Fridges, stoves and vacuum cleaners

August 4 2010 by Ellen Roseman

It’s a hot summer, so why not write about expensive new fridges that don’t work?

After I did so, I heard from other readers whose kitchen appliances were on the fritz and whose patience was wilting fast.

As usual, Sears’ name came up. This once mighty department store has a new philosophy: Satisfaction is not guaranteed, nor is your money refunded.

Readers wanted to know why some major appliances were lacking in durability and built not to last. Was this a plot to sell more extended warranties? And why did retailers wash their hands of products they sold after the first year?

Vacuum cleaners, luckily, are not designed for built-in obsolescence. But a new model, Airider, caught the attention of a Star freelancer, Vicky Sanderson, who wrote a positive story this year.

Unfortunately, the company behind the Airider, based in Barrie, Ont., has been unable to fulfill orders quickly or give money back to customers. The owners keep promising refunds, but don’t deliver. So, I figured it was time to air this story, so to speak.

This is not a fly-by-night company nor a scam, says vice-president Phil Wright. But what do you call a firm that cashes cheques from customers and gives nothing in return?

You can read more from Wright and his frustrated clients below.


  1. JD

    Aug 4 2010

    Hi: I purchased a Kenmore glass top stove 9 years ago.

    It was very expensive ($1,300) and it was like the day I bought it.

    Several weeks ago, the two front burners stopped working. I had a service man come to repair it and was told it would cost $930 in parts alone, plus labor and HST!

    How can anyone justify a $1,000 repair bill for a perfectly good stove?

    Long story short, I purchased a new one at $999, not from Sears and not a Kenmore. I hope to have better luck this time around.

    Expensive appliances should last more than 10 years, especially when they are looked after and maintained!

  2. RS

    Aug 4 2010

    I thought you might enjoy one more fridge story, which could also be considered one more Sears story!

    We bought a new Samsung refrigerator from Sears last October. Within one week, the ice maker piece broke off.

    We called and a friendly and competent repairman came and fixed it.

    The ice maker piece broke off again (it is poorly designed because every time one pulls out the freezer drawer, this ice maker part breaks off).

    My husband waited all day and the repairman came within the final one minute of the four-hour time range. The repairman was rude and basically told my husband that he couldn’t do anything.

    Then, we opened the freezer door and found frost everywhere throughout the freezer. We called Sears again.

    The same repairman appeared, as “friendly” as ever. He told me that the freezer door had been left open and that’s why the frost appeared.

    Now, this refrigerator/freezer has an amazing feature where it beeps whenever one of the doors has been left open. I explained to the repairman that the freezer never beeped, so how was I to know that the door was open? I believe his response was a grunt.

    He then showed me that if you slammed the freezer door too hard, it would sometimes pop open just a crack and there was no beeping sound.

    I asked him what he could do and he grunted he would re-level the fridge so that the front was higher than the back and the door would be more apt to close.

    OK, that seemed a little hokey, but what could I say?

    The next time I called it was because the ice maker broke again. This time, in addition to the same piece breaking off, the piece that is the mold that shapes the ice cubes broke off too.

    So, when we looked in the freezer next, we had a full giant block of ice in the tray. The same rude repairman showed up. I smiled and said, “You’re back! Maybe you can fix it this time.” He grunted and walked in (not even a hello).

    He looked at the freezer and said, “I can’t do anything.” I said, “Why not?” as I tried to show him the huge block of ice. He said, “I don’t know anything about Samsung.”

    I almost lost my mind. I said, “Why did they send you if you know nothing about Samsung?” He just grunted and said he didn’t know.

    He started to gather his stuff to leave and I said, “What am I supposed to do?” He said he’d call his manager and file a report.

    He was really rude and nasty, so I said, “You seem miserable, would you like a glass of water, it’s so hot outside.” He yelled at me and told me he didn’t appreciate the way I was speaking to him.

    I told him that in my experience, people who worked with customers generally try to be friendly and at the minimum, they say hello when they enter a customer’s home. He just grunted and left.

    From that day on, I began calling Sears as often as I could, begging for help, begging for a replacement fridge.

    I said I didn’t want it repaired, since the design of the freezer was such that the ice maker would constantly be breaking and the doors never shut properly. I wanted a new fridge, as this was getting ridiculous.

    I spoke to a woman in corporate sales who told me I should have bought the extended warranty and if I’d wanted to return the fridge, I should have done so in the first 30 days. I asked her how was I to know in the first 30 days that this fridge was a piece of garbage.

    She told me that I should have known and she repeated that I should have bought the extended warranty.

    I told her I thought it was insane that someone should be expected to buy an extended warranty because that would assume the very expensive appliance you just paid for was a piece of garbage. I am not willing to spend that much money assuming I’m buying junk.

    I went back and forth on the phone for a couple of weeks. Finally, I spoke with a lovely woman who said she would recommend that my refrigerator be replaced. I was thrilled until I discovered that the corporate customer service office had no authority over the corporate parts and service department.

    I tried talking to the corporate parts and service people but I was told that the fridge could be repaired, so it would not be replaced.

    I asked if it could be repaired, why hadn’t it been repaired over the last several visits. No one was very helpful with their response.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor or a manager. I was told that I could not speak with a supervisor because they were never in the office and they were unavailable to speak to. Finally, after getting quite upset, I was told that a supervisor would call me.

    I waited ten days and received no call. Finally I called back and I was told that someone would indeed call me within 24 hours. I waited 24 hours, received no call and tried again. (And please bear in mind that each time I called I was placed on hold for between 30 and 45 minutes until a live person answered the phone).

    I was told again that someone would call me back. I said I was away and could the supervisor please call my cell phone. I gave my cell phone number several times. I repeated my request that the supervisor call my cell phone and that I wanted a new fridge, I didn’t want a repair.

    That evening, I returned home to find a message from the supervisor who said a serviceman would come out on Friday.
    I called back and said I didn’t want a repairman.

    I am so sick to death of Sears and their “customer service” that if I had the strength I would like to take my fridge and throw it in the office of the CEO. I guess it is good that I am not that strong.

  3. PB

    Aug 4 2010

    Ellen, your column certainly struck a chord with me. Here’s a letter I wrote to Maytag and their response.

    In November 2004, my mother purchased a Maytag bottom freezer and refrigerator for about $1,000.

    This past week, the fridge stopped working. She called for repair and paid $70, only to be told that the compressor was burnt out and wouldn’t start, and that repair costs would be prohibitive.

    Is this what the appliance industry has come to? We all know that the new prducts today aren’t made to last as in past years, but it’s ridiculous when a so-called reputable company puts their name on fridges that die short of six years and are shipped off to the junk pile, leaving the duped buyer high and dry.

    And never mind the environmental abuse that comes with discarding appliances so soon after they’re manufactured. It’s ironic that they are more energy efficient, but don’t last.

    And it’s really quite sad to see this otherwise pristine and perfect-looking appliance heading to the junk

    My mother is 84 years of age and lives on her own – needless to say, her dead fridge had a pretty easy life and looks like it’s brand new.

    So yesterday I went out with my mother to buy another fridge and I don’t need to tell you it was NOT A MAYTAG!!!! Mind you it probably doesn’t matter whose junk she buys. Five years from now (or sooner), we’ll probably be
    disappointed once again.

    I just wanted to get this off my chest. Thanks for
    listening and can you give some thought to restoring just a little bit more confidence in your products. I’d be interested in hearing your side of this story.


    Dear Mr. B,

    Thank you for visiting the Maytag web site. We appreciate hearing from you.

    We appreciate the time and effort you’ve taken to advise Maytag of your concerns and loss of faith in our appliances. Please accept our apologies for the difficulties and inconvenience you and your mother have experienced with the refrigerator.

    When one of our appliances fails to meet a consumer’s
    expectations, it concerns us. We take pride in the design and quality of our products.

    Maytag continually strives to use only the best components in all our appliances. However, any electrical or mechanical component may deteriorate or malfunction, and we are unable to predict when this might occur.

    We try to use only the finest materials in our appliances and put them through rigorous quality control tests to assure trouble-free performance.

    We value our consumers’ opinions on our products and regret to learn of your dissatisfaction. Your comments concerning your mother’s refrigerator are greatly appreciated as we constantly evaluate and make changes in our products and features.

    We apologize that we have not been able to fully meet your expectations and appreciate your bringing this to our attention.

    Feedback from customers is an important source of information, as we gauge our success as well as identify things we need to work on by them. You may be certain that a copy of your comments were entered in our database.

    We apologize once more for any inconvenience this concern may have caused and that we have not been able to fully meet your expectations.


    Dianna D.
    e-Solutions Specialist
    Maytag Customer eXperience Center


    While I know there is nothing the company has to do, I had hoped they’d try and do a little more (and own up to their failure), rather than send the standard “apologize to the guy and hope he goes away” letter.

  4. PA

    Aug 4 2010

    My Sanyo fridge has an inside buildup of moisture around the temperature control box at the top of the unit.

    Sanyo suggested turning down the temperature, from medium to low. Did not fix the problem.

    Then a Sanyo authorized repairman changed the door gasket, noting at the time a faulty gasket was common on Sanyo products. New gasket did nothing.

    So Sanyo arbitrarily cancelled the warranty last month because the fridge is in my garage. (The garage is part of the house structure. The previous fridge was in the same location for 15 years.)

    Seller Costco responded quickly to my letter and said it would cover repair costs of a non-Sanyo technician.

  5. TR

    Aug 4 2010

    I just had to share my experience with you regarding Sears Canada’s “awesome” customer service.

    Back in March of this year, my lovely wife and I decided to finally grow up and buy ourselves a decent bedroom set after 12 years of marriage.

    After looking, we finally decided on a set we saw at the Sears Home store located in Whitby. Although it was a little bit more then we wanted to spend initially (paid $5,800 for it), we decided to buy from them because we felt we could trust them and were promised a delivery date we could live with (just short of 9 weeks).

    Although we felt it was a bit long, the sales rep told us that it had to be made and that quality takes time.

    After waiting 9 weeks, we were told that our bedroom set was going to be late, as everything was in except for the headboard. Since the bed couldn’t be assembled without it, we had to wait for it to come in.

    Delivery was promised the next week and again cancelled as now the mattress was ‘not in’. I decided to call the Store Manager to find out what had happened. Well what a mistake that was…..

    She first informed me that everything was in except for the mattress. I told her we had been very patient; I had taken the last Friday off work to await our delivery; and she should give us another mattress of the same quality or one better so that we could finally get our set.

    She said she could not do that because our mattress was “custom made”! I asked her if Sears Canada made all Queen size mattresses to order? She answered “yes”.

    After taking a deep breath, I asked her again: “Do you mean to tell me that Sears Canada does not have any Queen size mattresses anywhere for me to have?” “That’s right, Sir, we make them as we sell them”. Right!!!

    The following week, a nightstand was missing. Other delivery dates were booked and missed. I had to follow up with them to find out what had happened each time.

    So I decided to call my sales rep. He apologized and explained he was willing to give a me a $1,000 rebate on my order to compensate me for all my trouble.

    I said I felt like I was being misled and needed to know what exactly was going on. He said he would look into it ASAP and call me back. Days went by and my phone never rang.

    So I decided to escalate caled the customer service department at the Head Office. After telling my story over and over, I was told that everything would be delivered in early June! That’s right early June (had booked off work for it again).

    So everything was in before except for the headboard, our mattress, but now someone had misplaced our night table and we had to wait again? After speaking with four more people, I finally was told that we would get our set the Friday before Father’s Day.

    Guess what? A delivery team showed up on Friday afternoon with everything but our Media Dresser. It was on the shipping order but not in the truck!

    The driver told me that almost every delivery they made that day was wrong. He went on to say that the distribution centre at Sears was on strike since early April and that negotiations had broken down between the employees and the company.

    Orders were being mishandled, short shipped and damaged by the striking employees and Sears couldn’t keep up. The delivery team was third party and were hired to help out.

    Well, that did it! I was finally at the end of my rope. Not only was I lied to on many occasions, but I was never told the real reason why our set was taking so long to arrive.

    I called the store manager to share my frustration. Once again I was lied to. She said she would make sure that my dresser would be delivered that night.

    At 8:55 PM that evening, I call the store manager back, only to find out she’s left for the night. The staff assure me that my dresser is on its way and I should wait for it. It could be as late as 11 PM!

    Needless to say, the dresser never showed up. I waited until 11:30 PM and called it a night.

    Now most people would have cancelled the entire order by now, but for me this was a matter of principle. If you remember, we had looked everywhere for something we liked. I did not want to start the process all over again.

    Oh yeah, we had already gotten rid of our old set. So we were kind of stuck!

    Late on Saturday, I called the Head Office and again told my story. The CSR there could not believe everything we had gone through and said she would find our dresser and get it to me ASAP.

    She called back that night and told me that a delivery team would be at my house on Father’s Day. Because of family obligations, I said I needed the delivery to arrive between 9 am and noon that day.

    Sunday morning, I received a call at noon telling me that they should be at my house by 2 PM. Once again, my personal life was disrupted.

    Finally, 2 PM comes and an unmarked truck shows up at my house. Two big guys get out and take my dresser out of the truck. I was filled with joy as I waited for them to unwrap the elusive dresser so that I could finally fill it with the clothes I needed to carry on with my daily routine.

    As they unwrapped the cardboard, it was evident that the dresser had been dropped and that the left corner was damaged. I was finally beaten……Sears had won. I would never have my dresser now.

    I politely asked them to return it to the warehouse and offered them a cold drink for their hard work and sent them on their way.

    I went inside and broke the news to my wife. She looked at me with a smile as if to tell me, “you poor sap, if you had only listened to me”.

    I got on the phone and cancelled the dresser. The rep said he would credit the order for the dresser if I was willing to take the damaged piece for free. I told him I didn’t care any more and just wanted to go back to my life.

    My ordeal didn’t stop there. Now the damaged dresser had gone missing. I spoke with too many employees from Sears that I can’t remember. At some point, Sears had three dressers apparently being delivered to the store for me.

    Last time I spoke with a CSR, my file with them was up to 28 pages. It took her over 10 minutes to get caught up with my story.

    Anyway, I finally received the original damaged dresser in mid-July (4 weeks after it was originally delivered) with silver plated corners installed by the store to hide the damage.

    Although it does not match everything else in our room, at least I have a place to put my clothes in and never have to speak with them again. By the way, the sales rep has never followed up with either my wife or I since the dresser was delivered to ensure that we were ‘satisfied’!

    Let me tell you……….never again will I, my wife, my kids and anyone I can tell, shop at that store again!

    Thanks for allowing me to rant!

  6. Phil Wright, Airider, July 8, 2010

    Aug 4 2010

    I’m Vice President of Airider Inc. Back in Easter, Vicky Sanderson included our product in an article she wrote.

    We were very pleased about the article as we were near our product launch when it came out. Just before the launch, we found we had a quality issue with a switch on the unit, so we held off the launch until the issue was addressed.

    At that time, we contacted our customers. Some decided to wait, some wanted refunds. We have refunded several of those customers and the ones that decided to wait did so patiently.

    I’ve been informed that Vicky has received several complaints from some of these customers, whom we have contacted and offered resolutions.

    We are presently in the process of refunding all of our customers. We are not a fly by night company, nor out to scam the Canadian public.

    We just got caught in a snag and chose not to release units, instead of just dealing with a possible high return ratio.

    All our customers have our number. We are not hiding and are given periodical updates on the progress of the resolution.

    Again, the customers that ask for refunds will receive them. You are welcome to call us at any time if you wish to have any further details regarding this matter.

    We are working diligently to resolve any pending issues with any of our customers.

  7. MF

    Aug 4 2010

    After reading Vicky Sanderson’s article of March 26, 2010 on the Airider Vacuum, I thought I would rather put my money into something made locally than supporting China.

    Now more than a month has passed since they took my money. Philip Wright, whose e-mail is not even a company e-mail, has said they were shipping out last week and would let me know with a tracking number. But he still has not returned two e-mails that I have sent since this time.

    I am starting to get anxious and wonder if maybe I will never see anything for my $400.

  8. DW

    Aug 4 2010

    Saw an article in the Star written by Vicky re the Airider Vacuum. Sounded good.

    Went to the site and ordered one on Easter weekend. An amount of $406.78 was taken out by Paypal for Airider Inc. on March 29, 2010.

    I have talked to Philip Wright, VP, several times with many excuses why it has not been sent. His phone number is (705)465-3143.

    The last email was from Vicky to him, telling him to please send me a cheque. He said he would, but no cheque. I believe that was at the start of July.

    I believe he is playing all of us and not sure that such a place even exists. Nothing in the phone book for Airider in Barrie.

  9. DK

    Aug 4 2010

    Here’s what I wrote to Phil Wright today:

    I checked my email again to see whether you have responded to my phone and email messages from an hour ago, but did not see your response.

    You sounded pretty confident over the phone when we talked this morning when you said that you were sending the cheque by UPS today and emailing me the tracking number.

    I hope we are not being given the runaround again for the umpteenth time. I shall await your phone call and your email.


    I am not seeing any results from Airider, in spite of several promises and asssurances made by both Phil and Mike.

    I am in a bit of a quandary as I leave for my vacation to Africa for 3 weeks this Saturday Aug. 7th and will not be back till Aug. 25th.

    That is the reason I keep on pestering them on a daily basis, but am not getting any results in spite of them assuring us that the cheque is on the way through Purolator.

    I have not informed Airider because I am afraid they will just postpone the refund.

  10. Vicky Sanderson

    Aug 4 2010

    DK has now had two bounced cheques.

    Countless promises made to him and others have been broken.

    Phil has also incorrectly told him that he has been “in constant touch” with me.

    Airider continues to accept online orders. Why?

  11. NB

    Aug 5 2010

    I ordered an Airider vacuum on April 6 online. I never received it.

    The call centre only takes orders and has no way to assist a customer, other than forwarding an internal email to Airider.

    After several calls and emails and leaving messages with the CEO Michael Rooney at 705-791-6013, I finally got a call on May 18 from V.P. Phil Wright, promising my credit card would be credited.

    However, it wasn’t and I began a series of phone calls and emails again and no one ever responded.

    I contacted the Paypal resolution centre and they forwarded a message for the seller to contact me and no one has.

    I tried to find a physical address for this company and finally a call centre employee told me it was 13-4 Alliance Blvd., Barrie, Ont.

    I spent a long time searching Canada 411, the yellow pages, Google Maps and everything else I could think of and couldn’t find them.

    I decided to find businesses on the same street in Barrie and ask if the company existed.

    I found the UPS store has the same address. When I called them, they told me that the President Michael Rooney comes there to pick up mail for Airider.

    The UPS employee had the same phone number, 705-791-6013, that is on my Paypal receipt and didn’t have any other Airider contact information.

    I am running out of ideas how to get my refund, since it has been 4 months. I have no vacuum and am out $406.

  12. Marie

    Aug 5 2010


    Do not forget that if you pay for things using a credit card that is independent from the company from which you are purchasing, you can give the card issuer a call and sometimes it can deal with the merchant.

    With too many complaints, the merchant may lose its credit card provileges.

  13. Lior

    Aug 6 2010

    +1. Agreed with Marie. If you purchased a product with a credit card, reverse the charge. Call your credit card issuer and explained that you’ve been a victim of fraud. With enough complaints, the vendor will lose their merchant account.

    Do the same thing if you paid with Paypal. Call Paypal and tell you’ve been a victim of fraud. Refer their investigating team to this website. They too can suspend the vendor’s account if enough complaints arise. Perhaps with the inability to accept credit card payments or Paypal the seller would finally not be able to take new orders.

  14. HR

    Aug 6 2010

    Your article prompted me to share my story. I have a Samsung fridge that failed within 2 ½ years of purchase.

    The first service call was made last February to an authorized Samsung repair centre, in order to maintain my warranty. The partts and labour were not covered, unfortunately, and the bill came to $590.

    Within two weeks, the fridge broke down again and the same service centre returned to condemn more faulty components (some of which were covered under warranty).

    After four follow-up visits over a three-month period, they finally concluded that the fridge should be replaced. They sent a report to Samsung in May, saying they were not able to get the unit working.

    After many repeated calls, Customer Service at Samsung promised to get it repaired or replaced if I would just allow a new service company to evaluate the problem.

    Not only have I been co-operative but I think I’ve been very patient. I reluctantly agreed.

    In June, they assessed the parts needed and I had to wait until the end of July before they arrived again.

    I couldn’t help recognize all the same parts that the first service tech had been replacing in the spring.

    It was another futile attempt. After being at it all day, the second service company condemned the fridge and sent Samsung a report recommending the unit be replaced.

    Samsung engineers insisted, however, that they “evacuate the system and recharge” it. So I had to wait another week.

    Bizarre as it may seem, we are still waiting to hear the next excuse. We are now into the sixth month without a working fridge and counting.

    However, this doesn’t seem to matter to Samsung. And as I write this, I just heard that they made a gross profit of $11,629,500 US for this quarter.

    My patience has run thin and I feel hopelessly at their mercy. It feels better to vent my frustrations.

    I hope that sharing my story can help someone else from the perils of big corporations with questionable consumer morals. I see I’m not alone when it comes to a bad experiences.

    Thanks for all that you do. Keep up the good work.

  15. Mandy June

    Aug 6 2010

    My entire ice maker broke on my fridge when it was still relatively new! I was so upset. And I totally agree, companies that already cash in on their clients’ orders are so shady. Before I ever buy anything now, I always check for really good reviews and ratings from fellow consumers so that I know whether or not they deserve my business.

  16. KF

    Aug 6 2010

    I bought a home with an existing Samsung fridge, whose one-year warranty expires in September. It wasn’t working and I was trying to get Samsung to help.

    I received a call on Wednesday, Aug. 4th, saying the technician’s report was not in. I told her that 12 days to write a report is unacceptable.

    As we continued our conversation, suddenly the report was in her inbox and it said the fridge was not repairable. She would check to see if they still produced the model and get back to me.

    She called back and said they would be replacing the fridge and asked for verification of the model and serial number. My husband left a message with the numbers she requested.

    On Thursday, Aug. 5th, Auleen from Samsung called and left a message that Samsung would NOT be replacing the fridge — as all the other numbers and letters of the serial number were correct, except the middle letter.

    She said if the middle letters were CS instead of CX, it would have been under warranty. But the CX fridge is not under warranty any more.

    Now I used to work on an assembly line, building power transformers. When the serial numbers are assigned, there are letters to distinguish models. But they are never so close that they are separated by one letter.

    I did not return her call. I was devastated. I had been without a fridge for 30 days. All my food had been spoiled.

    I phoned my lawyer, because I was told that the previous owners had to guarantee that the appliances were in working order. But because it had been over 30 days with Samsung trying to fix it, I could no longer go that route either.

    Since I couldn’t go another day without a fridge, I went yesterday to order one through Future Shop. I told them I would buy the one that could be delivered immediately and it was not to be a Samsung!!!

    They delivered a Kitchen Aid in an hour and installed it. Now I have a fridge and cold food!

    Today, Auleen calls from Samsung and spoke to my husband. She tells him that Samsung will get the parts to fix the fridge for us, but we will have to pay for the labour!

    My problem: Why now is it fixable?? Why could they not fix it the last three times they were here???

    Now that we were going to pay for the labour, they were willing to give us the parts to fix it.

    I am truly disappointed in Samsung and told several people in Future Shop yesterday when they heard me say NO SAMSUNG! Hopefully I saved a few people from buying a lemon!

    I have a beautiful Kitchen Aid fridge, with a five-year warranty, and if it breaks down I can call a number, 24/7, and they will be out to fix it immediately.

    If not, they must give me $200 in food spoilage costs, and they don’t want to do that!!

    I doubt there is anything you can do now, but just make your readers aware, that would please me!

  17. rayray

    Aug 15 2010

    I work in the heating and air biz, sometimes someone comes up to me and asks me to go and repair their window a/c. I tell them to go ahead and buy a new one, the price of reparing would exceed the price of a new unit. We live in a throw away society with cheap product everywhere.

  18. Mur

    Aug 15 2010

    From looking at that web page for the Airider, you’d think this was some sort of great new concept.

    Check out

    Scroll down to “Constellation”, which was introduced in 1952.

  19. Yvette Vaillancourt

    Oct 2 2010

    I have been reading all the stories about the fridges, freezers, vacuum cleaners etc.

    It would seem I am not alone with the Airider vacuum problem. After approximately 1 year, and many calls, to the very same numbers mentioned, I have still not received my Airider vacuum or my $451.98 refund.

    Many promises, but no results.

    But I have not given up the ship yet and now that I know “I AM NOT ALONE”, I will continue in my efforts with renewed faith.

  20. Amy

    Jul 1 2011

    I bought a Kenmore Electric Range (Model 970-50602), 30″ for $650 (before taxes), from Sears Canada in August 2009.

    After 2 years, a weird thing happened. The heat light was still on, even after we turned off the stove.

    We worried about fire safety issue. Therefore, we had to move the stove and unplug the power cord from the wall jack every time we left the house. We didn’t want to cause a fire that would burn our whole house.

    Plus, one of the bigger stove elements fell off, even a year after we got the range.
    We really missed the old product of Kenmore.

    The old range we got lasted over a decade. Unfortunately, we didn’t buy the extended warranty the time we got this new range.

    I considered writing an email to Sears and reporting what happened. We’re really not satisfied about the quality of products from what we paid.

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