A week in the life

I promised to update my blog more often, but life is getting busier again.

On Monday, I appeared before the task force on financial literacy in Toronto. The chair, Donald Stewart, blogged about it here and tweeted here.

On Tuesday night, there was a monthly meeting of Ellen’s Investment Club, which I wrote about here last year. We talked about favourite retail stocks and about options trading, something only two members were doing and the rest of us wanted to try.

On Wednesday night, I taught my continuing education class, The Facts of Life about Your Finances, at the University of Toronto. In this third meeting of a six-week course, the topic was the value of a principal residence, a hot topic in an overheated housing market.

Tonight, I was elected to a new board, Community Legal Education Ontario, which does great work in helping low-income people understand their legal rights.

Also this week, a Rogers technician came to my house to install home phone service. Yes, I’m no longer a Bell customer.

I couldn’t ignore the compelling savings on the phone package (which included long-distance), plus the restoration of the 15 per cent bundle discount we lost a year ago because we didn’t have four Rogers services. The switch went smoothly, which was a relief since I hear so many horror stories.

Lest I sound too complimentary, I have to say that calling Rogers last night was no picnic. My son wanted to know how to get a 10 per cent discount on Blue Jays baseball tickets, a perk of our VIP Ultimate package. He waited on hold and was transferred. Then, he handed me the phone, so I waited on hold and was transferred. No one knew anything.

Finally, a Rogers rep said, “where did you hear about this discount?” We said at your website, a fact that should be part of their training.

No wonder the crowds are so small at Blue Jays games.

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

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