My free workshop on managing money

A week from today, you can learn about Financial Basics. It’s the same course I gave at George Brown College over three Saturdays, edited down to a single evening session and accompanied by a great handbook.

If you’re interested, just come shortly before 5.30 p.m. to the G. Raymond Chang School, 297 Victoria St., 7th floor, Bronfman Room. It’s near the Dundas subway stop, just north of Dundas St. E. and just south of Gould St.

What have you got to lose? Hope to see you there.

Author: Ellen Roseman

Consumer advocate and personal finance author and instructor.

7 thoughts on “My free workshop on managing money”

  1. Thank you for your article on the tax free account. I did not know the rule for withdrawals and then reinvesting or transferring. Fortunately, I stayed within the limit.

    Where can you get 1% per month interest? This government is not helping its citizens, but screwing (excuse my language) them.

    Do you know that only part of your pension is splittable? I never knew that until I got a letter from Revenue Canada with ian nterest charge, of course.

    I got a pension from HOOP, but only about half of that pension is splittable. Therefore, even if you get all your pension from the same company, only part may be splittable, depending on how your pension is structured (in which the employee has no say).

    The portion from T4ARCA is not splitable. Please send this message out. A perfect example of government giving from the right hand and taking from the left. Thanks.

  2. For those of us not in Toronto, would it be possible to have a web workshop (or video footage of your workshop posted online) sometime in the future? I would love to attend, but getting to Toronto on a weekday is difficult.

  3. Ellen,
    I am VERY disappointed not to be able to come to your evening.
    Is there any other time you will be doing this somewhere in the GTA?

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