Let’s also ban door-to-door energy sales

I think I pulled my punches last week in calling for an end to auto-renewal of energy contracts. Today, I’ll go further and say that allowing an army of pushy salespeople to trick people into signing contracts adds no value and should be outlawed in Ontario.

Companies could still continue selling their fixed-price deals. But they would have to do it online (as Canadian RiteRate does) or on the phone. They couldn’t do it face to face in someone’s home or office.

The reason I’m getting so angry is the sheer volume of complaints I get about deception and misrepresentation at the door. I also hear from people who get nowhere when trying to contact these companies on their own. They’re frustrated talking to call centre robots, who listen and don’t follow up.

Bell and Rogers, you’ve been outgunned by Direct Energy, Universal Energy and Summit Energy and Ontario Energy Savings Corp. That;’s the new normal for me and I’m blazing mad to hear how many peoople are getting duped.

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