Bell Customer Service chat line again on Feb. 11. This time, Alfred explained that he could not help but offered another number to call. I have been on hold at this number for 40 minutes and I’m still waiting.

  24. I am happy to say that I finally got through to the 1-800 number. I was then transferred to another number.

    Finally, the person at this number was able to tell what had happened with my daughter’s old account. For one reason or another, it had been put on a seasonal suspension.

    Anyway, I was told that the seasonal suspension had been lifted and that service would resume in 3 to 24 hours and would continue until Bell was able to install the new Fibe 16 service. And indeed the service resumed!!

    I just do not know why it has to be so hard and time consuming.

  25. A nightmare. They are dishonest and coniving and it is a very intentional approach to the customers, I’m convinced.

    We’ve been trying to cancel our satellite service for four months. Each time, they agree on a shut-off date. Then, we get a call from the loyalty department, offering us enticing discounts.

    At first, we agreed to a lower rate with more channels. Our rate was actually the same on the next bill. When we called them back about it, they claimed to have no record of lowering our rate.

    Finally, we insisted that they shut the service off. They agreed.

    It’s been 2 months since then, our satellite is still on, and when we call, they claim to have no record of a shutdown date.

    I am making one more phone call to the loyalty department and I’m recording it.

    Then when they screw us over again and go into denial mode, they’ll hear that call, and they’ll get another call from the Better Business Bureau.

  26. THE WORST COMPANY I’VE EVER DEALT WITH. I can usually keep myself composed when dealing with less than desirable customer service. But with Bell? Not so much.

    I cancelled my service with them (internet and fibe), mainly because it was so difficult to get anything done.

    I only had 2 services with them, but if I ever needed to contact them you have to go through a million departments because all the agents just want to pass you on to the next…and so goes the circle.

    I finally had enough and wasted the 2 hours with them, trying to cancel my service. This was done on Aug 23, 2012.

    In January 2013, I am just receiving the boxes to return the hardware AND calls from their collection department, threatening that I need to pay because my service was disconnected due to non payment!?

    I’ve been hung up on twice (no, I wasn’t swearing). I finally got through to their executive office, only for them to tell me that if I’ve been having so many problems with their customer service, maybe it’s not their fault. Instead, it’s me!!!!

    That pretty well sums up what Bell is all about. I’m still dealing with their crap, but hoping it is resolved very soon.

    Advice to anyone who is considering switching, or staying with them, for that matter: WALK AWAY!!!

    They will make life difficult for you and it’s not worth it, even if they pretend to offer you savings in the beginning.

  27. bell has gone to hell , i have been with them for 29 years and just got internet from them i asked to be billed to my home in paper they ebilled me then i called and changed it 1 month nothing so i called and the servicerep from india gave me my account # to pay the bill on my bank account over the phone . 2 months go by still no bill then i call again and again and again explaining my problem to 4 different servioce reps now i recieve a bill for 2 months with the service charges still on , they said they would take them off and the bill is dated for the next day to be paid then tonight i have service rep calling me who cant speak english telling me he is goin to cut off my service if i dont pay now with my credit card , im telling you if i was in the same office with that guy he would need a medic to stop his bleeding . bell is the worst company i have dealt with in ontario im paying my bill and good bye bell , cant say its been nice , hope you go under you deserve it!!!!

  28. I work for Bell at Customer service for over a year…

    The bills is pretty simple when you know how it works…

    Someone say here that his bill went up after 3 months….though it is clearly said that the discount will be over after 3 months…. You should hear the people calling, most people are clueless, they never look at their bills, they never know any information when they call ( whats your account number ? – Huuh…I dont know, Whats your postal code ? -huh….I dont know, let me go get some papers….

    Really….. 95% of the people calling are ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS….. I got bills from Bell… I know exactly when my bill is going up ( usually after 3, 6 or 12 months, as they tell you on the phone, the discount are over after this period ) I know what my contract means, because I read it. as with any other services and bills I have with any other company.

    You talk about the respect you deserve, but let me tell you one thing, if a customer representative do not show you respect, its because you bad mouthed him, yell at him, think your the king because your a client.

    Let me tell you guys a secret about being treated with respect; Treat the agent with respect, as with any other human.

    They are both side to this version of this story, but unfortunately, you never hear customer representative speak, only the client let go his frustration here…

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