Dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency

Here are two stories that show how important it is to know how much tax you owe and pay the right amount. If you don’t, the government can hit you with heavy penalties.

In the first case, a woman sent a cheque for what she thought she owed. The Canada Revenue Agency didn’t cash her cheque and sent her a big refund in error. Many months later, it demanded repayment, plus interest, even though it had made the mistake.

In the second case, a woman moved around so much that the tax department’s letters went astray. Eventually, she got a request to pay a large amount. She said she would pay in instalments, but after the first cheque was sent, she found her bank account had been drained.

Check out the details below, the kind of cautionary tales that remind you never to get on the wrong side of the CRA.

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

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  1. Few years back, I opened a GST/HST account for IT services. First year, I made under the taxable income. Second year, paid out all GST/HST collected and filed for the first two years.

    Switched from small business to salaried job, but didn’t file two returns for the next two years, since no tax had been collected.

    Suddenly get a notice after years of no notice, stating that I had not filed. And for each year, a RANDOM, totally random amount, of $1000s, on years of nil business income was assigned.

    Submitted or re-submitted every year since the account was opened, but only received one year that was re-assessed out of the three. Which was corrected to zero owing.

    Oddly, two of the years were “processed” but not re-assessed after three more months, so adjusted one to see what happens.

    I think its time for a “Canadian Spring” of accountability and reform. All Canadians everywhere need to come together to make this country just, proper, fair for all.

  2. Please help. The CRA has taken my Canada Child Tax Benefit and GST Credit. They say I owe over $40,000, all because I got out of a relationship and moved a few times.

    They say they don’t believe that 2 of my children live with me full time and that I am the primary caregiver.

    Funny thing is is that I am and have been since they were born. I have a court order stating I have sole custody and I receive child support from their father monthly.

    Problem is my income has been severely cut because of this. I can barely pay rent and get food for my children. Thank god for food banks and family, though I cannot afford to copy and send my documents and don’t know where to go for help.

  3. @Jared…I find your attitudes uncaring and would swear that you are most likely a CRA employee who adjudicates the cases of many people, such as the ones brave enough to post here.

    When life has circumstances that get in the way, you often do not think of some of the regular things that people have to deal with daily. Your lack of compassion is astounding.

    In many of the cases shown here, all people want is time to correct it. In other cases, they don’t mind paying a reasonable amount of interest or even penalties.

    But when CRA goes back years scouring returns, or looking for further information that result in more money being owed, and charges punitive amounts of interest and penalties, that is where the system falls apart and lets down all Canadians.

    Tell me, is 20 percent a year interest, plus penalties, fair? Is interest compounded DAILY all right? Is having to pay for the mistakes of accountants and tax preparers all right? If it is, this country is in far worse shape than I thought.

    It is not always easy to take the people who do your taxes to court when they make a mistake. It is not always black and white. If you have the money to do it, you may be fine, but if you do not, then you have nowhere to go.

  4. As I read many of these stories, I can truly sympathize. All I can say in many of these cases is just to declare bankruptcy or do a consumer proposal.

    It is not ideal, but a consumer proposal can reduce the amount owed, while a bankruptcy can wipe the slate clean. It is just a matter of doing it.

    Don’t put yourself through years of anguish for a bunch of people that only have one thing in mind. That is to chase any “deadbeat” (a person, in CRA’s mind, who doesn’t pay what’s owed and any Canadian who doesn’t pay what CRA feels you owe them).

    Also, make your MPs aware of your stories and start waking them up.

  5. @jered
    Well i’m sickened by CRA and the provincial government. I am getting out of dodge!

    These people have no idea what they’re doing. As for me, I’m a single dad who got my daughter from the mother when she was 18 months old and now she’s 9.

    I did every thing properly with CRA by claiming a dependent under 18 years old. Got a sole custody, no access order, custody order.

    Now, let’s talk privileges! I guess the Child Tax Benefit is a privilege, just the same as the disabilities credit. Then, why is CRA trying to jam it down my throat?

    I think I have the PRIVILEGE as to whether or not I want it. Nothing says I have to take it. The wording is APPLY for it. It doesn’t say declare to them anything. I already declare her (which I’m obliged to) on my tax return.

    Recently, I got a bill from a reassessment done for the past 7 years. CRA now claims I owe thousands of dollars, plus interest and counting, for taking off the child deduction because I don’t claim the CTB, so I must not have this child.

    Are you kidding me!!!! I don’t even claim Line 305!

    I brought that point up to them and well, guess what? The idiots chalked that along side of my not claiming CTB.

    I just wanted to go to my construction job each day and come home to my daughter, pay what I owe and enjoy what I got. Makes it hard when CRA trys to jam $ down my throat and when I refuse they try to take MY EARNED DOLLAR.

    Privilege, hmm!

  6. Sorry, people, I forgot to mention I got garnished for it. So the deal I made to stop it was to apply for all the 7 years of CTB = $130/month for 84 months and apply for an adjustment for line 305 for each year (approx $3000/year). Grand total of about $30,000.

    Now waiting for the cash to move away from this nightmare. Most will think “hey, you got $” from them, but that’s not the point. I knew I could have applied, but didn’t want to and got bullied by an entity that will bully just because they can.

    I’ll take the cash and move south, away and be done with them.

  7. I am on welfare and they have frozen my accounts, claiming I owe thousands of dollars. How crazy is this?

    I owe nothing and they can see by looking in their computers to see every company I have ever worked for or filed a return from by searching my Social Insurance Number.

    My accounts are Frozen now, so I can’t even get my bloody welfare cheque cashed, which I am only collecting because they took 6 months to process my EI claim.

    I had to go to my Local MLA to get them to settle a basic EI claim. It left me without any money for 6 months.

    I own no house and never have, never have been married, no kids, no car, no assets, no stocks, bonds, RRSPs. Nothing.

    I am a political artist and they are attacking my work by FREEZING my accounts and destroying my finances piece by piece.

    It’s an outrage. I am getting a lawyer and gonna fight until I get $$$$$$$.

  8. Hi Ellen, I would like to throw my situation into the fray.

    I can’t find a safe and impartial way to make a complaint about what seems to be an extremely unfair part of the Income Tax Act, but at least I can be heard in this forum.

    My ex-wife has recently taken me to court to try to extort what she claims was ‘retroactive support’ that she was entitled to.

    After having to spend about $11,000 in legal fees to defend myself from the allegations, and also having won the case in court, I have no recourse after being falsely accused of not paying support.

    The court system doesn’t give me the option of suing her for defamation of character. I also can’t get reimbursed for my legal fees and the cost of the time I had to put into dealing with the preparations needed to fight the wrongful action in court.

    To add insult to injury, I am also not able to deduct those legal fees from my taxes, as the Income Tax Act does not allow this to happen.

    Further insult is heaped upon this situation, as the Income Tax Act allows my vindictive ex-wife to claim her legal fees in this situation!!

    I don’t think anyone could see this situation as fair. But what is being done to rectify it?

    Unfortunately, no one is standing up for the rights of these people (usually men deemed as ‘deadbeat dads’) and there is no avenue available to safely make yourself heard in the Canadian legal or tax system.

    Good luck to all in dealing with the unfair situations you all face!

  9. @jared “can’t have your cake and eat it”, hey man, I have my cake and the eat the **** out of it. LOL.

    As for the other people’s stories, I’m really sorry for what you’re going through. I have never been through stuff like that and couldn’t imagine it. I really hope it gets better for you guys, especially where children are involved.

    I haven’t had any problems with CRA. They’ve always been good to me.

  10. Hi Ellen,

    Would you kindly inform me if I have to declare interest accrued on a children’s saving account to the Canada Revenue Agency on my income tax? My child is 13.

    The money in the savings account is from the disability tax credit (DTC), paid by the government of Canada. So, technically, it is income to my son (he received a small lump sum payment from the CRA).

    I know attribution rules apply and the account is in my son’s and my name jointly. But the money is from the disability tax credit which my son received.

    Thank you.

  11. Did you honestly expect a government, full to the hilt with morally corrupt and most importantly PSYCHOPATHIC agents, to follow ANY LAW?

    Look at the originals (the native indigenous people). Did the government act as liable trustees or did they kidnap all their kids, rape, murder, torture, starve, terrorize and inculcate them and hold them hostage in return for the land of the heirs they are controlling with genocide?

    Would you want to do anything with anyone involved with murdering kids, which includes covering up crimes? Would you keep paying them to operate?

    LEAVE CANADA PLEASE (Canada being the corporation). It’s the only moral thing to do. When we divest from it, the cancer will starve and the reign of the psychopath will be at an end.

    They will take everything from you until you let them know WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE. Use the notation process, remove all assumptions and protect yourself by severing all contracts, lawful or not.

    Example: What is the lawful age to contract? 18. Is the social insurance number you got when you were 16 a lawful contract? NO!!!!!!

    CRA does not care about you. The money they take does not pay for ANY public service. Everything is paid for already. OPPT. sec 35 charter of rights in sec 52 constitution. R v Dell 2005, R v Big M Drug Mart.

  12. Simplest way to learn the most without reading their ridiculous and convoluted policies is

    You will learn how the government gets away with what they do.

    How to prove that Canada is a corporation.

    What legal presumptions/assumptions the court purposely carries while hiding behind ignorance. “Sorry I didn’t know you aren’t a corporation…”

    What the remedy is for you and your family.

    The administrative process. Who needs court when they agree with their silence?

    Hold public representatives, administrators and law enforcement accountable with crushing irremovable liens.

    Help you comprehend the system first so you don’t react in fear and ignorance. In fact, fear and ignorance are the primary weaknesses that the government predicates.

    Watching the stuff won’t make you less apathetic. So it is incumbent upon you, it is your duty, to find out who has been lying to you, expose them, bring them to trial (in YOUR COURT) YES, Your Court.

    Learn that everything we are told on a daily basis and the people speaking can’t quote the source of their information. The brightest sharpest suits turn into childish misfits with one question.

    Ignore words that come after “I think”. Lawyers will speak ad infinitum in an effort to avoid the truth, so stay on your toes for this clue. We don’t care what they think, only what they know, or don’t, which is volumes.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT: Get all your letters and paperwork done, all your notices mailed and dealt with BEFORE you end up in the slammer.

    BTW: going to jail is a right of passage for those who know the truth. So get used to it. Criminals with jails at their disposal don’t care about due process.

    Your mind will be blown.

  13. I submitted my disability declaration, duly signed by my family doctor. Over a year later, they send me a letter advising that the declaration was not valid as it was not the original (it was the original fax).

    Then I sent them another original and now, another year later, they say they are not allowing the deduction, as they had not received a signed Disability Declaration (they have two).

    Does anyone know if I can launch a court case against the CRA and seek out punitive damages as well?

  14. It is no surprise that Revenue Canada would be riddled with errors later to make hefty demands. Blindly paying CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) without knowing your rights can adversely affect your credit score and good credit rating.

    A simple consultation with a Taxation Lawyer registered with the law society can often ease the pain to heavy claims by the CRA often leading to pennies on the dollar settlement.

    Taxation time is stressful to say the least for some, while it is much more simplistic for others. The CRA no longer pays out in lump sums and opts to pay monthly regular payments. This is money you are owed either as a credit or benefit and they pay no interest whatsoever on these monies.

    The Canadian taxpayer, when dealing with the CRA can run into obstacles, challenges and the CRA doesn’t like to be challenged. Far too often complaints and disputes are submitted and just routinely dismissed. Who decides are the very people you are appealing to about the decision.

    Now you can take it to court but the cost often outweighs the cost of the Court appeal. It is no wonder our country looks great on paper. The taxpayer flips each bill, including those funds that are misappropriated by our Senate.

  15. An employee of mine embezzled from my company. She was supposed to do all of the books, but lied. Four years of bookkeeping (or lack of) ended up as a bill for over $100,000, plus interest, late fees, interest etc.

    I took very ill and sold the business for much less than what it was worth. The embezzler was very good at her trickery and disappeared into the night.

    Due to my age (61) and my illness, I cannot work full time. I am thinking of marrying my girlfriend, but am afraid they will come after her for the debt.

    Can they do that?

  16. “they started to threaten me. They said they were going to seize my house and contents, and also garnishee my pension.”

    They will burn in hell for what they do. They are the true enemies of all mankind, a demonic cult wing of the biggest cartels that exist today.

  17. Let me start by quoting a previous commenter from 2010 named Claudia:

    “they have been taking the child support that I receive while giving the support payer a tax break”

    Are you KIDDING me? I guess this is the general attitude of support recipients, is that paying it is totally fine because the payor gets this alleged substantial tax break.

    No, no, no. I have a colleague who has been paying half of his wages in spousal support for the last 2 years, and will be until he retires.

    The CRA repeatedly tries to deny his tax refund, even though he submits ALL documentation. They sent him a letter last year telling him he would not be receiving his entitlement because he didn’t respond within 30 days to a letter they sent him asking for all the same documentation again.

    We work on 28-day rotations; kind of hard to be at home to get your mail when you’re NOT THERE. It took him 6 months of fighting with them and filing appeals before he finally got his money, and every year they pester him for the same documentation he submitted the year before.

    I was of the understanding this wasn’t necessary unless the order changed. And what CRA actually pays you, as opposed to what they’re allegedly supposed to pay you, for your spousal support payments is drastically lower.

    My partner’s ex, who receives $18,000 a year in support, STILL got a refund of just $600 less than he did. You can’t tell me that what she would have paid in taxes on the spousal support is relatively what he was paid back. He was supposed to get $4000, but he only got $1500. How in the world does CRA justify this?

    So for those of you who tout that the payors get some huge tax break, you’re not fooling anyone, and stop trying. That’s the biggest lie CRA has ever told you.

    Now, about our situation…

    For any of you who have to file support payments with CRA, beware. You have to submit a form called “Registration of Family Support Payments”. This form goes to the same building as your income tax return, and when you send it you are required to send a copy of the support order from the court.

    One would think that because you have to register support payments before submitting your income tax return, that the lovely people auditing your return would see that you registered and have access to those documents… because they certainly have the right to deny your claim if they can see that you DIDN’T register them first.

    So, the address is the same and there is nothing on the form or on the website to suggest that this is going to cause you a problem later on. We filed my partner’s form along with the court order, we got confirmation from CRA that it was received, along with the usual unnecessary waste of paper that outlines all the bureaucratic red tape.

    So, when income tax rolled around we submitted his return, along with printouts of all the cancelled cheques for support payments (and, if you hope to get any kind of return for support payments, you better be paying by cheque). We get a letter in the mail about 6 weeks later saying that his return is on hold pending a copy of the support order. This also came with a 20-page document about all the steps we need to take to get his return to him… all stuff we’d already covered by filing this registration form.

    He called CRA, gave them a blast because he’s waiting for his money and they’re just screwing around… and the response he got from the idiot on the phone was, “Well, this is a big building with lots of different departments. We don’t have access to the paperwork another department receives.”

    So, they’re telling you that because they’re too lazy to walk to the other end of the building where they know the documentation is, that you’re just going to have to resubmit it to them, wasting more stamps and even more time.

    The entire building is the CRA, so why exactly can’t they communicate with each other? Are they so in the ice age that they don’t have these documents on a common share on the network? The answer is probably, but instead they like to make your life miserable instead of cooperating.

    I as well work for the federal government, and I know damn well how easy it is to get anything you need from another department within one federal building. It’s just a combination of shier incompetance and stubborness.

    So, we submitted the court order AGAIN and it took another 6 weeks before he got his return… and this time it was less than half of what he was supposed to get.

    They also denied him his share of the child tax credits, even though he has and always had 50/50 shared custody. We phoned them about 5 months ago, advising them that his ex illegally declared having primary custody (therefore getting 100% of the credits), and their response to us was, “Well, you can submit a claim that you should have received your portion and if CRA finds that it’s legit we will claw back the excessive amount that was issued to her and give you your portion for the last 3 years.”

    It would have been $3000. I have also read this online, that these tax credits are supposed to be split based on income.

    So, we asked about this on the same phone conversation we had where we were arguing about resubmitting the court order, and were told he wouldn’t be receiving it. It’s in the court order that each parent is going to claim one dependent, and when we mentioned this to CRA the jerk’s response was, “Well, judges don’t understand tax law. I guarantee it’ll get denied.” And it did… despite what we were told the first time.

    This is going to be a living nightmare every single year at tax time.

    As for me… I’m still waiting for my return. CRA wouldn’t accept it from my accountant because she had my birthday backwards, so I had to submit it through regular mail. That was 6 weeks ago. They still haven’t received it.

    I phoned them today and was told to resubmit it. So that’s going to take another 2 months. I know that it’s likely sitting in an untouched pile that someone probably just hasn’t gotten to yet… but in the meantime, I’ll just go ahead and go out of my way to resend it for them.

    This is one agency that is in desperate need of an external audit.

  18. Oh, and I just read another comment from a man regarding his ex-wife taking him back to court time and again and not being entitled to a reimbursement for his legal fees…

    Well, did any of you know that CRA provides a tax incentive to support recipients every time they go back to court asking for an increase in support payments? Yeah, that’s a clause that’s deeply buried in the laws. So what that means is that come income tax time, they can claim their legal fees, so long as the legal fees were paid to attempt getting more support out of their exes.

    This is crazy. They are absolutely ADAMANT that payors cannot claim legal fees, but I came to find out that recipients can… EVEN if they were awarded costs and didn’t even have to pay.

    Thought all of you who didn’t already know that would appreciate the information.

    The CRA and the family courts need a SERIOUS overthrow.

  19. The CRA does nothing but steal from people. I’m sorry to break this news, but there is no chance for any of you who have been targeted to ever wiggle away from the fat, greedy thumb they have you pressed under.

    I watched a $10,000 debt owing, which came out of nowhere, turn into $60,000 within the time span of a month. This happened to my parents, who are retired.

    I know they made no mistakes ever filing their taxes over the years, as my mom was on top of that stuff literally daily.

    It disgusts me and I’ll never again speak respectfully to a CRA employee. If I own a business, I will REFUSE to serve them.

    The problem is we’ve placed these people beyond social impunity with the claim that they would be biased if this occurred in the public eye. Well, they’re biased while it’s happening in private, and it just gives them more leverage.

    We have to create a system where these people are held accountable for what they do, both financially and socially.

    I challenge any CRA worker who attempts to post on this thread again. You have absolutely no right to be here, everyone’s here dealing with the damage YOU EXCLUSIVELY caused, so you can GET OUT NOW.

  20. I’m dealing with my own battle with the CRA at the moment.

    They owe me $17,800 for back tracked child tax benefits and they issued the money to me in September. But they stopped the payment and my monthly payment, because they realised they made an error and needed more information from me about whether my children have been in my care.

    They requested a note from their school and their doctor. (If they looked on my file, they’d see my children are too young to be in school and we do not have a family doctor who follows them regularly.)

    I called the CRA and advised them of the situation and asked if there was any information that I could give them other than those two documents. I was told they didn’t know and I had to contact their Shawinigan office.

    I asked for their phone number and was told they didn’t have one and I must fax them with the question and wait 4-6 weeks for a response. I never recieved a response.

    I called the CRA again and was told that a notary letter and a letter from a judge would be sufficiant, so I went and got both documents and sent them express mail.

    Four weeks later, I got a letter saying the documents I provided were insufficient. I had to provide the documents from the school and doctor of my children.

    I called again and was told to get a letter from the landlord and from neighbours, saying I lived where I did and my children were in my care.

    I did that and again sent it. Four weeks later, I called the CRA because again I did not receive any letter or notification on my online account, which I check daily, and I got hung up on twice.

    Finally, an agent told me no documents were received. It usually takes 45 days for them to update my file, so I would have to wait another two weeks and call back if again nothing had been received.

    I’m absolutely at my wits end with the CRA. I asked if I could go personally to their Shawinigan office and was told I was prohibited.

    The money they owe me is rightfully mine. I pay my taxes and they even took $4,558 from me for owing money, but they can’t pay me back what is owed to me for my children.

    I do not know how I am supposed to proceed with this if they refuse the documents again.

  21. I too am being harassed by the demons of the CRA. I have complained, written letters and more, with no results yet.

    They are forcing us to lose everything, our home, employment. All we had earned and owned has been sold, at bottom dollar, just to survive.

    I had to quit my last job a year ago, the garnishee was 100%. I had to prove it was my only income before they dropped it to 50%.

    I worked part-time and couldn’t get a second job to help make ends meet, or they would take that too.

    I have complied with the auditor, but she denies everything I show her and there is a lien on my husband’s home for income he didn’t earn. They froze his account and he is over 64 and is not able to work.

    If you tell a future employer about the fact you’re going to be garnisheed, guess what, you can’t get hired. It’s time to tell our story loud and clear!!

  22. Hello, I am a single mom, i am dreading doing my taxes because CRA are keeping everything I have worked very hard for.

    I have 3 children, aged, 21 mnths, 10 & 11. My 10 & 11 year old are from a previous relationship. Back in 2010 I became ill & my 10 & 11 year old, who were 6 & 7 went to stay with their dad.

    I was hospitalized & no one knew for how long I would be. Plus after hospitalization I would still need help to care for my children & my ex was the only help I had as i have never had anything to do with my biological father & my mother passed away only 1 week after my 20th birthday.

    My reasons for needing to be hospitalized were very serious and almost fatal! No one said if i would be in the hospital for 1 week or 6 months & the same for the after care when I arrived at home.

    Anyway, because I did not know how long this would take, all together it may have taken 2 weeks for all I knew, so my ex said it would be wise to not switch our children’s Child tax into his name because they were still under my custody & most likely would have been back in my care before he even started to receive the CCTB, then when they were to come back to me, which was always the plan & like i said could have been 2 weeks later, we had to just take day by day to see how my progress was going and no doctor put a time frame on it, it was when i felt good & able to care alone for 2 boys, 6 & 7, which is a lot of work, especially for someone who was very sick & almost just lost their life!

    So, every month when I would receive m CCTB I would take it to their dad, who desperately needed it as well as he had 3 other children & a wife to take care of.

    I didn’t see anything wrong with this, seeing as how, if he did file, by the time he would have started getting it, I would have my children back & then it would take months for me to get it back & it just was not an option for me to go even a month without it as single mother on welfare. I thought as long as the money was being spent on our boys, just like it was supposed to be, then what was the big deal?

    I took sick January 3rd 2010 & in the end, we decided that the children had been through so much as it was, they had never been away from their mother before, so we decided we did not want to take them out of school again! & switch them back to their school in North Sydney where they went in the first place, where I had lived, their dad lived in Sydney. a 30 minute drive away & had no vehicle so had no choice but to change their school immediately when I took sick, that week they were in school in Sydney, there was no other choice.

    So as much as it broke my heart I agreed that they stay an finish in Sydney & reside at their dads & come back with me for good on grading day, the exact day they were finished and not a day, hour later!

    So they ended up staying with him (their father) from January 3rd 2010 to June 28th 2010, which we never even imagined it would have been this long, but for these whole 6 months, i picked them up & had them with me at my home, their home! at least 4 times a week, every weekend either friday or sat sometimes both and a couple times a week directly after school, so we did share the responsibilities, they just had to sleep there because their school was there.

    All this time, I had been dropping off their CCTB like clockwork, even though I had them, 50% of the time! So, the kids came back with me, nothing was said by CCTB, I was still getting my CCTB for them both.

    Now, I have another child, I am living in Halifax now & was when he was born. So… I waited from june 2013 when he was born, until November 2013 to receive money for him & when I did, I received $179.00/month & I was supposed to get $358.00/month & also didn’t receive a cent for all those months that I was owed, while I waited!

    They told me because of my other 2 children from a previous relationship, because they saw that my ex applied for those months(Jan 3rd to June 28th 2010) when i was sick & my boys resided with him & I was giving him their CCTB every single month, even though I had them 50% of the time! that i now owe it back!!!

    For one, why should I owe it, it went on my kids, just like it was supposed to & if i knew it would take 6 mnths, i would have told him to apply(which he ddnt tell me he did)All i knew was that he had 3 step children to feed & take care of & my children needed to be fed & clothed and taken care of, so i gave him their money, their CCTB, it went on them, just like it was supposed to!

    I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong, I thought I was doing a good thing! Even worse, ok, they are taking 50% of my sons CCTB every single month now & he has nothing to do with this! & even if they were gonna take the 50% why not take 50% of what they owed me from june when he was born until November when I started getting it, they took every cent while i waited with nothing for my son for all those months!!

    Then when it came time to do my income tax last year i didn’t even wanna do it because i knew they would keep it. I tried calling & calling first which again made me have to wait for my CCTB AGAIN! bc I did my taxes late…i don’t know why i didn’t even think that I would not receive anything for doing my taxes so late.

    i just feel this is so unfair and wanted to try & fix it before I did my taxes, so again i went from july to i think it was nov or dec, but point being again they didn’t take 50% of what i was owed, what i went without for my son, they took 100%! They also took 100% of my income tax refund!

    Here it is tax time again & I really want to try & fix this. This money went where it was supposed to, on my children and if anyone may owe them, it should be my ex, because if he applied for those months, as they’re saying then he got the cctb from me plus from CRA!

    So, why am I and my child that has nothing to do with any of this, from a completely different relationship have to pay & at least if they’re gonna take 50%, then take that & give me 50% of what they owed me for all those months and give me 50% of my income tax!

    this is so frustrating because like i said i am on welfare, not by choice, i have no support, i only have me & really really need this money, I don’t get enough to even cover my rent from welfare let alone power, phone, food, clothing,etc… so all I have to take care of my 21 months old baby is that CCTB!

    He is also on a special diet, he cannot have dairy so can only drink almond milk which is over double the price! & cannot have a lot of different foods which makes buying food much much more expensive! & think i should be given back my money, my income tax, all those months I waited, an all this that they’ve been taking & they should ask my ex, if he got this twice, from me & from CRA again!.

    If anyone can tell me what i can or should do, please do. I am sorry for the length of this but I wanted to give an exact understanding of how things were and happened.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this & i really hope & pray someone can help my son & I! I worked very hard for the money from my return and really needed the refund as unfortunately, i am a single mother again & now only my 21 month old resides with me because i came here to look for work/school)my older 2 boys will hopefully be here soon too, but i can’t afford it with CCTB taking 50%, if they were here with me they would take 50% of their CCTB too & i’d never afford to even feed them.

    Not 3 kids on welfare. I don’t want to be on it, but have no child care or job at the moment.

  23. My child and I are Canadian. We live together. We moved to Calgary last March.

    I applied for Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) in June 2013, but I have not received ityet. I am eligible, according to the conditions, so I don’t know why there’s a delay.

    Where can I complain or SUE? Is it illegal if the employees in government broke the law about CCTB?

    I look forward to an answer because I lost my job and need money. Thank you very much.

  24. Got married out of Canada. I came back to sponsor my husband and was pregnant. I had my child in 2012.

    When applying for child tax benefit and all my tax credits, I mentioned the father is in Africa. He got accepted to Canada this year and we filed our taxes together.

    Now the CRA has sent me a bill of $1,000, saying they overpaid me in 2012 and require my husband’s net income for 2012.

    Are they insane???? I was not working in 2012 and living with my mom. I’m sure the money I got for my child was enough.

    What do I do? I didn’t get my baby’s cheque this month and it is killing us financially.

  25. P.S. I feel bad about my last post. I worked for the CRA at that time (no longer) and would regularly troll sites like this to post lies. The truth is CRA is wrong many times but they don’t care.

  26. It is horrible to hear what others are experiencing at the hands of the CRA.

    Even though the damage caused by the CRA has been relatively small in comparison to others, I am still extremely aggravated.

    I am only in my 20s and have now been targeted 3 times for a “RANDOM” review. I do not earn a lot of money, work under the table or try to swindle the government. I always fill out my tax return exactly as I should.

    For each reassessment, I have provided the correct documentation, which showed exactly what I claimed, yet they still continually try and find a way to dispute it.

    I am beginning to feel harassed and now I understand this will likely be a lifetime battle of reviews and reassessments, since they certainly are not random after all.

    Looking forward to yet another dispute. Perhaps in the future, I will look forward to a lawsuit for targeted harassment or is that just wishful thinking?

  27. One common denominator I’ve noticed in many posts here is that taxpayers phoned CRA and talked to people, relying completely on what was said on the phone.

    When you do that, you’re relying on the CRA person not making any mistakes when they enter data, not changing what they do after you hang up, not being over-ridden by a superior without any notification to you, etc.

    I suggest that anyone dealing with the CRA does it in writing whenever possible — by registered mail.

    Also, if you must interact over the phone, please record your conversations using a recording adapter, or at least take notes that you date and sign.

  28. The CRA made an error. Took money from us and killed my credit.

    Would like to sue them for the stress and for destroying my credit. They are a bunch of idiots.

    Hopefully this gets fixed soon, but my credit will be bad for years now. Most likely contact a lawyer and sue for 24,000,000 in damages.

  29. Just wanted to offer some free advice here: Contrary to what a poster above said, do NOT give the CRA ***ANYTHING*** in writing.

    If the CRA calls you, call a lawyer. The CRA is not your friend and does not care about ANYTHING other than getting their sticky, greedy, corrupt fingers on your money.

    So again, if you get a call from the CRA, get a lawyer. Don’t speak to the CRA agent, just tell them they can communicate with you through your lawyer. ONLY communicate with the CRA through your lawyer.

    Do not give them anything in writing. Do not fill out any of their forms. Do not tell them anything about an-y-thing.

    These dirtbags are evil, corrupt as they get, and have shriveled little black hearts in their chests. Protect yourself.

  30. Hello, just wondering what to do here. My husband owed money for his GST for a business he had. He paid it. And now 2 years after he paid it, CRA is saying they don’t have the money.

    He has showed them proof it was paid and they agree with the proof. However, they cannot find the money.

    They are now holding our tax return and refuse to issue it to him (it’s over $10,000). Is there anything we can do at this point?

    They have told us we have given them everything and we did nothing wrong. But until they internally find where they lost the money, they will hold the refund.

    How is this fair?

  31. I am on a provincial disability pension and I’m being harassed by the CRA for Bill 29 money I received years ago. They decided it was an overpayment through Service Canada, even though it was former B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell who axed my job.

    As far as I’m concerned, I owe them nothing. I have been severely ill since 2012. I make $14,000 a year and pay food and rent out of that.

    This angers me. They are trying to kill me, as far as I’m concerned. I’m way too poor to pay any money. I never have any left a week into my cheque, with rent, food and bills.

  32. On April 20, 2015, my fiancee received her Canada Child Tax Benefit payment. She noticed that it was significantly lower than it had been in the previous months. The payments are supposed to run July – June of the following year, so she didn’t understand why it had changed in April without any notice.

    When she called, she was told that the CRA had reassessed her and determined that she was overpaid in 2014. Her CCTB payment had been garnished.

    They later informed us that these payments are processed in the month before, meaning that they knew about this change at the end of March and did absolutely nothing to notify my fiancee that her next payment would be garnished.

    To avoid confusion, we tried to get the total owing, so we could pay it off in a lump sum and no further payments would be garnished.

    On April 21, we called the UCCB/CCTB telephone number provided on the CRA website (1-800-387-1193) to ask for the total. We called 6 times in a 4 hour period and each time we called, we were given a different total owing, with a different breakdown of who it was owing to.

    When we questioned them, every one of the 6 people we talked to said (as if reading from a script), “I was not part of that conversation so I can’t comment on it.”

    You shouldn’t have to be part of that conversation. If there is a legitimate amount owing, it should be the same in the computer system and not different each time we call in a 4 hour period.

    This has raised many red flags in my mind. Either the CRA’s computer system is so awful that it produces errors like this in reporting. Or else, the number keeps changing because the CRA’s intention is to garnish my fiancee’s benefits indefinitely, claiming an overpayment but never disclosing an actual amount.

    When we called to arrange a lump sum payment for the amount owing, the agents don’t even know where to direct the money. This seems very sketchy and unprofessional to me. And to make it more frustrating, they are going to have to turn back around in July and return all this money as retroactive enhanced UCCB payments.

    The entire case has been grossly mishandled by the CRA, a government organization that seems to function as if it were run by kindergarten children.

  33. I want to know why Revenue Canada is able to charge interest on a refund overpayment when the mistake originates from Revenue Canada, such as happened in the example of AE’s experience with Revenue Canada.

    Not only does this financially punish someone who did nothing wrong, but it also creates stress, hours of worrying and trying to work through agency channels. You are often unsuccessful in resolving Revenue Canada’s mistake. Meanwhile, appealing the interest charge of Revenue Canada leads nowhere.

    Why is this legal? While it is fair to expect the tax filer to be responsible for the accuracy of his/her tax return, unjustly charging taxpayers interest for Revenue Canada’s errors is surely a symptom of a corrupt government agency.

    What can Canadians do to get this process changed legally? Who do we contact in government through letters and phone calls?

  34. Wondering what tips / information I need going forward.

    I have received a reassessment from the CRA and it found me ineligible for CCTB for my daughter. Originally, both father and I claimed primary. I was primary since birth and didn’t remember to change it. It then went to owing and they split us to shared.

    Then, I get notification that father disputes shared and I am not reassessed and not eligible.

    My daughter’s address is with her dad so she could go to school with him. I have her every Tuesday from later afternoon until 8.45 the next morning when I drop her off at school. Then I get her from Friday late afternoon until Sunday at 8 pm.

    The majority of “time” she is in her father’s care she is at school or with grandfather. When she is with me, she is 100% of the time with me.

    I am filing an objection and have a month to do it. What information do I need to provide in order to win my objection?

    I already provided third party letters from nurses, her teacher, her school file, showing shared custody, letter from dentist that she is in my care, etc.

  35. I keep receiving a cheque from the government for CCTB. This is the third time they did this to me.

    A month after they send me the cheque, they send me a letter saying I am not entitled to this money. They now want me to spend money on a stamp to send back a cheque that they accidentally sent to me — costing me money!

    We should be able to charge them interest on these errors. Even if you call there to speak to someone, no one knows what is going on. You play a game of ping pong. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  36. Canada Revenue Services deliberately obfuscate the online process with such a convoluted labyrinthine matrix that in certain situations I can actually see someone blowing up and losing their ability to cope with completing the process.

    It is bureaucratic evil.

  37. I am writing because Revenue Canada promised to send my my T4’s and CPP receipts and I am still waiting.

    In the meantime, I have been cut off guaranteed income support simply because Revenue Canada didn’t do their job, period.

    Apparently, according to representatives at Service Canada told me, someone was taking care of it. Who is someone? And now we are in financial difficulties.

    I have been to the Service Canada office six times and waited to be told to call a number. I waited two hours for someone to answer my call and nothing was still done. Why? We are being penalized for your mistakes or not following through.

    I am again going to the Service Canada office in Edmonton Monday morning and this has to be rectified.

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